Top 10 Best UV Nail Lamps in 2021 – Reviews


Having great looking nails depends on the quality of nail polish. However, getting right looking nails depends on the way you dry them. There are many ways you can dry nail polish. Notably, there are different types of nail lamps available. Whether you are looking for LED or UV nails lamps, they are great for smooth and superb looking nails.

UV nails lamps are among the reliable and efficient ways to enjoy smooth drying. They are designed to emit weak UV light that can’t cause damage to the body. Actually, the devices offer drying as well as sterilization of skin around nails against germs. With many turmoil’s surrounding choosing these devices among many users, the right ones are key to beautiful nails. For the best and sure choice, check our best-rated UV nail lamps reviews below.

UV Nail Lamps Buying Guide

  • Safety: The safety is one of the paramount when working with these lamps. Since UV light is harmful to skin, it calls for the right spectrum to prevent skin from getting tanned. Therefore, choosing an approved machine will ensure no safety concern when using the device. Usually, soft white light is ideal since it doesn’t pose eyes or skin darkening threat.
  • Bulbs durability: Some of the lamps come with replicable bulbs. However, others have LED beads that aren’t removable. Whichever the case, it is vital to check the bulb quality. For non-removable types, ensure they have remarkable durability. In fact, most of the LEDs offer up to 50,000 hours. Also, for removable ones, they should provide significant performance before blowing off.
  • Size: The size is also essential to improve the overall performance. Some of the lamps are large to permit all fingers to fit. Additionally, others are large, which ensures you can put two hands at once. Depending on your budget and preference, it is vital to choose the right-sized lamp.
  • Operating modes: Setting your lamp to correct mode is excellent for the overall performance. In most cases, lamps come in different modes. This allows them to work on quick and slow drying nail polish. Usually, most come with 3 or 4 timer modes. Therefore, you can select directly without having to configure the lamp.

Best UV Nail Lamps in 2021

10. MelodySusie 36W UV Nail Lamp Dryer Gel Polish Curing Light

MelodySusie 36W UV Nail Lamp Dryer Gel Polish Curing Light

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MelodySuise UV lamp is safe and best suited for your manicure and pedicure. Designed for use in homes as well as professional salons, the device is robust and reliably efficient. Therefore, after applying nail polish, there is no more waiting for hours to dry. The dryer delivers quick results leading to smooth feeling nails. Compared to other dryers, this offers fast performance hence an excellent way for everyone to enjoy professional looking nails.

The 36W bulbs are fantastic and high performing. With the ability to dry UV resin and gel quickly, it’s the right device to add for best nail treatment. Additionally, the device has high compatibility with different nail products. Enhanced with 3 timer settings, the device is highly reliable and efficient. It cares for different curing needs and offers easy usage due to a sliding tray. The durable ABS plastic construction renders this device robust and reliable.


  • Sturdy ABS plastic
  • Adjustable light wavelength
  • Replicable bulb
  • High nail polishes compatible


  • Not for international power rating

9. Hepaz 15 LED Professional Nail Dryer UV LED Nail Lamp

Hepaz 15 LED Professional Nail Dryer UV LED Nail Lamp

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Hepaz professional nail dryer is all you need to get an amazing look. Offering instant drying the device utilizes safe UV light that delivers smooth and shiny finish. By combining the UV and LED light, the device provides a wide range of compatibility. Thus, you can use it to cure gel, rhinestone, and glue. By this, it allows for users to get high efficiency and reliable nail curing. The dryer has 15 LEDs that delivers fast drying this saving you time. Even with thick and hard to dry gels, the lamp only needs 60 seconds.

Enhanced with a large tray, the dryer fits all fingers at once. Delivering harmless UV light, the machine is safe and doesn’t cause skin blackening. Therefore, frequent usage won’t cause the skin to develop black spots. Besides, the device is ideal for use even with toes without straining. With a large LCD screen, it is simple to set your required tie easily. Above all, the high-quality sensor is amazing in ensuring smooth machine operation.


