Top 10 Best RC Monster Trucks in 2021 – Reviews


Remote control monster trucks are enjoyable for fun as well as competition. They are among the best RC controlled toys for kids and adults. These, unlike regular toys, they are controlled wirelessly using a console. As a result, people can use them for fun or competitions. Depending on the user, there are different types and sizes of these trucks. Therefore, each person can get the right toy depending on the level of experience.

Usually, people can select trucks depending on their favorite car brands. With different companies making these toys, they avail them in a wide range. Moreover, the range, as well as performance, depends on your truck choice. Like other RC toys, trucks offer varying performance among other features. For everyone looking to enjoy their free time, best RC monster trucks are trendy and fantastic.

RC Monster Trucks Buying Guide

  • Motor: Motors are the power plant for RC toys. Although some bigger versions have different source of power, toys run on batteries. It is therefore vital to look for car with energy-efficient motors. With market offering brushed and brushless versions they offer varying performance. However, for power and efficiency, brushless motors are ideal for toys.
  • 2 Wheel Drive vs. 4 Wheel Drive: Most of the monster trucks are designed to run on different terrains. However, this doesn’t limit power transmission. Some are fitted with motors either on rear or front wheels. But others are equipped with dual motors. This gives them all-wheel drives and more power. For monster trucks, 4 wheel drives are perfect for maximum power output.
  • Battery Type and Capacity: The type of battery determines durability and performance. Toymakers use different batteries on their trucks. There are different batteries, such as Lithium-polymer and nickel-metal hydride. However, LiPo batteries are common among high-performance toys. They have high dependability and do not have memory effect.

    Apart from the type, the capacity of a battery is important for reliability. When it comes to rating, mAh is vital. If a battery has a higher rating, it means more action time that low rated.

  • Control: The remote control should be simple to use depending on the driver. For beginners, they should be straightforward to use for increased convenience. In general, a remote control should be simple and easy to use regardless of user experience.

Best RC Monster Trucks in 2021

10. Fistone RC Truck 1/16 High Speed Racing Waterproof Car

Fistone RC Truck 1 16 High Speed Racing Waterproof Car

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Having fun is all everyone loves. But enjoying in style brings remarkable memories. The Fistone waterproof RC truck is a good toy for adults and kids. It’s a capable truck with the ability to move in various terrains. In fact, with IPX 4, it can roll in the mud, water, and other surfaces safely. Additionally, the strong mounted motor is classic in ensuring a thrilling performance. Apart from strength, the truck has a fantastic speed of 24 mph.

For superb stability, the toy has large wheels that can’t sink in soil or mud. Moreover, the independent suspension allows the truck to move without toppling. Enhanced with 2.4GHz frequency, it can travel up to 80 meters without losing connection. Also, the frequency is superb since you can control different trucks at once. Powerful Li-Ion 1000mAh battery is reliable and lasts for 25 minutes. Above all, ergonomic control means excellent truck maneuvering.


  • Powerful battery
  • Independent suspension
  • Waterproof construction
  • Long operation range


  • Not easy for beginners

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9. Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Monster Truck

Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Monster Truck

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If you love RC monster trucking, there is always a good option for you. However, this all-terrain truck by Monster Jam is excellent. Just like its name, the toy is extra-large measuring over 2 feet long. Moreover, the large designed combines with rugged surfaces configuration for excellent maneuvering. Besides the monster size, the toy is superb and offers extended range. It can be controlled in a range of 250 feet hence beating the competitors.

The wheels and suspension allow this truck to move over any obstacle. Whether it’s in the grass, gravel, or stones, there is nothing to worry. Amazingly, the wheels are lightweight which reduces overall weight and improve efficiency. Featuring authentic graphics the toy looks fabulous. Inbuilt rechargeable battery and USB cable make recharging simple. This is true monster truck to enable movement to any terrain.


