Top 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets in 2021 – Reviews


Riding bikes can cause head injuries when if the rider isn’t wearing a helmet. Whether adults or small kids, protecting head is one of the essentials. However, for small children, they are more prone to falling, especially when learning to ride. Kid’s bike helmets are available from small size to youth. Also, they are available in different styles to inspire kids riding experience. Depending on the age and size of your kid, it is right to choose a perfect fitting helmet. This maximizes protection and comfort.

There are many helmet brands available for children. Also, they have different protection levels depending on the materials used in their crafting. Amazingly, some of the helmets are versatile, which enables them to fit different usage. They can be used for bikes or scooter rides. However, to ensure every parent has simple selection time, check our best reviewed kids’ bike helmets in 2021 featured below.

Kids Bike Helmets Buying Guide

For the best helmet for kids, you need to look for these features.

  • Size: The size of a helmet is one of the first essentials. It determines how it will protect the head in case of accidents. Usually, measure the head circumference before making a purchase. This will ensure there is an exceptional fit, and your kids will enjoy superb protection. Apart from fit, adjustable helmets are great since they enable broad compatibility.
  • Comfort: The comfort is another feature that should come first when considering to buy a helmet. Usually, comfort is determined by the type of padding used in the cushion. Also, the liner is vital in determining user comfort. Mostly good helmets are lined with EPS foam as well as breathable materials.
  • Adjustable Chin Straps: Chin straps are essential when you consider keeping helmets intact. They are critical for holding helmet intact even during heavy action. To customize comfort, adjustable chin straps are vital. Additionally, they allow kids with different head sizes to enjoy proper fitting.
  • Ventilation: Ventilation is closely linked to comfort. But it is more than bringing comfort to the wearer. Typically, the vents are tasked with keeping head fresh and helping sweat to escape. However, they need to be ergonomically designed to ensure smooth airflow and reduction of drag and wind resistance.

Best Kids Bike Helmets in 2021

10. XJD Kids CPSC Certified Adjustable Bike Helmet Toddler Helmet


XJD Kids CPSC Certified Adjustable Bike Helmet Toddler Helmet

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When your baby is enjoying riding a bike, it is essential to protect his skull. This XJD helmet is created to ensure your kids enjoy the best protection. In fact, it suits kids ranging from 3 to 8 years. Therefore, any kid with 48cm-54cm head circumference will fit perfectly in the head. Due to heavy-duty construction ABS material, the helmet resists damage by simple impacts. Also, the internal cushioning make it comfortable and shock absorbing.

Unlike other helmets, this features CPSC certification, which means it offers high protection levels. Also, sturdy chin strap and crank adjustable dial let the kid enjoy customized comfort. Also, the straps are sturdy and fitted with metal rivets to ensure uncompromised performance. It’s a perfect choice for skateboarding, cycling, and other activities.


  • Strong ABS shell
  • Soft internal lining
  • Adjustable chin straps
  • Ventilated outer shell


  • Not for toddlers

9. Atphfety Kids Multi-Sports Cycling Bike Helmet

By: Atphfety

Atphfety Kids Multi-Sports Cycling Bike Helmet

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Kida love fun. However, cycling or skateboarding requires extra protection. This Atphfety multi-sports helmet is among the best options for kids. It boasts some of the sturdy construction to ensure there is an excellent strength. Unlike the closed helmets, this has exceptional ventilation to keep head cool and prevent excessive sweating. In fact, boasting 14 air vents, the helmet is superbly made to ensure there is a free flow of air. Despite the heavy-duty performance, the helmet is super light weighing only 200 grams.

The other shell is made from tough PVC and PC while interior boasts EPS foam. The interior padding is superior and ensures proper shock absorption. Interestingly, the interior lining is removable, which make cleaning possible. This keeps the helmet fresh even after a busy day in dusty conditions. Comfortable and adjustable strap help in positioning the helmet for maximum safety.


