Top 10 Best Kayak Paddles in 2021 – Reviews


Kayaking is a great water sport that people enjoy a lot. Having a great kayak is good, but without right, paddles offer the best performance. Whether you are looking for paddles to enjoy your time or competition, they are an excellent choice to bring a great experience. In fact, when kayaking, it involves much paddling. Probably thousands of strokes are engaged in a simple kayak tour.

Depending on the user, there are different types of paddles. Therefore, when getting a paddle, you need to have the right selection for the best performance. They come in different sizes, width, and materials. Premium and well-made paddles give users excellent results. Whether you are practicing or professional, there is a need to have these kayak paddles reviewed in our list below.

The Best Kayak Paddles Buying Guide:

  • Blades: The blades are ones that determine the efficiency of a paddle. They are available in different styles and sizes. Usually, we have asymmetrical blades that have a narrower and short on one side. These blades have a uniform angle hence good for pushing water. Others are dihedral, narrower and broader blades. Each of the blades offers unique characteristics which is excellent for different uses.
  • Shaft: After considering the type of blade you need, the nest thing is the shaft. It is where the blades are attached and also people hold. A sturdy and ideally sized pole guarantees great performance. Therefore, when oaring or there is no straining, thereby allowing the user to enjoy a superb experience.
  • Materials: The materials of construction are essential for the integrity of a paddle. Not only the strength but the weight matters. Ideally, always go for lightweight but high performing paddle. Most of the common materials that are durable and strong are aluminum, carbon, glass fiber, and Polypropylene, among others. They are extra strong but offers incredible strength.
  • Comfort: The comfort when oaring is paramount for excellent results. Some of the paddles come with insulated shafts which enable users to have superior ergonomics. Although not all paddles are insulated, the construction and style of the shaft should be comfortable and offer a high grip.

Best Kayak Paddles in 2021

10. AQUA BOUND Manta Ray Hybrid Kayak Paddle

AQUA BOUND Manta Ray Hybrid Kayak Paddle

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Aqua Bound manta hybrid paddle is excellent for kayaking. Its high performance and lightweight, which is superb for ensuring increased efficiency. Featuring 4 piece construction, the paddle is simple to collapse quickly. Despite this, it offers exceptional strength hence great for different type of boat activities. Whether its kayak, inflatables, and other boats, it’s an excellent oar. Storage and usage is simple since the oar breaks easily due to collapsible nature.

The ability to deliver a high angle has a large wide blade, which increases the overall performance. As a result, there is great power delivery, which is superb for different water sports. Amazingly, the fiberglass reinforced blades ensure there is no cracking or breaking—this paddle boats Posi-Lok ferrule features, which gives it corrosion free nature and delivers fantastic results. Collapsing the paddle is easy since no tools are needed.


  • Easily collapsible
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Fiberglass reinforced blades
  • Carbon shaft


  • None

9. Vibe Evolve 230-250 CM Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

Vibe Evolve 230-250 CM Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

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As you look to get kayak paddles, a quality one is paramount. Vibe Evolve adjustable paddle is one of the powerful options. It has adjusting nature, whereby it can extend from 230 to 350 centimeters. This enables people to enjoy different types of kayaking. It allows for low and high kayaking without changing the oar. Additionally, the paddle is great for use with different kayaks and other boats. With durable shaft and blade, even under high performance, the paddle doesn’t bend or break.

The construction entails heavy-duty materials, which adds the overall reliability. With a premium drip ring, it improves the overall paddle performance. The dihedral blade angle, the oar, offers excellent propulsion while losing little efficiency compared to others. Additionally, the two snap button ensures the paddle offers 0-60 ferule angle right and left. Overall, the paddle is lightweight but high performing for great water fun.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Versatile operation
  • Adjustable length


  • Not collapsible

8.​ Werner Shuna Straight STD Kayak Paddle

Werner Shuna Straight STD Kayak Paddle

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When you need to enjoy kayaking, adding a reliable paddle improves efficiency. Werner Shuna STD paddle is durable and lightweight. In fact, it features robust carbon construction. Therefore, when paddling, there is excellent efficiency than metal paddles. Additionally, the blades are designed from fiberglass, thus durable than conventional materials. There is no bending or cracking when utilized in high performance oaring.

