Top 7 Best Outdoor Bike Storages in 2021 – Reviews


Bikes are great for adventure and exercising the body. However, it can be tricky when it comes to storage if you don’t have enough space. The lack of garage space should not, however, hinder you from getting your dream bike. There are outdoor bike storages available which ensure there is a secure haven. The shed comes in varying sizes and designs which enable single or multiple bike storage. Although it is not hard to make storage, there are ready-made sheds.

Depending on the size and number of bikes you have, one can enjoy ample and high security. It only depends on your selected materials and expertise used in the storage construction. Some are metallic boxes, while others can be tent type. With your bicycle protected from elements and theft, you can enjoy peace of mind. Amazingly, these options are ideal for students, apartments and other residential areas. This list explores the best bike storages for outdoor.

Here are a few Tips for buyer before buying Outdoor Bike Storages

  • Size: the size of a storage shelter is vital for determining the number of bikes it can fit. There are different sized shelters which ensure everyone can buy ideal one to suit their bikes. Some are capable of holding one bike while others can store multiple bicycles. If you have several bicycles, it is essential to have storage that can fit multiple bicycles. Always, consider the size of shed to ensure it can fit your bike can fit perfectly.
  • Materials: Materials are also necessary when you are looking to invest in an ideal shed. Especially when you need to enjoy durable and reliable storage, check on the quality of materials. There are many materials like steel, wood, fabrics and others available. It only depends on where you are going to use it. For a durable and permanent installation, steel panel sheds are preferable. However, for portable ones, tent styles are the ideal choices.
  • Vents: there is a need to spend in right sheds that allow bikes to enjoy the cool and dry storage. Regardless of the type of shed; it is essential to have vented canopies. This ensures there is enough air circulation hence eliminating the accumulation of moisture. As a result, there is impressive protection to sensitive parts like chain, sprockets and others that rust easily.

Best Outdoor Bike Storages in 2021

7. Hanover HANBIKESHD 4 Bikes, Galvanized Steel Bicycle Shed

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Hanover Handbikeshd shade is superb when you want to enjoy bike safety. The strongly made shed is made from galvanized steel, it is resistant to damage by weather elements. Therefore, no more rust, especially when there is high humidity and winters. Apart from the weather protection, the steel structure is superb and keeps crooks away from your bike. Actually, the doors are enhanced with a lock which is a vital feature to keep the bikes safe. Whether you are living in apartments or dorms, no more struggling to keep your bicycles safe. With this structure, it can accommodate 4 bikes at ago.

The adjustable design is fantastic since the racks can fit different sized bikes. Consequently, one can always enjoy fantastic storage without struggling. Whether you have small, medium, large or XL, the racks are simple to adjust. The sloped roof is excellent when it comes to rainstorms as it allows water to drain freely. The front doors are easy to open and leaves the interior easily accessed. The twisted lock secures the shade against unauthorized access. Assembling this storage shed is easy and doesn’t require an expert.


  • Galvanized steel structure
  • All-weather protection
  • Fit for different bikes
  • Easy assembling


  • No floor panel

6. PrivatePod Portable Backyard Outdoor Bicycle Yard Stash

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When you are in an expedition, it is essential to ensure even your bike get proper protection. Whether it’s from intense sun or rain, adding a shelter is critical. PrivatePod portable bicycle stash is a simple yet reliable shed. It is a tent type which means it can be set quickly and is highly portable. The shelter offers high performance and ample size to fit your bikes. It measures 75”x43”x74″H, which is excellent for keeping your bikes well protected. Also, it collapses to 6.3”x6.3”x17″H, which enables easy storage and portability. The size allows storage of up to 2 adult bikes, motorcycles, generators and others.

The construction of this shelter is impressive and created to withstand outdoor conditions. It features heavy-duty polyethene material and 10mm thick frame. This lets it withstand different outdoor conditions. Whether its strong rain or sun bikes are protected from damages. The assembling of this shelter is effortless and come with all the needed essentials. Actually, its tool-free, which is excellent for setting up anywhere. The shed only takes 5 minutes, and it’s ready for storage. The mesh pockets integrated on the tent ensures you can store extra items. Additionally, the two vents are ample for easy air circulation. The U- styled zipper ensures there is complete protection against weather conditions.


  • Quick assembling
  • Durable polyester materials
  • Efficient air circulation
  • Strong zipper


  • Not for theft prevention

5. Bravindew Heavy Duty Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage Shed Tent

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Bravindew space-saving storage tent is a fantastic choice to keep bikes away from elements. It creates a safe and reliable shed for keeping your bikes. The tent is super large and delivers enough space to allow different sized bikes. Measuring 74 inches by 37.8 inches by 75. 6 inches deep, which is suitable for different sized bikes. Whether it’s for protecting bikes finish from intense UV rays or cold temperature, the tent is highly reliable. The simple nature and collapsibility let the shelter protect bikes at home or when camping. It has lightweight materials that offer excellent weather resistance. Actually, the cover is waterproof, which keep moisture away from the bikes. This ensures you can enjoy storage without bikes experiencing rusting.

There is a high guarantee when it comes to protecting your bikes. It has house design which lets water drip freely without causing mess. Even under intense rainstorm, there are no more collapsing risks. Due to the large interior, this shed can hold different sized bikes and other farm equipment. Besides the waterproof nature, the materials are resistant to tear as well as other common problems. The zippered door is easy to open and close to keep everything safe. The structure is impressive and provides strong stability. With multipurpose applications, not only does it support bikes, but it can hold other essentials.


