Top 10 Best Portrait Lens for Canon APS-C & Full-Frame Camera in 2021 – Reviews


Perfect photography is a combination of different factors. Knowing the art and having the right equipment results in impressive results. Portrait lenses are some of the fantastic add-ons to your camera for a perfect shot. However, choosing the right lenses depends on your camera. Whether you are staring the photography or expert, there is need to have the best lens collection. Ideally, portrait lens for Canon APS-C are available to give every photographer a reason to smile.

Although people argue regular lenses can be used for portraits, custom made is amazing. Additionally, it’s right to have ideal photography tricks to make full utilization of these lenses. The great thing is they are available in different sizes, thus possible to choose your right one. To make your work superb, there need to invest in the right lenses. This review gives a precise analysis of the best portrait lens for Canon APS-C and full-frame cameras.

Portrait Lens for Canon APS-C & Full-Frame Camera Buying Guide

Basically, there is nothing like a perfect lens. But, there are some of the qualities that make equipment more satisfying and perming. Here are some of the things to check when buying a portrait lens for canon.

  • Focal Length: There are different focal length lens available on the market. Each photographer loves a different one. However, before you bump into a lens, it is essential to know your choice. Really, we have long, medium, and short focal length lenses. For close-range photo shooting, a longer focal length is necessary. This means you won’t have to move away from the object hence making the photographing more convenient. However, depending on your camera, the choice of lens will differ. For APS-C cameras, 50mm lenses are great while full-frame 105mm delivers better photos.
  • Bokeh Quality: The bokeh can be termed as the blurred effect outside the image. Unlike earlier days where blurring was achieved by editing, these days lenses achieve it. Therefore to get high quality and sharp photos, one needs to have a lens with great bokeh. Although different photographers rate bokeh differently, quality lenses offers a better one.
  • Zoomable or Prime Lens: Lens offers different performance. Some are prime meaning that they are only used to focus and to make great images. Therefore, they do not allow zooming action. However, some of the lenses come with zooming ability. Therefore, instead of moving, you can easily enlarge the image for better viewing. However, when it comes to image quality prime lens offers exceptional quality. This is because there is no distortion due to zooming effects.
  • Aperture Opening: The quality of the image goes hand in hand with the amount of light. Therefore, a lens with wider aperture is suitable for classic shots. However, the size of aperture can cause image quality issues depending on the size on a lens. Ideally, a good lens should provide f/8 and above. This will lead to great image with less blurred section. Small apertures lead to more blurred region hence low focus area.

Best Portrait Lens for Canon in 2021

10. Samyang 135mm f/2.0 ED UMC Cameras Telephoto Lens

By: Samyang

Samyang 135mm f 2.0 ED UMC Cameras Telephoto Lens

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Having an ideal lens always enable you to take professional portraits. It is what you get once you have this 135mmf/20 telephoto lens by Samyang. The lens has a durable construction which allows it to perform excellently. Equipped with ultra-multi-coated optics, they ensure there is a perfect light transmission. Also, the optics renders your lens great to capture images without blurring due to excessive light. The minimum focusing length is 2.6 feet which make the lens exceptional for portrait shots.

To enable the lens to perform excellently, it has a fast aperture of f1 to f22. The 9 diaphragm blades, as well as removable lens hood, make it one of the reliables under all conditions. Also, the full-frame camera compatibility with 18.8 and 12.4 angles on APS-C camera increase the performance. Above all, this lens is accompanied by a pouch, front/rear cap, and removable lens hood.


  • Ultra multi-coated optics
  • Fast aperture
  • Great focus length


  • Mounting can be little a hard

9. Canon EF 85mm IS USM f/1.4L DSLR Lens

By: Canon

Canon EF 85mm IS USM f 1.4L DSLR Lens

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Every photographer is looking to get the best shots. However, without the right lens, it might be only a wish. This Canon EF lens is 85mm which makes it great for versatile use. Amazingly, it has IS compatibility which is excellent for producing outstanding quality images. The stabilizer system is efficient and reduces shaking thus great for handheld photo captures. Additionally, the 41 shutter speed step is fantastic for extra fast image capture. Therefore, you can expect more stable images than with other lenses.

