Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shorts For Women in 2021 – Reviews


Cycling is one way to give the body proper toning. However, mountain biking is an excellent way to exercise the body and ensure excellent calories are burning. For proper cycling, there is a need to have the right apparels. Especially, biking shorts are a must-have for everyone. Whether a professional or hobbyist, these attires are vital. Usually, mountain bike shorts for women are among the popular cycling requirements. Unlike the regular shorts, biking ones are designed for that task. Therefore, they reduce pressure while adding more padding.

Although there are different types of shorts, it is good to get ideal for matching style and performance. Wearing the right short always allow high performance and comfort. With a combination of features, buyers need to check for perfect shorts purchase. Usually, a short should reduce rubbing while providing a soft feeling. To help you choose the right one, below are our best mountain bike shorts for women reviews.

Mountain Bike Shorts For Women Buying Guide

  • Shorts Size: The size of shorts determines who is going to wear. Like other clothes, people wear different numbers. It is this reason that shorts need to have a perfect fit. Although most of the cycling shorts are elastic, the wrong size will affect your overall performance. Always ensure to measure your waist as well as legs. This will give a perfect fitting biking short.
  • Fabrics: The fabrics are also important when it comes to sports clothing. Although there are different materials, not all are suited for cycling. Since it involves high activity, fabrics need to be soft ad light. Also, quick-drying fabrics are excellent to avoid wetting effects. In connection to this, most of the cycling shorts are made from nylon, polyester, polyamide, and spandex. These materials are known to allow natural sweat dissipation and high elasticity.
  • Padding: Besides fabrics, padding is another feature vital to cycling. Especially when you consider mountain biking, it can be in different terrains. It is this reason that padded shorts are great options. They allow your back to enjoy cushioning against excessive pressure due to bumps. Regardless of where you are cycling, padded shorts are ideal for comfort and eliminating strains.
  • Pockets: Pockets are sometimes overlooked when buying cycling clothes pants. But they are as significant as other features. They are responsible for the storage of some essential items like phones, stopwatches, and others. With different brands, some of the shorts these days come with pockets. Not only pockets are worth looking, but, zippered ones are the best.

Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Women in 2021

10. Club Ride Apparel Savvy Women’s Bike Shorts

By: Club Ride

Club Ride Apparel Savvy Women's Biking Shorts

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Biking should be fun and free from stress. Having a good bike seat as well as short ensures there is a superb experience. This Club Ride women’s biking shorts provide the best feeling. Whether you are cycling on dirt or paved surfaces, the shorts enable a smooth transition. With this short, it becomes it has a proper fit since fabrics are lightweight. Also, the stretchy design allows these shorts for different sized people.

Apart from the stretchy design, the shorts provide a stylish casual look. Amazingly, there are no zippers; hence wearing is superbly easy and quick. Fitted with interior drawcord, the short allows proper fitting. Moreover, a combination of fabrics; 96% polyester and 4% spandex, it provides the body with exceptional comfort. In fact, it doesn’t retain sweat which helps to keep your skin dry even when in vigorous biking.


  • Elastic design
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Sleek casual wear


  • Snap buttons feel hard to close

9. Urban Cycling Apparel The Grinder Women MTB Shorts

By: Urban Cycling Apparel

Urban Cycling Apparel The Grinder Women MTB Shorts

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The Urban Cycling Apparel women MTB shorts give every ride thrilling cycling. Unlike other shorts, this enables versatile usage hence creating the perfect comfort. Actually, the shorts are suitable for casual riders as well as great for daily commuting. Compared to other wears, this has extra thick padding. Thus, it is comfortable and protects your back from excessive pressure. Besides cushioning, the exterior features exceptional materials that enable high breathability. Even when you are having heavy-duty rides, the shorts keep your body correctly breathing.

The safety is improved when you are wearing this short. This is due to the reflective enhancement on the pocket. It reflects light hence improving the noticeability by motorists, especially in low light situations. For a comfortable and perfect fit, the waist has an elastic band and adjustable belt. They ensure there is a correct fit thus great for keeping the shorts intact. Also, the zipper enhanced back pockets, and side pockets are suitable for storage.


