Top 10 Best Curved TV Wall Mounts in 2021 – Reviews with Buying Guide


If you want to mount your TV on the wall, then a proper wall mount is important. It is an obvious fact that for curve TVs you need to have a curved wall mount. Due to which you need to buy a wall mount when you want to hang it on the wall. Curved TVs are getting more popular with time because of their unique style, picture-perfect quality. With its popularity, the demand for curved TV wall mounts is also increasing.

Although these curved TV wall mounts are not common yet, therefore, people may get confused while buying a perfect curved wall mount for their TV. However, to resolve your problem in choosing the best-curved TV mount, we have brought a review of the top 10 best curved TV wall mounts for you along with a buying guide. By this, it will become really easy for you to make a perfect choice with ease.

Best Curved TV Wall Mounts Buying Guide

Here are the things which you have to consider while buying a Best Curved TV Wall Mount.

  • Universal Use: First of all, it is highly important not to buy a wall mount which is specified for one TV screen only. It is owing to the reason that you never have an idea when you are in need to change your TV. Therefore, it is always the best option to find a perfect curved TV wall mount which can easily support various TV sizes and models effectively.
  • The Material of the Wall Mount: Undoubtedly, we can never ignore the importance of manufacturing material of the curved TV wall mount. It is because the durability and reliability of the wall mount depend on the material it is made of. Most of the best wall TV mounts these days are based on tough aluminum and steel.
  • Installation Process: Always get a TV wall mount which comes with the installation instructions. Even more, this will let you install the TV wall mount by yourself. You can install it yourself as most packages come with the tools and equipment along with installation instructions which can help you install in an easy way.
  • Adjustability & Flexibility: The wall mounts you want to buy must be adjustable and flexible. So, t means wall mount must allow you to push it back or forward, move at any angle and tilt with ease as per your need. An adjustable and flexible mount will ensure the perfect position and comfort while you are watching TV. Before buying a TV, the mount must think twice which wall mount you want to use. Always prefer the one with the utmost flexibility.
  • Capacity: This is an important thing to consider before confirming a wall mount for you. Above all, understand the maximum capacity which a wall mount can hold with ease. It should be done to keep TV safe. So, select the TV mount which comes with a large capacity to ensure the safety of your TV.

Best TV Wall Mounts in 2021

10.​​ Sunydeal Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

By: Sunydeal

Sunydeal Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Sunydeal Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket has built with heavy-duty steel. This can be the best for the multiple sizes of a curved Tv which can be ranged from 30” up to 70”. However, the durability and quality of this wall mount are just desirable. It can hold a TV up to 55 Kg. Even more, it is a flexible mount which can ensure comfortable watching positions in the best possible way.


  • Heavy-Duty steel construction
  • Space saver
  • Compatible for various sizes
  • Perfect for flat and curved screens
  • Multidirectional adjustments
  • It comes with a standard hardware kit and instructions manual


  • Fit only for solid wall production

Consequently, this is an amazing TV mount which can hang any of your curved and flat TV screens on the wall with ease. Even more, its advanced welding innovation makes it a strong stable and safe mount to use for your TV.

9. Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket by Pipishell

By: Pipishell

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket by Pipishell

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This wall mount comes with an ergonomic design which ensures its durability and reliability. Furthermore, it comes with all of the needed tools, which makes it easy to install the mount. It can hold up to 132lbs. Its design is the universally compatible design which can fix TV sizes from 37” to 70″ with ease.

Full motion RV wall mount also contains an instruction guide which is in English graphical format. This guide will help you to complete the installation process in an efficient way. Furthermore, its wall brackets come with 5 years warranty which can let you have peace of mind.


  • Ultra-strong double arms
  • Easy to install
  • Long extension
  • Space saver
  • Universally compatible mount
  • The perfectly optimized viewing experience


  • Its plate can block the plugs.

Make your TV watching experience better with Pipishell wall mount, which comes with strong arms and can help you to experience optimized viewing experience.

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8. Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

By: Loctek

Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

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While this amazing wall mount is made of high-quality steel material. With this TV mount of Loctek, you can find an easy option to mount your TV on the wall. Furthermore, it can offer flexible and adjustable viewing angles. It is a perfect universal curved TV mount which has a holding capacity of up to 99 lbs. Even more, it can be perfect to fit from 32 inches to 65 inches TV sizes. One of the best things about this wall mount is that it comes with the 360-degree rotating angle. All the common hardware is included in its box to let you experience convenience in the installation process.


  • 360-degree rotating angle.
  • Convenient and easy to install.
  • UL safety certified
  • Flexibility and adjustability
  • Universal design ‘
  • Magnetic bubble level for perfect positioning.


  • Not perfect for heavyweight

This is an amazing TV mount which will allow you to tilt your TV at any of your required angle with ease. Due to this factor, it will keep you from neck or back pain while watching TV.

7. Fleximounts Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

By: Fleximounts

Fleximounts Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Fleximounts Curved is an amazing wall mount option which can fix any of your 32 inches to 65 inches screen with ease. Even more, it has the ability to hold weight up to 132 lbs. Its installation could be done in a snap because it comes with an easier 3-step installation process. Fleximounts Curved mount is made of high-quality steel, which makes it highly durable and also perfectly reliable. Even more, it comes with Swivel angle of 180 degrees and can be tilted for comfortable viewing.


  • Easy installation
  • Flexible viewing angles
  • Perfect for curved TV


  • You need some additional screws to get done with the installation process.
  • Does not work perfectly for heavier TVs.

