Top 10 Best Waterproof Picnic Blankets in 2021 – Reviews


Most people have love to enjoy nature. That is good to take time for a picnic and other outdoor activities. Relaxing outdoors requires ideal items dedicated to being used such kind of conditions. Waterproof picnic blankets are some of the amazing and let everyone enjoy their time enjoying the breeze and beauty of nature.

The good thing with picnic blankets is they are versatile and created to withstand outdoor environment. While they cushion and keep the user comfortable, they are resistant to elements. Therefore, even when the weather changes, there is no damage to your blankets. Additionally, they suit different occasions since they can be used in camping, tailgating, and other situations. To get the best experience, you need to premium waterproof picnic blankets like ones reviewed below.

The Best Waterproof Picnic Blankets Buying Guide

  • Size: The size of a picnic blanket depends on the number of people that will use it. Different sized blankets ensure people can use without congesting. Some mats are ideal for a single person, while others can fit up to six people. The size of target blanket should cater to all people in the trip.
  • Multipurpose application: The ability of a blanket to be used for different purposes is vital. This will ensure that apart from use in the outdoor relaxation, the mat can be used for other activities. Some of the blankets are created with the ability to be used as training or beach mats. This is an excellent feature since the blanket can be used regularly even when not during picnicking.
  • Fabrics and construction: The fabrics are essential for the comfort and safety of users. Usually, there are many types of fabrics like cotton, polyester and nylons. They are great when it comes to durability and performance. Also, some of the mats have multiple layers made from different materials to allow durability and water, sand and windproofing ability. Usually, laminated fabrics are great for high performance.
  • Lightweight and portable: The construction should offer excellent weight reduction. In fact, the blanket should be light to facilitate easy portability. Apart from the light nature, ease of folding improves the portability. Therefore, a combination of lightweight and fully foldable mats are remarkable qualities for people to check.

Best Waterproof Picnic Blankets in 2021

10. Good Gain Picnic Sandproof Durable Beach Mat

Good Gain Picnic Sandproof Durable Beach Mat

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Getting ideal relaxation on the beach or recreational park is a great experience. Good Gain sandproof durable beach mat is one of the best options for picnics. It has a durable construction, which renders it waterproof as well as and proof. Therefore, when relaxing on the beach, no more worries about discomforts due to sand particles infiltration. Also, m for n wet grounds, there is no water leaking into the sleeking surface. Therefore, when with friends or family members, the mat is a good choice.

Apart from the durable construction, the blanket is large and can accommodate 6 people. As a result, even when going on a camping trip, it is a great option. Carrying this blanket is easy since it comes with a carrying strap. The webbing mesh handle allows for the users to enjoy great comfort. The construction fabrics are environmentally friendly as well as safe to skin. Thus, even when relaxing, there is no more suffering from irritations and or other discomforts.


  • Skin-friendly fabrics
  • Waterproof and sand proof design
  • East to carry and clean


  • None

9. Klsniur Extra Large Beach SandProof Waterproof Blanket

Klsniur Extra Large Beach SandProof Waterproof Blanket

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Klsniur beach blanket is superb and excellent for your application outdoors. The heavy-duty blanket is made with every aspect in mind. That is why it has excellent reliability, even when used on different grounds. The large design allows the whole family to fit and enjoy their time in the beach or parks. Due to waterproof design, this blanket provides excellent protection against moisture infiltration. Also, the fabrics and knitting allow for the blanket to be strong enough and resist sand and other debris.

Despite the large design, the blanket is simple and lightweight to carry. It comes with handy straps that allow for comfortable carrying. Therefore when going or camping, the mat is superbly easy to carry. The PEVA backing is great in ensuring the mat is easy to clean. Thus, even the ground is wet, there is no struggle when cleaning. Generally, this mat offers endless applications and benefits.


