Top 10 Best Heated Water Bowls for Pets in 2021 – Reviews


Whether it is summer or winter, water is vital to every animal. Pets also need to drink water when need be. But, when it’s cold, pets need warm drinking water. This will ensure they don’t suffer from cold-related complications. Heating water every time can be tiring, that is why heated water bowls for pets are essentials. They are equipped with heating mechanisms, this quick in warming water.

With an ideal bowl, it means you can add enough water for pets. But, just like the eating bowls, size of pet determines your selection. Additionally, the choice of a container focuses much on the materials. Many materials are used in making of these containers. Amazingly, these bowls are compact and allow high portability. Therefore, even when traveling, you can use them everywhere. To keep your pet hydrated, below are some of the heated water bowls for pets to buy.

Heated Water Bowl for Pets Buying Guide

  • Construction materials: The construction materials form one of the top considerations of almost everything. The same applies when you are looking for a dog heated bowl. Since there are many materials, choosing the ideal and right one is superb.

In most cases, plastic is commonly used in making of these bowls. However, the quality plastic should be certified to ensure there is no safety compromise. There are other bowls with a combination of plastic as well as stainless steel inner part.

  • Bowl capacity: Depending on the pet size, the bowl capacity is vital. In most cases, large pets will need bigger bowls. This will ensure they have enough water while reducing the frequency of refilling. Also, for areas with many wild animals like hares, squirrels, and other large-capacity containers are superb.
  • Wattage: The wattage is essential in determining how fast heating your bowl is. Typically, most of the containers are below 100watts. Therefore they take little energy that doesn’t impact your bills a lot.
  • Temperature settings: Some of the bowls come with a single temperature setting. This means you can’t adjust to your preferred heating. Once you switch on, it remains consistent throughout. But some of the advanced bowls come with different temperature levels. Therefore, you can set heat level depending on the prevailing temperatures.

Best Heated Water Bowls for Pets in 2021

10. Petfactors Outdoor 1-Gallon Pet Thermal Water Bowl

Petfactors Outdoor 1-Gallon Pet Thermal Water Bowl

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The Petfactors bowl is an excellent accessory for pets. It offers heated water, which allows pets to enjoy proper hydration throughout. Whether it is cold or summer, you can opt for cold or hot water. The large capacity is ideal since it reduces your refill frequency. Actually, the container has 1-gallon capacity, hence guaranteeing your pet enough water. It is suitable for all pets since it holds enough volume even for large breeds.

The waterproof On/Off button ensures the bowl has outstanding safety against damage by wetness. With adjustable temperature control, the dish can warm 97℉ – 109℉; the bowl helps to keep water in drinkable state always. Wrapped with steel casing, this bowl power cord is tough and resist chewing. Therefore, even for aggressive pets, it is durable and ideal water container. The 69 inches power cord allows for this bowl to be plugged safely.


  • Steel reinforced power cord
  • Elevated bottom
  • Waterproof On/Off button
  • No water protection


  • None

9. QT GRN 25W Heated Pet Bowl 1 Quart 

QT GRN 25W Heated Pet Bowl 1 Quart

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The QT GRN bowl is tasked with offering solution to warm water. Creatively made, this can have exceptional performance. Measuring 1 quarts capacity, it fits different sized pets. Notably, it is fit for medium and small dogs. Thus, it proves superb for most people with pets. The bowl is thermostatically operated. Unlike other manually operated, this operates automatically when needed. As a result, whether at home or away, your pet will never drink cold water. The bowl also doesn’t run dry for fire protection.

The cord is long to allow easy plugging without needing power extensions. Moreover, it has metallic encasing that protects the cord from getting chewed. Made from heavy-duty plastic, it doesn’t have unwanted smells or get corroded. Thus, it provides years of operation without getting damaged by corrosion like metallic ones. Rated 25 watts, this pet water container doesn’t consume a lot of power.


