Top 10 Best Cat Shower Curtains in 2021 – Reviews


There are unlimited ways you can decorate your bathroom. But, for feline lovers, cat shower curtains are some of the ideal ways to enjoy a great look. There are many curtains with cat graphics that can be installed in bathrooms, bathtubs and other relaxing places. The important thing is to ensure your taste inspires your selection.

Apart from the beautiful designs, the quality of curtains is vital for durability. The different designs make these hangings suitable for everyone. Whether its kids, women, or teenagers, they come in different styles. With showers having varying decors, same applies to curtains. Matching bathroom accessories ensures there is sleekness and peace of mind. The fabrics are also fantastic since they determine the durability of your feline shower curtains. With featured hangings below, it’s now easy to give your shower a perfect inexpensive upgrade.

Cat Shower Curtains Buying Guide

  • Curtain fabrics: The fabrics used in creating a curtain are essential when buying these apparels. There are many materials that you can find on the market. However, these days polyester is among the best and reliable fabrics. They are more resilient and can withstand the humid condition in bathrooms. Amazingly, there are other materials available hence buyer can enjoy great versatility.
  • Waterproof treatment: Although polyester good at releasing water, people needs to look for additional protection. It is this reason that one needs to have a curtain that is treated to resist water soaking. Therefore, as you bathe, there is no stress of your curtain becoming soaked. The waterproofing ability is excellent also since high moisture can cause awful small to regular fabrics.
  • Size: The curtains come in different sizes. This depends on your bathroom size and where you need to install them. Whether it’s for bathtubs or standard bathrooms, you need varying sized curtains. Ideally, it is essential to choose the right drape that can provide perfect covering. This not only keeps the shower cool but improves privacy.
  • Curtain decoration: Cat shower curtains are decorated with feline patterns. This creates a thrilling appearance, especially for pet lovers. Actually, there a broad range of cat decorations you can pick on the market. However, choose the high definition and digitally printed drapes to enjoy a long-lasting performance without fading. Also, the dye quality should be super and free from banned materials.

Best Cat Shower Curtains in 2021

10. MitoVilla Colorful Cartoon Happy Kitty Cat Kitten Pattern Curtain

MitoVilla Colorful Cartoon Happy Kitty Cat Kitten Pattern Curtain

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Adding privacy in your bathroom or tub is now simple by adding this MitoVilla cat paten curtain. It’s a fantastic option that is created to ensure elegance and durability. Featuring 100% polyester, it is capable of withstanding the bathroom conditions. Also, is waterproof to deter any damage by high humidity. The splashing water doesn’t cause mildew or other conditions that are common in some materials. Apart from quick water gliding, it’s fast-drying meaning no waiting for the whole day after cleaning.

The colorful printing is fantastic and ensures the curtain is superb. It has HD prints with vivid colors. This creates a beautiful and harmonious decoration for your shower. Besides, there is the ease of usage since the hanging is super simple. It has 12 reinforced grommets for quick and straightforward hanging. The versatile design ensures it can fit large, standard and small’s bathrooms.

  • HD cat prints
  • Water repellent design
  • Versatile installation
  • Reinforced grommets
  • None

9. Haibimen Cat Floral Shower Curtains for Bathroom

Haibimen Cat Floral Shower Curtains for Bathroom,

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Heibimen floral curtains for bathroom gives everyone fantastic peace of mind. The combination of sleek flowers and cats ensures every person can enjoy a serene shower. It is a perfect option for bathrooms and tubs of all sizes. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, this hanging is impressive. The installation is simple since it can work with straight or curved rods. This is possible due to the well-crafted grommets.

The making of this curtain is designed to ensure it can withstand high moisture. It’s a rustic shower curtain which makes every shower look amazing. With rustproof grommets, this curtain is tear-resistant, which ensures excellent durability. Unlike regular curtains, this has high definition prints that are durable and long-lasting. Caring for this curtain is super simple since its machine washable. Therefore, one can always enjoy a superb look without struggling to clean.

