Top 10 Best Forehead Thermometers in 2021 – Reviews | Monitoring Body Temperature


Monitoring body temperature is essential in tracing any arising problem. Besides, keeping track of daily body temperature is necessary for many reasons. However, to keep accurate results, a thermometer is the handy and right tool to get. There are different types of thermometers in stores. Forehead thermometers are among the ideal options for use in different people. They don’t have contact, which eliminates the need to sanitize after every user.

The non-contact thermometers are great since they can be used in public places, offices and other places. This means that once you have it, there is a quick and efficient way to know a sick person. Especially with some infectious diseases causing fever on patients, it’s easy to take the right step by monitoring their body temperature.

Forehead Thermometers Buying Guide

  • Accuracy: accuracy is paramount in any thermometer. It determines whether the results are accurate, or you need to take several measurements. Although it’s ideal for performing more than one test, accurate devices don’t need this. They are capable of delivering accurate results one time. With different brands, it is ideal for checking the accuracy as well as error factor.
  • Backlit display: the ability to read your thermometer even at night is superb. It means you can grab it and use even when lights are off. Therefore, a backlit device display is always a priority. Additionally, large screen and digits are ideal for ensuring there is quick and easy reading.
  • Multipurpose application: current models of infrared thermometers are versatile. Although they are ideal for human body temperature monitoring, they also permit other works. They can measure other surfaces hence great for many home uses. However, there are some with only human measuring meaning that can’t measure other surfaces. With a versatile option, it is possible to enjoy measuring food, water and others for improved safety.
  • Measuring distance: using infrared thermometers means there is nobody contact with the device. Therefore, they measure through the infrared light. Most thermometers can measure accurately between 0-5 cm. Depending on where to use, the longer distance, the better if it is for use in public places. However, for home use, any thermometer is great as long as it’s accurate.

Best Forehead Thermometer in 2021

10. AXAYINC Forehead Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display

AXAYINC Forehead Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display

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Axayinc infrared thermometer is an excellent tool for accurate temperature checking. Its non-contact, meaning organizations and other places can use these devices. Since there is no body contact, the device works efficiently and quickly. Amazingly, the device is multifunctional and can work with the body and other surfaces. Therefore when checking temperatures in different surfaces, it’s easy to switch without problems.

Apart from multifunctional usage, the device has an easy switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The ergonomic design ensures there are no more struggles after a mass temperature exercise. Due to the safety infrared technology, the device is ideal for babies, adults and elderly. The simple set up and ease of use maintain great usability without stress. Due to the backlit displays, it’s great for use at night. The fever alarm is a great feature and allows parents to take appropriate measures. Powered by AAA batteries, it’s ideal for use everywhere.

  • Ideal for all people
  • Checks body and surfaces
  • Fever alarm
  • None

9. Eccomum Medical Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Eccomum Medical Forehead Infrared Thermometer

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Eccomum hand digital thermometer is great in ensuring instant temperature check. Unlike other digital thermometers, this has infrared technology. Therefore, it works without contact with the body. The device has excellent precision and ensures there is accurate clinical results. The latest infrared technology means there is no contact. Therefore, it’s a safe and hygienic way to enjoy seamless testing. Made from strong ABS plastic, the device is durable and lightweight.

The device is perfectly is designed to deliver accurate body temperature. Unlike others, it has dedicated design and calibration to deliver accurate quickly. In fact, the device has a range of 89.6-109.2 F. This makes the device right for everyone. It can work on kids, adults and older people. Designed with memory function, the thermometer can keep up to groups. Additionally, the color coded display and alarm helps in quick fever recording.

  • Memory functions
  • Accurate infrared sensor
  • Durable construction
  • No for other surfaces

8. Metene Forehead and Ear High Accuracy Infrared Thermometer

Metene Forehead and Ear High Accuracy Infrared Thermometer

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Matene infrared thermometer is great in ensuring there is accurate measuring. It’s a sleek and compact device that can be carried everywhere. Whether going outdoors or traveling, its great device to have. Despite the small nature, it offers highly accurate results. Therefore, its east to know when baby or adult has a fever. Built with German Hyman thermoelectric sensor, the device has reliable accuracy. Additionally, ambient temperature compensation ensures consistent and accurate measurements.

The versatile use makes the thermometer easy to use. It is ideal for the forehead and ear. Thus, whether measuring kids or adults, the device is great for ensuring that everyone is in good health. Moreover, the body is built from ABS plastic. The display covered with clear acrylic. This ensures visibility and protection of screen from scratches. The large backlit LED display ensure quick and easy reading, whether daytime or night. Easy switch to metric to imperial units make this device right for everyone.

  • Large digits display
  • High accuracy
  • Instant reading
  • Multiple sensors
  • No rechargeable battery

7. SZMP Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Memory

SZMP Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Memory

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SZMP is a versatile non-contact thermometer ideal for different functions. It can measure different temperature hence good for the human body, food, pets and other surfaces. Equipped with the latest infrared sensor, the device offers readings in 1 second. Therefore, even when used for mass temperature measuring, there is no waiting for long to get readings. The non-contact design is impressive since parents can take temperature reading easy, even in uncooperative kids.

The ability to measure different surfaces make it great for parents. They can measure food or hot drinks temperature to ensure they are good for babies. Not only for babies, but it’s a device with since it can be vital in most occasions. The memory function is superb since it enables you to recall up to 32 readings. The alarm for fever is automatic hence easing the user measuring experience. The beeping alarm is useful since it indicates when the temperature is beyond.

