Top 10 Best Green Screen Backgrounds in 2021 – Reviews


For everyone who loves photography, they know how backdrops are essential. These backgrounds are of many colors and sizes, depending on where you are going to use them. These photography essentials are superb since you can use them everywhere. Whether indoors or traveling, they are handy and impressive. Depending on your choice, there are many colors available to choose from. However, green screen backgrounds are superb and give the beauty of nature.

Getting a good background that will offer the best results and durability should be every photographer target. Although there are many choices to have, they don’t deliver same results. Always look for a material that doesn’t wrinkle or fade. This will ensure smooth pictures without undesirable wrinkled backgrounds. With some screens designed to be portable others are meant for indoor use. But having a versatile screen background enables you to transform everywhere into a studio.

Green Screen Backgrounds Buying Guide

Regardless of the level of your expertise, a backdrop is a must. Additionally, getting the right one should be your priority. This guide touches on some of the vital features to look when buying a background.

  • Fabrics: Type of materials used in the making of backdrops is essential. They determine the quality, thereby affecting the performance. Usually, there are many materials like cotton, polyester, polyvinyl muslin, among others. However, cotton, as well as polyester, are great since they are heavy duty. Also, they are reliable for a long time and do not allow light to penetrate. Above all, it is easy to keep them straight and free from creases through ironing.
  • Backdrop Size: The size is also vital when you think about a screen background. They are sized differently which gives everyone a perfect chance to get the best fit. For a regular studio, ample backdrop is great since it can accommodate different photography needs. On the other hand, for products images, small version of backdrop is ideal.
  • Mounting Options: The other quality is how is your backdrop is mounted. Due to different brands, mounting varies. Some of the background drops are enhanced with grommets. Others come with clamps as well as rings while some have pole pocket design. The choice depends on the type of stand.

Best Green Screen Backgrounds in 2021

10. UTEBIT 6x9Ft Wrinkle Free Green Screen Polyester Backdrop


UTEBIT 6x9Ft Wrinkle Free Green Screen Polyester Backdrop

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Is your current screen frustrating your efforts? It is time to kick it out and bring in a solid background. The Utebit polyester backdrop is one of the striking choices. It has wrinkles free design which delivers smooth-looking results. Whether carrying it, the screen remains smooth, thus ready for use in your preferred location. It’s a large screen measuring 6 by 7 feet therefore suitable for tall people.

Despite the heavy-duty performance, the material used is lightweight. In fact, it is made of polyester which delivers extra lightweight. Also, the fabrics are wear-resistant, giving you more time to work with this screen. The rod pocket design is superb to ease hanging. Due to this, no need for clips needed and hanging is quick. Above all, its machine washable without causing damage and can be ironed.


  • Wear-resistant
  • Wrinkles free
  • Large-sized
  • Quick to mount


  • Doesn’t come with a holder

9. Emart 9 x 15 ft Muslin Photo Video Green Backdrop Studio


Emart 9 x 15 ft Muslin Photo Video Green Backdrop Studio

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Whether you are a professional photographer or beginner, a background is a must. This Emart muslin backdrop studio is among the best you can add to your collection. It’s tough and created to withstand a variety of conditions. It measures 9 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Therefore, whether you require professional portraits, the backdrop is reliable. Also, the large size means there is no limited space for your photos shooting.

The fabrics are superb and feature cotton. Also, one-piece material ensures it lasts for a long time. Compared to other screens, this one comes ready to use; it features four clamps that ensure secure mounting. Additionally, the rod pocket provides quick set up. This background screen is superb for photography, video shooting, and other activities. It’s soft and washable as well as easy to iron to keep it straight.


  • Sturdy clamps
  • Strong premium cotton fabrics
  • Good for video and photography


  • Heavy for weak frames

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8. Westcott 132 9’x20’ Green Screen Background

By: Westcott

Westcott 132 9’x20’ Green Screen Background

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Having a professional background ensures photographers enjoy a seamless experience. Westcott green screen is fantastic and heavy-duty to ensure you have a perfect looking background. Besides, durable fabrics ensure there is reliability. Also, with long-lasting matte finish, it offers a reflection-free surface which gives superb results. Even when outdoors, there is no chance of damaging the image due to high light reflection. Due to large design, the screen is enough for group and portrait pictures.

Fitting this background is stress-free. It has 3 inches pockets as well as grommets to make mounting smooth. The surface is extremely flat, which is facilitated by high-quality fabrics. In fact, having this photo background allows you to enjoy wrinkles free. Unlike muslin, this has premium materials that withstand everyday application. It’s a good background that is ideal instead of using a photo editing software for editing the background.


  • Strong fabrics
  • Simple to set up
  • Heavy-duty carrying case


  • Lacks mounting clamps

7. Emart Photography Backdrop Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit


Emart Photography Backdrop Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit

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Are you looking for a good photography kit? This one by Emart is among the affordable and high performing. It consists of vital components that are must-have for successful photography. Apart from a broad and robust green background, the bundle also consists of heavy-duty springs. Also, the lighting kit gives photographer a chance to enjoy great work. The combination of the lamp holder and white umbrellas ensures proper lighting.

The background is extensive measuring 6 feet by 9 feet brings enough space for a variety of photography. Whether its portrait, product images, and others, the screen is excellent. Unlike others, this is accompanied by a heavy-duty stand. It measures 8.5ft x 10ft, which provided ample support to the background cloth. Apart from the position, the clamps are safe and hold the screen without causing tearing. This kit allows the users to be ready always to get the best shots.