  • Efficient sensor
  • Large tray for both hands
  • Memory and timer functions


  • A bit slow for hard gels

8. Deep Dream 54W UV LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamps

Deep Dream 54W UV LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamps

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Waiting for a long time to enjoy looking nails is now over. The ultimate way to change this is by investing in a drying lamp. Deep Dream UV LED nail dryer is an effective and reliable way to ensure no more trial and error. In fact, it has a powerful performance compared to others. With 54 Watt bulbs, they are efficient in keeping the device working flawlessly. Drying nails within 15 seconds, there is no more uneven drying like with other nail lamps. Working with a wide range of nail products, the device ensures most of the UV based polishes, gels, glues, and others are simple and safe to use.

Boasting 42 pieces of LED and UV beads, they emit ideal UV light, which ensures there is quick drying. Additionally, the timer and display ensure you set the right duration. The timer can be set in 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds. However, this depends on the type of nail polish you are using. With durable performance, the dryer lasts for 50,000 hours while offering consistent results.


  • Fast-drying than rivals
  • Simple timer setting
  • Removable base
  • Efficient heat dissipation


  • Don’t fit two broad hands

7. Urvoix UV LED Nail Lamp 84W Nail Dryer Curing Whitening Lamp

Urvoix UV LED Nail Lamp 84W Nail Dryer Curing Whitening Lamp

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Waiting for 30 minutes is long for nails to dry. But, Urvoix nail dryer is making your work quick and efficient. The device is built with efficiency and performance in mind. It has LED beads with protection against skin damage. In fact, the dryer has a whitening function, which is great for keeping skin light. Unlike others, this can dry all nail polish efficiently. Leaving professional looking nails, the dryer ensures spa-like finish at home.

The durable construction makes the dryer safe since no leaking UV light. With touch timers, the buttons are preset, which helps to select duration without a struggle. The sleek design and LCD screen ensure no wrong input settings. It’s user-friendly, and dryer cuts your drying time dramatically without compromising the health of users. For convenience, the tray is removable and allows for easy cleaning. Therefore, once through with nail drying, the device is simple to clean.


  • Removable trays
  • Touch timer buttons
  • User-friendly control


  • Bulbs aren’t replicable

6. MelodySusie LED UV Nail – 48W Nail Dryer Lamp

MelodySusie LED UV Nail - 48W Nail Dryer Lamp

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MelodySusie nail dryer brings peace of mind and quick nail polish. The machine is suitable for drying different types of nail polishes within a minute. In fact, it boasts preset settings with exact time hence a great way to enjoy a superb treatment. Instead of guessing the duration needed for giving nails proper drying, the machine suits different work times. Emitting 365nm-405nm wavelength, the dryer offers a variety of performance. Actually, it has compatibility with a range of UV and LED-based nail products.

Equipped with 24 LG LED beads, they are safe and efficient for drying your nails. Besides, the device doesn’t cause damage to the skin hence superb for everyone. With a compact and lightweight design, the dryer is safe and offers high portability. Therefore, when traveling, it gives everyone ideal manicure and pedicure. Due to the LED bulbs, the dryer is power efficient and high performing.


  • Sleek and user-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Preset buttons
  • Skin blackening protection


  • No memory function

5. Canvalite 80W Professional LED UV Nail Lamp

Canvalite 80W Professional LED UV Nail Lamp

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Canvalite professional nail lamp utilizes the latest technology to give users amazing results. It’s an LED UV dryer with great safety to the skin since it doesn’t cause blackening like other nail dryers. Due to the efficient drying ability, the machine offers smooth drying without causing dead spots. In fact, the dual power allows the dryer to work from 54-84Watts. As a result, the users can select the ideal working ability for ultimate uniform drying. With 42 pieces of lamp beads, they are efficient and reliable than weaker dryers.