  • Weatherproof materials
  • Quick and easy setting up
  • Multipurpose storage
  • Large zippered door


  • No instructions

4. H&ZT Bike Cover Storage Polyester Waterproof Foldable Shed

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H&ZT is making your bike storage simple and reliable. The tent is superb for use at home, mainly when you have limited space to keep your bicycles. Besides, it’s a good option when going outdoors since it is lightweight and compact. Created to offer superb versatility, the tent can be used to hold toys, bikes, agricultural tools and many others. Unlike the permanent ones, this enables temporary storage without experiencing bulkiness. The carrying pouch is impressive since it’s possible to enjoy convenience when traveling. The shed measures 78 x 63 x 33 inches which enough to fit up to 2 adult bikes.

The tent is essential for keeping the bikes safe from different elements. Whether its sun, debris, wild animals and harsh weather elements, the tent doesn’t disappoint. Unlike the metal sheds, this doesn’t corrode hence lasts longer. There is no complicated assembling since the tent is quick to put up and collapse. Fitted with a zippered door, there is easy access to the interior as well as protection. The assembling is super easy taking less than 10 minutes and is to free. There is no water retention with the stylish and slanted design even when there is a heavy rainstorm.


  • Tough carrying pouch
  • Large storage capacity
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Weak structure for extreme weather

3. HelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box All-Season Outdoor Storage


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Keeping bike safe is an excellent exercise to ensure durability and reduced maintenance cost. HelterLogic shed is one of the superb options to keep your bicycle clean and safe. It’s a large structure that can accommodate motorbikes as well as bicycles. Made from all-steel frame, it’s super strong to ensure there is no damage by extreme weather. Whether it’s during strong wind or rainfall, there is high reliability. Measuring 6 by 6 by 6 feet, there is ample space for multiple bikes. The 1-3/8 inches thick structure is efficient and supports the covering materials excellently. Apart from strength, the frame is made to last since it comes with powder coat. Thus prevent the corrosion from damaging the metal frame even during wet weathers.

The triple-layered top material is protected against UV damage. This is important since there is no more damage by the sun, which causes the material to tear. Also, there is resistance to fading due to intense sun rays. The ratchet-Tate cover tensioning system is fantastic in ensuring there is smooth design. This not only enables the water to drip smoothly, but it maintains efficient wind flow. The strong tightening ability is ideal since it keeps the tent looking neat. When it comes to assembling this shed, there is no expertise needed. It has a simple assembling and delivers reliable structure.


  • Easy tent tightening
  • Extra-large storage space
  • Powder-coated frame
  • UV resistant treated fabrics


  • No lockable door

2. Abba Patio Outdoor Shelter with Rollup Door Storage Shed

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Abba patio shelter for bikes is a reliable way to keep your bikes safe from different conditions. This tent is fantastic and reliable to shield bicycles from bird droppings, debris, as well as weather elements. Deigned from tough fabrics, there is amazing reliability to withstand outdoor conditions. Actually the triple-layered canopy is built to last and withstand every weather element s without getting damaged. The treatment against UV and water lets the bike rest without experiencing fading scratches. The steel frame is reliable and robust to resist string storms and other effects. Actually, the structure boasts 1.5 inches thick design to ensure there is reliability.

The access to the interior is impressive and provides excellent operations. This storage shed come with detachable roll-up door. This enables easy access and locking to keep elements out. Whether its winter or summer, the quality of the materials used are exceptional and highly reliable. Additionally, the one-piece design lets the canopy leave a smooth and tight fit. Made from 240 PE fabrics, it enjoys excellent reliability and performance. The large space is ideal for accommodating motorbikes, bikes, and ATVs. Actually, the shelter is perfect for use in the storage of different items like toys.


  • One-piece fabric design
  • Wide application
  • Heavy-duty duty canopy
  • String steel frame


  • Only a single opening

1. The YardStash III Outdoor Bike Storage Shelter

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YardStash III bike storage is perfected to ensure you can keep your bicycle safely. The compact yet ample tent is made to allow superb space-saving. Actually, the tent is capable of fitting different sized bikes. Also, it is an ideal option for storing various farm tools. Whether its generators, lawnmowers, bikes baby toys and others, the shelter is superbly reliable. The good thing is this shelter is great for patio as well as outdoor expeditions. This is because you can collapse and carry the canopy and structure in the provided bag. With a space-saving design, the tent is great for use in different situations.

The canopy is optimized to deliver excellent water drainage. It ensures the water drains easily hence keeping the shelter safe and free from collapsing. The door is perfect since it runs from to bottom. This lets easy access without straining. Additionally, the door is zippered, which is excellent in keeping everything stored safe from weather elements. Unlike the metallic structures, this boasts a fiberglass frame which is lightweight and resistant to rust and breaking. The canopy has a weatherproof coating to resist damage by water or UV rays. Above all, there is quick and easy set up for fabulous for every user.


  • Lightweight fiberglass frame
  • Large zippered door
  • UV light protected
  • Multipurpose storage


  • No bike racks


Outdoor bike storages are the unique accessories to add for high convenience. They are designed to ease bike storage without the need to require a garage. The portable nature and compact style make them excellent choices for everyone. Besides bikes, the shelters are also fantastic for storing other equipment. Therefore, instead of leaving your bikes exposes, it is good to provide reliable shelter.

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