  • Ample air vents
  • Removable interior liner
  • Flexible application
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Only for slower activities

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8. Lanova 3-8 Years Toddler Helmet Kids with Knee Elbow Pads Wrist Guards

By: Lanova

Lanova 3-8 Years Toddler Helmet Kids with Knee Elbow Pads Wrist Guards

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Are you afraid about the safety of your small kids when cycling? Of course, every parent is concerned. This toddler helmet by Lanova is one of the superb choices to add to your selection. It’s a light and robust helmet dedicated to 3-8 year kids. Whether they are learning to ride or competing in the yard, the helmet is superbly made for them. Also, it perfectly suits other activities like skateboarding and other rated sports.

The outer shell is superbly string made from ABS material. It keeps baby head safe from injuries or high impact in case of accidents. Additionally, the inner section boasts EPS shell that is reliable and highly efficient for absorbing impacts. Besides protection, the lining features polyester material which increases sweat dissipation. Also, straps are robust and ensure there is proper fastening. With an adjustable design, it is easy to customize head fitting. Accompanying the helmet are knee pads, and elbow guards for maximum protection.


  • Reliable knee and elbow pads
  • Breathable polyester lining
  • Adjustable head circumference


  • Not for snowboarding

7. Bingggooo Multi-Sport CPSC Certified Safety Bike Helmet

By: Bingggooo

Bingggooo Multi-Sport CPSC Certified Safety Bike Helmet

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The Bingggooo safety bike helmet for kids help them to enjoy with minimal head injuries. The sleek and funny design makes this helmet one of the perfect for small kids. In fact, bearing dragon teeth inspires and give kids great motivation. Furthermore, the shell is correctly vented, which helps in hot weathers. It allows efficient ventilation, which is superb keeping kids free from excessive sweating.

Compared to other helmets, this boast injection molded shell and EPS Polystyrene that efficiently keep head safe. Apart from shielding head, the cushion keeps head feeling comfortable. Whether your baby love biking, roller skating, or scooter the helmet is ideally suited.


  • Inspiring dragon teeth design
  • High-quality shell
  • Perfectly ventilated
  • Snugly fitting


  • Edge feels sharp

6. Flybar Dual Certified Multi Sport Kids & Adult Adjustable Dial Helmet

By: Flybar

Flybar Dual Certified Multi Sport Kids & Adult Adjustable Dial Helmet

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The Flybar multi-sports adjustable dial helmets for adults and kids enables people to enjoy multiple sports. The versatile design ensures the helmet fits kids as well as adults. Thanks to the dual adjusting mechanism that customizes the circumference. As a result, people can use this helmet with high confidence. Compared to other helmets, this features dual certifications which guarantee perfect reliability. It boasts CPSC & ASTM certification hence right for cycling, skateboarding, and other aggressive sports.

The smooth and robust ABS shell is durable and reliable in even of a high impact. Additionally, there are different colors as well as prints that enable the user to choose the right finish. With strategically fitted vents, they keep the head fresh and free from heat. In fact 12 vents are more than enough to enable riders to stay cool even on hot days. The padded chin strap is safe and comfortable as well as adjustable for a custom fit.


  • Padded chin strap
  • Wide range of colors
  • Thick EPS foam padding


  • Straps attachment feels weak

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5. TeamObsidian Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets, 3-7 Years

By: TeamObsidian

TeamObsidian Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets, 3-7 Years

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Having a dependable helmet allow kids to enjoy seamless entertainment. The TeamObsidian kids’ bicycle helmet is one of the reliable ways to enjoy protection against crashes. Boasting shock-absorbing EPS, there is no worry about minor accidents. Besides cozy lining, the helmet features a sleek and cool performance. Actually the advanced wedge design with integrated vents improves aerodynamics. This minimizes air resistance hence smooth rolling. Additionally, the vents are significant for free air movement to keep the head cool.

Amazingly, the helmet adjusts easily from toddler to children size. It has vertical and horizontal adjustment through the dial. This gives the head a perfect fit without compromising the helmet performance. The fun aqua design is super when it comes to inspiring kids. It suitable fits bikes, scooters as well as other extreme kid sports. Amazingly, there are different colors available for boys and girls.