  • Extra-large and light tires
  • Large design than rivals
  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • Extra-long operation range


  • Lacks taking feature

8. NQD Off-Road Vehicles Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz RC Truck

NQD Off-Road Vehicles Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz RC Truck

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Enjoy unlimited driving in all surfaces with this unique vehicle by NQD. This vehicle is perfected and created to bring unlimited experience. Unlike other cars, it has a unidirectional movement. Additionally, it can move forward and backward for a special performance. Apart from the superb driving, the truck has an extra-long transmission range. It can operate at a range of 260 feet without losing connectivity. The transformative body changes when you are during in off-road or on-road.

Having this truck brings a new sensation to everyone. Featuring unibody design, it has a bionic spine which lets the car craws in tough places. Additionally, the body changing design prevents collision crashes for improved durability. Besides, it has sleek decorations, and transfer inspired performance to inspire kids and other operators.


  • Transforming body
  • Sleek graphics
  • Great for on an off-roads


  • Limited battery life


Monster trucks are super when it comes to rugged places. They are enjoyable for challenges and competition. With a variety of these RC toys, parents can choose best for their kids. Also, they are great for adults to relax the mind.

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7. ArgoHome Remote Control Car RC Stunt 4WD Car

ArgoHome Remote Control Car RC Stunt 4WD Car

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If you love stunting, here is the perfect monster truck to ensure you do it passionately. The AgroHome RC 4WD stunting car is marvelous. It’s a great gift for kids although even adults can enjoy having fun operating this car. Moreover, this car offers unidirectional movement. It can go right, left as well as 360 degrees stunt flip. Thus, when competing, it provides a great show. Due to large wheel, it is superb in ensuring there is no obstacle stops it.

The motor is full of power which gives this car exceptional speed. In fact, it also has an all-wheel-drive which improves performance in challenging situations. Made from durable plastic, the car is reliable and doesn’t experience damage due to heavy-duty application. Moreover, the jamming free 2.4 GHz frequency is exceptional for smooth running. It can run for a longer distance without disconnection.


  • Anti-jamming frequency
  • Stable and flexible
  • 360 degrees flip ability


  • None

6. Hosim Large Size High Speed 2.4 GHz Remote Control Truck, Radio Controlled

Hosim Large Size High Speed 2.4 GHz Remote Control Truck, Radio Controlled

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For kids and adults with love for sports cars, here is a great monster racing truck by Hosim. It’s a sleek and super-fast car that is created for racing competitions. The vehicle is equipped with 2 motors that power all wheels. This means even on challenging terrain, the car move without struggle. Also, the motors enable the truck to cruise at 30mph. Moreover, the metal suspension lets the car withstand shocks, and impacts due to rough terrain.

The fitted battery is reliable for longer operation than rivals. Also, when having a spare battery, compartment is simple to access. Therefore, when having 2 charges batteries, it is simple to change and continue with the fun. Despite the high performance, the car is light due to robust ABS plastic construction. Operating on 2.4 GHz frequency, the car runs without interference from other devices. Boasting 1:10 scale, it’s a large and tough car to have.


  • High strength ABS
  • Extremely high speed
  • Metal suspensions


  • Reduced operation time

5. NQD Remote Control All Terrain Climbing Monster RC Car

NQD Remote Control All Terrain Climbing Monster RC Car

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The NQD all-terrain climbing car is ready to thrill your kids. Just like it’s called, the vehicle has a superb climbing ability. This is due to durable wheels as well as powerful motors and suspension. Additionally, the realistic look gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. Whether you want it to move on grass, sand or mud, it works perfectly. Due to the high-performance suspension, the car is capable of evading obstacles by running over them.

The 600mAh battery with 6V offers reliable power supply. Furthermore, the battery is super durable compared to other toys. The 4 nonslip tires with large treads eliminate skidding for maximum performance. Additionally, the suspensions are robust and reliable enabling this car to run in a 45 degrees slope. The control is created to enable maximum comfort and grip. Charging the truck is smooth since it comes fitted with USB port.