The paddle is available in different sizes, which allows people to choose ideal ones. This ensures for high and low kayaking; the paddle is versatile and powerful. Due to the blade design, it minimizes resistance while increasing the overall power. The adjustable ferrule is fantastic and lets you optimize the blade angle for the best experience. Even for high angle paddling, the oar is efficient and gives exceptional results. With this paddle, there is high versatility apart from kayaking.


  • Carbon shaft
  • Glass fiber blade
  • Minimal resistance


  • Height isn’t adjustable

7. BENDING BRANCHES Angler Ace II Kayak Paddle

BENDING BRANCHES Angler Ace II Kayak Paddle

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Bending branches Ace II is one of the fantastic kayak paddles. It has outstanding performance and features that render it remarkable. The paddle is perfected for water sports without affecting the performance. In fact, the super-strong structure brings peace of mind among the users. Boasting carbon fiber shaft, it is sturdy and never breaks. The shaft also has tape measure integrated, which adds high versatility. With nylon reinforcement, the paddle is one of the toughest for sports.

Apart from the robust construction, the paddle offers extra lightweight. In fact, it weighs 3.48 pounds, which is superb for keeping the user performing excellently. The blades are superbly strong, which is excellent in keeping your paddling simple and efficient. Even when kayaking in tough places, the blades and shaft provide excellent reliability. With ferrule options and adjustable shaft size, water sports or fishing is now simple and enjoyable.


  • Tape measure shaft
  • Reinforced construction
  • Extra lightweight


  • Sometimes water leaks inside the tube

6. Vibe Kayaks 230cm Aluminum Shaft Journey Paddle

Vibe Kayaks 230cm Aluminum Shaft Journey Paddle

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Vibes journey paddle is the right option when you want to enjoy great water sports. Especially for people who love kayaking, the paddle is superior and high performing. With aluminum shaft, the oar is superior and delivers excellent, efficient, and weight optimization. Unlike other materials, the aluminum is corrosion free and robust. Besides, the blades are Polypropylene made, which means reduces weight and increased efficiency. Even when paddling for a long time, there is no fatigue since weight is significantly reduced.

The design of blades is one of the fantastic. They offer responsive paddling hence increasing your speed and maneuverability. Due to the lightweight and durable nature, the paddle is great for beginners as well as back up. Additionally, the oar is ideal for different styles and levels. Weighing only 40 ounces, the paddle increases user experience. For versatility, it measures 90.55 inches for use by all users.


  • Anodized aluminum
  • Ideal for different styles
  • Super lightweight


  • Not adjustable

5. Oceansouth Aluminum Asymmetric Shaft Kayak Paddle

Oceansouth Aluminum Asymmetric Shaft Kayak Paddle

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Forget about the heavy paddles that make your kayaking a problem. The real way to enjoy your water sports is getting Oceansouth kayak paddle. The oar is professionally made, which adds the overall performance. The haft is anodized aluminum that offers the best performance. With a diameter of 1.6 inches, the shaft is strong and can withstand a powerful application. Additionally, the blade measures 86 inches, hence great for your daily kayaking and boat oaring.

Apart from the sturdy shaft, the blades are superbly made and optimized. They are asymmetric and glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, which increases the sturdiness and rigidity. Thereby, when paddling, the paddles are reliable since not shaft nor blades that flex, which can affect the efficiency. With three split design, the paddle can adjust 60 degrees right, left and center. Additionally, the spooned blades are efficient than flat ones. The drip rings and sealed blades ensure water doesn’t infiltrate into the shaft.


  • Spooned blades
  • Split angle shaft
  • Sealed rings and blades


  • Doesn’t float

4. XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87’’- 96’’ for Kayaking Boating

XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87’’- 96’’ for Kayaking Boating

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Xgear aluminum paddles are great when you are engaged in water sports. Compared to traditional oars, this has the latest design and materials. In fact, it comes with a flexible and adjustable nature. Thus, when perfuming high or low kayaking, it is simple without changing the paddle. The aluminum constructed shaft is super strong and reliable. This ensures you can paddle without fearing about shaft breaking. Additionally, the compact nature and adjustable shaft provide easy storage.