  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Different colors for boys and girls
  • Quick-release locking clips
  • Grows with kid design


  • None

4. Bell Rally Child Helmet

By: Bell

Bell Rally Child Helmet

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Wearing a helmet is a recommendation by different organs. Whether training or riding for leisure, protecting the head is one of the vital requirements. This helmet by Bell is inspired by professional cycling design. As a result, it delivers excellent performance and protection. The design is sleek and aerodynamically crafted to ensure there is superb cruising with minimal resistance. The extended front act as a sun visor. This means kids get protection from impacts as wells as sun rays from affecting the visibility. Moreover, there is high reliability, and smooth ride since the bike has a tapeless design.

The versatile helmet is fit for kids with 52-56 cm. Due to high impact resistance, it fits different sports activities besides cycling. The 16 vents are superbly made to ensure there is exceptional cooling and fresh feeling. With self-adjusting straps style, the helmet fits perfectly to the users. Interestingly, there is perfect comfort due to fitted pinch guard that ensures there is a superb feeling when riding.


  • Pinch guard back design
  • Streamlined tapeless design
  • Self-adjusting straps


  • Color fades after a while

3. Bell Star Wars Adult and Kids Bike Helmets

By: Bell

Bell Star Wars Adult and Kids Bike Helmets

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The bell star is a versatile helmet made for kids and adults. This Bell Star wars kids and adults helmet is the right option for bike riding. It’s one of the reliable ways to keep your kids safe from injuries by small crashes. The impressive design and finish keeps the kids happy and entertained. Also, it has a well-constructed style to maximize safety and reliability. Enhanced with a soft lining on the edges, there is no pinching which can lead to discomforts.

When you think about the comfort, the helmet is outstanding. It comes with large air vents for unlimited ventilation. Interior features super soft and comfortable padding that is great for absorbing impact and shock. The hard shell and complete head protection design enables kids to get more protection. It’s a superb helmet that guarantees safety and comfort to kids.


  • Easy to fit visor
  • Strong and reliable shell
  • Proper head fit


  • Fewer vents than rivals

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2. Raskullz Child Unicorn Helmets

By: Raskullz

Raskullz Child Unicorn Helmets

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Helmets are for protecting the skull from injuries and other issues. But for kids, offering more than protection is an excellent step. This Raskullz unicorn helmet is one of the best and sleek. Apart from the protection, it has a super attractive design. In fact, with 3D ears, horns, and snout, it is an excellent toy for kids. They are made from thermoplastic rubber which adds more protection in case of a crash.

The aerodynamically designed air vents are reliable and offer natural cooling. This means even when wearing this helmet without riding; it keeps the head cool and sweat-free. For perfect head protection, there are adjustable straps that keep helmet intact covering the head. Impact absorbing cushion and hard shell meet ASTM F1492-08 Standards. Therefore, no more risks by using substandard kids helmets.


  • Aerodynamic air vents
  • Sleek 3D features
  • Certified construction materials


  • Ears break easily

1. Bell Marvel Avengers Character Kids and Adult Bike Helmet

By: Bell

Bell Marvel Avengers Character Kids and Adult Bike Helmet

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Are looking to surprise your kids with safety riding helmets? Here is one designed by Bell with Avengers characters inspires and protect you, kids, when they are riding. Enhanced with impressive graphics, the helmet is attractive and well adapted to cycling and other sports. It is designed perfectly for kids and features a reliable shell with beautiful graphics. Whether your kid loves bicycles, scooters or skateboards, it keeps the brain and general head safe.

The shell is made from a super durable shell and is enhanced with ventilations. Amazingly, these vents are strategically placed, which means efficient internal air circulation. Moreover, with soft lining and thick padding, injury risks are significantly reduced. This helmet is perfectly created for kids ranging from 5 to 8 years.


  • Sleek superheroes graphics
  • Soft and comfortable lining
  • Perfect head covering


  • Not for big kids


Kids bicycle helmets are usually versatile and recommendable. They are comfortable to enable children to wear without issues. With a variety of design present, beauty and performance should be your considerations. These featuring helmets are what every parent should but for their kids.

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