  • Extra-long power cord
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Efficient water heating


  • Not for large breeds

8. K&H Pet Products 32ozThermal-Bowl Heated Cat & Dog Bowl

K&H Pet Products 32ozThermal-Bowl Heated Cat & Dog Bowl

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A heated bowl is always great for winters. The K&H pet products warm bowl is compact and easy to use. Especially for pets that love to play during winters, the container helps to keep water warm for refreshment. Powered by 25W heating system, it conserves energy while maximizing performance. Moreover, the electronics are sealed to keep the bowl and pet safe. Amazingly, the thermostat intergraded ensures there water warming when needed. Even during freezing temperatures, the container keeps water warm.

With this bowl, it helps to keep pets hydrated during cold seasons. Also, the container is great for keeping other outdoor animals hydrated. Made from BPA free plastic, it means animals are safe from banned substances. Additionally, cleaning is seamless since you need only a wet cloth. Sturdy and stable base keep this bowl safe from toppling.


  • Sealed electrical components
  • Extra stable base
  • Simple cleaning process


  • Not recommended for food

7. Namsan Heated Pet Outdoor Dog Thermal-Bowl

Namsan Heated Pet Outdoor Dog Thermal-Bowl

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A hydrated body can resist some of the common infections. With water providing a lot of benefits, humans and animals require adequate hydration. The Namsan outdoor bowl is heated and ensures water is available always for your animals. Moreover, the BPA free construction materials ensure pets and other stray animals are safe. By keeping water hot even at -20 degrees, it is suitable for ensuring animals drink water without harming them.

The bowl is equipped with a thermostat, which allows for efficient temperatures control. Thereby, even when no person is monitoring this bowl, it delivers consistent water heating. The On/Off button ensures there is safety when pets are drinking water. Amazingly, the LED light that indicates when this bowl is on with 0.58 gallons capacity, the container is great for small pets. The waterproof electronics and chew-resistant power cord maintain high safety.


  • Thermostat temperature controlled
  • BPA free construction
  • KED light indicator


  • Has no dry run protection

6. K&H Pet Products 1.5gal Thermal-Bowl Heated Cat & Dog Bowl

K&H Pet Products 1.5gal Thermal-Bowl Heated Cat & Dog Bowl

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The K&H products thermal pet bowl is great for winters. Unlike regular water bowls, this one is heated, which prevents water from freezing. Therefore, when laced outdoors, pets and other small wild animals get warm water. Once filled with water, the bowl keeps it warm. This is because it has inbuilt thermostat that keeps water warm consistently. Unlike others, this doesn’t need manual intervention always to keep water hot. Thus, even when left for long, as long as it has water, the bowl keeps water ready for pets.

This bowl is built from safe materials, and general safety is fantastic. Featuring sealed electronics, they are great to ensure there are no risks to pets. Utilizing only 25 W, it is energy efficient and won’t skyrocket your power bill. Made from heavy-duty plastic, it is free from BPA and other toxic substances. With 1.5 gallons capacity, the bowl reduces the number of refills. Also, it perfectly fits even large animals.


  • Good for large pets
  • BPA free plastic
  • Less energy usage


  • Not suitable for extreme freezing

5. PETLESO Heated Outdoor Water Bowl for Small to Large Dogs

PETLESO Heated Outdoor Water Bowl for Small to Large Dogs

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The Petleso outdoor bowl is perfected to counter winter freezing. It’s one of the large containers that are tasked with catering for small as well as large pets. Whether you need it indoors or outdoors, the bowl is superb. It has a reliable heating mechanism that prevents water from freezing. Therefore, once you have pets that love getting outdoors, the container provides drinkable water. Apart from pets, it also offers great relief to stray animals during winter seasons.

The plastic materials used in making this bowl helps to conserve heat. This is because plastic is or heat conductor which minimizes the surrounding effects on heated water. Moreover, it’s thick and tough to reduce breaks and other damages. Produced with MET certification, it is safe and doesn’t leak harmful compounds into the water. The LED light indicator allows the user to know when this bowl is working.


