Top 10 Best Inflatable Pillows in 2021 – Reviews


Getting the right pillow is paramount to enhance comfort. However, having inflatable pillows saves on weight and space. Mostly, these pillows are great for camping expeditions. This is because they can be inflated and deflated when the need arises. Apart from camping these pillows offer an opportunity to enjoy great body comfort.

Apart from the comfort, these pillows are available in self-inflating or manually inflated. As a result, it becomes essential to select one that will give you the stress-free usage. Additionally, the design differs depending on the use of the cushion. Some are right for back, neck and other body parts support. The good thing about these air-filled pillows is the ability to customize the support. To find the best inflatable pillows, get our top selected and reviewed below.

Inflatable Pillows Buying Guide

  • Ease of Inflating: Inflating a pillow can be a big deal. Especially, if you are looking for a handy pad, it should be simple to inflate. Ideally, mouth inflated pillows great options to eliminate the need for a pump. Also, some of the cushions come with inbuilt manual pumps to expand the pillow effortlessly.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning your pillow is one way to keep it refreshing and in perfect conditions. Usually, washable covers are ideal since they keep the cushion refreshing. Due to this, the construction materials should not be damaged by water. Also, non-wrinkling materials are also recommendable to avoid creating weak spots that can lead to air leakages.
  • Construction Materials: The construction materials are also vital when it comes to pillow quality. To give your pillows the ability to enjoy considerable support, durable materials are mandatory. Some of the common materials include TPU, PVC, and others which can prevent air leaks when inflated.
  • Carry Pouch/bag: Keeping the pillow organize is a great thing to enable space management. Although these are small, they are supposed to come with a storage bag. Some come with sewn-in bags while others come with regular pouches. Also, carabiners enhanced bags are classic since it’s possible to hook your pillow on the D-rings fitted on backpacks.

Best Inflatable Pillows in 2021

10. Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow, Lightweight and Extra Wide for Comfort

Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow, Lightweight and Extra Wide for Comfort

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Whether you are looking for bed or travel pillow, this one by Cicra offers versatile application. It’s a wedge pillow that is ideal for bed as well as traveling. Made of durable material, it has a soft feel which matches perfectly to your skin. Unlike the padded pillows, this one is fully inflated which make it compact when deflated. Therefore, you can carry it in your backpack. Also, folding the material doesn’t cause damage hence great for traveling and camping.

The wedge design is classic in ensuring this pillow is super supportive. With the ability to offer cushioning to head and upper back, it serves well to prevent back pains. Amazingly, the pillow is easy to inflate without the need for a pump. The fitted soft valve enables easy mouth inflation within 2 minutes. Made from puncture resistant PVC, it’s free from dangerous chemicals and unwanted odors.


  • Puncture resistant shell
  • Moth inflated
  • Wide body support


  • Material can cause skidding

9. Leisure Co Ultra-Portable and Ultralight Camping Pillow

Leisure Co Ultra-Portable and Ultralight Camping Pillow

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The Leisure Co portable and inflatable pillow is one of the best choices for different usage. It has a unique construction that gives it perfect cushioning and feel. Unlike other made of non-breathable materials, this has excellent construction. It provides better body anchorage with a non-skid surface. The fabric surface is classic in keeping the body comfortable. In fact, the brushed cotton is great for keeping skin safe and free from reactions. Being machine washable helps to keep your pillow clean throughout.

The versatility of this pillow is mesmerizing. It can be used for neck and lumbar support. Due to that, it’s usable in planes, backpacking, camping among other places. No more carrying pumps increasing your luggage size. With this pillow, it only needs 3 to 5 breaths and is ready for use. Its compact size renders the cushion super easy to carry.


  • Brushed cotton surface
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to adjust the firmness
  • Extra quick to inflate


  • None

8. Trekology Inflatable Backpacking Camping Air Pillows

Trekology Inflatable Backpacking Camping Air Pillows

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If you need extra cushioning when traveling, this Trekology inflatable pillow can be the perfect solution. It’s a small cushion that gives everyone the ability to enjoy added support. Compare to other rigid pillows; this has improved cushioning. In fact, the ability to customize the support renders ideal for everyone. Even for people with neck and back issues, they can easily enjoy the pillow support. Consequently, customized inflation leads to contoured support.