The materials are ideal for use in freshwater and marine conditions. There is no corrosion since blades are made from composite materials. Moreover, the gaskets ensure there is no water leaking inside the shaft. Due to 3 locking positions, the paddle is versatile and enables people to use it without stress. Unlike other paddles, this has easy adjustment for use in right and left hands. The adjustable nature ensures it can be configured up to 60 degrees. The multiple colors allow people to get the right paddle for their boats.


  • Adjustable shaft
  • Ideal for marine use
  • Enforced push-button connection


  • None

3. MSC Kayak Paddle, 2 Pieces

MSC Kayak Paddle, 2 Pieces

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For beginners and intermediate kayakers, they have to get the right paddles to enjoy water sports and other activities. MSC paddle offers the right opportunity to deliver exceptional performance. It has optimized weight as well as size, which lets different users enjoy smooth use. Additionally, the adjustable nature provides 3 positions, hence a great way to enjoy a smooth performance. This allows for people to enjoy great usability without the need to have several paddles.

The oar comes with superb construction. It has reinforced design and premium material that withstand high pressure. Thus, it gives the paddle durable performance and high portability. Unlike the cheap oars that allow water to leaks into the shaft, this one is exceptional. It has proper sealing that ensures no water leaks into the shaft. As a result, the paddle gives consistent performance and reliable power. The foam grip maximizes comfort, and ergonomics. This paddle is versatile for touring, recreational, whitewater, and other functions.


  • Versatile applications
  • Foam padding
  • Positions adjustment


  • Not ideal for competition use

2. Naviskin Aluminum Construction Kayak Paddles

Naviskin Aluminum Construction Kayak Paddles

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Naviskin aluminum kayak paddles offer everyone the ability to enjoy kayaking in peace. The paddles are designed by experts and from premium materials. Therefore, once you have them, they ensure superb reliability under extreme applications. The aluminum shaft and PP blades combine to give the oars great applications. Amazingly, the finned blades increase efficiency while reducing water resistance. Due to duck arch design, the paddle ensures getting into the water is smooth with minimal resistance.

The two-piece construction is one of the reasons these paddles are convenient to use. Also, the style ensures that storage is simple and no more struggling with ridged oars. The design allows users to enjoy high grip. Enhanced with extra gasket, it offers hands enjoy maximum comfort. With three locking positions, the paddle provides high versatility, and users can customize to fit their needs. Available in multiple colors, these paddles are great for all boats.


  • Multiple adjustments
  • Duck arch design blades
  • Three locking positions


  • No foam padding

1. Leader Accessories Aluminum Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle

Leader Accessories Aluminum Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle

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The ability to enjoy kayaking depends on your accessories. Leader Accessories kayak paddle is premium and robust to offer reliable oaring. It features a combination of materials that ensure there is durability and heavy-duty performance. The shaft is made from aluminum and fiberglass, which are durable and lightweight. This maintains high performance without compromising the paddle action. Additionally, the blades are light and robust which ensure reduction in weight and improved durability.

Polycarbonate blades measure 18.5’’ * 7.5’’, which increases the overall performance. Also, the haft is the shaft is 30 mm diameter and 1mm thickness, which exceptionally reduces the weight. Equipped with enforced push button, it is simple to adjust the paddle in 3 positions. Available in different sizes and colors, everyone can choose the right oar for their use. The creative water-resistant design maintains the paddle performing excellently. Above all, materials and durable and offers resistance to damage even on the marine environment.


  • Three positions adjustment
  • Molded plastic blades
  • Lightweight and portable


  • A bit heavy


Kayak paddles are amazingly crucial for people who love water activities. Be it a competition, leisure, whitewater, and others, these paddles and awesome. To ensure you have a great time, these featuring paddles are great for your daily needs.

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