Top 10 Best Folding Computer Desks in 2021 – Reviews


In cases where space-saving and mobility are top concerns, a folding desk is preferable to a large, heavy desk. A folding computer desk is more convenient and much more affordable for students, work-at-home individuals, vacationers, RV owners, and business people who travel frequently. They have many advantages over other the conventional table including:

  • You can set up your working space quickly
  • A folding table or desk is a perfect gift for college students and young professionals
  • An excellent option for vacation homes
  • These tables have the look of more permanent furniture
  • Easy storage
  • They are lightweight and highly portable
  • Folding desks and tables come in sizes and types suitable for all needs

For the reason that these folding computer desks come at a very affordable price, they are a budget-friendly option for a gaming console stand, studying table, or vacationing table.

Our research team has taken time to evaluate some of the best folding computer desks on the market. Explore each one to see if you can find one that meets your needs.

Best Folding Computer Desks in 2021

10. Need AC5BB-E1(8040) Small Heavy-Duty Folding Laptop Desk for Small Spaces

By: Need

Need AC5BB-E1(8040) Small Heavy-Duty Folding Laptop Desk for Small Spaces

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This space-saving desk is suitable for use as a laptop desk, writing and study desk, or sewing table. The desk comes completely assembled.  Therefore, you will use it right out of the packaging box as it unfolds quickly. The manufacturer has tried to make this desk as minimalist as possible. When folded, the laptop desk has a thickness of about 4.5 inches, which is very convenient for storage.

The table’s black, heavy-duty, steel frame can support a maximum load weight of 400lbs, which makes it a perfect sewing table. The desktop’s elegant teak color will add some aesthetic value to your space. Also, the top surface is scratch-resistant and friction-resistant.

  • Very stable and sturdy
  • No assembly needed
  • Fits in small storage spaces
  • Easy to move around the house
  • Legs fold out smoothly and snap into place
  • Multipurpose use – working, writing, painting, gaming, etc.
  • You need to take extreme care for your fingers when the spring-loaded legs are snapping into place.
  • Not recommended for use by children in the absence of an adult

9. Allywit Height-Adjustable Folding Computer Desk

By: Allywit

Allywit Height-Adjustable Folding Computer Desk

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Featuring a 100% high quality engineered wood top, this Allywit table is both lightweight and sturdy. It makes a multipurpose workstation for office work and can function as a TV tray or book/tablet stand. Also, this foldable desk allows you to work while standing. It enables you to avoid disorders such as spondylitis and backache, which result from sitting for too long in the workplace.

This Allywit masterpiece is easy to set up. There are two auto-lock buttons on either side for quick height adjustment. Besides, the table folds flat for hassle-free storage, and it is light enough to carry around. With this desk, you can quickly set up your ergonomic workstation in small spaces.

  • Built of highly durable engineered wood
  • Wheels move nicely and do not scratch the floor
  • Very light to carry upstairs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great price
  • The table is too tall to work on while sitting on the couch
  • The plastic ridge along the edge of the table holds the laptop, but the mouse keeps falling
  • Some users feel assembly instructions should be improved

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8. Zenstyle Multipurpose Folding Computer Desk

By: Zenstyle


Zenstyle Multipurpose Folding Computer Desk

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Do you live in a small apartment with no space for a large, heavy table?

Or are you a business professional who takes regular business trips and need a highly portable convenience desk?

This Zenstyle multipurpose folding computer desk is an excellent option for a tidy study or workspace. It is large enough to hold the necessary office and study supplies. In addition, you can quickly assemble it without using any tools thanks to its pre-assembled metal frame. Taking the table down is also super easy. You effortlessly take the top off and fold the frame.

With a weight of a mere 19 pounds, the table is easy to carry to outdoor events. What’s more, the tabletop is made of highly durable MDF board with a natural finish for more durability.

