Top 10 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2021 – Reviews


Many sports enthusiasts always wonder how to get the best backpack for their needs. Especially when it involves carrying sports accessories, it can be tricky to get the right basketball backpack. However, there are bags purposely created ease how you carry large balls. Basketball backpacks are some of the best options to ensure easy ball-carrying packs. They have dedicated ball compartments as well as other pockets that fit other stuff.

Getting the best basketball backpack to carry your ball should not drain all your energy when searching. There are many options on the market. But, the only limitation is you need to check the overall quality. Having a good basketball backpack always allow the players to carry all the required accessories with ease and peace of mind. This list below explores some of the best basketball backpacks reviewed by experts.

Basketball Backpacks Buying Guide

When you are buying a sports bag, here are some of the characteristics you need to put into considerations.

  • Backpack Construction: The construction of any backpack is important when it comes to reliability. Since sports requires one to carry a variety of accessories, one requires a strong backpack. Normally, there is a need to look for the overall construction material as well as the quality of stitching. A well-stitched pack has high reliability without tearing easily. Also, the quality of shell construction material should be tough to resist damage by weight. Apart from the shell, check other construction features like zippers, drawstrings as well as buckles. They are essential in making the backpack reliable.
  • Padding: Padding makes a huge feature in any backpack. Since it entails carrying of weight, one needs to have a right padded pack for comfortable carrying without any strain. Usually, the padding needs to be concentrated on the straps. They are ones that are tasked for keeping your body comfortable. Thickly cushioned straps are always ideal since they are good at absorbing the pressure hence eliminating shoulder muscles strain. Also, broad straps combined with padding ensures you get a perfect feeling when carrying.
  • Number of Compartments: The number of compartments in every bag determines how organized your stuff will be. Normally, most of the basketball backpack comes with ball compartments at the rear position. Amazingly, these ball compartments are capable of fitting different sized balls. However, some of the bags come with integrated compartments in the bag interior. Besides, a good pack should offer additional compartments to hold other necessary items.
  • Capacity: Although these bags are tasked with carrying sports accessories, capacity is a good feature to look. Normally large backpacks are good when you have considerable luggage to carry. However, when the stuff to be carried are little, there is no need for a large backpack. Normally, it’s advisable to get a bag with the right capacity to fit your items perfectly.

Best Basketball Backpacks in 2021

10. Adidas Creator 365 Basketball Backpack

Adidas Creator 365 Basketball Backpack

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Adidas is a known brand for the production of different sports items. This backpack is one of the best for carrying your different balls. Whether it’s large or small balls, the pack is ideal and safe to keep your sports accessories. Unlike other packs with exterior ball compartments that are placed at the rear, this has an integrated pocket. The exterior shell is hydro shield; this means it doesn’t allow water to seep; as a result, you can carry your stuff with exceptional peace of mind.

The pack comes with different compartments that fit different items. It can accommodate cleats, laptop, and other components. Therefore, you can use it on daily activities whiteout leaving your sports accessories. Besides the tough shell, the jacquard webbing and water pockets make the bag ideal for all sports enthusiasts.


  • Extra-large ball compartments
  • Waterproof shell
  • Zippered water pocket


  • Large for carrying a few items

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9. Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack

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The Nike hope varsity backpack for basketball is a large and comfortable way to keep your items safe. Unlike other flimsily made bags, this has tough construction and materials. The pack is dedicated to people who love sports. It has padded construction and large m interior which is good for different essentials. In fact, it has perfect gear accommodation with perfect organization. Besides, you can place other accessories apart from basketball gear.

Amazingly, the bag comes with a shoe compartment. Therefore, you can carry everything from balls, and other attires when going to the playing court. To keep everything safe, the bag has a zipper closure. As a result, even when carrying small items, there is no worry about losing your stuff. Loop enhancement at the top provides an alternative carrying option. Made from 100% tough textile, the bag is durable and lightweight.


  • Lightweight construction materials
  • Zipper backpack closure
  • Quick access mesh pocket


  • Smaller for large gears

8. LISH Basketball Backpack School Bag with Ball Compartment

LISH Basketball Backpack School Bag with Ball Compartment

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For kids with love for sports, or students, a backpack with extra gear compartments is a superb pick. This basketball backpack by LISH is one of the best options to ensure smooth books and sports gear transportation. The rear features a clear window ball compartment that can fit soccer, basketball and other large balls. Also, the zipper enhanced pocket allows easy ball access without opening the main compartment. Besides, the main compartment is large for more gear fit. The additional mesh side pockets are good for keeping water bottles.

The construction boasts 600D nylon, which is tough and resists easy damage like other fabrics. Even when put under frequent use, the backpack provides reliable protection to the carried gear. The comfortable shoulder straps are superb in providing excellent comfort. They are broad, which means even body weight distribution. It’s a light and stylish bag that give everyone an easy way to carry their stuff.


  • Tough ripstop nylon
  • Clear ball window
  • Broad and padded straps


  • Fits only one ball

7. MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports 40 Liters Bag for Men and Women

MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports 40 Liters Bag for Men and Women

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The Mier large sports backpack brings a great way to carry all the personal items in a style. Boasting 40 liters, it can accommodate a lot of stuff without any issue. Also, the exterior shell is superb and classic in ensuring it last for a long time without wearing out. In fact, the shell is abrasion resistant hence keeping the bag in its original form. From the large space, it allows carrying of large stuff with ease.

Apart from sports gears, the bag is good for other works. It comes with an internal laptop pocket that keeps your devices safe. With the bottom part having ample padding, it means you can enjoy superb safety of the carried stuff. Besides the padded straps, the bag comes with ergonomic grab grip. This eases carrying since you haul it like a briefcase hence eliminating pressure from you back.