There is no more suffering under unbreathable pillows that cause the body to overheat and sweat more. This one has a removable and washable cotton cover which adds a soft and thrilling feel. Extra compact and a carrying bag helps to minimize the overall size drastically. Efficient valve ensures there is no air flow back when inflating hence faster inflation with a few breaths. Weighing only 6 oz. there is no significant weight increase in your backpack.


  • Removable and washable cotton cover
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable cushioning


  • Doesn’t come with a pump

7. TheBigBlueMtn Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

TheBigBlueMtn Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

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Avoid sleeping flat or using hard objects to support your neck when camping. TheBigBlueMtn camping pillows are here to improve comfort when outdoors. The cushions are compact and light which make their transportation a piece of cake. Enhanced with a soft feeling surface, they hold your body intact without slipping. In fact, the upper surface features brushed polyester and TPU that are classic in giving the body an extra soft feeling.

If you have no remaining space inside your backpack, there is nothing to worry. The backpacks come with lightweight carabiners and pouch sacks to enable easy mounting on the bag D-rings. When deflated, the cushions are superbly compact but provides ample head support when inflated. Inflating and deflating the cushions is easy and doesn’t require pumps. They are exceptional and compact pillows designed to allow unmatched comfort when backpacking and hiking.


  • Strong pillow shell
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Ample head support surface


  • No removable pillow cover

6. RikkiTikki Inflatable Backpacking Ultralight Portable Blow Up Air Pillow

RikkiTikki Inflatable Backpacking Ultralight Portable Blow Up Air Pillow

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For camping enthusiasts, space and weight are the most concerning things. Less weight and more items mean high convenience and fulfilling camping. For better sleep, the RikkiTikki backpacking camp blow up air pillow can a be handy b item. The pad gives every camper improved head and neck support whether sleeping, relaxing in a hammock or sitting in a camping chair. The 4 oz pillow has a balanced construction which offers reliable support.

The materials used in the construction of this pillow allows smooth compressions without damaging the structure. There is improved convenience when using this pillow since it comes with a sewn-in pouch. This further makes carrying the cushion comfortable since, after use, the deflated pillow fits perfectly inside the pouch. Also, the sleeping surface is soft and breathable; hence no more discomforts and hot sleeping. Besides camping, the pillow is great for adding lumbar and neck support when travailing or driving.


  • Compressible material
  • Super soft feeling surface
  • Sewn-in carry bag


  • The cover isn’t ideal for washing

5. REEHUT CAMPING Ultralight, Travel Pillow Inflatable for Sleeping & Backpacking

REEHUT CAMPING Ultralight, Travel Pillow Inflatable for Sleeping & Backpacking

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As you prepare for travel or camping sessions, some of the essentials are pillows. They are suitable for offering the body perfect cushioning and support. The Reehut ultralight travel pillow brings some of the best experience and ease of carrying. Unlike the other cushions, it only requires minimal space and weighs less than a loaf of bread. Weighing only 2.8 oz, it also has superbly compact nature to enable easy haulage. Despite the miniature size it has excellent support and cushioning keeping the body perfectly anchored.

Forget about the flat pillows that can induce pain in your neck. This one is ergonomically created to improve overall body support. Boasting a blend of TPU and polyester materials, the cushion is super strong and doesn’t suffer from easy puncturing. Also, the surface offers a perfect way to enjoy comfortable sleep without slipping. Thick, soft layer and easy to inflate structure give the pillow ideal and soft feel. With only a few breaths needed, it inflates quickly than you can imagine.