  • X-shaped iron tube frame provides extra support
  • Elegant and sleek appearance
  • Waterproof desktop
  • Practical size
  •  Very affordable price
  • May droop if you place too many items in the middle of the desktop
  • The design is too basic for someone who’s looking for something stylish

7. Frylr Upgraded Folding Computer Desk with Charging System

By: Frylr

Frylr Upgraded Folding Computer Desk with Charging System

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Frylr has introduced to the market one of the most innovative folding computer desks in 2021. This super sturdy desk has a charging system comprising two charging ports and power sockets. Furthermore, it is incredibly convenient for individuals who work with multiple electronic gadgets. You can plug in three 110c devices and two USBs.

Additionally, CARB-approved, waterproof, and scratch-resistant MDF material makes the desktop while a durable steel frame supports the top. Besides, the structure has storage space under the desktop for your books and accessories. This additional space helps to keep your desktop clean and tidy. Adjustable leg pads make the desk stand stable even on uneven floor.

Use this modern computer table at the office, at home, or during picnics. You can rest assured you will not regret. Frylr gives a 12-month warranty and a 30-day unconditional full refund.

  • The table stands steady on plush carpeting
  • Built-in power station with multiple charge outlets for convenient charging of electronics
  • Great table for operating radio equipment
  • Easy to move and use
  • Fits well in small offices
  • Folds easily for storage or transportation
  • Price is slightly higher than other computer tables in our selection
  • The lack of instructions makes assembly difficult for some people

6. DlandHome 47 inches Office Table Computer Desk Study Table for Home Office

By: DlandHome

DlandHome 47 inches Office Table Computer Desk Study Table for Home Office

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This desk offers a large amount of work surface, solid construction, and a nice modern look at a friendly cost. The table measures 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.5 inches and has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. In addition to that, it features a built-in double spring technology that helps to improve stability. The tabletop is constructed from E1 grade environmental wood that is durable and stable.

The Built-in extra storage layer allows you to store your tablet, phone, book, and laptop. Typically, this multifunctional table can be used as a dining table, office table, computer desk, gaming table, computer table, or writing desk. It is applicable in different indoor environments in your office or home.

  • Made of solid wood particle pressing
  • Measures 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.5inch
  • Foldable and easy to assemble
  • Built-in extra storage layer
  • Adjustable feet pads (1-2cm)

5. GreenForest Industrial Style Folding Computer Desk

By: GreenForest

GreenForest Industrial Style Folding Computer Desk

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Maximize space in your small office or apartment using this small, easy to move, multipurpose folding desk. Although the table has a space-saving and straightforward design, it’s look decorates your room. The walnut desktop color uniquely blends in well with other furniture to give your room a warm and expensive look.

In addition to its minimalist design, the table is very light so you can move it around as you wish. To ensure that you complete assembling it quickly and without any hurdles, GreenForest has included the necessary assembly equipment in the package. You can conveniently store the table in a corner or under the bed when the table is not in use.

  • Sleek, modern design for a desk/study table
  • Makes a very stable work surface
  • Compact folding desk that’s easy to store
  • Many users love the wood surface
  • Excellent price, it’s more affordable than most top 10 folding tables
  • You cannot write on plain paper on the tabletop as the surface is textured
  • It comes 100% unassembled

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4. Engriy Folding Home Office Computer Desk for Notebook PC Laptop

By: Engriy

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If you are looking for the best desk for your office or home, you can never go wrong when purchasing Engriy Folding Computer Desk. It is a versatile computer desk with a black metal frame and rustic board with delightful decoration that matches your room’s décor. The top P2 wooden board is waterproof, enabling the best to be easy to clean and waterproof. You can use this desk in the office, children’s room, living room, bedroom, study room as a game table, study table, or computer desk.

Ideally, this computer desk measures 39.4 inches x 19.7 inches x 29.5 inches, and it is easy to install without additional tools. It features extra crossbars below the desk that ensures increased stability. Moreover, its folding design makes it easy to carry, and it can also be utilized as a picnic table.