  • Safety reflective strip
  • Thick back padding
  • Adjustable belt


  • Sizing issues

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8. Spotti 3D Padded Road Biking Bicycle Riding Pants For Women

By: Spotti

Spotti 3D Padded Road Biking Bicycle Riding Pants For Women

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For serious biking, baggy shorts aren’t ideal. Perfect fitting ones are superior to allow full-body movement and performance. This shorts pant by Spotti brings some of the exceptional rides. With amazing construction, there is a perfect body fit and offers slight compressions. Actually, the development entails a blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex. Therefore, when you think about breathability, this pair of shorts is exceptional. Amazingly, the humanized design creates contoured shorts fitting.

There is no limitation as to when to wear these riding pants. It can suit road, commuter and mountain biking. Also, people who love cycling as a hobby can enjoy wearing. The high stretching fabrics are non-slip to keep pants intact when riding. For high-performance riders, it perfectly suits their cycling without slipping. Moreover, 3D padding allows proper body configuring when wearing. The multi-layers of foam padding enable cycling shorts to be among the best for women.


  • 3D padding design
  • Stretchy and non-slip fabrics
  • Humanized design


  • Has no pockets

7. Louis Garneau Latitude Padded MTB Shorts for Women

By: Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau Latitude Padded MTB Shorts for Women

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Keeping your ride enjoyable and fulfilling requires comfort. However, you can’t achieve this with wrong attires. Especially when you want to get the best cycling results, biking shorts are fundamental. The Louis Garneau padded shorts delivers outstanding cycling performance. Built by professionals, the shorts keep the back safe and free from heat and friction. Therefore, even when riding on rough surfaces, there is no strain on your coccyx. Also, the padding increases your surface area hence increasing comfort when on bumpy surfaces.

The high-quality materials and remarkable artistry ensure the shorts don’t slip or lift. This feature distinguishes the shorts from cheap ones that created inconveniences when riding. With the interior featuring detachable Drytex shorts, they can be worn separately. Also, there is a lightweight chamois padding that provides legs with adequate compressions. Treated with antibacterial solutions, the detachable shorts eliminate bad odors due to sweating.


  • Antibacterial treated
  • Great leg compression
  • Detachable inner shorts
  • Zippered pockets


  • Inner padding feels thinner

6. Baleaf Women’s 3D Padded Breathable Mesh Compression Shorts


Baleaf Women's 3D Padded Breathable Mesh Compression Shorts

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Finding good shorts for the biking exercise is great for extreme performance. This women’s underwear from Baleaf is one of the right picks for remarkable reliability. Uniquely, the knitting of this underwear feature blended fabrics. In fact, 90% polyester and 10% spandex create a fantastic feeling. Also, unlike rigid shorts, this has excellent elasticity. This gives your legs proper compression for high performance with reduced muscle strains.

The breathability and quick-drying are some of the features that make this underwear unmatched. Also, it has 3D chamois padding that helps to keep the body comfortable. As a result, when riding in rugged places, there is efficient vibrations and shock absorption. Moreover, the underwear is compatible with other cycling apparels. Therefore it can be worn under different pants.


  • Efficient sweat-wicking
  • Reliable vibrations protection
  • Highly breathable


  • No storage pockets

5. CYCEOS Women’s Bike Short 4D Gel Padded 


CYCEOS Womens’ Cycling Shorts 4D Gel Padded Breathable Pant

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Some of the cheap shorts are not good for high-performance cycling. Some can cause discomfort and other issues due to cheap materials. But, if you are in serious cycling, the 4D padded breathable shorts for women by Cyceos brings the difference. The stylish shorts ensure users get a modern and elegant look. Also, the fitting design is impressive in ensuring there is proper body hugging. The 4D structure featured in construction allows remarkable ventilation, sweat-wicking, and skin-hugging.

Besides the improved construction, the fabrics used are fabulous. It boasts 80Polyamide as well as 20% spandex fabrics. This combination of lightweight materials allows fast sweat dissipation. Therefore, when riding on summers, there is no suffering from retained sweat rendering shorts wet. Furthermore, the enhanced silicone band along legs prevent slipping. Above all, the mesh and reflective enhancements increase breathability and safety while on the road.


