Top 10 Best Dog Dryers in 2021 – Reviews


After washing your dog or spending playtime in a pool, drying can be tricky. Quickening the drying time is a great way to ensure pet hair doesn’t collect dirt. Also, wet hair can tangle or wet your furniture. Dog dryers are some of the ultimate accessories to enable perfect pet grooming. They are made to ensure there is efficient drying which means there are no more struggles with wet fur.

Choosing the right dryer always depends on the size and breed of your dog. Some are large which needs a powerful dryer, while others have dense fur. The ideal dryer ensures there is smooth drying without causing discomforts. This means once you have the right dryer, keeping your dog coat smooth is simple. Therefore, for every pet owner, here are the best dog dryers to have in 2021.

Dog Dryers Buying Guide:

  • Quiet operation: The ability of a dryer to operate quietly is a fantastic feature. Since loud noise can cause a nuisance to pet and human, dryers need to have noise reduction. The construction design, especially casing and other enhancements, ensures there is reduced sound. Therefore, even when the device has a large motor, it’s possible to enjoy a quiet drying mechanism.
  • Adjustable airspeed and heat: Adjustable features are amazing and help in customization. It is vital to ensure your dryer has an adjustable temperature as well as speed. This helps in the device working on different type of pet coats. Whether dealing with dense or thin dog hair, there is high efficiency. The more adjustment levels a dryer is, the better the customization.
  • Hose attachments: Having a hose with different types of nozzles is impressive. It means you can fit the right one to offer hair a great look. Many types of attachments ensure every dog gets the best grooming. This means a dryer with different attachments offers a better-looking coat.
  • Power rating: The power rating determines how the machine performs and energy demands. Since the dryers utilize fan and heater, they can be high energy demand. However, it depends on how large a machine is. Large machines need more power to offer great results even when used on big dog breeds. Generally, the more wattage a dryer is rated, the more energy it draws.

Best Dog Dryers in 2021

10. DUZ Hands-Free Grooming Pet Dryer Dog/Cat

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DUZ dryer is versatile and suite all your pets need. Whether its dogs and cats, it’s a versatile and safe grooming dryer. After your pet is relaxing in a pool or getting rained on, the appliance is reliable. Due to hands-free design, there is excellent in keeping the drying process simple. It can work while standing or hanged in the dog pen. By directing the hot air into the pet, it creates a great feeling and efficient drying.

The flexible air hose is superb since it can be positioned in a different orientation. With simple to set buttons, they allow users to select ideal operating speed and heat. Therefore for dense or less fur, it’s simple to enjoy convenient and safe drying. With different fan speeds, there is easy customization of drying speed. Additionally, the quiet operation eliminates nuisance noise that can irritate pets and users. Despite the high performance, the device is compact and simple to use.


  • Handsfree operation
  • Quiet operation
  • 360 degrees rotating hose


  • Needs filter upgrade

9. XPOWER B-55 – 2 HP Pet Portable Home Grooming Dryer

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XPOWER B-55 is fantastic and super performing dryer. Designed for drying all dog breeds, the appliance is powerful and efficient. With heavy-duty construction, the device is also lightweight to ensure portability. Therefore, when going for outdoor activities, it’s a convenient option. Equipped with a 950W motor, the machine has 2-speed settings. They ensure the user can switch right one depending on the drying task on the hand. The combination of powerful air-jet and heat, the dryer ensures there is quick grooming.

The heavy-duty construction is the reason this machine is in its class. It can work on thick as well as thin pet coat without causing discomforts. Apart from the blowing ability, the device can be used as a vacuum cleaner. It’s superb for minor jobs. The additional accessories help in keeping pets well-groomed. With a comfortable handle, it’s easy and quick to dry your pets.


  • Versatile application
  • Variety of grooming accessories
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Not for large breed

8. Yescom 2400W 3.2HP Grooming Hair Force Dryer

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Yescom grooming hair force dryer is reliable and superb. The compactly designed dryer is high performing and efficient. With professional construction, the dryer is safe. Built to resist overheating, there is an adequate protection mechanism to prevent overheating hence great device for use on small and large pets. The electrodeless speed adjustment ensures high efficiency. Therefore, user enjoys consistent airflow. The adjustable temperature means it’s easy to adjust to suit different pets. In fact, it can deliver between 37-70 degrees hence good for all type of coats.

The long flexible hose is superb in ensuring the user has easy drying. This eliminates hose cracking like with other devices. Additionally, the 4 hose attachments are versatile and let the user choose the right one. Therefore, whether drying or doing general pet grooming, the dryer is classic. With special noise assimilation sponge, the dryer is quieter than rivals. Combination of heating and powerful airflow means there is an exceptional performance.


  • Variety of hose attachments
  • Suitable for all coats
  • Adjustable heat and airflow


  • Takes long for the heater to cool

7. CHAOLUN High-Velocity 3.2HP 2400W Pet Hair Dryer

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Chaolun high-velocity pet dryer is reliable and efficient grooming appliance. The machine is designed with a powerful motor to deliver outstanding results. Therefore, whether you are dealing with thick-coated pets, the dryer is superbly reliable. With a strong casing, the dryer helps in eliminating overall noise. Therefore, as you perform pet grooming, there is exceptional drying efficiency. Equipped with a super stable motor, the dryer delivers smooth power. Additionally, the stepless speed adjustment delivers the desired drying and grooming power.

Apart from the powerful airflow, the dryer comes with 2 adjustable speed. This gives the user an easy selection when dealing with a different type of pets. Boasting heat insulation and noise reduction technology, the dryer is safe and highly reliable. For best results, the appliance comes with different hose attachments. The carbon brush is excellent when it comes to grooming your pet. The handle is comfortable and delivers amazing comfort.