Compared to other devices, this has an automatic motion sensor. Therefore, once your fingers are on the dryer, it will automatically wake up. Additionally, the 4 timer functions ensure you select perfect for the type of nail products. With double light, there is versatility since it can work with all nail polishes and nails. Fitted with easy to carry handle, the lamp is simple to lift hence great when traveling.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Automatic On/Off sensor
  • Suitable for all gels


  • Can’t dry regular polish

4. Terresa 72 Watt Faster Nail Dryer with 3 Settings

Terresa 72 Watt Faster Nail Dryer with 3 Settings

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Saving time after applying nail polish is vital. Unlike waiting for up to an hour for nails to dry, you can save yourself by getting a dryer. Saving your time by 70%, the machine is created to ensure there are superb looking and smooth nails. In fact, it’s efficient and faster compared to other devices due to powerful UV LED chips. In fact, with the ability to treat nails without causing darkening of the skin, the lamp is highly efficient.

Whether you want the lamp in homes or spas, it has excellent efficiency. With a large-sized tray, it can fit all fingers at once. Also, it ensures you can use it on feet without straining. Tasked with the ability to work with all gels, polish, and resin, there is superior performance. The operation is simple since the lamp has a clear display as well as preset buttons. This lamp offers the best manicure and pedicure.


  • Simple to operate
  • Faster curing than others
  • Large to fit all fingers


  • Not for regular nail polish

3. DIOZO 48W Portable Nail Dryer Manicure/Pedicure Curing Lamp

DIOZO 48W Portable Nail Dryer Manicure Pedicure Curing Lamp

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Diozo portable nail curing lamp is ideal for everyone, manicure, and pedicure. The device is made to ensure there is ultimate drying without waiting for long. With superior construction, it ensures only fingers are exposed to the UV light. Therefore, no more exposure to the light which can cause the skin to darken. With UV protective gloves, the machine correctly cures your nails. Additionally, the nail file is great for shaping and trimming.

The professional design ensures the lamp offers UV and LED light. This allows it to be compatible with a variety of nail polishes for quick drying. With bulbs created to last for 50,000 hours, it is an excellent way to e ensure clients are happy or easy to use at home. The buttons are designed to provide quick access to settings. Boasting a wide range of applications, it is possible to enjoy all fingers fit as well as nail coats.


  • Bonus gloves and nail file
  • Suitable for feet and hands
  • Light ABS shell


  • Takes longer to dry some polishes

2. SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp for Gel Nails Polish

SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp for Gel Nails Polish

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Sunuv dryer for nail polish offers a fantastic job. It’s not like other lamps that take a long time to achieve beautiful looking nails. In fact, it’s a gentle lamp with low power consumption. This lets the user enjoy safety and device don’t cause skin blackening. Operating with high flexibility, the machine can be set to work in 4 different durations. Depending on the nail polish, you can set 10, 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

The lamp has 33 LED patented beads that offer unmatched drying efficiency. Apart from high performance, the durable construction ensures you enjoy working with this dryer for long. The comfortable white light is soft and safe to eyes. Thus for frequent users, there is no damage to eyes or skin. As a result, there are no more wearing gloves when using this lamp to dry nail polish.


  • Safe soft white light
  • Patented LED beads
  • Smooth scratch free body


  • Tends to get warmer than other lamps

1. LKE Nail Dryer 40W Pro Gel Nail Polish LED UV Light

LKE Nail Dryer 40W Pro Gel Nail Polish LED UV Light

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LKE brings a smile to everyone who loves manicure and pedicure. It’s simple to use the machine with high efficiency to eliminate trials and errors. With smart performance and high power action, it gives your nails quick dry in a minute. The different modes ensure there is an excellent selection of the right one. Whether you want quick or slow curing, the timer lets you chose easily.

The curved design is impressive and safe for your eyes. This enables the user to enjoy great protection from high-intensity light. Additionally, the soft light is great since it ensures skin doesn’t suffer from tanning. Ideal with any UV based nail products, the lamp is fantastic and superb for daily use. With professional salon-quality results, there is no more going to spas for manicure.


  • Eye protection design
  • Safe light to the skin
  • Less power consumption


  • Doesn’t dry non-UV polish


UV lamps for nail polish drying are great for elegant nails. They are superb for ensuring users enjoy great without struggling with natural drying. Therefore, even in need of a quick manicure, the lamps are ideal choices.

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