10 Benefits of Owning a Cat


Owning a pet is great and are part of the family. There are different types of pets people can choose from. However, cats are among the best human friends. They are easy to maintain as well as superb to take in most places. Generally, pets are useful for various reasons. They provide companionship, especially when living alone. Besides, having pets offers excellent relaxation and better health. In fact, according to different researches, it is recommended to have pets.

The choice of pet is crucial to ensure perfect compatibility. Therefore, it is right to choose your favorite breed, color and other aspects. With many benefits of having a feline friend, it’s recommended to have one. To give you confidence, check the below benefits of owning a cat.

Proved benefits of having a cat

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Usually having a cat comes with great benefits. One of the vital gains people get is the ability to stay stress-free life. Since they are great companion, having a cat around gives everyone great peace of mind. Many studies have been done and have shown that pets trigger the release of happiness chemicals. The release of calming chemicals ensures a reduction in stress levels.

The playful nature of cats is enough to keep you cool when suffering from anxiety or stress. Just observing your friend plays with different items; it keeps your mind engaged. This helps in the reduction of excessive thinking and is soothing. The calming nature of cats ensures the body doesn’t release harmful chemicals that can cause aging due to stress.

2. Improves sleep quality

When having a cat around your bed, it helps in enhancing sleep quality. The easy way cats achieve this is through the purring sound. Instead of sleeping alone, cats make a better companion keep your bed comfortable and enjoyable. Mostly, when it comes to better sleep, there are many factors involved. But, imagine sleeping alone and suffering from insomnia. With a feline friend close, it becomes easy to enjoy great soothing. The sense of companionship ensures excellent peace of mind.

Through research, it has been established some loves to sleep with their pets even than partners. Also, for people living alone, pets provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy great company when asleep. There is a significant percentage of people that sleep better of their pets.

3. Encourages better health

Having a pet is ideal when people want to exercise their bodies. Especially when walking your cat in the lawn or park, it gives your body the ability to enjoy superb exercising. Basically, as you move the pet outdoors, there is a chance to give your body some exercises. Bearing in mind, cats need walking several times a week; it helps owners to burn some calories.

Apart from exercises, pets are great in boosting general health. Notably, pets are great for offering physical and psychological support. In fact, it has shown that people with pets visit doctors less often than those without. Additionally, when having your pet nearby, it always keeps away stress. This helps to prevent blood pressure, heart attacks and other diseases. Also, medical experts have concluded that having pets improves the recovery rate in people who have undergone surgeries. Generally, there is a strong relationship between having a cat and improved health.

4. Great friendship and socializing

Cats are great companions and have an excellent friendship. People always get great moments since pets are cool. Compared to humans, pets have unlimited affection and always reciprocate excellently. With no grudge, and are always submissive. Since they don’t question the owner, there is great fun interacting with your pet. Usually, pets when happy will wag their tails to show appreciation. The pets don’t have selfish motives which can cause discontent to human; it is this reason pets are considered the best friends.

Apart from being great friends, pets are great for emulating. Their ability to tolerate owners is encouraging and teaches human great lesson. Also, it is easy to socialize with mother people, especially when having a pet. Making new friends is also easy to socialize with new people when walking your cat in parks. With the ability to create new friends and the friendly nature of cats, they are superb to have for everyone.

5. Improves self-confidence

Some people have problems with self-confidence. But, adding some things in their daily lives can improve that. Having a cat is one of the ways that help people improve their confidence. Especially when walking in public places, or relaxation parks, having a pet increases the confidence. Regardless of how big or small your cat is, it is enough to give you increased courage.

Apart from the sense of company, pets teach owners a sense of taking care of things they own. The ability to own a pet helps a person get the courage by ensuring pet is perfectly cared for. The little care your give to pet ensure the owner gets the confidence of caring even for bigger things. Whether its feeding, grooming, and other task involved in pet care, they are part of building blocks to more confidence.

6. Cats are safe to kids

Cats are clean compared to other pets. Also, they are cool and doesn’t present any danger to small kids. Mostly, babies are playful, and when pets are around, they will be prompted to play. Mostly, cats are friendly and playful. This means even when the kid is bored; cats are great friends to play with.

Apart from the safety from getting harmed, kids also enjoy a clean and safe environment. Cats are noble animals and love to stay clean. It is, therefore, great to have them in places with kids. Additionally, the presence of cats boosts kids’ development. In fact, it is said that introducing these pets to kids helps to minimize allergic reactions and asthma. Besides the healthy and companionship, they are vital for ensuring kids develops a sense of empathy and other values.

7. Emotional balance

Human moods change from time to time. Therefore, sometimes, you can feel alright, and a few minutes later, the mood has gone down. Especially when you have issues running across your mind, it can bring the unwanted feeling. For people without pets, it can be extreme due to loneliness. Pets are great companions and are superb for uplifting your emotions. This helps people to cool quick and enjoy relaxed moods.

