Top 10 Best Dog Raincoats in 2021 – Reviews


Walking your dog around the home or while traveling is a great exercise. But, when the weather turns nasty, keeping your pet safe can be tricky. To avoid inconveniences, having reliable dog raincoats always is a big step. Unlike using an umbrella, jackets are more secure and efficient. They offer full-body protection against wetness to keep the dog dry.

Buying a pet raincoat can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the right size. It is that reason you need to know your dog size to get the perfect coat. Furthermore, knowing your pet breed is one way to ensure the right selection. Apart from the size issues, raincoats’ quality and reliability need to be highly considered. Avoiding guesswork is why everyone loves. This collection of the best raincoats for dogs reviewed below ensures a perfect purchase.

The Best Dog Raincoats Buying Guide:

There is every need to buy a rain jacket for your pet. Here are some top qualities to consider when purchasing.

  • Dog size: The size of your dog is vital in considering the right jacket. Considering there are different dog breeds, it becomes crucial to consider using a size chart. It will give you right-sizing, which will prompt you to order the best fitting jacket. Additionally, measuring vital areas will provide you with the exact size of your coat to purchase.
  • Waterproof ability: Besides being ideal for use during rainy seasons, it is vital to look for a waterproof jacket. Some of the coats are treated with a water-repelling layer to prevent absorption. Therefore, even when walking on rain, it doesn’t permit water leaking into the pet body. Besides, some of the materials only offer waterproofing for a while. Therefore, they are only ideal for a short period in the rain.
  • Ease of washing: Washing dog jackets is mandatory to keep them free from dirt and bad odors. Therefore, since there are instances of dogs soil themselves, cleaning should not be a hassle. Some coats are machine washable, hand washing, and others can be wiped with a damp cloth. Whichever the case, ensures your choice is simple and hassle-free to clean.
  • Reflective stripes: The reflective stripes are standard in every dog jacket. It is thus desirable to check whether your choice has these enhancements. They are vital since your dog is safe, especially on the road. They ensure when walking under low light conditions, motorists can easily see your pet.

Best Dog Raincoats in 2021

10. kyeese Waterproof Reflective Dog Rain Poncho

kyeese Waterproof Reflective Dog Rain Poncho

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The Kveese dog poncho is efficient in keeping your pet free from wet fur. Whether it’s raining or snowing, it has a superior outer shell with high waterproofing. Available in different sizes, pet owners can get the right options for different sized dogs. Besides sturdy upper material, the coat provides mesh lining for high breathability. Therefore, the pet won’t suffer from excessive heat or wetting due to accumulated sweat.

Amazingly, when traveling, the coat simple to carry. It has a packable design, which is fantastic in ensuring there are no more carrying pains. Depending on the dog body size, it comes with adjustable Velcro straps. These make the whole fitting process simple and keeps the dog well covered. To ensure no part is exposed, the jacket has a hood. The leash hole enables you to have maximum dog control, especially vicious dogs, while in public places.


  • Easy to adjust Velcro straps
  • Reflective zipper pocket for night safety
  • Breathable inner mesh lining


  • Hood lacks drawstrings

9. Nourse CHOWSING Adjustable Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

Nourse CHOWSING Adjustable Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

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Getting your dog rained can cause a variety of health issues. But, when the heavens open unexpectedly, the protective jacket is vital for proper rain protection. The Nourse Chowsing is one of the top-rated raincoats for dogs. Furthermore, the construction entails soft waterproof and windproof fabrics. They enable high flexibility, which lets your pet walk freely. Also, the coat is exceptionally breathable, which is classic for general pup comfort. Whether it’s foggy or drizzling, this coat helps to keep the dog clean and water-free.

When waling the pet, wearing this jacket helps to increase overall safety. Usually, reflective enhancements are responsible or increasing visibility. With broad Velcro straps, there is enhanced safety, which ensures the coat doesn’t fall. Depending on how large is a dog, the straps allow adjustment for a snug fit. Above all, the cap buckle is adjustable to ensure precise cap size adjustment.