So, Fleximounts Curved is perfectly strong and stable option to mount your TV on the wall. Even more, It comes with 10 years warranty which can make it a preferable option for many of the buyers.

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6. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket

By: Mounting Dream

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket

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The mounting Dream wall mount can also take just a few minutes to install it and can fix your screen firmly. You can mount any of your up to 100lbs TV with this. Even more, it can hold your 42-70 screen with ease. While it can perfectly fit for solid concrete walls and with its lower profile mounting space, you can easily place your TV closer to your wall and can save enough space. However, you can also push your screen forward to adjust an easy viewing angle. It comes with heavy-duty brackets which are perfect for regular adjustments


  • Save space
  • Reduce glare
  • Patented design
  • Compatible with different screen sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Installation tools and instructions are included


  • Compatible for solid concrete wall
  • Package does not contain concrete anchors
  • Relatively expensive

So, if you want to have a heavy-duty wall-mount the Mounting Dream wall mount can be a perfect option for you.

5. Loctek 18.8″ Long Extension Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

By: Loctek

Loctek Long Extension Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket

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While this is an amazing wall mount which offers you enough flexibility to enjoy comfortable watching angles. Most certainly, it comes with a universal hole pattern which can fix your 32″ to 70″ screen with ease. Even more, it contains an automatic safety magnetic locking system which ensures the safety of your TV.  Most noteworthy, It is built with heavy-gauge steel, which makes its overall performance great. Even more, it contains powder-coated finish, which ensures its durability and strong performance.


  • It contains perfect room for RCA jack connections
  • Solid and Sturdy
  • Reasonable price range
  • UL certified
  • Offers flexible viewing


  • Not stable with high weight

The quality craftsmanship, unparalleled design, and impressive functionality make Loctek 18.8” wall mount makes it perfect for you to have.

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4. WALI Samsung Micro Gap TV Wall Mount Bracket


WALI Samsung Micro Gap TV Wall Mount Bracket

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WALI Samsung is another exclusive TV mount which is compatible with both curved and flat screens. This mount has the ability to fit TV up to 75 inches and has 110 lbs. Weight capacity. The clear directions given in its instructions manual makes it easier to install. Hardware which comes with this mount is quite sturdy and makes it perfect to use. Its dual articulating arms make it easier for the user to adjust the screen for comfortable viewing.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Compatible for VESA mounting pattern
  • Highly affordable
  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Heavy Duty


  • Limited weight capacity
  • Often need washers to ensure tightness

It is an affordable yet high-quality mount which you can consider to buy. It is quite easy to install, compact and lightweight TV mount which can hold any small to medium-sized weight with ease.

3. PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket


PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

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It is a perfect TV Mount which can hold up to 132 lbs. Weight and can adjust from 37 to 70 inches screen in an effective way. It also comes with a magnetic level, which can ensure a perfect installation. Although it is not quick to install option, it can be the best option to adjust perfect viewing angles. However, its 180 degrees rotation and 15 degrees tilting option can easily make it a preferable choice for everyone. Even more, it comes with Dual Articulating Arms which can make it easier for you to adjust the screen as per your need in the best possible way.


  • Adjustable viewing
  • Saves space
  • Compact design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Affordable, Reliable and stable


  • It takes time to get installed.
  • You will need to purchase a separate extension.

If you want to have a wall mount which you can easily customize to ensure best viewing experience then putting your hands on PERLESMITH Full-Motion wall mount can be the best option to avail.

2. ECHOGEAR Full Tilt TV Wall Mount


ECHOGEAR Full Tilt TV Wall Mount

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This is an amazing steel-constructed wall mount which can hold up to 125 pounds weight. This perfect TV wall mount is constructed to support every TV sized between 40 inches to 85 inches with ease. Although it comes with a fascinating construction which will let you put your TV on it. However, you can easily adjust tilting to have a comfortable viewing angle. It can be a perfect wall mount for your TV, which will let you experience amazing benefits with ease.


  • Reduce glare from windows and lights
  • Low-profile design can also save space perfectly.
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions for installation
  • High gauge steel construction ensures its durability and reliability


  • To the legitimate establishment, maybe, you need to measure its establishment area properly.

You can also find some extra holes in its structure, which will make cable management easier for you. However, it is easy to install, lightweight, and compact wall mount, which can be perfect to buy for anyone.

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1. Qualgear Heavy-Duty Tilting TV Wall Mount

By: Qualgear

ECHOGEAR Full Tilt TV Wall Mount   Get it now on

While this is one of the best wall mount systems which can hold weight up to 88lbs. You can also adjust your screen with this which is sized from 37 to 70 inches with ease. Even more, this TV mount can place your screen just 2 inches from your wall, which will complement the sleek and thin design of your TV in the best possible way. However, it can be tilted up to 15 degrees to ensure comfortable viewing.


  • Tested with its weight capacity
  • Perfectly pre-assembled to save your time
  • Colored instructions manual for easy installation
  • UL listed mounts
  • Secured locking system


  • It holds the limited weight

So, this is an amazing TV wall mount which comes with a foolproof locking system which secures your TV firmly in the best possible way.


While finding a perfect TV mount is crucial to have a comfortable yet TV viewing experience. When you are going to find the best wall TV mount, you will find huge options to pick from. But when you have to pick one, it is highly important to check the size and weight of your TV to ensure the best pick with ease.

As your TV has cost you much money, therefore, it is always important to make the best purchase to ensure its safety. Because getting the best wall mount will hold your TV firmly and will protect it from falling in the best possible way. Hence, always think twice while purchasing your wall mount and get the one which suits your needs perfectly.

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