Top 10 Best RC Helicopters in 2021 – Reviews


In this era of wireless technology, toys are becoming more advanced. Remote controlled helicopters are some of the interactive toys for kids as well as adults. Their controllable ability ensures kids have the ultimate experience. Whether relaxing or playing with other kids, these RC helicopters are good options. By enabling kids to compete, they help in mental and physical development. Although these choppers are great for fun, parents should look right ones for their kids.

With a variety of sizes available, there are RC helicopters for beginners as well as experts. Simple toys are normally designed for beginners since they come with simple controls. However, for bigger and experienced kids, more complex ones are a good option. This gives them increased challenge hence improving cognitive and coordination. Moreover, larger toys have more range hence capable of traveling long range. For parents looking to give their kids more fun, here are best RC helicopters to get.

RC Helicopters Buying Guide

  • Size: The market provides different sized helicopters. It is, therefore, necessary to have in mind your right selection size.In most cases, the size depends on the pilot. For kids, small-sized are right since crashing rate is high. Also, small ones have basic features and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, large helis are usually for experts. They have more features and which means beginners can’t handle.
  • Flight Control: The control of a helicopter is vital in determining the overall experience. Different copters have differing remote controls. Usually, a good helicopter should provide a seamless control panel to ensure ease in operation. Regardless of your helicopter choice, there is a need to have a simple and user-friendly control. However, it all depends on the level of experience. For beginners, simple controls are superb to ensure easy mastering and plane operation.
  • Battery Capacity and Range: The battery capacity is exceptional in determining how long a helicopter will move. In most cases, these toys come with rechargeable batteries. This is because they are durable and economical instead of disposable ones. A toy high rated batteries provide more flying time than weak batteries. Additionally, check on the control and type of cells used. Although most use alkaline batteries, some cone with rechargeable options.
  • Construction and Helicopter Quality: The construction and quality move hand in hand. A well-constructed helicopter is supposed to provide high durability and reliability. Since most small ones are suited for kids, they need sturdy materials to resist damage due to frequent crashes. With most brands making plastic copters, some have gone a step further. There are some made from alloys as well as polycarbonates.

Best RC Helicopters in 2021

10. Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter


Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

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The Syma remote control helicopter is a great looking combat chopper toy. It is a fun-filled toy with easy maneuvering hence great for hobbyist and kids. With the ability to move right, left up and down, the user can easily enjoy superb tricks. The gyro 2 frequency lets the helicopter enjoy seamless flying without disturbance. Even when using in in areas with other devices. Equipped with a high-performance battery rated 3.7 volts, 150 mAh it offers 5-8 minutes flying time.

To improve performance, it is equipped with a brushless motor. This enables it to maximize power usage while delivering noiseless prolusion. Furthermore, the helicopter is designed with a USB charging hence simple to recharge the battery. With everything designed from reliable materials, the chopper is superb for keeping kids engaged.


  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Realistic design
  • USB charged


  • For indoor use only

9. Blade 230 S V2 RTF Brushless RC Helicopter, 2.5 GHz Frequency

By: Blade

Blade 230 S V2 RTF Brushless RC Helicopter, 2.5 GHz Frequency

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When you want your kids to have maximum fun, no doubt a remote control helicopter is right. This RC helicopter by Blade is fantastic and reliable. Utilizing 2.5 GHz radio frequency, it is excellent even for outdoor usage. Amazingly, the helicopter comes fully assembled and is created from composite materials. Therefore, even in the event of a crash, there is no damage like cheap plastics. Unlike other devices, this suits all users from beginners intermediate and experts.

To guarantee safe and proper control, the helicopter is designed with panic mode. This brings your devices to right altitude by a push of a button. Moreover, safe technology progressive flight gives all users the ability to improve their skills. The collective pitch rotor is engineered to give a smooth flying. Also, it allows this chopper to perform tricks and easy maneuvering. The brushless motor, digital speed servos, and updated main gear make the chopper excellent.