  • Waterproof PEVA backing
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Durable carrying straps
  • Soft fleece padding


  • Leaves and grass can stick

8. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Nylon Beach Blanket

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Nylon Beach Blanket

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WildHorn Outfitters beach blanket keeps everyone enjoying their time outdoors. The large and durable mat keeps your body well protected against sand and other debris. Made from parachute nylon, it has great reliability and performance. The mat offers 63 square meters which allow people to enjoy proper relaxation without stressing their bodies to fit. Additionally, the blanket comes with sand anchors to prevent edges from getting blown by the wind. Despite the massive size, this mat folds down compactly for easy carrying and storage.

The fabrics are strong, which allows for extreme use without getting torn. Apart from the large design, the mat comes with extra pockets for storage. When enjoying sunny beaches, you can place essential items on pockets. Due to the lightweight nature, the mat is quick drying. Thereby, as you relax, there is peace of mind when it comes to cleaning the blanket. The carrying bag is spacious and offers comfortable blanket carrying and storage.


  • Sand anchoring pockets
  • Fold-down compactly
  • Lightweight and quick-drying


  • Doesn’t have padded design

7. CGear Sandlite, Patented Sand-Free water-resistant Beach Mat

CGear Sandlite, Patented Sand-Free water-resistant Beach Mat 

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CGear Sandlite water-resistant beach blanket is all you need for thrilling picnics. The mat comes with great space to accommodate family members or friends without creating congestion. The construction features a sand-free design which means smooth sleeping or relaxation without particles getting into the top side. Additionally, the cutting edge technology is the reason you enjoy spending more time on this mat.

The patented 2 layer system is fantastic in ensuring there is great durability and performance. Designed with high versatility, the blanket is great for beach, exercises, stretching and other functions. Due to the military technology used in the construction of this mat, it delivers flawless performance. The mat offers unlimited reusability, which is great for saving you from buying picnic mats now and then.


  • Military-grade technology
  • Multilayered design
  • Great comfort
  • Sand proof and water-resistant


  • No storage pockets

6. Panlen Large Picnic Striped Waterproof Padded Blanket

Panlen Large Picnic Striped Waterproof Padded Blanket

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When you want to take your family out for a picnic, the best way to enjoy is to have a large mat. The Panlen padded blanket is large and built to accommodate your family. The large size ensures no more sitting on the bare ground, whether in beach or parks. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction is fantastic and lets people enjoy superb protections against water and sand. Even when the ground is wet, the mat offers fantastic protection.

Unlike other mats, this comes with great carrying ability. It features Velcro and a handle to keep it organized and easy to carry. Additionally, the materials are soft to touch, which keep the skin safe from irritations and other discomforts. The combination of polyester, rubber and foam padding make the mat durable and comfortable. This protects users from discomforts due to sharp rocks and other debris. This blanket is large and can accommodate up to 6 adults.


  • Versatile mat application
  • Completely waterproof and sand proof
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Soft carrying handle


  • Not puncture resistant

5. ANJ Outdoors 3-Layer Durable Outdoor Picnic Blanket

ANJ Outdoors 3-Layer Durable Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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Having a reliable outdoor blanket saves you from discomforts and dirt. Whether you are relaxing in public parks, yard or beaches, a picnic blanket is a wise option. ANJ outdoor blanket is great when it comes to picnic and other outdoor events. Unlike other single-layered blankets, this has 3 layers. Therefore, once you are relaxing on it, there are no discomforts due to debris and hard surfaces. Amazingly, the blanket is extra-large, which created great space for families and friends to relax.

Despite the multiple layers and large size, the blanket is lightweight and portable. It weighs 2 pounds which is great in reducing the overall weight of your luggage. Instead of additional carrying bag, the blanket is foldable and has integrated handle and Velcro closure. The moisture and water-resistant allows for the users to enjoy excellent picnicking. Apart from blocking water, the PEVA enhancement enables for easy cleaning.


