Top 10 Best Air Mattress Pumps in 2021 – Reviews


Inflatable mattresses are common among many people especially campers. They aren’t only restricted to outdoors, but, they are also superb for home use. Available for kids and adults, they require inflation to provide support and cushioning. Some of these mattresses don’t come with inbuilt pumps. It’s, therefore, necessary to buy a mattress pump separately.

Having a good pump ensures you enjoy quick mattress inflating and versatility. Most of these devices come with assorted accessories to enable multiple functions. In this list, we are going to guide and list you on the best mattress pumps you can get for your home and camping use.

The Best Air Mattress Pumps Buying Guide: 

  • Size: The inflating pumps are handy tools that are worth having in every home. Although they are ideal for home use, most are portable. To ensure you can store and carry with ease, it is vital to check on the size of your machine. Smaller pumps are always easy to carry and store. With eliminated storage and carrying problems, it becomes to use inflator anywhere.
  • Nozzle compatibility: Pumps are designed to be compatible with different inflatables. To solve this, different pumps come with different nozzles. Since pumps are tasked with inflating multiple components, having a variety of nozzles brings excellent functionality. Detachable nozzles enable great convenience since it is easy to switch from one to the other.
  • Airflow capacity: The airflow capacity is an essential factor in a mattress pump. It determines how fast a machine will be. The higher the capacity, the faster pump will inflate your bed. Usually, check on the liters per minutes to get how fast your target machine is. Also, the pressure output can give you a tip on the overall performance of a machine.
  • Power connection: Some of the machines are created with the ability to use both DC and AC. They are great especially for people using the device to inflate different inflatables outdoors. For AC powered pumps, they are good to use in places with grid connection. Therefore, checking on the type of power connection give you a clue on whether a machine is right for your case or not.

Best Air Mattress Pumps in 2021

10. Yansu JOYCOO Electric Mattress Airbed Portable Travel Inflator Deflator Pump

Best Air Mattress Pumps in 2021

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The Yansu Joycoo electric travel inflator and deflator is one of the most versatile pumps you can get. The high-performance pump inflates and deflates different accessories hence hand and functional. Enjoying high-pressure air output, it has a total of 0.55 psi. This gives quick action without any difficulty. Whether inflating or deflating, it has a great performance to save time and increase fun. Equipped with 3 nozzles types, it has multiple functions and can inflate mattress, pools, and rafts among others.

Despite its exceptionally high performance, the device is superbly light and portable. It enjoys great usability since it has AC and DC adapters. This enables campers to use car batteries to inflate bed and other essential when outdoors. Boasting 450 liters per minute airflow capacity, it enjoys quick action without a struggle.


  • AC/DC connection
  • Powerful 50 watts motor
  • Dual action, inflate and deflates
  • Versatile nozzle attachments


  • Power cords are short

9. Omont Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump Portable Inflator Air Mattress Pump

Omont Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump Portable Inflator Air Mattress Pump

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People with an assortment of inflatable stuff, this inflator by Omont is a great addition. Tasked with the ability to inflates toys, mattress, bed, and rafts, it has an excellent action. Boasting 3 types of nozzles, the pump enables easy inflation without encountering problems. This is enabled since the nozzles are capable of fitting into different nozzles. Whether outdoors or at home, there is no restriction using this pump. It’s compatible with AC and DC due to provided adapters.

Apart from bringing your mattress to life, the pump is crucial as it allows deflation. With both actions taking place quickly, there is no more wasting time waiting for mattresses to inflate or deflate. Instead of carrying large pumps, this has an extra lightweight construction and also compact to enable high portability.


  • Easy power connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multiple nozzles compatible


  • Pone to heating for long time use

8. AGPTEK Electric Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump for Outdoor Camping, Inflatable Cushions, Air Mattress

AGPTEK Electric Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump for Outdoor Camping, Inflatable Cushions, Air Mattress

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Inflating mattresses, and other inflatables should not be a headache anymore. Here is a powerful electric portable air pump by Agptek that delivers a thrilling amount of air. Its powerful motor enables it to inflate and deflates in seconds. Regardless of the size of size or type of inflatable, the device is a great choice. Buy fitting different sized nozzles; it means the machine is capable of handling different inflatables. In fact, with S, M, and L, it allows inflation and deflation anytime and occasion.

With its compact nature, it allows people to use it efficiently and conveniently. Besides, high capacity airflow is enough to inflate even large items fast. Delivering 0.5 psi airflow, the machine works conveniently and fast to ensure there quick inflation. It’s a reliable mattress pump that is compatible with other items like rafts, inflatable boats, and water toys.


  • Long power cables
  • High efficient motor
  • Different sized nozzles
  • Quiet operations


  • Takes time to inflate large pools

7.​​ Smart Air Beds A/C Electrical Air Bed Pump

Smart Air Beds AC Electrical Air Bed Pump

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Don’t let inferior pumps dull your inflation experience when inflating your bed. There is a perfect solution from the Smart air bed. This AC air pumps takes only a few seconds to pump in the air into your mattress and is ready for relaxation. The pump has a whopping 450 liters per minute of air which give it the power to inflate different matters faster. Depending on what you are inflating or deflating, the machine offers you a choice of detachable nozzles.

The good thing is this machine works with different mattresses. Thereby, one can get it to ensure mattress have correct inflation without risking damaging your bed. Unlike your old pump, this one is quiet and delivers consistent air volume. The safety is guaranteed as the device is UL listed. Also, it’s certified by ETL, interek and CSA. Available with all accessories, it is ready for plug and use.