  • Adjustable capsize
  • Broad Velcro straps
  • Professional construction materials


  • None

8. Pro Plums Dog Adjustable Lightweight Dog Jacket with Reflective Straps

Pro Plums Dog Adjustable Lightweight Dog Jacket with Reflective Straps

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The Pro Plums Dog flexible and lightweight jacket perfectly suits your pup. It eliminates the risks of buying wrong sized jackets since it has adjustable straps for a correct fit. The raincoat allows for versatile adjustment. Whether its collar or back, the coat is perfect and enables simple adjustment. Due to this, it perfectly suits different breeds efficiently. Wearing this coat leaves the dog looking awesome. It has a sleek shell with attractive design to keep pet looking charming.

The shiny ad reflective design is fantastic in ensuring this coat is perfect, especially at nights. It enables motorists to see your pet in darks. With neck region enhanced with drawstring, it allows a snug fit hence keeping water away as well as wind. Using a leash is eased since you can efficiently connect easily without removing the coat. Above all, comfort is fantastic when the dog is wearing a thin jacket since it’s highly breathable.


  • Easy to connect the leash
  • Fits multiple breeds
  • Machine washable fabrics


  • Slides on small breeds

7. Vizpet Waterproof & High Visibility Dog Coat Jacket

Vizpet Waterproof & High Visibility Dog Coat Jacket

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Keeping pets dry always depends on weather patterns. The vizpet waterproof dog coat jacket proves to be highly efficient. It’s a lightweight coat that allows easy carrying. Therefore, you can carry it everywhere always to keep your friend safe and dry. This rain slicker is manufactured from high-quality waterproof nylon coating. It created a perfect barrier against water, which is excellent for keeping the dog safe. Since the fabrics are soft, there is superb flexibility, which enables unmatched comfort.

Amazingly, the coat is superbly sleek, which keeps pets looking amazing. The multicolor design allows the jacket to look appealing. The bright color is excellent for increasing noticeability in low light. The inbuilt leash slot makes it easy to control your pet without removing the coat. Although the jacket is waterproof, it is incredibly comfortable and breathable.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Inbuilt leash attachment
  • Retractable gear


  • Don’t have hood

6. PetEdge Dealer Services Dog Rain Coat with Reflective Stripe

PetEdge Dealer Services Dog Rain Coat with Reflective Stripe

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Dog raincoats are suitable investments for keeping the pet comfortable. The PetEdge dog rain jacket is safe and healthy for pets. It’s efficient for keeping water away from pets. The coat features heavy-duty vinyl that has robust waterproofing. As a result, there are more awful smells due to wet fur. With simple to clean surfaces, it helps to keep the jacket sleek. The large back pocket is handy in keeping different accessories.

Compared to other jackets, this offers extended protection. The highly visible color allows safe walking. Besides, the reflective strips are essential also to improve safety when walking on roads. Fitting and adjusting the coat is simple since it features Velcro straps. The jacket features a drawstring hood, leash attachment, and pocket. The sizing is versatile since it comes with various sizes for different breeds.


  • Large pocket
  • Highly visible reflective back strips
  • Elastic leg straps


  • Slight smell

5. Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat Jacket Poncho Hoodies with Reflective Stripes

Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat Jacket Poncho Hoodies with Reflective Stripes

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The Mikayoo raincoat for dogs is professionally made to keep pets dry in all weather. Especially when it is raining or snowing, the professionally built jacket poncho is highly reliable. The heavy-duty outdoor materials ensure there is proper protection against water. Additionally, the breathability is exceptional and provides the dog gets a relaxed feeling. Made from safe materials, the poncho is ideal for dogs since it doesn’t contain harmful substances.

Fitting the jacket is superb since it allows the user to enjoy simple pet wearing. With elastic leg straps, the coat fits perfectly without sliding. Also, the belt on the abdomen ensures there are a snug and comfortable fit. Due to professional construction, the coat offers proper body covering and comfort. With a slot for easy leach usage, there is high convenience when using this jacket. The back pocket ensures you can place leash or other pet items.