  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • High-efficiency bulbs
  • Fully cotton made backdrop


  • Misaligned holes

6. MOHOO Green Photography Backdrop with Metal Rings


MOHOO Green Photography Backdrop with Metal Rings

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If you are planning to be a great photographer, having the right equipment and accessories is vital. The Mohoo backdrop is one of the reliable and high-quality backdrops. With its green background, it means no more reflections. Thereby, the quality of photos is always excellent. Created from polyester fabrics, this background is resistant to weather elements. As a result, there is no limitation on here to use this screen.

Additionally, the materials used are eco-friendly, thus no pollution. Compared to other backgrounds, this comes with metallic rings. They are durable and helps to keep the cloth perfectly suspended. Amazingly, the backdrop is versatile and can be used in homes, wending occasions, and other photography needs. Due to the opaque nature of the screen offers professional quality background. Above all, this screen is ironable to keep it wrinkles free.


  • Sturdy metallic rings
  • Heavy-duty and opaque nature
  • Tear-free edges


  • None

5. Fancierstudio Background Muslin Stand Backdrop Support System

By: Fancierstudio

Fancierstudio Background Muslin Stand Backdrop Support System

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Equipping your studio with right background ensures there are satisfactory results. For exceptional photography, the Fancierstudio background and stand are remarkable. With muslin screen measuring 6 feet by 9 feet, it covers your background exceptionally. Amazingly, the position is sturdy and made from durable metal. It also has a telescopic design, which is superb for custom setting. Unlike other unreliable backgrounds, this has a sleek green finish. As a result, it suits studios as well as other places without light problems.

Apart from making your studio look great, the setup is portable. Therefore, it makes it possible to set up your studio everywhere. Even for people who love making videos, this platform is all you need. The portability is exceptional and doesn’t cause bulkiness when traveling. Fitting your background to the stand is simple and doesn’t give you hard times.


  • Portable stand
  • Stable and reliable
  • Good for indoors and outdoors


  • Thin fabrics

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4. Fancierstudio Green Screen Background with Support System Kit

By: Fancierstudio

Fancierstudio Green Screen Background with Support System Kit

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The ideal color background gives an image perfect sharpness and appearance. But, with the wrong color, it can cost your professionalism. To get an exceptional quality experience, this green screen for background by Fancierstudio is an excellent choice. The system is versatile and portable, which make it travel-friendly. In fact, heavy-duty carrying case brings ease of portability. Withstand enabling mounting of different type of backgrounds, it’s a solid frame.

Besides the portability and lightweight nature of this system, it is adjustable. If taking a group photo, passport, or portrait photo, it possible to adjust the stand. Moreover, the structure is collapsible, which facilitates ease of carrying when traveling. For exceptional performance, the stand is stable due to reliable and adjustable tripod feet. Above all, aluminum construction means lightweight and rust-free structure.


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Fully collapsible
  • Quick, simple assembling


  • Ideal for full dark places

3. LimoStudio Chromakey Green Screen with Support and Lighting Kit

By: LimoStudio

LimoStudio Chromakey Green Screen with Support and Lighting Kit

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LimoStudio studio kit is terrific and brings confidence and performance. It comes with a combination of accessories that makes it easy to cherish your photography work. Amazingly, it comes with three photo studio lighting bulbs with 45 watts each. As a result, they give your studio exceptional lighting. Apart from the bright lamps, there are also reflector umbrellas. These accessories enable there is proper light diffusion hence adequate lighting.

With a premium-quality background, it ensures there is no light penetration. Thereby, you don’t need a dark room to enjoy high-quality photos. To make the whole set complete, there is a metal structure that is easy to assemble. Also, it’s stable due to tripod base that helps to regulate the height. For stable assembling, the joints are interlocking, which gives the user simple time to put up the background. With provided muslin paper, once you have this kit, it’s ready for your work.


  • Extra bright coiled bulbs
  • Light dissipating umbrellas
  • Energy saving
  • Stable stand


  • Cheap muslin background

2. LimoStudio 9 ft. x 13 ft. Green Chromakey Backdrop Screen

By: LimoStudio

LimoStudio 9 ft. x 13 ft. Green Chromakey Backdrop Screen

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For aspiring beginner or professional photographers, there is a need to invest in high-quality background. This fabricated green backdrop from LimoStudio is among the best. It has superb quality while also keeping the background looking fantastic. The screen is large and brings ample surface to ensure there is no need for background editing. Whether its passport, portrait or landscape, the background is superbly efficient.

The backdrop is reliable under all circumstance. Its surface is reflective and non-glossy, which provides enough light for best capture. Keeping the background clean looking neat is simple since it is safe for machine washing. Overall, the screen measures 9 feet by 13 feet, thus suited to different photography activities and occasions. The high-quality fabricated materials render the backdrop among durable and high performing.


  • Strong and non-light penetrating
  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Non-glossy surface


  • Doesn’t come with a frame

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1. Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Kit

By: Linco

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Kit

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This photography kit by Linco brings all the items needed to start your work. It’s a professional kit with a variety of items for ultimate results. Boasting essentials in the photography, you get all in one bundle. Therefore it saves you from buying individual components. One of the elements in this kit is the 2 phenos square photography umbrellas softbox. Also, the 2 white premium soft umbrellas are suitable for warm light distribution.

Besides the lighting components, the bundle also has a large backdrop. It fits the background as well as extending in the floor for exceptional and scenic results. With 3 color backdrops, they ensure you can alternate to deliver a perfect-looking background. Moreover, collapsible stand is one of the fantastic features since it allows convenient portability. With base having an adjustable design, it is simple to raise or lower the stand height.


  • Rust protected the stand
  • three colors backdrops
  • Sturdy storage bag


  • A bit pricey


By adding a green screen backdrop, it enables perfect videos and picture shooting. With these backdrops differing in quality and performance, selecting the right one can be tricky. But, by going through our list above, no more trials and errors. The list gives you the best options to improve your photography.

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