  • High airflow than rivals
  • Detachable nozzles
  • Safety standards approved


  • Only works with AC

6.​ Etekcity Mattress Air Pump for Inflatable Blow-up Pool Raft Bed & Boat Toy

Etekcity Mattress Air Pump for Inflatable Blow-up Pool Raft Bed & Boat Toy

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Etekcity is known for premium tools and devices to make most of the works easy at home and outdoors. This air pump is one of the company’s premium machine that helps people inflate different inflatables within a short period. Engineered by professionals and premium materials, the pump is worth to have. Equipped with a 130W motor, it delivers 0.55 psi. This makes an excellent choice even for large inflatable boats, rafts and exercise balls among others.

Forget about the pumps with removable nozzles. This has a unique design. It has interlocking nozzles which enable fast action since they can fit most of the home inflatables. Even with the packed power, the machine is easy to transport. Having compact size, it also boasts lightweight which improves ease of storage and transportation. Overall, the pump is high performing and low noise hence great peace of mind when working.


  • Interlocking nozzles
  • Extra quiet working
  • Quick filling action


  • Not fit for high-pressure inflatable

5. Etekcity Electric High Power Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump Inflator/Deflator

Etekcity Electric High Power Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump Inflator

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This is another high power air pump from Etekcity that is handy and ideal for home use. Unlike the other pumps, this has a modern ergonomic design. This ensures everyone can use it with great comfort. Designed with the On/Off button on the hand, it ensures you control the air. Amazingly the powerful motor helps this device generate 1.2psi. The pressure is higher than most of the available mattress inflators. On the other hand, a variety of nozzles the device can inflate different inflatables.

The insulation used in this device helps in reducing the noise. Therefore, even when using it in enclosed places, there is no extreme noise. In fact, the double insulation also makes machine durable. On the other hand, metal impellers are superb in enabling fast working. They are superior compared to plastic which improves the overall performance. With guaranteed safety, it is ETL certified.


  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Metal impellers
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Heavy-duty motors


  • Less continuous use time

4. OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump Quick-Fill Air Pump for Inflatables and Air Mattress

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump Quick-Fill Air Pump for Inflatables and Air Mattress

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OKpow electric air pump is a versatile and portable way to keep your mattress and other accessories inflated. Whether in wilderness camping or at home, the pump is portable and versatile, created to use 12 volts DC and 110 Volts AC, you can plug it in a car, RV and home plugs. Available with all adapters, there is no extra cost involved. The ideal thing with this pump is the ability to inflate different mattresses from various brands.

The small design is great eliminating the weight issues. Unlike other pumps, this has lightweight construction materials. Made of tough plastics, they significantly cut the overall weight. Despite the small nature, this machine is compatible with mattresses, pools, sofa and other common inflatable items. Fitted with On/Off button, it becomes easy to control the pump.


  • Ideal for AC and DC connection
  • A wide range of application
  • Perfect sealing nozzles


  • Not for duty inflations

3. Coleman QuickPump Mattress Inflator

Coleman QuickPump Mattress Inflator

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Coleman is another reputable brand that makes competitive power tools. This quickpump is highly reliable and efficient for inflating and deflating variety of inflatables. Whether its airbed, mattress, or water pools, this pump is quick inflating. Unlike the cheap plastic construction, this has a durable metal body which improves its durability. This guards internal components while also cutting noise production.

The comfortable handle is excellent when lifting the machine. Apart from inflating, the device is also ideal for deflating. Enjoying a double airlock, it allows quick inflation. Additionally, the machine comes with Boston and pinch valves to allow high compatibility with different inflatables. Despite the high performance, the pump is exceptionally light and small to keep storage fantastic.


  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Comes with additional valves
  • Extra-long power cord


  • Less pressure for large items

2. Intex Quick45 Fill Electric Pump

Intex Quick45 Fill Electric Pump

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To enjoy sound comfort, there is a need to invest in a good pump for inflating your mattress. This one by Intex is superbly created and delivers smooth inflation. Unlike the other cheap pumps, this has premium materials that boost its performance. Additionally, the cool running motor is efficient and quiet to prevent excessive noise. Interlocking nozzles with air hoses make the whole inflation process easy. Variety of nozzles make it possible to inflate different accessories without buying additional nozzles.

Forget about the overheating pumps that risk damaging their motors. This one has incorporated thermal protector to check on the heating problem. As a result, users can monitor the running temperatures hence keeping the machine safe for a longer time. Boasting a new shape, it has added performance and ergonomics. In fact, with modern style handle, it makes handling safe and comfortable.


  • New improved design
  • Improved safety features
  • Multiple functions; inflate/deflates


Draws a lot of charge from the battery

1. Smart Air Beds A/C Pump for Air Beds, Inflatable Pools & Beach Balls

Smart Air Beds ACPump for Air Beds, Inflatable Pools & Beach Balls

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The Smart Air Beds presents this electrical pump for bed and other inflatables for fast and reliable power. The machine has one of the best action which enables fast and efficient mattress inflating. With its small nature, the machine offers great air flow of 450 liters per minute. Built from sturdy plastic, it has reduced overall weight. This allows people to carry it in campsites, beach and other places where inflatables are used.

The fitted AC motor is powerful which give that give machine superb action. To enable great convenience, the device has 3 detachable nozzles compatible with various accessories. With long power cable, it allows plugging in far places wall sockets. Above all, the machine has ETL and CSA certification.


  • High safety standards
  • Works with most bed nozzles
  • Large air volume


  • Not compatible with DC


Mattress pumps are must have for general inflation of inflatables at home. As we have seen in our reviews, these devices are a great way to have the job done faster and efficient. Therefore, don’t experience underinflated mattresses while these pumps are great and affordable.

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