  • Large back pocket
  • Adjustable drawstring hood
  • Safe materials or pets


  • Feels a bit lose

4. NACOCO Large Dog Adjustable Pet Water Proof Rain Jacket Poncho Hoodies

NACOCO Large Dog Adjustable Pet Water Proof Rain Jacket Poncho Hoodies

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Nacoco pet poncho hoodies ensure dogs enjoy comfort and water protection. The jacket is professionally made, and material ensures there is no more trial and error. Therefore protection and comfort allow the pet owner to rely on this coat to keep the dog safe. Unlike other waterproof materials, this one is breathable and soft; hence, there is no cracking. Additionally, there are no discomforts due to skin sniping by a cracked exterior shell.

The convenience when the pet is wearing this coat is fantastic. It has snug-fitting, which a superb is since dog walks without experiencing inconveniences. The belly and shoulder straps help to allow the jacket to offer the best protection. The hood features a drawstring that keeps the coat in position. For the safety of your pet, there is a highly visible reflective strip at the back and front chest area.


  • Breathable waterproof material
  • Full body covering
  • Quick cleaning and drying
  • 100% polyester fabrics


  • No posterior securing strap

3. okdeals Leisure Waterproof Lightweight Dog Coat Jacket

okdeals Leisure Waterproof Lightweight Dog Coat Jacket

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Getting the right coat for wet seasons is a great step for clean pets. Damp fur can be problematic and causes terrible odors. But. Once you invest in okdeals leisure lightweight dog jacket, it protects the dog skin from rainwater and snow. Therefore, whenever going outdoors, this coat is the right one to carry. It has a lightweight construction, which is classic for allowing stress-free carrying.

The breathable nature ensures there are no discomforts like with other coats. Thus, even when used during dog training, it doesn’t cause excessive sweating. Interestingly, the jacket comes with a handy pocket to carry dog snacks, trash, and other items. Designed with a leash opening hole, there is no trimming needed. To secure the jacket in position, it has an adjustable belly strap while cloak design ensures there proper chest protection.


  • Velcro closure pocket
  • Cloak style for chest protection
  • Large and medium dog fit


  • Not machine washable

2. Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Dog Raincoat with Removable Hood

Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Dog Raincoat with Removable Hood

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The Ellie dog wear dog coat gives every pet exceptional protection. It enables easy walking during rainy seasons without wetting the dog hair. Consequently, there are no skin issues or odors emanating from wet fur. Unlike other coats, this jacket features double layers that are reliable. As a result, the dog enjoys proper rain protection while increasing warmth. Besides, the combination of zipper closure and buttons ensures there is a superb fit.

The outer shell is complete water-resistant to allow unmatched protection. Also, the extended front legs allow proper fit without movements. With adjustable design, it enables fitting to a variety of breeds. Whether large or medium breeds, the coat efficiently fits awesomely. The multiple pockets are handy for carrying essential items safely.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Double-layered construction
  • Zipper and button closure
  • Removable hoodie


  • Don’t fit extra-large dogs

1. Ethical Pet Fashion 100% Polyester Pet Dog Raincoat for Small Dogs

Ethical Pet Fashion 100% Polyester Pet Dog Raincoat for Small Dogs

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The Ethical pet dog coat is dedicated to small breeds. The jacket is reliable and provides the best waterproofing. Besides, the stylish and comfortable design enables the dog to enjoy walking even when it’s raining. Boasting vibrant colors, it is bright and ensures there is high visibility than dull coats. Additionally, the reflective strip on the back provides updated safety when walking with your pet on the road.

To allow the dog to enjoy comfortable and disturbance-free wear, the coat has belly and chest straps. They are great at increasing comfort and snug-fitting. Also, the hoodie is excellent in ensuring dogs get proper protection, even on the head and necks. Since the jacket is small when folded, it is light and simple to carry.


  • Well designed and stylish
  • Dual Velcro straps
  • Large hoodie
  • Leash hole on the back


  • Less hide quarter cover


Dog raincoats are the ultimate ways to keep your pets away from the rain. With proper coverage, it gives a clean and water-free hair. Therefore, even carrying a dog coat is always simple. To beat the weather, ensure your dog has the best waterproof jacket.

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