  • Safe plastic construction
  • Stainless steel anti-bite tube cord
  • Ideal for different animals


  • Cable is a bit short

4. Petfactors Heated Pet Outdoor Thermal Water Bowl

Petfactors Heated Pet Outdoor Thermal Water Bowl

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As winter approaches, there is a need to ensure all your pets get enough body hydration. This is possible when you invest in heated water bowl. The Petfactors thermal water bowl is one of the sure ways to keep water warm outdoors. It doesn’t allow ice formation on the water hence making it perfect for all cold seasons. Besides, keeping water hot, the container is designed with a camouflage design. It makes it look natural and blend well with the surrounding. Additionally, the light indicator shows when this bowl is on. When the temperatures are freezing, the dish always keeps water warm and drinkable. Unlike other bowls, this has no water protection technology. Therefore, once water is depleted, the dish offers exceptional protection against fire or damage. Due to this, you don’t need to keep switching On/Off every time. The black metallic power cord insulation prevents bites from pets for increased safety.


  • Sleek camouflage design
  • Automatic no water standby mode
  • Anti-skid bottom


  • No adjustable temperatures settings

3. Farm Innovators 60W 1.5 Gallon Heated Pet Bowl

Farm Innovators 60W 1.5 Gallon Heated Pet Bowl

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Caring for pets means providing all necessities, including water during winters. But, sometimes it can be tricky due to freezing temperatures. This Farm Innovators heated water bowl is one of the ways to ensure pets get warm water in winters. It is designed with reliable heating system that is rated 60 watts. Therefore, it keeps water warm without having to consume a lot of power. Carrying 1.5 gallons, it is suited for large as well as small pets.

Boasting extra duty plastic construction, the bowl is durable and free from rust. Also, the materials keep water warm with less efficient from the surrounding. The construction ensures there is no banned substance, which can cause health issues. The connector is anti-chew, while control is through thermostat for consistent performance. Due to its compact nature, the bowl is portable.


  • Long power connector
  • Thick plastic construction
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not detachable from the base

2. Farm Innovators Quart Heated Bowl, 25W

Farm Innovators Quart Heated Bowl, 25W

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The Farm innovator quart warm bowl is versatile and compact. It provides excellent water heating to ensure pets get hot water even when it is freezing. Perfected for use in winters, the bowl is amazingly reliable. Its small size ensures there is easy portability. Thus, when traveling or camping, the container is simple to carry. Designed to hold 1quart water capacity, the bowl is designed to ensure there is enough water for most small pets. The inbuilt thermostat allows adjustment when only needed.

The construction features twin walls, which guarantees robustness. Also, the base is super stable, meaning even small wild animals will not topple this bowl. The anti-chew power cord, as well as 25W heater, give the bowl fantastic performance and reliability. Forget about the short cords that forces you to add power extensions. This has 5 feet cable that ensures a secure connection to the power outlet.


  • Strong double walls
  • Stable topple free base
  • Long anti-chew cord


  • Have no run dry protection

1. K&H Pet Products K&H Thermal Bowl 

K&H Pet Products K&H Thermal Bowl

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This K&H pet products heated bowl is perfected to offers hot water in winters. Unlike some of the bowls, it is premium and lightweight, which enables you to use it in homes and during vacations. Using only 25 watts of power, the container is thermostatically controlled for perfect performance. Moreover, the plastic construction is impressive and ensures there is no more bulkiness or toxic substances. This keeps your pets safe and healthy from banned materials.

Apart from durability, the construction ensures the bowl enjoys resistance to abrasions and other damages. Also, cable is enhanced with hard steel covering that keep animal from chewing. Despite the metallic covering, the cord is flexible, which allows users to wrap it around the containers. Meeting the MET certification standards, the bowl is safe for your pets.


  • Thick, durable wall
  • Thermostatic control
  • Durable and stable base


  • No different temperature settings



The heated water bowls for pets are amazing and ultimate options for winter seasons. They are convenient for heating water every time your pets need to drink. By keeping snow away from the water, these bowls are great for every pet owner for winter use.

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