  • Dual thick layers
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Water and wrinkles resistant
  • Non-skid design


  • Feels hard when hard inflated

4. PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow Neck Support Pillows

PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow Neck Support Pillows

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The Purefly soft velvet neck pillow is ready to move with your everywhere. Whether driving, in a plane or office chair, the pillow perfectly cuddles and cushion your neck. The soft velvet surface is a sleek and plush feeling which give your body great hugging. This means you can easily enjoy a superb feeling. Regardless of where you are, using this cushion isn’t restricted. It has a button valve that doesn’t need a pump to inflate. In fact, this one comes with an inbuilt pump for quick and stress-free inflation.

The ergonomically designed pillow fits on your neck snugly. Therefore, when sitting, there is no chance of pillow coming off. As a result, people with neck pains, the cushion has an excellent realignment ability to ease your suffering. The pad is washable and unlike others that can be damaged by water. Thereby, it’s easy to maintain it clean and fresh. The pouch with drawstrings makes the pillow convenient to carry without requiring extra space.


  • Soft feeling velvet
  • Washable and damage free
  • Innovative button valve
  • Concealed zipper


  • Only for neck support

3. Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp and Travel Pillow

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp and Travel Pillow

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Klymit X inflatable pillow gives users comprehensive and reliable body support. The sleekly designed cushion is one of the sleek and attractive comfort accessories for camping. The inflatable design makes it great option since transporting it is fantastic. Also, compact when folded, it has perfect usage when hunting, camping and hiking. Alternatively, you can use it a seat cushion for ultimate comfort. The innovative X design helps it to keep your head excellently anchored and supported.

The design is unique and provides the body with free air flow which is great for keeping head cool. There is no overheating or sweating hence keeping your relaxation remarkable. Made from 30D polyester, it has great resistance to punctures which makes it ideal for every outdoor satiation. The luxurious and rugged design make it superb for all people.


  • Rugged design
  • Innovative construction
  • Abrasion and puncture resistant


  • Reduce head grip

2. Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Air-filled Pillow

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Air-filled Pillow

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Compact blowup pillows are admirable accessories especially when it comes to space and size. One of the best inflatable pillows is this by Sea to Summit. It has great comfort and yet comfortable to provide body increased support. Boasting 50D polyester, it has superb support and resists punctures and wrinkles. As a result, this pillow lasts for a long time without reducing the comfort level. For improved support, the cushion has a TPU filled case that improves breathability and cushioning.

The curved design is essential in increasing pillow body contouring ability. This leads to a superb head, neck, and lumbar support. Despite the compact nature, the pillow has a large platform that offers enough body support. Featuring different colors, the cushion is sleek and soothing. The 2.80 oz, dense pad adds negligible weight to your backpack.


  • Rugged construction materials
  • Curved center for ultimate comfort
  • Feather-light constriction


  • Slightly expensive

1. Trekology Aluft 1.0 Compressible, Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

Trekology Aluft 1.0 Compressible

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Tired of carrying heavy pillows? Blowup cushions are better alternatives for travelers and campers. The Trekology Aluft 1.0 collapsible pillow is a perfect choice for anyone traveling. The sleek looking surface is inspiring when sleeping. Measuring 5 by 2 inches, it has extra light and small enough to be carried in most backpacks. In fact, it is smaller than most of the gadgets and can fit in small backpacks pockets.

The durability and performance of this pillow is incredibly fantastic. Created from tough and elastic TPU, it eliminates hard spots. The outer layer is classic and reliable to ensure there is a fabulous feeling. No more struggles when inflating this pillow since it has a button that enables inflation through the mouth. Amazingly, only 5 breaths are enough to fill the pillow. Cushion surface is comfortable and non-slip to keep your head excellently supported. Storage bag keeps transportation simple and organized.


  • Improved ergonomic construction
  • Elastic TPU layer
  • Extra small and easy to carry


  • Slow air leaks


Blowup pillows are a lasting solution when it comes to outdoor usage. Their small size and reliable construction ensure they can be used everywhere. For enthusiasts, this list of inflatable pillows gives everyone a superb and stable cushioning. Therefore, don’t let cheap pillows ruin your comfort.

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