Apart from fast capturing ability, it enjoys GMo spherical lens. Due to this, it offers sharp focus from the center to the corners. This gives the image better focusing. Amazingly, the canon air spheres coating technology ensures the device reduces ghosting and ad flare. Designed with water and dust resistance, it’s an excellent lens for indoor and outdoor use. For crispy images, the device boasts high-speed AF for precise and fast lighting.


  • Water and dustproof
  • Close range focusing
  • Reduced flare and ghosting


  • Unreliable autofocusing

8. Sigma 85mm DG HSM Art Lens for Canon EF, f/1.4

By: Sigma

Sigma 85mm DG HSM Art Lens for Canon EF, f 1.4

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The Sigma 85mm lens is a reliable option when you are looking for professional performance. This high-quality lens ensures you get ultimate focusing without blurred edges. Due to its precise focusing, it allows good portrait photos hence a great way to enjoy unmatched results. Equipped with a new hypersonic motor it will enable unparalleled nimble AF control. In fact, it enjoys 1.3 times improved torque compared to the predecessors. The lens is 85mm with improved technology to enable high action.

Adjusting the lens focus is smooth and offers a textured surface. This gives your hands better grip while increasing the focusing efficiency. With improved camera compatibility, the lens is excellent for most photographers. Also, it is compatible with Mount Converter MC-11. As a result, Sony E-mount will also enjoy using this lens.


  • Faster than predecessors
  • Compatible with mount converter
  • Storage bag provides


  • Doesn’t have focus calibration

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7. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Canon Altura Photo Essential Accessory Bundle

By: Cannon

Canon EF 50mm f 1.8 STM Canon Altura Photo Essential Accessory Bundle

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This bundle of photo essentials from Canon offers brilliant performance to photographers. The package consists of different accessories that are vital for daily activities. It comes with Canon EF 50MM F/1.8 STM Lens that is powerful and offers superb shots. Unlike the large ones, this has a small profile which enables easy portability. Moreover, it’s a high-performance lens with 80 mm focal length when fitted in an APS camera. Additionally, when mounted on a full-frame camera, the lens is 50mm.

The fantastic thing with this camera lens is it offers improved performance. Whether its portrait, action, or night time photos, it’s exceptionally versatile. With a minimum focal length of 35.56cm, it also boasts a 49mm filter size. The bundle also has Altura photo hard-shell case, microfiber lens pouch, rapid-fire wrist strap, and pistol grip tripod. The combination of these accessories makes your photography amazing.


  • Soft microfiber pouch
  • Compatible with APS and full-frame cameras
  • Comfortable pistol grip tripod


  • Cheap filters

6. Canon EF 35mm USM Wide Angle Lens,f/1.4L

By: Canon

Canon EF 35mm USM Wide Angle Lens,f 1.4L

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A high-quality lens, combined with expertise, results in exceptional portraits. Whether attending events or other working in a photo studio, lenses are superb investment. This Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM is a wide-angle lens with the latest technology. The ring-type ultra-sonic motor keeps this device working correctly. Consequently, user can enjoy fast focusing as well as taking exceptional shots. Compared to other lenses, this has outstanding features. Actually, with 1-foot focusing distance, it enables extra close-range photography.

The focal length is 35mm which enables the lens to perform flawlessly in close range situations. Additionally, with f/1.4 maximum aperture, it keeps the user enjoying maximum image lighting with adequate regulation. The inner focusing features a floating system that lets you experience sharp images in the entire focusing. Apart from the quiet autofocusing mechanism, the lens also allows for full-time manual focusing.


  • Wide-angle view lens
  • Aberration correcting optics
  • Quiet autofocusing system


  • Inconsistent autofocus

5. Canon EF 85mm II USM Lens Fixed,f1.2L

By: Canon

Canon EF 85mm II USM Lens Fixed,f1.2L

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If you have a camera and planning to venture into portrait photography, a good lens is all you need. This Canon EF85mmf1.2 is a lens designed for DSLR cameras. Also, it’s a perfect short telephoto lens with outstanding precision. Amazingly, this device works superbly on low light conditions and narrow depth of field. Consequently, it helps people to make creative portraits. The quiet and extra fast autofocus means there are no more low-quality images.

Besides performance, this equipment is coated with super spectra. For reliable photography, it has high-speed AF and circular aperture that create a sharp focus point and blur the background. Therefore, when you are shooting portraits or a wedding party, the lens gives your high precision. With floating aspherical lens element, it helps to suppress aberrations, thus excellent imaging. Above all, the AF focus adjustment with fill time manual lets you get the best shot focus.


