Top 10 Best Coffee Tables with Storage in 2021 – Reviews


Coffee tables are stylish and make any room look fabulous. However, unlike traditional tables, there are others with storage. They are essential for any living room for adding a contemporary look. The good thing with these tables is they offer more room for different functions. People usually get a room for storage of magazines, novels and others.

Depending on your room, there is a need to choose the right table. Whether its design or color, it should offer the best experience. There are many styles available. This ensures every home can get the ideal furniture for complete house look. With thousands of tables to choose, buyers can spend much time. But, now you can relax as this list offer the best coffee tables with storage.

Coffee Tables with Storage Buying Guide

  • Table size: the table size is one of the ultimate features to check. There are many tables available depending on the room space. This means you can easily enjoy a great fit. Depending on the user available space, there are different sized coffee tables. Thus, checking the table dimensions helps to get the right selection.
  • Construction materials: construction materials are vital for the sturdiness and durability of the table. There are many materials like wood, metal and particle boards that are used. However, the strength of materials is one of the priority when buying ant furniture. Wood is one of the preferred and durable options. However, MDF and other composite boards are popular due to sleekness and reliability. A table with combined material also is excellent for ultimate strength and sleekness.
  • Storage capacity: unlike traditional coffee tables, modern ones with storage options are more convenient. Depending on the space needed, one needs to check for the available space. Some tables come with combined storage options like shelves and cabinets. Depending in storage need, it’s always ideal to choose the perfect table with ample storage.
  • Versatility: the versatility is a great feature for coffee tables. Some are usable in different functions. The tables come with the ability to be used in different rooms. Also, they can be used for dining, TV stand and others. Therefore, choosing the right table depends on the intended function.

Best Coffee Tables with Storage in 2021

10. KINGSO Retro Mid Century Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

KINGSO Retro Mid Century Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

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Kingso retro coffee table is all you need to give your room a new look. It’s modern furniture designed with a great look to give every room a superb appearance. Boasting mid-century design, the table is excellent for different room settings. Therefore, every user wishing to give their home a new look, the table is superb. Equipped with 2 shelves, it’s convenient in ensuring proper storage of different items. The cabinet back panel is removable when using the furniture as a coffee table.

The vintage table is versatile and can be used as a TV stand. Made from a durable wood structure, capable of holding up to 110 pounds. This ensures there is no more restriction on the number of items to store. The assembling of this table is simple than expected. It comes with numbered part to enable easy assembling. Thus there is no expertise needed to put up the table.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy structure
  • Large storage area
  • Quite heavy

9. Ravenn Home Traditional Pine Coffee Table

Ravenn Home Traditional Pine Coffee Table

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Ravenna Home pine table is fantastic to put in your home. It’s among the sleek and reliable ways to ensure there is a proper look. It’s made from a solid pine tree which is durable for years. Also, the use of sturdy and mature timbers ensure there is no cracking. Nicely designed legs are great in increasing the room décor. Additionally, the paint used is safe and free from lead and other toxic chemicals.

Apart from the furniture being great for dining rooms, it has excellent storage room. Despite the traditional design, the table has a modern appearance. This gives every house a perfect décor complement. The storage shelf is sturdy and can accommodate different items. The assembling is simple since it only takes less than 30 minutes. With feet designed to care for the floor without causing scratches. Enhanced with a black finish, this table is classic in complementing any décor.

  • Easy assembling
  • Slid pine wood
  • Sleek designed feet
  • Moisture can cause damage

8. IRONCK Living Room Table with Storage Bottom Shelf

IRONCK Living Room Table with Storage Bottom Shelf

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The essence of furniture in every room is convenience and elegance. IRONCK table for living room is designed by experts for exceptional performance. Constructed from durable materials, it guarantees superb reliability. The top section and shelf are made from solid wood. Therefore, the table is stable and reliable to hold massive weight. The table features a thick MDF panel with wood grain. This increases stability and ability to hold different things without wobbling.

The structure is reinforced with metallic feet for superb support. Unlike other tables, this has a stable and robust nature to be reliable throughout. The iron frame is powder-coated, which is excellent for durability without rusting. Amazingly, the table has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It, therefore, qualify to be used for heavy-duty tasks. The distance between the shelf and top section is 10 inches leaving more room for storage? The vintage design renders the table sleek and must-have for every home.

  • Powder-coated iron structure
  • Heavy-duty thick MDF panels
  • Floor protection design
  • Not real wood

7. HOMFA Coffee Tables TV Stand, Wooden Table Sofa Side Table

HOMFA Coffee Tables TV Stand, Wooden Table Sofa Side Table

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HOMFA multifunctional table is perfected for use in your table room. It’s a modern table with high functionality. The stylish approach in construction enables the table to suit any living room. Apart from being a table, it has a storage section for your essential items. Whether its books or other vital items, they can fit properly on the shelf. Besides, the cabinet is super for keeping personal items.

The construction features, premium and ecofriendly materials. The top panel is made from strong particleboard. With a sleek finish, it is compatible with different house decors. Also, delivering a meticulous experience, the board has no smell. Apart from beauty, this table is smooth and offers easy cleaning. The surface requires only damp cloth and is clean. Above all, the assembling is quick since all the tools are included. The drawer section is great for keeping some of the important items. With right construction, it is a great sofa side application.

