Top 10 Best Dog Car Seats in 2021 – Reviews


Dog seats are useful for a comfortable and safe ride. Unlike carrying your dog without a booster seat, it can be stressful and unsecure to carry a pet. Since these seats come with comfortable interior and safety belts harness, it becomes easy for people to carry their pets. Having a right seat always provides a secure harness than leaving pet unattended.

There are various seat designs for dog booster seats. Your choice will be determined by the size of the dog. For small dogs, smaller versions are superb and vice versa. Choosing the right chair on the hundreds of brands requires proper evaluation. This list brings some of the best dog car seats for every pet lover.

The Best Dog Car Seats Buying Guide

When buying a dog booster seat, these are the top things you need to check.

  • Size: The size of a seat is vital in ensuring your pet get comfortable relaxation. Depending on the dog size, it is essential to have a right seat for your dog. Some of the dog chairs are for small dogs, medium and large breeds. Therefore, selecting a chair that will fit your pet is always essential.
  • Construction MaterialsThe construction is another essential quality feature that pet owners should have in mind. Materials are the main determinant of how your dog seat will perform. Usually, check on the structure construction as well as the side panels. Structure is vital for the overall strength. Mostly, many frames are metal or plastic frames. The cover material also needs to be reliable as well as comfortable. Normally, sturdy and reliable materials are advisable since they can’t be distractible by pet claws. Besides, the cover materials should allow easy breathability.
  • Ease of CleaningCleaning should not be stressful when using a dog seat. Thereby, the choice of the seat should be inspired by the ease of material cleaning. Usually, the interior should be easy to keep away dog hair from getting stuck. Also, waterproof materials are ideal for keeping your choice seat durable.
  • Ease of UseThe ease of use can be in the form of installation and also collapsibility. For a good seat, it should come with installation straps. Additionally, the straps should also be adjustable to enable high cars seat compatibility. On the other hand, collapsible dog booster seats are classic in allowing storage and transportation.

Best Dog Car Seats in 2021

10. WOpet Durable Pet Dog Booster Seat with Adjustable Safety Straps and pocket

 WOpet Durable Pet Dog Booster Seat with Adjustable Safety Straps and pocket

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The WOpet pet dog booster seat gives every your little friend safe and cozy transportation. Keeping pets comfortable, it eliminates stressful travels since there are no movements even on rough roads. Also, in case of emergency braking, the seat provides with secured platform. Compatible with different vehicles it can be fitted in SUVs, Vans and other types of vehicles.

Apart from the sturdy frame, the seat is lined with a soft cover that keeps car seats clean. This keeps away pet hair from seats hence easy cleaning. Additionally, the seat is necessary for maintaining car seats free from damaging pet claws. For storage, the booster seat is collapsible. This lets users carry it with ease especially when not in use. Enhanced with zipper compartment, it can hold some small items like toys.


  • Zippered pocket
  • Collapsible and easy to store
  • High compatibility with all vehicles
  • Included fitting rings


  • Not suitable for large dogs

9. FANCYDELI Deluxe Portable Pet Dog Booster Car Seat with Clip-On Safety Leash

 FANCYDELI Deluxe Portable Pet Dog Booster Car Seat with Clip-On Safety Leash

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Leaving your dog in the house isn’t the solution to improved safety. But, opting for a booster seat always give your pet a great way to enjoy enhanced security. Created with a functional design, the seat has an appropriate size to fit small and medium dogs. Therefore, for people with small breeds, they will find this seat practical solution to their traveling solution. The seat sides are made from a mesh material that allows proper air circulation.

The waterproof materials used in the making of this seat gives extended durability. Also, there is no damage from stain and other fluids. Amazingly, the Oxford material used in this seat is resistant to dog claws damage. Sturdy and lightweight PVC bars make the booster seat easy to lift without bulkiness. The installation is simple as the seat can be installed in multiple locations.


  • Multiple location installation
  • Sturdy, lightweight frame
  • Mesh sides for maximum air circulation
  • Front zippered pocket


  • Has a strong smell on opening

8. JESPET Portable Dog Car Seat Travel Carrier with Seat Belt

 JESPET Portable Dog Car Seat Travel Carrier with Seat Belt

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Keeping your dog in a car seat can be uncomfortable. However, providing this Jespet portable seat car can be a long lasting solution. It’s an expertly made chair that keeps every dog happy on the whole journey. Due to its large and sturdy construction, it perfectly fit most small and medium sized dogs. The soft interior is superb for the safety of pets. Also, it makes them comfortable even on uneven roads.

Fitted with adjustable straps, they are simple to fit perfectly for maximum dog safety. Also, they are essential to ensure this seat is compatible with different cars without safety compromise. Importantly, the booster seat has installed safety belts. They are useful when carrying puppies. Unlike other seats, this has durable material which doesn’t trap dog claws. Cleaning the cover material simple since its machine washable.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Fitted dog safety belts
  • Easy for dog to look out
  • Suitable for front and back seats


  • Bottom not padded

7. GENORTH Deluxe Portable Pet Dog Booster Car Seat with Clip-On Safety Leash and Dog Blanket

GENORTH Deluxe Portable Pet Dog Booster Car Seat with Clip-On Safety Leash and Dog Blanket

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Genorth deluxe portable car seat pet seat brings all the feeling your dog loves. The sleek and modern designed seat treats pet excellently, especially when on every road. Whether driving in town or countryside, dogs always have a perfect view. Boasting improved safety and sturdiness, it has remarkable pet protection. Also, installation is superb which make it easy to hold pet excellently even under emergency braking. Sides are created to prevent pet climbing when driving.