  • Super clear prints
  • Quick-drying
  • Machine washable
  • Plastic hooks

8. AMHNF Funny Creative Décor Cat Shower Curtain

AMHNF Funny Creative Décor Cat Shower Curtain

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AMHNF creative décor shower curtain brings amazing feeling and beauty. The excellently made curtain is printed to deliver a realistic look. Actually, it comes with digitally printed graphics with cats in sailing catanic. This not only improves the beauty but creates a relaxed experience. As a result, the curtain is superb for creating a unique bathroom compared to older ones. Made from polyester fabrics; they are durable to withstand the moist conditions in bathrooms.

The waterproof design is amazing for ensuring there is no mildew development. Unlike other heavy fabrics, this has fast drying ability which is suitable for easy cleaning. The non-fading prints bring a unique look even after years of use. Fitted with plastic hooks, there is no rust or causing scratches for the hanging bar. The print pain is odor free and eco-friendly, which is impressive for the safety of your family.

  • Eco-friendly paint
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Rustproof hooks
  • Non-fading prints
  • Hooks aren’t unbreakable

7. Sharp Shirter Unicorn Shooting Fire Cat Shower Curtain

Sharp Shirter Unicorn Shooting Fire Cat Shower Curtain

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Give your bathroom a perfect upgrade by adding this curtain to your bathroom. The sleek and modern drape is making your bathrooms a place to spend time when relaxing. Therefore, when taking a shower or relaxing in your bathtub, there is a fantastic feeling when you have this curtain fitted. Unlike the hard materials, this has super soft design allows versatile applications. Therefore, when you have straight or curved hanging bars, it perfectly conforms.

The funny cat curtain shower drape for bathroom has high definition unicorn meme. Therefore, it creates a superb feeling since it has cat riding a unicorn while shooting a machine gun. The bright colors help to keep the bathroom bright and striking. Measuring 71 by 74 inches, it is great for standard bathrooms and tubs. With this curtain, it is easy to turn your bathroom into great art. The expert stitching and strong grommets make this curtain superb.

  • Superb stitching
  • Soft and flexible
  • Sleek meme graphics
  • Images aren’t very clear

6. Alimumu 3D Art Print Fabric Cat Curtain

Alimumu 3D Art Print Fabric Cat Curtain

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Alimumu curtain perfectly suits different bathrooms. The microfiber made curtain is super soft yet solid to guarantee excellent privacy. Whether it’s in bathtubs or shower rooms, the hanging delivers outstanding reliability. The waterproof fabrics are reliable and durable since they aren’t damaged by water. Even when the bathroom has much humidity, there is no damage or awful smells due to mildew. The soft and lightweight offers easy cleaning and drying.

The cat-themed curtain is sleek and super for every pet lover. Whether it’s in a bathroom or house, this drape is super versatile. The modern and premium quality materials and 3D printing bring an exceptional look for every bathroom. The extra-long curtain is excellent for offering perfect décor. Also, it has a complete cover to your bathroom for great privacy. Besides, it is versatile can be used as a bathroom, bedroom and restroom curtain.

  • Versatile installation
  • 3D advanced printing
  • Extra-long size
  • Machine washable
  • No different patterns

5. Colorful Star Funny Shower Curtain with Hooks

Colorful Star Funny Shower Curtain with Hooks

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Update your bathroom décor and privacy by adding premium curtains. Colorful Star curtain is one of the fantastic choices that people can add. The polyester made drape is lightweight and offers excellent coverage. The material is durable and ensures that users can enjoy excellent reliability. Apart from durability, there are no worries about wrinkles or other anomalies. The quick-drying means even when there are splashes; the curtain dries fast. The water-resistant fabrics are fantastic since they eliminate mildew and mold development.

The cat-themed drape has excellent graphics with modern digital, printing design. Actually, the funny cat cartoon with toothbrush and bathing towel created a dazzling look. The dyes used are safe and free from harmful chemicals. As a result, the printing features eco-friendly materials. The caring of this curtain is simple since its machine washable and fabrics are super strong.