  • Top-quality particleboard
  • Smooth finish
  • Odor free materials
  • Coating is thin

6. KingSo Industrial Coffee Table with Shelf

KingSo Industrial Coffee Table with Shelf

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KingSo Industrial coffee table is one of the amazing choices. The table is sleek and delivers a contemporary design. Constructed from a strong board, the table delivers chic styles and appearance. In fact, the board feels like real wood, therefore durable. Apart from the strong design, the table comes with a storage shelf. It allows secure storage of various items increase of clattering on the tabletop. The shelf is meshed, which allows storage of small items without falling.

The scratch-resistant tabletop is designed to last for years. Additionally, the frame is metallic made to guarantee superb strength. The feet are adjustable, which ensures easy leveling on uneven surfaces. The embossed pattern on the legs adds a great look hence making the table attractive. With floor protector, it doesn’t cause damage to the floor. Therefore, from performance to appearance, the coffee table is worth for any living room.

  • Heavy-duty metallic frame
  • Level adjusting feet
  • Vintage tabletop
  • No cabinet

5. SUPER DEAL Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Pop-Up Shelves

SUPER DEAL Top Coffee Table w Hidden Storage Pop-Up Shelves

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Super Deal modern table is one of the classic furniture for any home. It’s constructed from top-quality boards; the table is exceptionally sleek. Amazingly, the table has a lifting surface which exposes a concealed storage area. Consequently, it is possible to keep your sensitive items on the compartment without worry. Besides, the table has enough shelf for keeping extra accessories. Therefore, for people with a home library, it allows convenient book storage.

With a metallic frame, the table has a high capacity. This enables the storage of many items without causing damage. In fact, the table has a total load capacity of 121 pounds. The smooth opening hinges ensures there is no creaking sound when opening the top part. The clean and smooth finish ensures cleaning the table is quick and convenient. With melamine veneer finish this furniture brings all the satisfaction you need.

  • Concealed compartments
  • Metallic frame
  • Sleek melamine veneer finish
  • Powdered frame
  • Can be tricky to assemble

4. Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Coffee Dining Table

Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Coffee Dining Table

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Best Choice Products makes amazing products that make your home get a perfect upgrade. This coffee table is an advanced one with a classic look. It comes with amazing construction and features. The lifting top is great for leaving a concealed compartment. This allows for the storage of important and frequently used items. Therefore, as you enjoy your food and drinks, no need to move them. The lifting top also raises the table profile, especially when you want to work while standing.

The amazing storage space is the reason this table suits different place. It can accommodate a variety of things from books, magazines and others. This eliminates the need to have an extra shelf in the dining room. Enhanced with espresso finish, the table is great for all decors. Additionally, the powdered structure means no rusting. Apart from the hidden compartments, the shelves are separated for convenient organization. The durable lamination is smooth, which enables the user to clean easily.

  • Hidden compartment
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable frame
  • Divided shelves
  • Feet aren’t adjustable

3. Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Coffee Cocktail Table

Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Cocktail Table

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Southern Enterprise helps in storage and holding your items safely. Its sleek coffee table made to bring high convenience and storage solution. This piece of furniture is made with a pyramid design trunk for your essentials. Therefore, when you have a lot of items to cater to, it is a good cabinet. Designed from premium boards, they are strong to ensure there is reliable performance. Besides, the chair has great stability which is great when handling delicate utensils.

The strong structure is superb for ensuring the table can hold heavy weight. They are broad and wood made to care for any floor. With espresso finish, the boards are made from compressed wood fiber. They also have a smooth and durable laminate to keep away moisture. Also, the laminate ensures there is easy cleaning. With safety hinged trunk, it can accommodate a large quantity of load. Above all, the table has a capacity of 180 pounds.

  • Strong boards
  • Safe feet for all floors
  • Superbly stable
  • Not fully assembled

2. Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

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Sauder Dakota coffee table is classic furniture that everyone needs. It’s a lift table that ensures there is comfortable when using. Therefore, one enjoys great versatility since it can be used for different functions. It is ideal as a coffee table and can be used for reading and others. The lifting table top is amazing since it leaves hidden compartments; this promotes high convenience as the user can keep personal items safe.

The strong structure is the reason this table is superb for support. It has multiple storage sections for different things. The wooden design keeps the table looking sleek. Additionally, legs are broad and safe for any floor. Therefore, they don’t cause scratches or abrasions. The finished sides are excellent for versatile placement. The eco-friendly construction materials ensure the table is also safe. Large capacity storage and strong nature allow for massive weight accommodation.

  • Durable wood design
  • Large open shelves
  • Versatile placements
  • Can be scratched easily

1. FURINNO Andrey Coffee Table with Bin Drawer

FURINNO Andrey Coffee Table with Bin Drawer

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A stylish coffee table is worth to ensure your room looks great. Furinno Andrey is a modern table with b sleek and reliable furniture. Designed with high multipurpose, it not only serves as a table. In fact, it comes with versatile storage areas. With a cabinet and shelf, it is easy to keep various items. Whether its utensils, books and others, the table is exceptionally versatile. Stylish and multiple finishes deliver elegant look to any room.

The premium materials are durable and sleek. Actually, the table feature composite and non-woven bins. With a smooth surface, the table is simple to clean and delivers easy cleaning. The smooth flat surface is durable, and the finish doesn’t chip. It’s a great table that can be used in a table room, bedrooms and other places. The table is also great for use as a TV stand.

  • Composite materials
  • Fits different functions
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Legs aren’t adjustable


Coffee tables with storage are versatile than traditional ones. They are ideal for use for different functions and places. Therefore, when in need of perfect furniture, these reviewed coffee tables are classic for every home.

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