Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns For Kids in 2021 – Review – Great Gift for Boys & Girls of All Ages


Laser tag guns for kids are safe and enjoyable toys that every parent can give to their young ones. They are normally created to maximize kids fun while without causing any health issue. Just like other toys, these tag guns are dedicated to enabling kids to exercise while having fun. In fact, some of the adults still play around with these toys.

To give your babies perfect gifts, there is needed to look for the ideal toys. These guns are available in different rages of features. It depends on your kids’ age and ability to use. But, with a simple to use by all ages kids, it saves you a lot while maximizing the experience. For the best laser tag gun for kids on the market, here is a comprehensive review and a buying guide.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Laser Tag Guns

Well, everyone wants to buy the best toy for their kids. But, it can be even more hassle when buying toy guns. In this guide, we look at critical features and qualities to check.

  • Safety: The safety is one of the most important things to check when buying a toy. For the laser toy guns, they work by emitting light. Therefore, it is vital to check the classification of laser these gadgets are using. Usually, strong laser beams are deemed dangerous and can result in damaged eyes. Thereby, always check for the certified infrared kids’ laser pistols.
  • Setting Modes: Toy guns are supposed to offer great fun to kids. That is why you need to look for the versatile ones. In most cases, laser guns are designed to provide more than one playing modes. The majority have a machine gun, missile, short gun, and normal firing. This enables the user to launch the appropriate shot for fast target elimination.
  • Vest Versus Jacket Free Guns: These days, we have two major types of laser guns for kids. There are vest and vest free pistols. Although they all have infrared lasers and similar working ability, performance is different. For vest type, every gamer has to wear a vest for easy tracking. However, the vest free, the players don’t need to wear these jackets.
  • Ergonomics: Choosing for ergonomic toys enable the players to have the best time. They also allow for easy and fast maneuvering hence improving the game experience. Check for high grip handles as well as the toy body. This will guarantee the user great comfort and ease of operation.

Best Laser Tag Guns For Kids in 2021

10. LaserTron Infrared Laser Toy Gun & Vest Set for Boys & Girls, All Ages

 LaserTron Infrared Laser Toy Gun & Vest Set for Boys & Girls, All Ages

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Be ready to give your kids a new thrill. This laser toy gun by LaserTron is a superb gadget. With improved technology, the infrared tag gun is fantastic as it lets kids enjoy versatile battle games. Besides the magnificent features, it has a range of up to 150 feet. Amazingly, the gun offers parents the ability to choose between the 4 options available. Thereby, every regardless of skill levels can use this toy gun.

The realistic shooting experience is classic and enjoyable. In fact, the toy has vibrations, true audio, and vibrant audio. Due to the updated design, the gun is ideal for all kids regardless of age and is unisex. Also, adults can use this gun for fantastic fun times. Apart from the stunning qualities, the gadget is safe and less likely to cause harm.


  • Improved features
  • Available in different styles
  • Interactive design
  • Extra long range; 150 feet
  • Ideal for day and night


  • None

9. Mini Horse Infrared Laser Tag Guns 4 & Vests

 Mini Horse Infrared Laser Tag Guns 4 & Vests

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Mini horse infrared tag gun toys give kids a realistic battleground experience. The set of 4 guns and vests ensure your kids participate in group games. Also, they are large for use by adults hence perfect for keeping kids and parents engaged. With indoor and outdoor use, they are great gadgets that enable kids to enjoy physical exercises. Apart from guns and vest, other accessories make playing fantastic.

Playing with these gadgets enables the kids to enjoy to the maximum. They are designed with active vibrations and sound when shooting or get shot. On the other hand, with extended range, they enable all type of combatant games. Utilizing 2 AAA batteries, there are no struggles as with rechargeable types. With vests having left life indicator, it becomes simple to enjoy the whole playing sessions.


  • High tech playing vests
  • Ergonomic gun design
  • Good for boys and girls


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

8. VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Game Set for Kids and Adults with 4 Vest

 VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Game Set for Kids and Adults with 4 Vest

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Kid toys need to be as safe as possible. Therefore for parents with a passion for toy guns, here is a good option from Vitos. Unlike the dart guns, this set offers infrared laser tag guns. They are incredibly safe and designed for kids and adults. The combination of laser blaster guns and vest ensures there is no extra cost. In fact, they are ready to use and offers exceptional playing experience from the word go.

The infrared used in these guns is safe and won’t hurt anyone. The toys are equipped with less than 1mW infrared signal; they are extremely safe. Unlike the older models, these toy pistols are easy to switch the firing modes. Whether you want a shotgun, machine gun or rocket, it’s simple to change without affecting your precision. With body having different decorations, guns and vest are beautiful.


  • 100 feet firing range
  • Easy to switch firing modes
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Expensive than rival brands

7. Lukat Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, Infrared Guns Set of 4 Players

 Lukat Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, Infrared Guns Set of 4 Players

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The Lukat laser toy guns are authentic and cool way to reward your kids. With durable material and construction, the toys are perfectly suited for outdoor conditions. Due to this, it allows kids to be off TV and computer games hence better health. Fitted with a variety of realistic features, it makes the battle interesting. The vibrations, shot sounds and interactive vests ensure the game is a thrill and enticing.

Apart from use in homes, this set of toy guns is highly portable. This implies that even when going for camping and other activities, it is easy to carry. Additionally, the manufacturer has used environmentally safe materials that won’t cause pollution and other damages. There is freedom of game mode once you have these toys. They can shoot in different modes which make the game even more exciting.


