Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Locks for Car in 2021 – Reviews with Buying Guide


Steering wheel locks for cars are great vehicle theft deterrents. They are essential equipment that ensures that once engaged; there is improved security. Although these devices aren’t undefeatable, they assist in deterring vehicle theft. The lock works by preventing the steering wheel from turning. Thus, crooks or unauthorized person can’t drive.

These locking devices are available in different designs. From traditional to more advanced modern locks, they are one way to secure your vehicle. Unlike complicated mechanisms, crook locks are simple to use. To guarantee high performance, there is a need to ensure one gets an ideal lock. Also, using the device properly ensures there is amazing safety improvement. For car owners, these steering wheel clubs reviewed are excellent and reliable.

Steering Wheel Locks for Cars Buying Guide

  • Type of lock: there are different type of lock available on the market. This should prompt you on choosing the preferred one. The kind of lock will offer different deterrent factor as well as peace of mind. Some of the types are traditional, wheel to pedal and enclosed locks. Traditional locks are bar-shaped with hooks that enable fitting in a steering wheel. They are the most common type available on the market. Steering wheel to pedal locks are beast and enable more security. Since it offers two points locking, it has more security than traditional. Enclosed locks, on the other hand, have full wheel encasement. This ensures that they provide very high physical safety than others.
  • Universal fit: A good lock should be applicable to all vehicles. Especially, the design should be adjustable to allow easy fit. In most cases, traditional as well as wheel to pedal locks. The ability to use your lock to secure different steering wheels ensures it’s functional.
  • Easy visibility: The visibility of these locks is essential. They help in ensuring even user can see the locks. In most case, they are painted red or yellow. This provides high visibility to the user as well as crooks. Therefore, it’s an effective way to deter thugs from breaking into your car and driving it away.
  • Resist attacks: The purpose of locks is to resist and delay thief mission. No lock is 100% tamper-proof, but it should hold perfectly. The lock should be resistant to attacks like sawing, prying and others. Durable construction materials are preferable since they can last for long and withstand extreme abuse.

Best Steering Wheel Locks for Car in 2021

10. Vechkom Universal Keyless Heavy Duty Steer wheel Lock

Vechkom Universal Keyless Heavy Duty Steer wheel Lock

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Vechkom universal heavy-duty steel lock is all you need to enjoy high security. The club is versatile and ensures the vehicle is secured. Built from heavy-duty material, it is hard for thieves to break. As a result, even when the car is parked in public places, there is fantastic security against thieves. Unlike the other locks, this enjoys a superb performance. It’s keyless, which means no need to carry keys. Additionally, the combination lock offers up to 10,000 passwords. As a result, the rate of cracking is minimal, which ensures the bar is secure.

Apart from the strong structure, the device has a rubber coating. This prevents damage to the steering wheel finish. The adjustable nature makes it simple to enjoy excellent safety and versatility. It is ideal for cars, SUVs and trucks. The durable nature makes it a survival device. Apart from being useful in vehicles, the lock ideal as a window breaker or self-defense. The device is cut and drill resistant, thus offering excellent protection.


  • Combination locks
  • Versatile application
  • Rubber coating


  • None

9. VaygWay Universal Car Anti-Theft Wheel Lock

VaygWay Universal Car Anti-Theft Wheel Lock

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VaygWay universal anti-theft wheel lock offers amazing car locking ability. The modernized design ensures simplicity while providing excellent security. With a minimized design, the device fits perfectly on the steering wheel. As a result, the user enjoys fitting without struggles. Unlike others that lock across the steering wheel, this has a simple mechanism. It locks the wheel against the dashboard, hence hard for crooks to drive away with your car.

The construction boast premium materials that ensure there is durability and reliability. With key featuring excellent craftsmanship, it is almost impossible to duplicate the key. The compatibility is fantastic since it can fit any vehicle. Whether it is small cars or large trucks, this lock is a great choice. The storage is impressive and lets you enjoy carrying the device everywhere. You can put it in your trunk without compromising the lock performance.