  • Extra-large compartments
  • Padded bottom and straps
  • Ventilated ball section
  • Mesh bottle pocket


  • None

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6. SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant College Basketball Backpack with Charging and Headphone Ports

SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant College Basketball Backpack with Charging and Headphone Ports

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It’s one of the uniquely designed bags that can be used in different situations. This Scione lightweight and water resistant collage bag are a must-have. The hard shell backpack is made from canvas which improves its overall protection. Additionally, the ball compartment is easy to close and open since it has2 attaching buckles. With ball slot made of mesh, it allows free air circulation for a fresh smelling backpack.

The interior has different compartments for storage of different stuff. Importantly, the padded laptop pocket helps to secure your computer. Moreover, the bag comes with integrated headphones and charging port. Therefore, you can enjoy multimedia and charging your devices without opening the zippers. Premium Oxford fabrics used in this bag are safe and superior. Above all, the breathable design ensures fresh smelling pack.


  • Breathable construction
  • Water resistant shell
  • Excellent heat dissipation


  • Bag doesn’t stand by itself

5. Hard Work Sports Backpack with Ball Compartment

Hard Work Sports Backpack with Ball Compartment

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Carry your balls without need for an extra bag by getting a pack created with ball compartments. This Hard Works Sports bag is strong and genially created to keep comfort and ease of ball carrying. With a secured mesh ball holder, it has improved ventilation. Unlike many of the bags, this has a strap securing attached and come with a buckle. Therefore, accessing the ball is simple and give the user an easy time.

The large main compartment is enough to hold your stuff securely. Unlike small backpacks that requires you to clatter your thing, this offers ideal ways to enjoy great peace of mind. Whether carrying the bag in hot or cold days, it provides the best feeling. The straps are padded and come with breathable structure. The reinforced loop handle is designed to provide an alternative carrying style.


  • Reinforced handle
  • Breathable shoulder straps
  • Secured front ball slot


  • Less ball space when the bag is full

4. Athletico National Soccer Bag with Cleat and Ball Holder

Athletico National Soccer Bag with Cleat and Ball Holder

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Carrying your sports gear should not be stressful anymore. All you need to invest in is a reliable backpack. The Athletico soccer bag provides a great way to carry ball, cleats, and other items with ease. In fact, it has an equipped large ball and cleat holders, which help in keeping your accessories safe and easily transportable. The front ball compartment is tasked with efficiently carrying different types of balls. This renders it versatile and ideal for different sports.

Forget the cheap constructed bags that tear easily. This has rugged material and superb construction, which is great for keeping the carried gears secured. Amazingly, the 7 pockets are for keeping the items organized and easy to retrieve. Meshed side pockets are useful for carrying water bottles and other quick access items.


  • Easy to organize stored accessories
  • Rugged outer shell
  • Amply ventilated


  • Zipper line a bit weak

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3. KOLAKO Laptop Sports Durable Outdoor Travel Bag Basketball Backpack with USB Port

KOLAKO Laptop Sports Durable Outdoor Travel Bag Basketball Backpack with USB Port

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The Kolako laptop and sports backpack is a good way to carry all your stuff. The sleekly made bag is designed to ensure there is ample space to fit vital components. Unlike others, this has different pockets that are superb for keeping a laptop, different type of balls and other items. It proves ideal pack for every high school students for efficient storage and looks interestingly, and the pockets are zipper enhanced which make it possible to secure your stuff.

Whether you want to use your smartphone or tablet when traveling, the bag eases everything. It has a charging port which provides a secure way to charge a phone without unzipping. The construction entails eco-friendly nylon that is sturdy and brings efficient protection. Elastic sponge and excellent air ventilation keep the bag cool and comfortable


  • Thickly padded
  • USB charging port
  • Eco-friendly nylon shell


  • Less spacious than rivals

2. DashSport Soccer Basketball Backpack for Kids and Youth

DashSport Soccer Basketball Backpack for Kids and Youth

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For kids and young players, this DashSport soccer ball backpack is the right option. It’s a roomy bag that secures all the necessary items due to organized pockets and zipper enhancements. Measuring 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 10 inches deep, it has ample size to fit most essential items. Also, designed with a ball compartment, it makes sure kids carry their favorite balls. Also, with different pockets, they are great for keeping everything organized.

The durable construction entails 420D nylon. This means it can be used on a daily basis without suffering shell quality flop. Amazingly, it can fit up to 5 soccer balls as well as full-sized volleyball or basketball balls. Ventilated side pockets and water pockets are good to enable quick access to the water bottle.


  • Fits largest balls
  • Durable shell for everyday use
  • Padded back and straps


  • Large for small kids

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1.Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack

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The Nike elite pro basketball backpack is a modern and reliable way to carry a variety of stuff. The polyester made shell is tough and delivers perfect protection to the carried gear. In fact, the shell is waterproof which is a great feature to keep the interior dry in event of rain or splashes. Additionally, Nike quad zipper system enables the user to have all-angle access.

The design is superb and enables the user to have a perfect organization. In fact, the wet and dry compartment enables the user to enjoy great storage. With a large main compartment, it has ample space of the storage of different gears storage. Max Air shoulder straps are superb in keeping the user comfortable. Reflective strip at the back ensures improved visibility during the night. Thereby, it’s possible to enjoy great safety due to night visibility by motorists.


  • Reflective strip
  • Innovative comfortable straps
  • Perfectly designed


  • Zipper feels a bit cheap


Basketball backpacks are the ultimate choices to have seamless sports gear storage and transportation. Unlike other bags, these are specifically crafted to ensure you get the best experience. These featuring backpacks are durable, versatile and reliable for everyone with passion about sports.

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