  • Suitable for different surfaces
  • Sound reminder
  • Automatic shut down
  • Doesn’t come with batteries

6. Amabana Handheld Medical Infrared Thermometer

Amabana Handheld Medical Infrared Thermometer

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Forget about the thermometers that you have to wait for a while. Amabana handheld con contact thermometer is a classic choice. It doesn’t need to touch the body, which makes it hygienic. With instant results, it is great for use anytime you need. Additionally, the device has a high accuracy sensor and is safe for babies and adults. Due to the accuracy, it’s good for families, clinics and nurseries. The non-contact nature means hygienic measuring and no sanitization needed.

The thermometer comes with three color modes. It, therefore, shows normal, high and fever in different colors. Additionally, the large display and fever alarm ensure simple usage. Due to the high standard and safe technology, the device is suitable for everybody. Ergonomic and comfortable nature means the device is great for extended use without fatigue in your fingers. Powered by alkaline batteries, the device is good for use everywhere.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Memory function
  • Color coded temperature indicator
  • No storage pouch

5. ATTONER Forehead Thermometer for Babies & Adults

ATTONER Forehead Thermometer for Babies & Adults

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Attoner forehead thermometer helps in detecting normal body or fever in people. The device has quick results and is not complicated to use. The efficient and superb non-contact measuring means the device is great for use in different people hygienically. The multimode design allows for safe usage on babies, infants, and elderly. Apart from measuring the body, the device is great for testing other house objects. Thus, whether it’s baby or pet food, you can efficiently test the temperature.

The thermometer comes with memory function for storing up to 20 readings. Therefore, it’s easy for the user to recall and store recordings for easy referencing. The device has a large display that offers big digits. Also, it has a battery indicator and has a backlight. With the ability to offer an easy reading at night. The sound reminder is excellent since it allows the user to note fever easily. HD display is sleek and clear to read.

  • High definition display
  • High accuracy readings
  • Sound reminder
  • Small memory

4. VIEWTEK Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

VIEWTEK Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Viewtek thermometer is handy and ideal for parents and other users. It is designed to ensure people measures temperature quickly without strains. Especially when you are testing uncooperative babies, this device is non-contact. Therefore, it is easy to measure accurately and conveniently. The device takes only 1 second to measure and display results hence great for quick usage. Besides, it has a strong sensor meaning it can sense accurate temperature up to 3cm.

The device has an HD display that delivers easy to read. Also, the screen is lit, which enable reading even at night. Unlike other devices with only ability to test human, this is versatile. It can be used for testing hot surfaces. In fact, you can check how hot is food to avoid getting burned. With color backlight, the device alert user on different level temperature. Whether it’s normal, high or fever, it’s easy to know due to light background color.

  • Color backlight
  • Different surfaces measuring
  • Large digital LCD screen
  • No inbuilt battery

3. Aazomba Digital Medical Infrared Accurate Thermometer

Aazomba Digital Medical Infrared Accurate Thermometer

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Aazomba medical thermometer is fantastic and accurate to give actual results. Equipped with infrared sensing ability, there is no more skin contact. As a result, it’s good for nurseries, hospitals and other places. The device has quick performance since it only takes 1 second, and results are displayed. Also, it only needs one reading since its accurate and no multiple reading like others. The easy switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa allows usage by everybody.

The thermometer has humanized design to enable high comfort to the user. Also, infrared technology used us safe and non-lethal to human. With 35 memory storage capacity, it’s easy to recall results. The multi-mode technology lets the device to be used by all ages. Additionally, it is ideal for other surfaces to check how cold or hot they are. The alarm function is great for easy notification. The automatic shut off after 15 seconds ensure there is battery saving.

  • Automatic shut off
  • Durable packing bag
  • Good for different surfaces
  • Shorts duration before going off

2. Abody Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Abody Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

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Abody non-contact thermometer keeps everyone checking temperature accurately. It’s one of the accurate devices with clinical backing due to vigorous testing. Therefore once you have it, there is superb reliability and accuracy. In fact, the thermometer is suitable for home as well as professional use. The infrared sensor means no more mercury or other harmful chemicals. The advanced Heinemann infrared and latest smart chip ensure exceptional accuracy. With quick measuring, there is no waiting for minutes to get results.

The intelligent fever detection is amazing for easy evaluation. This lets professionals or parents check whether the babies or patients have fever. Equipped with 12 sets of memory, it is possible to recall a recorded result. With a large display, the device delivers easy reading as well as background lighting. The humanized design is ideal for minimizing hassles to the user. The soft to press buttons are superb for ensuring easy operation.

  • Alarm and memory functions
  • Intelligent fever detection
  • High accuracy probe
  • None

1. That Healthy Skin Glow Digital Infrared Thermometer

That Healthy Skin Glow Digital Infrared Thermometer

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That Healthy Skin Glow thermometer is accurate and simple to use. With the non-contact design, the device is ideal for use on different occasions. Whether it’s home or hospitals, its accurate measuring ability makes it superb. The large LCD screen with backlight ensures there is easy reading all time. Whether its day or night, there is no need for a flashlight. Besides, it has a light off button, which helps in reducing energy consumption.

The construction features eco-friendly materials that are recyclable and highly durable. It also has superb ease of use such that even older people can use it. With a range of 32-212 degree Fahrenheit the device is classic in ensuring multiple application. With just a button press, the device changes from human to other surfaces. It’s ideal for grilling, milk bath, water and others; it’s a good thermometer for a variety of functions.

  • Multiple application
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • The body isn’t rugged


Non-contact thermometers are superb when you are dealing with many people. They ensure nobody contact hence ideal for home and other places. The comfortable grip and humanized design, they are superb for everyone. Above all, easy to use and quick results mean there is an excellent application.

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