  • Updated main gear
  • Powerful radio frequency range
  • Easy to control
  • High impact materials


  • Battery doesn’t last long

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8. VATOS Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro for Kids & Adult

VATOS Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro for Kids & Adult

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Vatos military helicopter toy is the ideal ways to pass the time for kids and adults. It’s one of the versatile and enjoyable toys you can get. Engineered with military design in mind, it offers many flying tricks. Interestingly, this chopper is light despite its daring look. Also, multiple rotors and durable blades mean more flying power. Also, the high-quality plastic frame, it withstands massive abuse by kids.

Overall, the chopper is lightweight, which is vital for the saving battery. Moreover, it has a sleek-looking transmitter and control with a digital display. This helps in selecting different aspects that make flying a thrill. Remarkably, there is no suffering from frequency infiltration by other devices. It has 3.5 channels and 3 selectable frequencies hence safe to use in the same area with other RC toys. Due to 3 frequencies, the control ensures you can fly up to 3 helicopters at once. Flying this device even at night is possible due to the enhanced blue LED lights.


  • Multiple powerful rotors
  • Easy to control different helicopters
  • LED light for night flying


  • Not for outdoor use

7. JJRC JX01 3.5CH Altitude Hold Crash Resistance Helicopter


JJRC JX01 3.5CH Altitude Hold Crash Resistance Helicopter

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Don’t let your kids stay bored this winter or summer. You can color their time by adding a remote control toy on your shopping list. JJRC I JX01 is one of the high-quality toys with interactive performance. Additionally, the drone is enabled with a variety of maneuvers for superb experience. Enhanced with 3.5 channel and gyroscope, it can move in different directions. Moreover, the chopper is fitted with infrared frequency hence safe for use indoors.

Using this kid’s drone is enjoyable and easy to learn. This is due to the altitude hold feature that keeps the helicopter steady. Unlike other cheap drones, this boasts alloy construction. The material is light and tough hence resistant to crash. Amazing features in this chopper includes altitude hold, gyroscope, and one key takeoff and landing among others. This combination of features let users have the best feeling and easy flying time.


  • Alloy body construction
  • Simple operation functions
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Batteries run out very fast

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6. SYMA S107H Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro Stabilizer


SYMA S107H Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro Stabilizer

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The SYMA S107H is a beautiful copter dedicated to keeping kids having fun. It’s a sleek and functional drone with sturdy construction. Compared to other drones, this has an altitude locking feature. Therefore, you can operate in a set height hence increasing the ease of control. As a result, the copter is simple to fly for beginners as well as kids. Additionally, the one key taking off/landing allows users to hover this helicopter in a locked height hence hassle-free for new users.

The whole helicopter is crash roof which makes it heavy duty. Compared to other cheap toys, this can be used by beginners without damaging it. In fact, the body features alloy materials which light to improve the battery performance. There is great versatility since the helicopter come with 3 channels. Also, the 2 selectable channels ensure easy to fly 2 copters at the same time.


  • 2 selectable channels
  • Safe for kids and beginners
  • Anti-collision body
  • Emergency stop


  • Not ideal for use on windy days

5. SYMA Wireless Helicopter S39 Aircraft with 3.5 Channel


SYMA Wireless Helicopter S39 Aircraft with 3.5 Channel

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This is another high-quality wireless helicopter by SYMA tasked with keeping kids entertained. Additionally, the drone is tough, which enables it to deliver exceptional results. There are no more worries about crashing the drone since it boasts durable body construction. A combination of allowing and sturdy plastic ensures it is crushproof. Therefore, even when beginners are flying this drone, there is no risk of getting damaged.

The chopper is protected from charge anomalies, which ensure charging is safe. Enhanced with low voltage and reverse connection protection, it provides the helicopter doesn’t get damaged by wrong battery connection. Moreover, the chopper uses infrared transmission for smooth operation. Also, the multiple channels and frequencies ensure easy to control up to 2 helicopters. Above all, it boasts a variety of certifications; hence, safety is a guarantee to kids.


