Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners in 2021 – Reviews


When you want to change your look, going from a curly hair-do to a straight one is simple and easy. It doesn’t take much to remove those curls from your hair. Just a good straightening tool that is easy to use and a little time.

That is where one of the top 10 best hair straighteners in 209 come in. They are easy to use and help remove the curls in your hair quickly. Just keep reading to find out which one made the top 10 list in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hair Straightener

  • Temperature Settings: Adjustable heat settings are the way to go. You want to make sure you can use the flat iron on all hair types and get you the maximum results each time you use it.
  • Power Cord: The longer, the better but make sure the power cord has a rotating capability. You want it out of the way when you change your arm’s position.
  • Features: get the most features that enhance your hairstyle needs. The more features you have, the safer you are. Plus, you can get better control over your hair as you work
  • Plates: titanium and ceramic are the construction materials you want. These materials make sure the plates are evenly heated and wide enough to handle your hair issues.

Best Hair Straighteners in 2021

10. Etereauty Hair Straightener

By: Etereauty

Etereauty Hair Straightener

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An auto force adjustment technology guides the 1 1/3” wide flat iron plates through your hair. This technology reduces the pinching and pulling you normally get when you try to straighten your hair. Plus, the titanium and ceramic plates work hard to make your hair look its best.

Also, the touch screen allows you to make temperature changes on the go. Just a touch from your fingertip gives you the temperature you want between 180 to 450 degrees F. In addition, you do not have to wait long for your hair straightener to heat up. 30 seconds is all it takes to get to 248 degrees F.


  • Quick heat up time
  • Touch screen
  • Auto force technology
  • Titanium plates

9. RavisingRidge Hair Straightener

By: RavisingRidge

RavisingRidge Hair Straightener

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The choice is yours with this 2 in 1 hair straightening tool. You can either straighten your hair or put a little curl into it. Its unique feature is that you can dial in the temperature you want. The handle turns so you can select how hot you want this flat iron to get.

After you plug this flat iron in, the long power cord rotates and stays out of your way. Also, the hair straightener will work on any length of hair or on any hairstyle you may have. A lock feature keeps unwanted hands from using your hair straightener when you are not around.


  • Lock button
  • Ceramic plates
  • 2 in 1 capability
  • Dial a temperature technology

8. BESTOPE 1 Inch Hair Straightener


BESTOPE 1 Inch Hair Straightener

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What makes this hair straightener stand out is its dual voltage technology. After your purchase, you can take this hair straightener to any part of the world and plug it in. Plus, the ceramic plates glide smoothly through your hair.

Also, the adjustable temperature feature lets you see how hot the iron is on its LCD display screen. You get to choose how hot your hair straightener gets. Then you only have to wait about 30 seconds before the hair straightener reaches 355 degrees F. The 1” plates cover a lot of your hair at one time.


  • 1” plates
  • Dual voltage capability
  • 30-second heat up time
  • Adjustable temperature

7. Revlon Salon Straight Flat Iron

By: Revlon

Revlon Salon Straight Flat Iron

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The smart memory system included on this hair straightener makes sure it doesn’t forget the last temperature setting you had. Also, if you are in a rush, its 10-second heat up time allows you to get ready and be on time for your next appointment.

Plus, you get an auto shut off feature and dual voltage capability. You can travel worry free knowing your hair straightener is on the job. Then the 30 heat settings give you ultimate control. You can set your temperature almost anywhere you want up to 455 degrees F.


  • 10-second heat up
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Memory system
  • 30 temperature settings

6. LumaBella Hair Straightener

By: LumaBella

LumaBella Hair Straightener

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Along with being able to get up to 450 degrees F heat from this flat iron, you get heat protection as well. You should not damage your hair. 5 different temperature levels let you style your hair your way.

Plus, the 1” ceramic plates glide through your hair as you work. Their heat-sensing technology automatically adjusts the heat on this flat iron. Also, one button resets the temperature to its highest level in seconds. On top of that, the 1” plates are filled with keratin hair conditioner to help your hair look its best all day long.


  • Keratin hair conditioner included
  • Turbo heat boost function
  • Automatic heat reduction
  • Ceramic plates

5. Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

By: Xtava

Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

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To get your hair looking its best, this hair straightener comes with an armful of features. First, you get a 90-second heat up time for when you are in a hurry. Second, you can choose between 10 different temperature settings up to 455 degrees F. Third, you get a rotating power cord that stays out of your way as you work on your hair.

Next, you can use the lock feature to make sure unauthorized hands do not mess with your hair straightener. Those are not all the features that come with this large iron space doesn’t allow us to list them all.


  • Auto-shut off function
  • 8’ power cord
  • Dual voltage capability
  • 2” plates

4. CHI Original Straightening Hairstyling Iron

By: chi flat iron

CHI Original Straightening Hairstyling Iron

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A simple to use on and off switch is easily accessed between the two plates. The ergonomically designed flat iron heats up to 392 degrees F very quickly. Unfortunately, the heat setting is not adjustable.

Plus, the dual voltage technology does require an adapter to work at its best levels. Also, you get a rotating power cord to make sure your hair flattening time is hassle-free. In addition to this, the hair straightener works hard to remove static electricity and fights frizz. Beside straightening, you can curl, flip and do other creative hair designs.


  • Does more than straighten hair
  • Dual voltage technology included
  • Quick heat up time
  • Rotating power cord

3. Remington 1” Flat Iron

By: Remington

Remington 1” Flat Iron

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An automatic shutoff feature kicks in after 60 minutes when you forget to turn it off after using it. Once you have plugged the hair straightener in, you get a fast heat up time making sure you are not late for your next date.

Also, the adjustable temperature setting is easy to reach and use. Plus, you get a small LCD digital display letting you know what temperature the iron is at. Then anti-static technology protects your hair from unwanted electricity build up. 1” ceramic plates go through your hair smoothly and make short work of your hair straightening time.


  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • 6 heat settings
  • Anti-static technology
  • LCD digital display

2. Kipozi Flat Iron

By: Kipozi

Kipozi Flat Iron

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The floating ceramic plates should not pull your hair as they glide through your beautiful locks. Plus, you get the benefit of a variety of heat settings, up to 450 degrees F. Set the flat iron to the temperature that matches your hairstyle. A simple LCD digital display keeps you informed of your heat setting.

Also, you get 15-second heat up, a 90-minute automatic shutoff and dual voltage abilities. In addition, there is an 8-foot rotating power cord to give you position advantages as you work on your hair. The 1” plates handle it all.


  • 15-second heat up time
  • A variety of heat settings
  • 8’ rotating power cord
  • Dual voltage capability

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron


HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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A handy to use protective glove is part of this hair straightening set. Not only is your hand protected but you get a nice protective pouch to store the hair straightener when not in use. Also, you also get 1” ceramic plates to handle the straightening chore.

Also, 6-foot rotating power cord makes sure you do not get tangled as you work. All the controls are inside the handles, so you do not accidentally turn the hair straightener on. 8 micro-sensors help make sure the heat is distributed evenly throughout the plated for a better finish.


  • 6-foot rotating power cord
  • 8 microsensors
  • Protective glove
  • Carrying case


Women like to change their minds. One thing they like to change their minds about is their hairstyle. One day they love it curly and another they want it flat. To achieve their hairstyle changes, they need one of the top 10 best hair straighteners in 2021.

This handy hair tool provides you with top quality plates that glide through your hair without any static electricity build-up. Plus, they bring adjustable heat settings, and more features to make changing your hairstyle simple and easy.

When you want a great hairstyle, you need to go with one of the top 10 hair styling tools around. That ensures that you get the best results every time.

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