The soft and fluffy dog blanket give puppies and dogs excellent comfort. The practical design ensures this booster seat is simple to fix and store. With collapsing design, it ensures you can carry it easily when it’s not in use. On the other hand, with waterproof panels, it keeps dirt, stains and other liquids from damaging the seat. Invisible storage bag integrated into this seat enables safe stiff storage.


  • Invisible pocket
  • Dual purpose soft blanket
  • Collapsible and compact storage
  • Integrated safety belts


  • Frame isn’t metallic made

6. Petbobi Pet Portable Reinforce Car Booster Seat for Dog Cat with Breathable Bag

Petbobi Pet Portable Reinforce Car Booster Seat for Dog Cat with Breathable Bag

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Pets can be distractive when driving causing accidents. But, to ensure safety and that of pet, Petbobi portable booster seat is an intelligent choice. The seat combines comfort and safety hence keeping pet enjoying throughout the journey. The sides are thickly padded while the bottom and front feature PE clapboard. As a result, it has improved protection compared to other seats available. For minimum performance, the edges are reinforced with sturdy bars.

The sides are enclosed with waterproof and robust Oxford cloth. Furthermore, the mesh outer lining helps in keeping interior dry. Therefore, even when a pet spends extended time in the seat, there no discomforts. There is no stress when assembling this seat since it has a collapsible structure. For maximum utilization, it can be used for carrying cats as well as medium and small dogs.


  • Ideal for cat and dogs
  • Sturdy bottom
  • Free air circulation
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


  • Thin and weak frame bars

5. HDP Car DELUXE Lookout Booster Car Seat

HDP Car DELUXE Lookout Booster Car Seat

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For the ultimate solution to keep pet safe, HDP has created one of the best dog booster seats. There is peace of mind and high reliability when using this seat. It has premium construction and durable materials to keep pet safe. The cover is made of 600D polyester which resists easy damage. Thereby, even for aggressive pets, they won’t damage the side with their claws. Easy adjustments are vital since they can carry different sized dogs comfortably.

Besides attaching this booster seat to the car, it has fitted security straps. They are essential when it comes to pet security when driving. The hard padded bottom is great for keeping pet feet safe and comfortable. Also, when sleeping, the pet enjoys a cozy feeling. Extra pocket fitted on the seat allows users to keep small pet accessories. Unlike cheap seats, this has a metal frame that provides superb strength.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Smooth airflow meshed side panels
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Adjustable size


  • Feels a bit hard to pet

4. Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat with Metal Frame Construction

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat with Metal Frame Construction

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How do you treat your dog when traveling? Don’t let your pets experience discomforts due to sliding due emergency braking. This Devoted dog booster car seat is extra comfortable due to premium construction. Due to the extra thick interior, the chair has excellent hugging to all pets. Additionally, equipping this booster seat in car seats eliminates pet hairs everywhere. With a raised profile, pets are capable of viewing outside easily tome make journey exciting.

There are no tools required to attach this seat. It comes with straps that are adjustable making them easy to fit any vehicle seats. They give the booster a perfect anchoring hence maximum safety. On the other hand, the collapsible frame is incredibly important when it comes to storing this booster seat. It can accommodate 15-pound pets.


  • Collapsible metal frame
  • Super soft interior lining
  • Broad pet safety belt


  • Doesn’t sit well on curved seats

3. Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat for Dogs & Car Booster Seat with Seatbelt Tether

Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat for Dogs & Car Booster Seat with Seatbelt Tether

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Playful pets can be a disaster when you want to concentrate on driving. They can quickly drive away your concentration. The Kurgo Skybox seat for dogs helps to take and increase the safety and comfort of your dog. It provides a pooch whereby pets can relax without experiencing any discomfort. The good about this pooch is it has a waterproof design which keeps your car seats clean from dog urine and other staining liquids.

Forget about the cheap seats that come with plastic frames which pets can chew. This has a sturdy and reliable structure, and fabrics cover to support pets efficiently. For the pet to enjoy smooth travel, the seat has integrated seatbelts besides car seat instauration straps. Unlike most seats, this has a capacity of 30-pound pets.


  • Compatible with most dog harnesses
  • Machine washable liner
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Waterproof exterior


  • Slightly expensive

2. K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

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K&H bucket pet chair comforts and offers your dog an elevated view when traveling. The chair has an exceptional design which offers pets a fantastic experience. Moreover, it has outstanding comfort which also prevents pets from causing disruption when driving. Due to its bucket design, it has a contoured style that keeps pets without straining. On the other hand, the design is classic for a snug fit in a car seat.

On installation, the booster seat can be installed and uninstalled. The wide range of seat compatibility lets everyone with a pet to use. To keep the dog intact without movements, the booster seat has security lashes. The interior has a quilted interior that keeps the pet a comfortable feeling. In fact, the padding includes 3-inch foam cushion eliminates shocks and impacts.


  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Contoured seat design
  • Soft fleece interior


  • Costly than some brands

1. Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

 Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

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Extend your love to your pets by ensuring comfortable relaxation in cars. The Snoozer lookout seat is one of the best dog car seats that provide ideal comfort and hugging. Designed with an exception, it has a high profile which let pets enjoy outside without strains. The interior has simulated lamb wool; it keeps the pets with outstanding hugging. Also, the memory foam padding further r increases overall comfort.

Despite the complex looking design, it is compatible with different car seats. The straps are designed to connect with the safety belts. This ensures the pet is well harnessed hence eliminating movements when a road is rough or applied emergency braking. Made from a variety of fabrics, the seat is highly breathable and keeps car seat clean from dog fur.


  • Super soft fleece
  • Thicker padding than rivals
  • Simple straps connection


  • Seat is not collapsible


Dog booster seats are incredible pet accessories that everyone should have. They are available in different styles and design which enables every person to get their best selection. For easy identification, these reviewed car dog seats bring all the security and comfort.

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