Top 10 Best Corner Bookshelves in 2021 – Reviews


Empty corners can be useful if utilized ingeniously. They can be used for storage of decorative accessories and others stuff. However, one of the best ways to use empty corner spaces is adding a bookshelf. They are built specifically for use in these areas hence has a fitting style. Depending on the available size, there are many shelves which ensure every house can get a suitable book stand.

Apart from the perfect angling of these shelves, they are available in different materials. You can choose from wooden, metallic and other materials. Notably, picking the right shelf that can support your stuff and add décor to your house is a great move. For people looking to maximize space utilization, adding stands is one major step. This list provides an impressive list of the best corner bookshelves reviews.

Buying Guide​​ for the Best Corner Bookshelves

For buyers looking for premium bookcases, we have some of the tips to help you pick the best.

  • Available Corner Space: the available space is one of the determinants on the size of a bookshelf to buy. Although they are created for corner spaces, measuring your available space is a huge step toward getting an ideal shelf. Besides measuring the width, height is also vital to allow storage of even large books without any worry. Ideally, there are varying sizes of corner bookcases that can fit any available space.
  • Shelf Versatility: these shelves are designed for organizing and safely storing your books. However, you might not be having a lot of books to occupy all the shelves a stand. Therefore, a good book ladder should ensure you can store other items like arts, small fish tanks, and others. Also, apart from being useful in the house, they should be ideal for bathrooms and other places where space is a challenge.
  • Construction Materials: the construction materials are some of the first things to check. Some of the shelves are engineered from metal and wood, while others have a plastic frame as well as wood structures. Although metallic frames are sturdy, they are a bit heavy which can restrict the movement of these shelves. On the other hand, PVC structure can compromise the ability of a shelf to support heavy weight. When you think about the safety of your floor, plastic and wooden frames are great since they don’t cause scratches.
  • Assembling Procedure: the assembling procedure can be tricky especially for non-assembled shelves. Thereby, as you decide on getting a bookshelf, assembling should be ringing in your mind. Usually, some of the stands require tools and accessories to assemble. However, others are toolless hence easy and quick assembling. Ideally, always check whether the shelf has an assembling manual.

Best Corner Bookshelves in 2021

10. eHomeProducts Reclaimed Weathered Metal Wall Corner 4-Tier Bookshelf

eHomeProducts Reclaimed Weathered Metal Wall Corner 4-Tier Bookshelf

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It is now easy to manage your corner space and utilize it maximumly. The eHomeProducts bookcase enables this. The shelf is created to allow people to use it in all corners without needing a lot of space. In fact, the perfect right-angled design lets it fit excellently in your house corner edge. A combination of metal and MDF gives it excellent strength. Thereby, even when you have a lot of books to sore, there is no worry about compromising the structure.

The stable design lets it stand without necessarily supporting it in the wall. Additionally, the 4 tiers offer great space to fit all type of books regardless of the size. For the safety, the front part is curved hence eliminating sharp corners. Black oak finish fits perfectly to most house decors.


  • Sleek curved edges
  • Metal and wood structure
  • Easy assembling


  • Some shelves lack screw holes

9. VASAGLE Corner 4-Tier Display Shelf Bookshelf Faux Marble with Metal Frame

VASAGLE Corner 4-Tier Display Shelf Bookshelf Faux Marble with Metal Frame

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The Vasagle 4-tier corner shelf is the right equipment for home and office use. It’s one of the sleek shelves designed for keeping books and other items safely housed. Created from a metal frame and sturdy faux marble chipboards, it’s a stylish and functional shelf to have. The corner lander designed bookcase is exceptionally created to allow systematically books arrangement and access. Due to the slim nature, it permits simple storage without eating your space.

The legs are equipped with protective caps to prevent damaging the floor. The back foot is adjustable which is ideal for stabilizing the shelf on uneven surfaces. This feature is remarkable as it prevents toppling and wobbling hence improved safety. Assembling thus stand is simple as it comes with instructed instructions.


  • Sleek marble finished shelves
  • Adjustable rear leg
  • Versatile installations


  • Feels a bit tricky to assemble

8. O&K Furniture A-Shaped 5 Shelf Industrial Corner Bookcase and Shelf

O&K Furniture A-Shaped 5 Shelf Industrial Corner Bookcase and Shelf

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Don’t waste this corner space in your home or office. You can correctly utilize them by equipping this book lander by O&K furniture. Measuring 16.5 x 16.5 x 69.9(H) inches, it only needs a smaller space than others. The sturdy construction is superb since it gives it an industrial strength. This means apart from books; it can be used for storage of other items.

Whether you want to keep books, houseplants, artwork, and others, the stand is an exceptional consideration. With an A-shaped style, it has remarkable stability that prevents it from toppling. As a result, it perfectly suits bathrooms, offices, kid rooms, closets and other places for multifunctional applications. Cap enhances feet ensures there is no scratching to your precious floor.


  • Super stable structure
  • Multifunctional application
  • Fits all rooms
  • Quick assembling


  • None

7. eHomeProducts Weathered Grey Oak Finish Black Metal Corner 4-Tier Bookshelf

eHomeProducts Weathered Grey Oak Finish Black Metal Corner 4-Tier Bookshelf

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When you have less space in a house to accommodate regular bookshelf, it’s advisable to switch to alternatives. This corner placed bookcase by eHomeProducts is of high quality and provides enough book storage space. The metal structure gives it required strength to allow storage of different items without collapsing. The four shelves are made from hardwood and MDF which means sleek looking and reliable strength.

