Top 10 Best Bee Suits in 2021 – Reviews


Do you love visiting an apiary? Whether you’re an apiary enthusiast or an aspiring beekeeper, the best beekeeping suit must be an exciting topic for you. If you don’t know it yet, bee stings are excruciating and can be lethal to some individuals. For you to be safe when conducting beekeeping activities, you need to wear the best beekeeping suit. Finding the best isn’t very easy since there is no room for guesswork. But don’t worry. Well, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve lined up the top 10 best beekeeper suits for you.

Bee Suits Buying guide

  • Materials of construction: his is the foremost vital factor to consider. You may have realized that most of the suits are made of cotton. Well, this material is lightweight, durable, and breathable. So, it allows maximum comfort even if you wear it for prolonged hours. Also, cotton and polyester blend fabrics are quite common. It is known to enable sting-proof performance. It is also easy to clean, whether by hand or by machine.
  • The veils construction: The veil is one of the critical parts of a beekeeping suit which you shouldn’t joke about. Well, it protects the face from bee stings and allows maximum visibility. The design of the veil varies greatly. Rounded veils are seemingly the best. Well, they keep the honey-making creatures at a safe distance. Equally, rounded masks allow a wider view angle.
  • Breathability: Choosing a breathable or lightweight suit is very important, especially if you’re living in moderately warm or hot areas. So, you need to ensure that the design of the suit allows fresh air in and warm air out. This will keep you cool and comfortable for many hours.
  • Color: Color selection is essential too. If you don’t know, bees hate dark colors. For this reason, you need to stick to lighter pastel colors.
  • Quality: Even if you have to stick to lighter colors, choosing a high-quality suit is one great thing. The quality, in this case, may be subject to stitching, material blend, the material of the zippers and more.
  • Degree of safety: Your safety is important than anything else. The best beekeeping suit should, therefore, ensure every part of your body is protected. Hence, ensure that the ankles, waist, wrists, and cuffs are elasticized. This will keep the bees off the most sensitive areas of your body and allow you to harvest your honey more comfortably.

Best Bee Suits in 2021

10. Deceny CB Professional Bee Keeping Suit

Deceny CB Professional Bee Keeping Suit

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If you’re looking for the best beekeeping suit, this one from Deceny will offer full protection. With its self-supporting design, it is convenient in all beekeeping related activities. Now, this suit features a collapsible veil and unique heavy-duty zippers. So, it guarantees full protection for all your needs. It also boasts elastic wrist openings.

Together with the tight ankle openings, the suit guarantees ample protection. In addition, this beekeeping suit lasts for a long time as it is made from a tough material. Well, it covers every inch of your skin so that you can attend to your bees without any worry. It is available in optional sizes ranging from large, extra-large to XXL. Looking at its classic features, you will realize that this beekeeping suit is perfect for both professionals and beginners.


  • Available size options
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Self-supporting and removable veil
  • Convenient pockets


  • Hard zippers

9. FOREST beekeeping suit

FOREST beekeeping suit

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Anyone in the search for the best beekeeping suit will adore the creative design of this apiary wear. Looking at its innovative features, you will realize that this is a must-have for any bee farmer. It is elegant and sturdy as it features robust brass zippers. It will protect every inch of your skin from nasty stings. The other creative aspect is the removable round veil. This allows maximum visibility.

Well, the veil features a sturdy mesh. Thus, the hood will allow maximum visibility without affecting safety. The removable hood also allows you to remove the suit when you don’t need it effortlessly. Also, it looks elegant and is made of cotton material. The advantage of this material is that it is breathable and is lightweight to allow the comfort of use. This suit is ideal for professionals and amateurs beekeepers.


  • Elegant and sturdy construction
  • Easily washable
  • Full body protection
  • Offers perfect body cooling


  • Feels lightweight

8. Lovesfay Professional Beekeeping Suit

Lovesfay Professional Beekeeping Suit

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Bee rearing is a profitable venture, but you need the best beekeeping suit for your protection. Here is one of the best-rated suits. This Lovesfay beekeeping suit comes as a full suit that has everything you need. It features a veil, pants, jacket, and gloves. Thus, it covers every part of your body from head to toe. Furthermore, it is tough as it features cotton material with an elasticized waist and cuff band.

This product also includes a stainless steel J hook, which is tough and hence won’t bend or break easily. On the other hand, the gloves are unique and allow maximum flexibility for the efficient handling of hives and tools. The flexibility of this beekeeper suit allows a comfortable fit for most adults.


  • Allows hassle-free movement
  • Elastic waistband and cuffs allow Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight suit
  • Affordable price


  • Feels extremely lightweight

7. Luwint kids full body beekeeping suit

Luwint kids full body beekeeping suit

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Even kids need to learn about beekeeping. While putting this to practice requires visiting the bee’s habitat, the kids need maximum protection from bee stings. There is no doubt that Luwint beekeeping suit is the best. It is tough and features full body design and has a veil to keep you safe and allow maximum visibility. Featuring cotton material, it is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Moreover, this material makes the suit machine washable without any flaws. It also boasts highly elastic waistbands for complete protection. The detachable veil features a sturdy zipper that is comfortable to handle and durable. The veil also allows maximum visibility. The kid will also love the four pockets which are strategically placed in front and back. Thus, it is easy to carry some tools. Due to the flexibility of the suit, it’s is ideal for kids of different ages.