Apart from humans, pets also get emotional distress. They need human companionship to get back to their normal moods. They can have sad, angry and other varying feelings. This requires a close companionship to bring back joy. The friendship between pet and owner helps in maintaining emotional balance. Therefore, when you are down, a pet is great and vice versa. Usually, pets and owners enjoy mutual benefits when it comes to mood balancing.

8. Pets are entertaining

When you think about entertainment, cats have it. They are known to be generally playful. When relaxing in your home, cats are always playing with different things. Especially if you provide them with pet toys, they will keep moving here and there. This sometimes captures your concentration, forgetting your burning issues. Also, they tend to chase flying insects like flies and butterflies. Therefore, even when outdoors, cats never disappoint. By doing different tricks, the cats are fantastic in keeping the owner busy. Consequently, it’s ideal to have a cat to keep your life thrilling.

9. Cats are lifesavers

Cats are magnificent animal and loyal to their owners. Just like humans, cats are great in saving lives. When you have some medical conditions like epilepsy, some cats are excellent in detecting when a seizure is about to happen. There are many incidences where cats have saved human from different conditions. This is helpful, especially when alone at home. They are great companionship valued for their supportive nature.

Apart from the lifesaving nature, presence of cats in your home is enough security against rodents. When your home is close to a park or forest, rodents, squirrels and other destructive small animals can sneak into the compound. Having a cat is enough to ensure these animals don’t come near your home. Even though chasing these animals doesn’t mean eating, the cats are fond of chasing small animals. Therefore, in the process, it keeps home free from destructive animals.

10. Cat reveals the personality

The type of pet you own reveals more about your personality. Mostly, people adopt different kind of pets. But, when it comes to cats, they are mostly associated with quieter people. While dogs are more about people who love parties, cat lovers are different. This is according to various researches that have been done. For feline owners, they are deemed to be less manipulative while also being modest. Therefore, when you want to maintain your cool and high ranking life, having a cat is one way to enjoy a great experience.

How to care for your cat

Getting a pet might sound easy, but the work is maintenance. After realizing the benefits of having a cat, these are some of the primary care you need to know. They will ensure your pet is healthy, safe and free from diseases.

1. Feeding

It is one of the most basics when it comes to pet care. Offering quality food ensure proper growth and health. Usually, the feeding of your cat depends on age and body size. For kittens, the need to eat as regularly as possible. Typically, below 12 weeks, kittens should have at least 4 meals per day.

Bigger kittens up to 6 months require meals a day, while mature cats eat one large meal. Also, you can divide the meal into several portions. Besides, selecting the type of food is essential to prevent scenarios like diarrhea and malnutrition. Having a variety of food is recommended to avoid your cat getting used to the same kind of meals all the times.

2. Grooming

Grooming is mandatory to keep your pet coat clean and shiny. The treatment and caring for the cat hair ensures there is no troublesome shedding. As a result, the pet enjoys an excellent look. Apart from keeping the hair from shedding, using the right chemicals keep skin healthy.

Usually, there are many products that one can use to keep their pet clean. With shampoos, conditioners and others, they are great for skin and fur. Choosing long-lasting and effective product ensures the pet perfectly maintained. With the right products and accessories, they minimize fur shedding, which can be a menace in sofas or development of hairballs.

3. Playing accessories

Cats are playful and require a variety of playing toys. There are many available accessories that people can buy for their cats. Among the basic ones are perching and scratching surfaces. They are great to keep pet active and in good health. There are also cat houses that provide a great experience as well as relaxation places. This helps to keep cats busy and relaxed as well as privacy.

4. Vaccination

It is essential to ensure that your cat is properly vaccinated. Mostly, they are vaccinated against rabies, panleukopenia and calicivirus among others. It is a requirement by law to ensure your pets are appropriately vaccinated. This prevents the transmission of diseases from cats to human. There are various vaccinations that cats have to undergo. The vaccines start right from kitten stage to adult cats. Although vaccines are essential, it is recommended to keep your pet safe from interacting with wild animals. This is because they can still get diseases even they are vaccinated if they come into contact with wild animals.

5. Identification

When your cat is going outdoors, it is crucial to have an identification tag. If your cat is allowed to go outdoor, proper identification is recommended. However, to ensure safety, the tag should be easy to snap if trapped to avoid strangling the cat. For indoor cats, ID tag and chip implants are superb to ensure if lost; the cat can be returned to the owner.

Some of the cat essential checklist
  • Food and bowls
  • Interactive playing toys
  • Grooming brush and combs
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Scratching pads
  • Cathouse
  • Cat bed
  • Warm blankets
  • Cat carrier
  • Litter box
  • Safety tag
  • Identification tag


Cats are adorable pets and safe for most people. They are relatively easy to maintain and suitable for families with kids. With their calm nature, these feline friends are amazing. Therefore, instead of spending life full of loneliness, getting a cat is a lasting solution.

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