Unlike other shelves with slanted design, this one is straight. This design ensures storage capacity is uniform from bottom to the top shelf. Also, the shelves allow people to place different stuff without stuffing them in one shelf. For the sleekness and safety, the front part is has a curved design to remove sharp edges.


  • Elegant gray oak finish
  • Non complicate assembling
  • Large shelves than rivals


  • Drilling holes feel pretty hard

6. Furniture of America Andrea 5-Tier Corner Bookshelf

Furniture of America Andrea 5-Tier Corner Bookshelf

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Although corner bookshelves are great investments, the sleekness matters a lot. This Furniture of America 5 tier shelf is one worth having in any house. Forget about the sharp metal feet that can cause scratches to your home. This one is fully made of wood meaning light and safe to flows. Besides, there is superb stability when using this shelf due to the slant orientation.

The varying size shelves are superb in accommodating different components. With corner edge having a right angle design, it perfectly fits in all corners without the need to support it with a wall. The clean white finish is exceptional in creating a perfect décor. Above all, curved edges are elegant as well as safe. Besides white finish, other finishes are available depending on your preferred choice.


  • Sturdy wood frame
  • Sleekly curved shelves
  • Broad legs for high stability


  • Feels difficult to put together

5. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5-Tier Corner Square Rack Display Shelf

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5-Tier Corner Square Rack Display Shelf

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Keeping room organized means getting the best shelves. But, for congested places, this Furinno turn-n-tub is a handy piece of equipment. Unlike most of the available corner bookcases, this has a unique structure. The multiple colors stand is one of the sleek choices that ensure you get the best looking room. The sturdy PVC tubes and durable boards reduce overall weight, unlike the metallic ones.

The assembling of this stand is incredibly simple. The turn-n-tube stand is simple to put together. Boasting 5 shelves, each is capable of holding up to 15 pounds. Therefore, one can store books, arts, pictures, and other decorative items. Since feet are plastic made, they are safe to any floor. Also, edges are rounded which means no risks of injuries.


  • PVC rounded feet
  • Rounded edges
  • High weight capacity per shelf


  • Large for extra small corners

4. Sagler Espresso Finish corner shelf unit 5 Tier corner Bookcase shelves

Sagler Espresso Finish corner shelf unit 5 Tier corner Bookcase shelves

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The Sagler 5-tier versatile corner shelf brings revolutionized books and other items storage. The wall-mounted stand is excellent since there is no risk of toppling like other 3 legged shelves. The design is impressive since it upgrades the house décor regardless of your room finish. In fact, the espresso finish brings a vintage looking look to create an elegant interior.

The good thing for people with small space is this stand is ideal for different places. You can fix it in a bathroom, office, kitchen and other desired areas. The flat and robust surface holds every stuff correctly while installation and assembling are a piece of cake. In overall, this wall mounted bookshelf is decorative and a perfect solution for additional storage in corners.


  • Simple, elegant finish
  • Easy to mount than rivals
  • Highly versatile design and application


  • Requires wall holes drilling

3. Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

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When you have a lot of books, most people are prompted to get a large shelf. But, if space is a concern, casual home ladder bookcase for corners is a good choice. It’s one of the reliable and stable shelves available with remarkable versatility. The structure is wooden which reduces weight. Also, the retracting structure is classic in ensuring you store needed items without problems.

The 5 shelves are more than enough especially for people with a few items to keep. Also, the perfectly designed edges enable it to fit in all corners hence maximizing your storage space. With each shelf having different capacity the stability is ensured, and there are no chances of toppling due to weight. Despite the retracting design, the solid wood frame and high engineering guarantees perfect durability.


  • Solid wood and firm engineering
  • 5 shelves design
  • Retracting structure


  • Holes are too small

2. Greenco 5-Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves Espresso

Greenco 5-Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves Espresso

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Get a break from traditional corner bookshelves and enjoy a modern looking one. The Greenco wall mounted shelves are easy to fix and offers more strength. Made from laminated MDF, the shelves are safe to walls and won’t cause pain scratches when installing. Amazingly, the espresso finish is exceptionally compatible with most rooms décor hence ultimate pick to upgrade your house.

Forget hassling as you look for the installing hardware. This corner shelf comes with all required accessories hence easy to mount. It’s an awesome shelf that suits every imaginable place. It’s functional in kitchens, table room, offices and among others to keep your storage simple. Without feet, it makes it possible to install it in a space-constrained place. Thereby, you can mount it I raised corners hence creating convenient storage space.


  • Attractive décor
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Durable laminated boards


  • Small for big items

1. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

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For people with love for interior décor, here is a functional shelf for your books by Furinno. This bookcase is designed and made by professionals to ensure there is satisfaction among the users. The compact and stylish engineering make this stand one of the best cabinets. The engineering features PVC pipes and particle boards which is great in reducing weight. Also unlike others that need screwing, this has a simple assembling process.

The shelf is superb for storage in closet, bathroom, offices, and homes to enable storage of various items. With base shelf having an additional reinforcement foot, the stand can accommodate more weight than same sized competitors. There is no need to offer protective caps since this has PVC feet which ate secure to most floors. If you are afraid of buying a corner shelf due to assembling technicalities, this one is simple and takes less than 10 minutes.


  • Safe feet to all floors
  • Tool-free assembling
  • Easy to follow assembling manual


  • Weaker than wooden or metal stands


Corner bookshelves prove to be among the perfect furniture to have homes, offices, and other places. They are good options when in need to utilize the corner space. Therefore, don’t let your small space go to waste, a corner bookcase is going to solve all your storage issues.

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