  • Non-slip silicone enhancement
  • Fast sweat dissipation
  • Safety reflective strips
  • 4D gel padding


  • Waist takes time to straighten

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4. Cycorld Women’s MTB-Shorts

By: Cycorld

Cycorld Women's MTB-Shorts

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Cycorld MTB shorts give every woman a chance to cycle seamlessly. Whether you are a beginner or professional cyclist, the quality of shorts is terrific. Built with comfort, style and performance in mind, there’s no more guesswork. Additionally, fabrics used created a tough shell that protects your legs perfectly. Thus, when cycling off-road, there is no worry about shorts getting ripped off. The shorts provide perfect fitting, especially in the waist due to the elastic band. Also, the adjusting straps with Velcro closure enables adjustment depending on user fit.

When on the ride, there are no more worries about carrying your cellphone other accessories. With Cycorld shorts, they provide 6 deep and zippered pocket. Therefore, it’s safe to keep cellphones, earphones, and other small essentials. The adjustable legs design offers a custom fit to riders. When you want a loose or tight fit, the buttons allow adjustment. For shorts to perform exceptionally, it has durable stitching and reinforced seams.


  • Ample deep pockets
  • East to adjust waist straps
  • Adjustable leg design


  • There is no removable underwear

3. Eco-daily Cycling 3D Padded Bicycle Biking Underwear Shorts

By: Eco-daily

Eco-daily Cycling 3D Padded Bicycle Biking Underwear Shorts

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Wearing the right shorts enable cyclists to get proper performance. Usually, they create a streamlined and comfortable ride with less wind resistance. For every woman with a passion for cycling, here are super shorts from Eco-daily. These shorts are sleek and impressive to enable cycling in style. They are lightweight and highly flexible, which keep your cycling to the maximum. Also, the soft feeling prevents hard friction in your skin hence keeping your skin fresh. Amazingly, the 3D padding renders these shorts reliable for high-performance biking.

Designed purposely for women, the shorts are anatomically fitting. This eliminates inconveniences like some unisex bike shorts. Moreover, the constriction ensures there is perfect construction to emphasis padding in sensitive areas. Therefore, for people who love off-road mountain biking, these are shorts to try. The cloud-like comfort is all you get when wearing this biking short.


  • Super comfortable 3D padding
  • Keeps skin dry
  • Improved ventilation


  • They don’ have anti-slip bands

2. Beroy 3D Gel Padded Cycling Women’s Short

By: beroy


Beroy 3D Gel Padded Cycling Women's Shorts

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Beroy cycling women’s shorts are modern and ready to enable a thrilling experience. These shorts are beautiful and offer every cyclist motivation. Apart from the sleek look, these shorts are made carefully. Therefore, even when used for high action cycling, they don’t bust or tear up. To fulfill every cyclist’s expectations, they are made from 220g/m2 80% polyester and 20% spandex. These fabrics blending and expert knitting helps the shorts to as close as possible to the skin.

Farther, from reliable fabrics, the padding materials used in these shorts are superb. Also, the 80kg/m3 Foam density provides 3D cushioning for proper impact absorption. This keeps people who ride for long-distance safe and comfortable. Smooth sewing combines with construction materials to eliminate movement friction. As a result, they ensure the rider enjoying every minute of cycling. Above all, the sweat sucking design ensures there is no more a wet feeling during tense biking.


  • Heavy-duty foam padding
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics
  • Close skin design


  • The waist has no belt

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1. 4ucycling Women 3D Padded Breathable ¾ Cycling Tights

By: 4ucycling

4ucycling Women 3D Padded Breathable ¾ Cycling Tights

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The 4ucycling ¾ tights are among the best cycling shorts for women. This pant is created to offer legs proper covering as well as support. Moreover, elastic nature means more compressions, hence maintaining high performance. Apart from general elasticity, the waist is perfect fitting. It’s soft and flexible, which eliminate the need for straps and belts. The thin design encourages efficient sweat drying. Also, the materials entourages quick sweat dissipation hence good for summers.

The vital areas enjoy enhanced padding to ease the pressure. Notably, the back area it has thick padding to keep coccyx away from discomforts. Also, the passing extends to around the hips, which keep them protected throughout. Fitted with reflective strips, riders are more visible during nights and other low light conditions. Therefore, even on highways, it’s safer to ride with this tight than others.


Mountain bike shorts are suitable for people with cycling passion. They are good for everyone, regardless of your level of professionalism. Therefore, don’t let unreliable shorts ruin your cycling fun; the reviewed pants are every woman’s choice.

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