  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • 3D digital printing
  • Easy to care
  • Funny cat cartoon
  • Not fully waterproof

4. Riyidecor Funny Cat Shower Curtain with Metal Hooks

Riyidecor Funny Cat Shower Curtain with Metal Hooks

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A large curtain for your bathroom is a vital and essential option. Riyidecor shower drape is the amazing and worth to install in in all shower rooms and tubs. Especially for cat lovers, this hanging features superb graphics. It has kitten themed images that are digitally printed to make them realistic. The excellent color selection leaves the print looking amazing. As a result, when bathing or enjoying cool bathtub, having this curtain creates a fantastic appearance.

The creation of this bathroom drape features one of the best materials. Actually, 100% polyester means it can withstand humid conditions without suffering damages. The environmentally friendly dyes are great since they don’t have upsetting odors. Additionally, easy washing techniques make it an ideal choice. It is machine washable with and doesn’t wrinkle like other fabrics. The 12 metal hooks are durable and robust than plastic counterparts.

  • Metal hanging hooks
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Cool patterns and kitten theme
  • Doesn’t come with a liner

3. Sunlit Multicolor Cartoon Cats Fabric Shower Curtain

Sunlit Multicolor Cartoon Cats Fabric Shower Curtain

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Sunlit multicolor shower curtain is sleek and delivers outstanding. The drape is excellent for homes, especially with people who love pet. It has different colored cats and different designs hence a superb way for decorating your shower. Additionally, the polyester-made curtain is soft than traditional ones. Apart from the string fabrics, this drape has added thickness and is free from PVC. The water-repelling treatment is also great and maintains the curtain clean and free from mildew.

The hanging of this drape is superb and easy, and grommets are durable. They are metallic made and free from rusting which prevent the staining of the curtain. The hooks also string and runs smoothly on the attachment bar to allow the curtain to run smoothly. This decorative apparel is machine washable and quick drying. Therefore, when cleaned, it only takes the least time to dry. With balanced hooks and grommet spacing, the drape is useful for different installation bars.

  • Thickened fabrics
  • Reinforced top header
  • Highly decorative
  • No 3D prints

2. Sunlit Design Cat Silhouette & Gray Mosaic Fabric Curtain

Sunlit Design Cat Silhouette & Gray Mosaic Fabric Curtain

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Sunlit curtain for your shower brings a new look and experience. The perfectly designed and printed drape keeps the bathroom appealing and looking fabulous. The premium and better materials than traditional ones make it one of the right picks. Actually, it’s free from PVC but offers excellent water-repelling. This makes it perfectly suited to bathrooms since it can withstand high moisture. The materials also can repel water due to splashes hence great for reliability.

The reinforced rustproof grommets are cool and deliver easy attachments. Also, the fact they can’t get damaged by the water, making them suitable for fabrics since there is no staining. With HD prints, the graphics are awesome and superb for making bathroom appealing. The maintenance is simple as well as caring for this drape. It is machine washable and quick drying. Whether you need it for decoration or as a standalone curtain, its versatile option.

  • Great decoration and privacy
  • Ideal for use with or without liner
  • Free from harmful materials
  • No hanging hooks

1. NYMB Funny Cat Riding Whale in Ocean Shower Curtain

NYMB Funny Cat Riding Whale in Ocean Shower Curtain

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The time to give your shower a new upgrade is now. NYMB cat shower drape is a real bet for decoration and privacy. Actually, the graphics are eye-catching as it features cat rising whale. It creates a large private area and is amazing for different installations. The complementing Japanese wave further makes the curtain even more elegant. Unlike others that reduce the lighting, this delivers bright appearance hence keeps the shower feeling cozy.

The impressive curtain prints, coupled with extensive size, make the users enjoy an outstanding performance. With premium polyester fabrics, they are reliable and no need to add a liner. Actually, there is no see-through hence an excellent drape to decorate your shower. Having this curtain is superb as it can be used in bathrooms, window curtains, table clothes and others. The C-hooks are great for smooth curtain rolling, and they are simple to install.

  • Simple to fix hooks
  • Extra sleek graphics
  • Beautiful needlework
  • Waterproof construction
  • Feels too thin


The shower curtains are great for privacy. But, they serve more than that. They come in different styles and graphics, which is superb and gives everyone a chance to add great décor. These cat shower curtains are remarkable options when it comes to making your bathroom exceptional.

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