  • Easy to store
  • Compatible with all steering wheels
  • Hard to duplicate key


  • Less secure design

8. Wisamic Universal Double Protection Steering Wheel Brake Lock

Wisamic Universal Double Protection Steering Wheel Brake Lock

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If you want to enjoy great parked car safety, adding a lock in the steering wheel is the ultimate option. It offers double protection which is amazing for ensuring there are no more compromises. Actually, it has long design that ensures it locks the steering wheel and clutch or brake pedal. This ensures there is improved security compared to other devices. Additionally, the device has a small profile which is great for storage and portability.

The universal design is superb since it ensures you can use on all cars. The durable aluminum alloy is reliable and makes the device exceptionally reliable. Thus, cutting or sawing is hard to provide added security. With copper key cylinder, it makes the device more secure. There is simple operation when using this lock since there are no complex processes. With multipurpose, applications, the lock is great for locking and also as safety hammer.


  • Dual locking mechanism
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable design


  • Not strong as steel

7. Blueshyhall Anti-Theft Locking Devices for Auto Car Vehicle


Blueshyhall Anti-Theft Locking Devices for Auto Car Vehicle

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Blueshyhall, auto security device, is fantastic and doesn’t all crooks to escape with your car. The string design and premium materials ensure there is superb reliability. Actually, it features high-quality steel and PU leather which ensures there are no scratches. Thus, when fitted, in the steering wheel, it doesn’t cause damages. The installation is simple, and everyone enjoys great fitting. The fork locking device is capable of rotating 360 degrees hence amazing for all types of steering wheels.

Amazingly, the lock prompts the airbag pressing which alerts user due to horn activation when cut. This ensures once fitted, there is guaranteed safety compared to other locks. The key is strong, and it is almost impossible to duplicate. With outstanding robustness, the lock offers physical and structural safety deterrent. Universal compatibility allows everyone to enjoy amazing security.


  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Easy installation
  • Universal fit


  • Height not adjustable

6. LC Prime Universal Vehicle Car Truck Van SUV Keyless Twin Hooks

LC Prime Universal Vehicle Car Truck Van SUV Keyless Twin Hooks

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LC Prime universal keyless hook is reliable and easy to use lock. The club is made to allow seamless operation and reliable locking. Unlike other locks, this comes with a keyless locking mechanism. The 5 digits key allows for up to 10 million combinations which is great to deter crooks. Also, the structure is strong and adjustable for easy compatibility. It is possible to set new code every day to ensure there is increased safety.

The structure is designed from extra strong material that is resistant to prying, cutting, and drilling. With adjustable design, it offers compatibility with all steering wheels. For the safety of the steering wheel and other vehicle parts, the lock has a plastic coat. This ensures once fitted, it doesn’t damage the surface of steering wheels. Besides the locking, the device can be used as a window breaker or self-defense tool.


  • Hardened steel structure
  • Combination locks
  • Soft insulation


  • Doesn’t protect steering cut

5. CARTMAN Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock

CARTMAN Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock

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Using cheap accessories only leads to miseries. They aren’t reliable to keep your vehicles safe. Cartman anti-theft lock is perfected for installation in the vehicle steering wheels. Made from sturdy steel, it’s hardened which ensures there are no more worries about compromise by thieves. The 2 hooks are great and adjustable, which enable fitting in different sized steering wheels. Whether it’s for small cars or trucks, the equipment is superb.

The automatic locking mechanism is impressive since there are no complications. Additionally, the brass key cylinder is robust and ensures there is high integrity. The lock is resistant to impact and damage, which allow the lock to offer fantastic protection. With unique keys, the steering wheel club is a perfect option for delivering amazing locking. Thus, it is hard for crooks to drive away your vehicle. The soft layer of coating ensures there protection of steering wheel against scratches and abrasions.