  • Sturdy body construction
  • Fitted with emergency function
  • Altitude stabilizer


  • Battery compartment requires a screwdriver

4. Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

By: Blade

Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

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Having the right toys enable kids to enjoy maximum fun in their free time. This wireless heli by blade brings superb experience. Built by experts, it flies up, down, right and left. Thereby, it created a better way to ensure kids learn how to operate with ease. Amazingly, the toy is factory assembled and tested, making it durable and exceptional. The multiple rotors give the chopper ability to fly fast and higher than others.

The 5-in-1 factory-installed settings let the user get easy maneuvering. Also, the 2.4GHz frequency is stable and ensures there is no jamming or interference. Astonishingly, the toy is sleek with attractive streamlined design. This enables it to move smoothly without experiencing a lot of resistance. Flying at night is even more spectacular with this copter since it has a flashing LED light. Moreover, coaxial counter-rotating motor and fitted gyro render this helicopter stable.


  • User-selectable settings
  • Sleek and streamlined body
  • Easy to fly at nights


  • Less maneuverable than rivals

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3. Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom Mini RC Helicopter

By: Cheerwing

Cheerwing S107 S107G Phantom Mini RC Helicopter

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The Cheerwing phantom mini helicopter is elegant and powerful. It’s one of the top-performing kid toys due to reliability and robust construction. Its body is designed from sturdy materials to reduce damage when it crashed. Thereby, even when flown by beginners, there is minimal damage in case of collision. Additionally, the three channels and infrared control makes this device safe and easy to operate. With control allowing various moves, the helicopter can perform a variety of tricks safely.

Interestingly, with one control, it can fly two helicopters since it comes with two frequencies. Also, the upgraded gyro enables precise control. As a result, there are no delayed commands once the pilot presses a button. Due to light construction, this helicopter is fast and extremely agile. With upgraded metal frame, durability and performance are outstanding.


  • Upgraded metal frame
  • Highly agile and fast
  • Automatic stabilizer


  • Charge plug is tiny

2. WL 4CH Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter with Gyro

By: WL

WL 4CH Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter with Gyro

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The WL mini radio helicopter is the right selection for kids with a passion for flying. Also, it can work correctly for beginners since its tough and enabled with simple controls. Unlike earlier models, this has fitted gyroscope which makes movement perfect and precise. Moreover, with strong impact resistance, the device is extremely durable. Also, the drone is ideal for use outdoors without experiencing problems due to wind.

The control is enhanced with an LCD screen, which helps in selecting different settings. Also, it enables flying the helicopter right, left, up forward and backward with ease. With a design featuring a single rotor, it makes the helicopter lighter and increases battery performance. With a stable connection, it is possible to enjoy undisturbed flying even when there are other drones nearby.


  • Ideal for outdoor flying
  • Long flying range
  • Reliable construction


  • Hard for beginners

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1. Syma S107G RC Helicopter with Gyro, 3 Channel, Blue


Syma S107G RC Helicopter with Gyro, 3 Channel, Blue

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This three channel wireless RC helicopter by Syma brings great joy to kids and adults. It’s one of the best toys you can provide for kids to keep them busy. Unlike the unstable copters that give even experts’ headache, this has stable flying characteristics. Also, if your pilot is a beginner, it offers learning settings to ensure less operating demands. Apart from the features, manufacturing of this plane is from extra-tough materials. They are resistant to damage even when the drone crashes.

Powered by lithium polymer battery, it is rechargeable which eliminates the need for constant replacements. Additionally, the battery provides up to 10 flying minutes hence keeping the flying more enjoyable. With its compact size, the copter is also light to enable maximum speed. Above all, its features a rich drone ready to keep everyone thrilled.


  • Extra lightweight and compact
  • Super wide control frequency
  • Built-in charger


  • Not for windy places


RC helicopters are amazing and fun. Although people see them as toys, they are superb for all ages. Also, they are a great way to train if you are planning to get a drone. For the best experience, our list offers you reliable wireless helicopters to get.

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