  • Aberration suppression
  • 1.8 times faster speed
  • High-speed CPU


  • Slow for children portraiture

4. Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Fixed Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

By:  Canon

Canon EF 135mm f2L USM Fixed Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

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When you are traveling or attending an event, there is a need to have a good camera and a reliable lens. This 135mm fixed lens is a great addition to your Canon DSLR cameras. It adds great focusing which means more accuracy and sharp images. With f/2.0 aperture, it allows required light depending on the conditions. In fact, it can be used for indoor sports as well as other outdoor events. Working with this lens ensures you can blur your background, which eliminates the need for editing.

The combination of autofocusing and manual focus allows people to use it with high convenience. With optics boasting 2 UD glass, it allows maximum light while eliminating reflections and minimize chromatic aberrations. This helps to create sharp-looking images with crispy colors. Boasting as close as 3 feet focusing, it is possible to make superb portraits without blurs.


  • Ultra-low dispersion glass
  • Rear and front caps
  • Efficient ultra-sonic motor


  • Lens not zoomable

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3. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens for SLR Cameras

By: Canon

Canon EF 100mm 2.8L IS USM Macro Lens for SLR Cameras

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Having different lenses for your camera ensure perfect images. This 100mm USM macro lens works perfectly with Canon SLR cameras. The accessory boasts 100mm focal length, which is classic in providing proper focusing even for far images. Additionally, the lens has a maximum aperture of 1:2.8. The construction entails 15 elements in 12 groups. This gives the lens upper hand compared to cheaper models and produces exceptional results. The swift and silent operation provide this lens great usability under different situations.

Apart from great focal length, the equipment has stabilization technology that gives crispy images. This helps to avoid facial distortions hence great for superior quality portraitures. The premium materials used in making this lens ensures it performs as per your expectations. It is weather sealed which means no more worries about damage b dust or moisture with UD lens element, that removes chromatic aberration.


  • Weather sealed design
  • High image stabilization
  • Zoomable lens


  • The stabilizer is a bit loud

2. Canon EF 85mm USM Medium f/1.8 Telephoto Lens

By: Canon

Canon EF 85mm USM Medium f 1.8 Telephoto Lens

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Forget about struggles with cheap quality lenses. Here is one of the robust and reliable portrait lens for Canon EF 85mm. This accessory works well with canon SLR cameras to deliver exceptional pictures. In fact, it’s one of the highly practical telephoto lenses on the market. Compact construction and lightweight nature make it superb for carrying. Also, there is a magnificent delineation when you are using this lens since it can work on various projects.

The intact front lens doesn’t rotate, which keep the image undisturbed during focusing. Also, it ensures filter effects are uninterrupted, which keep the image focusing brilliant. With computer-simulated background, it helps to produce sharply focused images with blurred background. Unlike the loud lenses, this features ultrasonic autofocus motor. It allows for fast and smooth quiet AF action. With natural angle of view, it’s perfect for portraits as well as nature photography.


  • Perfect grip for adjustment
  • Computer simulated background blur
  • Non-rotating front lens


  • Not for general photography

1. Canon EF USM 50mm f/1.4Telephoto Lens

By: Canon

Canon EF USM 50mm f 1.4Telephoto Lens

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When your creativity is part of your blood, there is a need to have a way of expressing it. This Canon EF 50mm lens is one of the ways to enjoy fabulous portraits creations. Whether you love nature or making products photos, it’s a perfect choice. Amazingly, this standard lens is compact, lightweight, and allows exceptional portability. As a result, there is no limitation on where to use it.

Featuring 2 high refraction lens elements as well as Gaussian optics, they reduce astigmatism. Also, the lenses are great in suppressing astigmatic difference hence exceptional image capture. The filter measures 58mm and ensure there are crispy images with less flare. Allowing the photographer to focus at a close distance of 1.5 feet, it’s suitable for various projects.


  • Small-sized for easy portability
  • Close focus distance
  • Large aperture


  • The motor is susceptible to bumps


Having right portrait lens for Canon APS-C cameras give your career or hobby a boost. They are exceptionally made to fine-tune your photography with little effort. Instead of struggling with general camera lens, these are classic and dedicated for making portraiture.

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