  • Adjustable structure
  • A soft layer of insulation
  • Stainless steel and copper construction


  • Doesn’t lock brake pedals

4. MONOJOY Universal Vehicle Auto Adjustable Anti-Theft Lock

MONOJOY Universal Vehicle Auto Adjustable Anti-Theft Lock

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Monojoy adjustable anti-theft lock for steering wheel never disappoint users. It’s a simple-looking lock but offers unmatched performance. Boasting rigorous testing, the lock performs perfectly compared to others. Actually, the equipment has high-quality metal alloy that allows for the device to withstand heavy impact. Even when subjected to extreme conditions, the device performs exceptionally. Regardless of the steering wheel size, this device has an adjustable design. As a result, the lock is ideal to fit in all vehicles.

The laser-cut key ensures there is durability and no struggle when unlocking. The snakelike groove key ensures there is safety since it’s hard to forge the key. As a result, the combination of precise groove keys and reinforced structure give the user peace of mind. The automatic locking mechanism makes using the lock exceptional. Besides locking, the equipment is designed for emergencies. It can be a window breaker as well as self-defense equipment.


  • Hardened alloy metal
  • Automatic locking design
  • Laser-cut keys


  • Doesn’t fit large steering wheels

3. Tevlaphee Universal Fit Emergency Hammer Steering Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee Universal Fit Emergency Hammer Steering Wheel Lock

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Tevlaphee multifunction device is for locking car steering wheels as well as other functions. It has a revolutionary design that enables the user to enjoy high performance. Boasting a humanized design, the lock is superb and lets everyone enjoy using it. The sponge insulation is amazing and lets comfortable grip. Allowing different installation, it is not only installed on the upper side. It is ideal for the bottom side, which ensures it doesn’t lie on your car airbag.

The A+ grade lock is designed to offer top-notch security. The hardened metal and superior construction ensure the security of your car is maintained. Actually, the aluminum alloy is resistant to cuttings, sawing and other theft tricks. Besides, it is hard to make a duplicate key since this has precisely cut double spring crescent lock sub-type encoding key. The edge comes with hammer cap that prevents the device from damaging your glass windows or windshield.


  • Hammer edge cap
  • Humanized design
  • Versatile installation


Lock edges aren’t insulated

2. The Club 1100 LX Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1100 LX Steering Wheel Lock

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Adding security gadgets in your vehicle prevents crooks from driving it away. The Club car steering wheel locking bar is making your life easy. Not only is the lock strong, but it also has sleek deep red metallic color. Boasting club patented self-locking feature, it only needs one pull, and it’s locked in position. Also, the ability to adjust means one can use it on different car steering wheels. The highly encrypted keys are great and can’t be duplicated. Therefore, once you lock the car, there is great reliability and safety.

The structure of this lock is impressive since it is durable and reliable. It has a strong structure that is resistant to damage by impact or sawing. There is high safety since it can lock the vehicle without damaging the steering wheel. The large design and insulated edge mean it is safe for car windows and windshields. With this lock, it has premium materials hence not easily damaged by elements. Thus, even when there is high moisture, the lock is reliable.


  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Suitable for all cars


  • Slides even when locked

1. The Club 1000 Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1000 Club Steering Wheel Lock

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Club 1000 steering wheel locking device ensures there are no more worries about car theft. It’s one of the known brands when it comes to making antitheft steering locks for steering wheels. Boasting patented design, the lock reliable and keeps the user enjoying exceptional security. It provides mechanical protection which guarantees improved user security for their vehicles. The versatility in this device allows it to be used in different vehicles comfortably.

The visually and structurally deterring equipment is great and prevents thieves from driving your vehicle. With structurally strong materials, they are reliable to ensure the lock delivers excellent reliability. Unlike cheap materials, this has premium metal that is resistant to high impact and others. The adjustable design lets the lock to adjust from 8.75 to 14 inches; it can fit all vehicles. Besides being great for locking, it’s suitable for emergency car window breaking.


  • Adjustable design
  • Patented construction
  • Fits all steering wheels


  • Risk of failing after a while


Losing a car to thieves isn’t a good experience. Although there are many ways to deter crooks, adding safety devices is fantastic. The steering wheel locks for cars are outstanding and worth giving a trial. They are great for physical deterrent, which helps to protect car theft. With the reviewed locks above, they are worth to ensure vehicles are safe.

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