  • Heat and noise insulation
  • Versatile attachments
  • Super flexible hose


  • Feels little heavy

6. B-Air Grizzly GP-1 1 HP 3550 CFM Air Grizzly Mover and Pet Cage Dryer

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When you need a versatile blower, this one by B-Air is one of the superb selection. It’s a powerful dryer that works on different applications. Actually, it can be used for carpet a well as pet house drying. Boasting 3 levels of incline, the machine delivers outstanding hot air for quick drying. The free-standing design is superb in ensuring there is an excellent application. Additionally, the fitted kickstand is great for enabling the device to stand perfectly.

Apart from different angles inclination, the dryer comes with 3-speed settings. They allow for easy setting depending on the task. Heavy-duty construction guarantee high performance and machine can be used without power loss. With ETL certified construction, the dryer delivers amazing safety. The highly flexible hose allows for directional utilization without breaking. The 9.9 amp motor is powerful while molded polyethene casing is impact resistant.


  • High impact plastic casing
  • Powerful motor
  • Antiskid rubber enhancements


  • Not for small animals

5. Go Pet Club Grooming Double-Motor Hair Dryer for Pets

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Go pet dryer for cats and dogs helps to maintain your friends well-groomed. Unlike other dryers, this has superior design and offers unmatched performance. In fact, it comes with a durable motor and heater to dry your pets quickly. Boasting double motors, it has excellent power to create strong airflow. This means that even if drying large pets or dense coats, there is excellent work. Boasting 4 speed and 32 heat adjustment, the dryer is unmatched.

The durable casing is designed to minimize noise and increase durability. A variety of attachments make the work easier hence good option to deliver quick pet drying. The highly flexible hose is excellent and allows for multidirectional usage without cracking or knotting. It can deliver an adjustable temperature from 35 to 80 degrees Celsius. The handle is comfortable for easy lifting without straining user hands.


  • Dual motors
  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Various hose attachments


  • Weak on thick coats

4. Flying Pig One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Pet Grooming Force Dryer

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Flying Pig One high-velocity force dryer is unmatched when it comes to pet grooming. The machine is designed and constructed by experts to deliver satisfying results. Made from steel shell, the machine has high durability and noise reduction. Therefore, when using this machine, there is great noise reduction. The dryer ensures there is amazing usage in all pets. The powerful motor and shell are made for use in years without issues.

The hose is large and flexible, which ensures there is versatility and ease of use. Amazingly, the 10 feet hose is reliable and ensures hassle-free utilization. Therefore when drying multiple pets, there is easy hose movement. Delivering 240 CFM of hot air, there is amazing drying convenience. This gives pets amazing experience and fast drying. You can choose the temperature settings from none, low and high depending on the drying need.


  • Steel constructed casing
  • Variable heat and speed
  • Large air volume


  • Flimsy hose

3. Free Paws Dog Dryer 4.0 HP Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

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Offering complete grooming to your pet requires ideal accessories. Free Paw dryer is perfected for use in dogs. With a full set of attachments, the dryer has excellent results. In fact, the 5 attachments range from nozzles to combs. They work perfectly, which means there is smooth grooming. The nozzles are great since they can work on different parts of the body. Therefore, dogs get shiny a smooth coat without hassles.

The construction features durable and high-quality materials. Besides, the design ensures there is significant noise reduction. Due to this, users enjoy quiet and low noise operation. The stable design is the reason this dryer is reliable and comfortable to use. With different operation modes, you can select the low, medium and high speed. Also, the device has variable CFM ranging from 92-99. Additionally, the heat adjusts from 96-158°F, which lets the user deal with a different type of dog hair.


  • Stable design
  • Variety of grooming
  • Easy storage


  • Heavy to lift

2. EasyClip Quiet Aire Professional Animal Grooming Dryer

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EasyClip professional dryer is excellent when it comes to keeping your pets dry. Whether it’s after swimming or washing your dog, the dryer is superb. With whisper-quiet operation, the dryer is ideal even for noise-sensitive dogs. The sleek and easy to use design renders the device amazing and comfortable. This allows users to enjoy great grip hence simple to maneuver easily. With tilting design, the device can adjust to 5 positions. Therefore it is easy to enjoy hands-free drying.

The ceramic ion technology gives the dryer seamless warm air that keeps pet hair shiny. Boasting 3 heat and 3 air speed settings, the machine delivers outstanding pet coat grooming. Powered by 1875 watt of turbo power, the device creates reliable grooming. The even heating and consistent airflow mean quick dog grooming.


  • Even heating technology
  • Tilting design
  • Whisper-quiet operation


  • Weaker than rivals

1. SHELANDY 3.2HP Pet Hair Force Dryer

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Shelady 3.2 horsepower force dryer gives your pets fantastic treat. Offering quick drying and amazing comfort, there is no more damage to the pet coat. The variable wind speed is fantastic and lets the user customize depending on user need. It can deliver wind speed ranging from 65 to 135 mph. Additionally, the two option heat function combines with the high-speed wind to create efficient drying process. Also, the adjustable nature ensures it suits large and small breeds.

The power output is adjustable, which delivers the needed performance. Delivering great wind and heat, they combine to ensure pet coat is smooth. Additionally, the quiet operating motor is good for the peace of mind. The large and flexible hose keep every move simple. Moreover, the attachments are amazing for complete pet grooming. The hose can be expanded to reach longer distances without moving the machine.


  • Adjustable hose
  • Variable wind and heat
  • Different nozzles


  • No setting timer


Dog dryers are amazing accessories for grooming. They are superb for a variety of functions when dealing with pet coats. With hot air and other attachments, they ensure there is complete pet treatment. With different dryers, these featuring in this list are superb your pets.

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