  • Heavy-duty hook and loop
  • 3 layered construction
  • Extra-large 6 adults


  • Smells when opened

4. ZOMAKE Picnic Waterproof Extra Large Outdoor Blanket

ZOMAKE Picnic Waterproof Extra Large Outdoor Blanket

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Zomake waterproof outdoor blanket is classic in keeping the users enjoying the outdoor experience. It’s a heavy-duty mat with exceptional comfort when relaxing. With waterproof backing, it has great protection against moisture to the users. There is no water penetration, even when the ground is wet. The versatility in the application lets the mat to be ideal for use in tailgating, camping and other outdoor events. Boasting triple layers construction, it has fabrics top, sponge middle and PVC bottom. As a result, the mat has great comfort compared to others.

Compared to other outdoor blankets, this has excellent performance in sand, snow and other surfaces. Due to the high technology made design, the blanket is simple to clean by wiping with a wet cloth. Additionally, there is a superb drying speed without stress. Measuring 79 by 79 inches, it is large to accommodate several adults. Generally, the mat is all-purpose, which gives it excellent comfort, protection and durability.


  • All-purpose mat
  • Triple-layered construction
  • Thickened fabrics
  • Quick to clean


  • Fleece surface can attract debris

3. Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Warm Fleece Blanket

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Warm Fleece Blanket

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Oceas blanket for outdoor use is one of the perfect ways to enjoy great comfort. The mat is ideal for use outdoors without compromising comfort. Its 100 percent waterproof which guarantees excellent protection from wet grounds. The durable and sturdy construction is outstanding in ensuring there are no more cheap mats. Due to the double coated, it prevents water and sand from seeping through. Apart from the durable construction, the mat is large and can hold up to 3 adults.

Apart from waterproof material on the bottom, the top layer features fleece. It, therefore, keep the body well hugged and cushioned hence eliminating the effects of hard surfaces. Despite the multilayered design, the mat is stackable when folded. Lightweight and folding ability as well as fitted handle ensure there is improved portability. Apart from the ability to be used as a mat, the blanket is great for keeping body worm. It’s windproof which keeps the body away from strong winds.


  • Warm fleece top surface
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Plush insulation


  • Smaller than rivals

2. MIU COLOR Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket

MIU COLOR Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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MIU Color picnic blanket ensures there is impressive relaxation. It’s one of the sleek blankets that ensure there is comfort when in beaches or other outdoor activities. With a sleek design, the blanket delivers outstanding sleekness, which allows use even indoors. Whether you are sports enthusiasts or picnicking, among other activities, the mat is fantastic. Measuring 80 by 60 inches, the mat has great space for multiple people.

The durable and waterproof design ensures the mat delivers unmatched performance. With a combination of fabrics and other materials, there is reliability and comfort when relaxing. Additionally, the foldable style allows the mat to be carried with ease. Not only the small size is great, but the blanket is lightweight to eliminate bulkiness. Besides, picnics, there is versatility as it can be used as kids playing mats.


  • Versatile application
  • Attractive pattern design
  • Easy to fold
  • Durable oxford cloth top


  • Slight smell

1. Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Park Blanket Beach Mat

Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Park Blanket Beach Mat

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Scuddles blanket is a versatile and practical option for use on different occasions. It’s attractively created mat that increases your peace of mind as well as beauty. With the striped finish, the mat creates a fantastic look. Apart from outdoor use, the blanket is great for use indoors for sports as well as general body training. Durable fabrics backed by PEVA ensure there is full waterproof design.

The endless uses render the mat superb and ideal for your daily use. The ease of cleaning allows for people to enjoy refreshing relaxation. Additionally, the lightweight design and easy to fold design ensures there is superb carrying convenience. Above all, the comfortable handle eases the portability. With the oversized design, the mat can fit adults without congesting. Also, it can be used in beach, grass and other surfaces conveniently.


  • Sleek pattern
  • Smooth to fold
  • Multiple uses


  • Fabrics are a bit weak


A picnic isn’t complete without a comfortable mat. Having the right one make your experience remarkable. Although there are a variety of blankets available waterproof options are amazing and reliable. Therefore, with our reviewed options above, no more sleeping on grass, wet grounds and sand.

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