  • Durable construction materials
  • Unisex and ideal for all ages
  • Easy to read manual


  • No carrying bag

6. Play22 Laser Tag Gun and Vest Set for Boys and Girls

 Play22 Laser Tag Gun and Vest Set for Boys and Girls

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With Play22 laser toy guns, it is now possible to keep your kids busy and engaged. They are a healthy way to encourage kids to exercise and break the habit of video games. The multiple color set provides excellent inspiration and kids can choose their favorite finish. The good thing with this set is the comfortable and ergonomic design. Consequently, the grip is perfect and firm.

The improved shooting range is ideal especially when playing outdoors. Unlike the earlier versions, these have a 130 feet range. Also, the vests and pistols have high interaction hence great for an accurate shot. Passed by all relevant authority, the guns are safe to kids of all ages.


  • High safety standards
  • Different colors per set
  • Sturdy ABS plastic bodies


  • Complex for 4 years and below

5. BCP Kids Interactive Blaster Tag Set, 2 Pack

 BCP Kids Interactive Blaster Tag Set, 2 Pack

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Best choice products blaster tag pistols are giving kids reasons to smile. They are professionally created toy guns with interactive ability to ensure smooth operations. Compared to other brands, these are versatile and offers 4 modes to select. Users can choose sub-machine, missile, short gun, and pistol. Thereby It becomes simple to eliminate the opponent quickly.

With life indicator light, it becomes easy to up the combatant strategy. Typically, these pistols offer 9 lives hence making the game enticing and thrilling. Amazingly, the infrared tracks and register hit thus no chance of opponent hiding. With these BCP laser tag guns for kids, they are also compatible with other blasters from the brand.


  • High versatile toy guns
  • Compatible with new BCP blasters
  • Effective hit tracking


  • Recommended to over 8-year kids

4. USA Toyz Laser Tag Guns for Kids

 USA Toyz Laser Tag Guns for Kids

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There are no doubts USA Toys tag guns for kids are high quality and enjoyable. They are created by professional and offers high action. With a set consisting of 4 toys and vests, it enables multiple players to engage in a game. On the other hand, the available 4 settings allow changing the gun from one firing mode to another.

With wireless synchronization, it is easy to set a battle zone. In fact, with each having 130 feet range, everyone can enjoy real action. Once shot when shooting the opponent, these guns produce realistic sounds. With their sturdy construction, the pistols are ideal for use even extreme gaming without getting damaged.


  • Sleek and durable plastic body
  • Active infrared hit tracking
  • Unique blasting sound


  • Hard to reach customer care

3. ThrillZone 4 Pack Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns

 ThrillZone 4 Pack Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns

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If you are tired of laser toy guns using vests, its time to ditch them. With this set of kids laser tag guns by ThrillZone, kids are going to love them. With set having 4 pistols, it allows up multiple players to join. Moreover, each has a different color hence great to mark the teammate. The futuristic design delivers a great look and enables the player to engage in cosmic competitions. This means kids can play aliens based games.

Despite their sleek nature, these guns are lightweight and easy to take everywhere. Also, when it comes to durability, sturdy materials improve the ruggedness. They are perfect options for use indoors and outdoors hence an excellent option for any parent as a gift to their kids. Above all, they are unisex; thus boys and girls can use them.


  • Eliminates the need for vests
  • Futuristic design
  • Suited for indoors and outdoors


  • Consistent annoying noise

2. Kidzlane Indoor and Outdoor Infrared Laser Tag, 4 Set

 Kidzlane Indoor and Outdoor Infrared Laser Tag, 4 Set

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Surprise and inspire your kids by getting them into action. These infrared laser tags by Kidzlane are the perfect options. They are ideal especially for a group as one set come with 4 pistols. Equipped with 0.9mW infrared laser, these guns don’t need wearing a body vest. This offers the user the ability to have improved maneuvering. Depending on the task at hand, it is possible to take needed ammo easily by changing the settings.

The top-notch quality craftsmanship is outstanding. Body is firm and resistant to breaking under normal usage. Additionally, the harmless and robust signal is great for accurate shooting. For the children safety, the guns are certified by relevant authorities. Therefore, you can let your kid play without any concern.


  • Vest free design
  • Easy to choose team colors
  • Works without vests
  • Comfortable grip


  • Reduced visibility in sunlight

1. DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag with Carrying Case for Kids

 DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag with Carrying Case for Kids

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As you think about looking for the ideal toys, tag guns are a good option to have. The dynasty toys laser toy guns are great options to ensure kid have memorable times. They are highly versatile which means they are suitable for use anywhere. With one pack having 4 guns, it is simple to enjoy great team play. Also, unlike most of the toy guns, these come with a protective carrying case to enable easy portability.

The design and programming of these toy guns ensure there is maximum fun. In fact, they have 4 blaster settings that ensure the user select without any difficulty. Additionally, the blasters have different stoppage powers, reload and other features. As a result, when kids are playing, these blasters offer unlimited gaming time.


  • Strong carrying case
  • Simple to set modes
  • Safe infrared light, no eye protection needed


  • Signal register if pointing the other gun


Laser tag guns for kids are amazing gadgets that are also great for adults. With the ability to keep children healthy and motivated, they are a good option for different ages. For the best selection, these featuring laser toy guns are a superb way to go.

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