  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Strong stitching
  • Flexible bands


  • Full heavy cotton construction reduces breathability

6. Xntun Professional Beekeeper Suit

Xntun Professional Beekeeper Suit

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Looking for the best beekeeper suit requires some careful considerations. Well, nasty bee stings aren’t something to joke about. The Xntun professional bee suit boasts professional design to keep you safe all the time. This suit includes a jacket, gloves, veil, and pants. So, every part of your body is well taken care of, and there is nothing to worry.

Like the other top-rated beekeeper suits, this features tough cotton constriction. For a comfortable and customized fit, the suit boasts elasticized cuff and waistband. It also includes a hook made of stainless steel material. Thus, it can’t bend or break. Furthermore, the beekeeping gloves are professionally designed for maximum maneuverability while handling hive and tools.


  • Tough material
  • Flexible size
  • Comfortable fit
  • Self-standing design


  • Feels very snug

5. VIVO Professional Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit

VIVO Professional Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit

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Do you want to monitor your bees closely and learn more about their needs and behavior? You definitely need the best beekeeper suit. Well, this new full-body cotton beekeeper suit from Vivo suits you well. Now, this is very comfortable to wear as it features lightweight fabric construction. However, it offers maximum protection against nasty bee stings. It is breathable and hence allows you to stay cool while going about your bee rearing activities. It features a jacket and a removable hood. Every part of this suit is hand washable, and hence you won’t face any hassle of keeping it clean all the time.

Besides, it is perfectly sized, and the hood is self-supporting. Also, it boasts a heavy-duty zipper that can completely unzip. For additional safety, it has Velcro closure over the zip to keep off the furious bees. On the other hand, this suit is equipped with elastic bands around the waist, wrist, and ankles. Thus, you will enjoy a comfortable and tight fit.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Extremely breathable
  • Tight and comfortable elastic bands


  • Stitching is a bit weak

4. Honey Keeper Professional Cotton suit

Honey Keeper Professional Cotton suit

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Are you an apiary enthusiast who wants to step up to the next level of beekeeping? For maximum protection and ease of use, this beekeeper suit from Honey Keeper is a must-have. Unlike others, this one boasts a jumper style, which is practical. Besides, it is made of premium cotton material. It is breathable and hence keeps you cool for a longer period as you attend to your honey makers.

Further, the wrist and ankle areas of the suit feature elastic bands. This creative construction allows a tight fit to ensure no single bee sting. Also, this cotton suit is lightweight and enhances the full range of motion. Thus, you can enjoy maximum maneuverability while harvesting your honey. On the other hand, the head piece is innovatively designed. The veil has wires that allow it to maintain a perfect shape, thereby enabling ideal visibility.


  • Convenient pockets
  • Self-supporting and removable hood
  • Machine and hand-washable
  • Flexible wrist and ankle bands


  • Fairly small size for some men

3. REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit

REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit

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The art of beekeeping can be enjoyable if only you have the best bee suit. There is no doubt that one of the best suits comes from ReamTop. This is a full beekeeper suit, which includes a veil, jacket, gloves, and pants. It is thoughtfully constructed to cover every body part, including the wrist, face, and ankles. With a removable hood, this suit is convenient for all bee-rearing activities.

Besides, this suit is available separately, and you can wear what you like, whether you want a veil, jacket, pants or just gloves. Now, this suits features breathable cotton blend material, which is amazingly light. Also, the gloves feature long sleeves and have elastic bands for maximum protection from bee stings.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable cotton-blend fabric
  • Convenient pockets on jacket and pants
  • Zippered and removable hood


  • A bit pricey

2. Humble Bee 410 Poly-cotton Beekeeping Suit

Humble Bee 410 Poly-cotton Beekeeping Suit

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While bees don’t give their honey that easily, this beekeeper suit will actually make them humble down. It is made of poly-cotton material and hence remains sturdy and durable. It doesn’t allow even a single string to pass through, thereby keeping you safe all the time. It is durable as it features brass zippers and double-stitched pockets. Well, it comes with a canvas carrying case.

Additionally, the material of this suit also provides excellent breathability to allow all-day comfort in all weather conditions. With elastic wrists, waist, and ankle bands, it ensures you enjoy a tailored fit regardless of your body size. This bee apron boasts a unisex design and anyone can wear it. The removable veil allows easy cleaning as well as storage.


  • Convenient pockets
  • Double stitching
  • Includes four ballistic nylon tool pockets
  • Allows free movement


  • The hood design is not elegant

1. Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

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The Natural Apiary beekeeping suit offers a reason for every bee farmer to smile again. It features a unique material blend entailing 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, 220GSM. It is made complete with an easy on and off fencing style veil. For a customized fit, it boasts a fully elasticized wrist and ankles. It also gains a class of its own as it features a thicker collar for added protection for your neck.

Equipped with transparent visibility mesh, it allows you to view the bees and hives components clearly. Besides, perfect visibility is essential as it ensures safety while inspecting your hives. Moreover, the hood features non-flammable mesh to keep it safe in case you’re doing traditional honey harvesting. The YKK zippers are more durable than their plastic and brass counterparts.


  • Improved veil design
  • Nonflammable mesh
  • Sturdy YKK zippers
  • Unique material blend


  • A bit pricey



There are beekeeping suits, which no doubt falls in your best category. The products reviewed above have a lot of matching features, but it is inevitable to find various distinct features. So, selecting your best will require you to identify whether a product has features that meet your needs.

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