  • Safe for steep surfaces
  • Slip-resistant tires
  • Reliable shock absorbers


  • No working headlights

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4. IMDEN Remote Control Car Electric RC Off-Road Monster Truck

IMDEN Remote Control Car Electric RC Off-Road Monster Truck

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Remote controlled trucks are amazing and exciting. This by Imden is among the best RC monster trucks parents can buy for their kids. Incredibly, it has powerful body construction for ultimate collision resistance. Also, every component is superbly made to guarantee durability as well as sturdiness. With its realistic design, it offers real racing performance. This is because of brushless motors. They are responsible for the powerful propulsion and enables the car achieve 30mph.

With a fully charged battery, the car offers extended range. Actually, it can run up to 260 feet on high-speed mode. Also, the transmitter is exceptional since it ensures long-range operation. Also, with highly responsive steering, it enables trucks and extreme maneuvering. The suspension includes bouncing springs for high stability. Moreover, wheels are efficient in absorbing impact and reduce skidding. Above all, the anti-interference frequency lets kids compete without inconveniences.


  • Anti-interference frequency
  • Toxic-free construction materials
  • Shockproof stable springs


  • Bumps destabilizes the car

3. Hosim Large High-Speed Radio Controlled Electronic Off-road RC Car

Hosim Large High Speed Radio Controlled Electronic Off-road RC Car

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Still looking for a car to give your kids a busy day? This monster truck by Hosim provides a great opportunity for fun and competition. Additionally, it delivers unmatched power since it boasts dual motors. They are highly reliable and quiet while providing maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. As a result, the car can suit racing and also off-road competition. This is due to the fantastic shock absorbers and large tires that are all-terrain adapted.

Apart from rugged terrain high action, the car is IPX4 rated. Thereby when the surface is wet, there is no worry about damaging internal components. To absorb the impact are the springs that help to prevent truck from toppling. Amazingly, this truck is capable of moving 4 direction. Whether forward, backward as well as turning right and left. Due to wide spectrum frequency, the remote can operate up to 10 cars without jamming.


  • Dual independent motors
  • Water-resistant
  • High grip treaded tires
  • Realistic look


  • Highly-priced

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2. DOUBLE E Dual Motors RC Cars Monster Truck 4WD

DOUBLE E Dual Motors RC Cars Monster Truck 4WD

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For kids and adults with passions for off-road racing, a monster truck can be the answer. With this 4WD wireless controlled truck by Double E, it is possible to create memorable racing. The powerful propulsion is achieved due to the two motors. The power rear and front wheels independently hence seamless power. Apart from performance, the truck has off-road buggy look with monster wheels. Moreover, the wheels are highly treaded for maximum grip.

The 800mAh 6V battery is responsible for the powering the motors. Due to its high capacity, it enables the car to run for extended range. Also, recharging is simple since it uses USB cable. Therefore, even when outdoors, you can use power bank. Each of the wheels is supported by independent suspension hence enabling the truck to enjoy crawling ability.


  • Working headlights
  • Powerful Li-ion battery
  • Long run time


  • Drains battery even when not in play

1. DOUBLE E Dual Motors Rechargeable 4WD RC Truck

DOUBLE E Dual Motors Rechargeable 4WD RC Truck

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The Double E rechargeable RC truck powerful to move in different terrains. Besides being tough, the car is sleek and features superb graffiti. In fact, the cars shell is appealing and elegant hence making it a real race car. Apart from beauty, the sleekness inspires drivers hence great for beginners as well as expert. The driving performance is incredible since the wheels are perfected for off-road use. They are soft and light, therefore great for providing proper landing.

Unlike other truck, this has a reliable battery for improved performance. Also, the twin motors are responsible for giving this car superior traction. The 4.8 Volts battery with 800mAh rating, provides enough juice to last for a longer time. Moreover, the combination of sturdy suspension and large tires improves mobility. The full body is waterproof meaning you can drive it in snow or wet surfaces without risks.


  • Waterproof full body
  • Perfect road grip tires
  • Sleek graffiti


  • Reduced turn radius


RC monster trucks are exceptional in keeping kids and adults entertained. With some cars featuring real vehicles designs, everyone can choose their favorite brand. Besides, the different features in these cars ensure user can select right for entertainment. Therefore, these trucks in this list are best for every monster toys lovers.

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