  • 39.4 x 19.7 x 29.5 inches computer desk
  • Has rustic board and black metal frame
  • Comes with two additional metal hooks
  • Foldable design for easy installation
  • Extra crossbars below desk for increased stability

3. Poarmeey Rolling Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

By: Poarmeey

Poarmeey Rolling Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

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Most busy people prefer using versatile accessories that match the need for flexibility. Poarmeey designed this computer desk with such people in mind.

This super-compact table is great for reading, writing, drawing, eating, and so on. It comes with two sets of legs: one with wheels, and one without wheels. You can select any set depending on how you want to use the desk. Also, The wheeled table setup offers the advantage of smooth movement while the wheel-less configuration provides more stability.

The table comes at a price slightly higher than the average, but many users claim that you get what you pay for – premium price for premium service.

  • Stable while on a hard floor or elsewhere
  • Adjustable feet function
  • Wheels move easily without scratching the floor
  • Wheel lock system for stability
  • Uses environmental-friendly tabletop material
  • Small size that slots into incredibly convenient spaces
  • Industry-style look
  • The manufacturer does not provide worded instructions
  • The table is a bit too tall if you have a short chair

2. KingCamp Folding Bamboo Table with Aluminum Frame

By: KingCamp

KingCamp Folding Bamboo Table with Aluminum Frame

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Talk of stability, portability, versatility, and high-quality material, and you’ll be describing this KingCamp folding bamboo table.

Everything about this table is built to perfection. First of all, an anti-UV water-resistant bamboo desktop securely attaches to a stable aluminum frame. Place up to 176 lbs on this table, and it will stand up to the weight. Besides, the table is easy to fold and has an ergonomic handle that enables you to carry around like a briefcase.

More to this, you can adjust the height of the table to suit your needs when indoors or during outdoor parties, camps, and picnics. The table is large enough to serve as a 4-to-6 people dinner table.

  • Innovative folding design that locks well when closed or open
  • The solid frame supports even a sewing machine
  • Easy to fold up and carry
  • Adjusts to the required heights for meals and snacks
  • Great for artwork
  • Attractive bamboo desktop
  • It’s reasonably heavy to carry for long distances
  • Bambo may get scratched when the table is packed with other hard items while transporting camping gear
  • Highest price compared to other tables we’ve reviewed

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1. Need AC5CB8040 Small Computer Desk Folding Table

By: Need

Need AC5CB8040 Small Computer Desk Folding Table

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Finally, we come to the overall best small folding computer desk. The Need AC5CB8040 scores highly in most of the crucial qualities of a great folding table.  To start with, this table is compact, and its design makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The table is BIFMA-certified, which means it meets U.S. office furniture standards.

This folding table is perfect for home offices, college door rooms, and small apartments. The tabletop material is E1 standard (environmental-friendly standard) particle wood finished with glossy, waterproof, anti-scratch material. Besides, the frame features adjustable padded legs that keep the table stable even on uneven floor.

With L31 1/2″ * W15 3/4″ * H29 1/4″ measurements and an easy-to-fold compact design, the table fits in tiny spaces when in use and when folded. Need is famous for its 100% satisfaction guaranteed furniture, so it’s not surprising this folding table made it to the top of our ranking.

  • International-standard, BIFMA-certified design
  • Environmental-friendly and durable material
  • Sturdy and stable on all floor surfaces
  • Solid build that does not need assembly
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • An adult can carry the folded table with one hand using the ergonomic handle
  • Favorable price
  • Springs fitted on the legs are firm; take care of your fingers
  • You’ll need to add protective covers on the corners to avoid skin scratches


What more could you ask? Choose any of these tested and proven folding tables to live a more stress-free life. You can achieve significant organization benefits from using your choice of folding desk or table regardless of the size of your living space or office. Hopefully, this extensive review is of great value as you make an informed decision about the kind of folding desk that meets your requirements.

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