Top 10 Best Kids Picnic Tables in 2021 – Reviews


Picnic tables are standard in most homes. They are superb for resting, dining, and other functions. When you need to give kids excellent relaxation, offering them the right tables always improves their fun. This is because regular adult tables might lead to stains. Kids’ picnic tables are the ultimate ways to ensure children have excellent experience outdoors. Available for different ages, every parent can guarantee their kids get the best outdoor picnic.

Usually, these days, we have different types of picnic tables for kids. They guarantee superb performance and comfort as well as fun. Since they are designed to keep children happy, they have different features and qualities. Regardless of the features, quality tables with durability and high safety are the best. For maximum fun, give your kids these best picnic tables reviewed in our list below.

The Best Kids Picnic Tables Buying Guide 

  • Construction materials: The construction materials are vital for strength and health issues. Many available materials are used in making of these furniture. But, having strong and reliable ones is the best option. Usually, tables for kids are small and lightweight. Therefore, most of the common materials are plastic, wood, and others. Mostly, plastic is preferred due to weight, and it is easy to clean. However, certified plastic materials are ideal to guarantee safety when it comes to health.
  • Collapsibility and weight: The ability of a table to be collapsed is an excellent feature. It determines whether you can quickly move it from one point to another. Amazingly, tables for kids are normally lightweight, which allows parents to carry easily. Also, collapsible tables are suitable since you can carry when going outdoors. Besides, easy to disassemble tables make a home storage a breeze.
  • Comfort: The comfort is another aspect that people will look at when getting these tables. Since most cone with seating benches, the support is paramount. Although they don’t have padding, the design determines comfort and ergonomics. Ergonomically crafted seats are great for enhancing great kid relaxation without strains.
  • Capacity: The capacity usually means several kids a table can accommodate. Available tables have different capacities. Some are designed for 2 kids while there are others s with up to 10 kids. The size depends on how many kids are going to use the bench.

Best Kids Picnic Tables in 2021

10. JAXPETY Kids Folding Outdoor Children Set Play Bench

JAXPETY Kids Folding Outdoor Children Set Play Bench

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The Jaxpety kids’ outdoor folding bench keeps kids entertained. Unlike the fixed ones, this bench is foldable, which makes set up and portability easy. Thus, even when going camping or other functions, the table and bench can be carried easily. They are also light and made from plastic materials. The plastic is durable and ensures there is durability against the harmful weather conditions. Also, the removable umbrella is great for ensuring there is protection against UV rays.

The sturdy construction ensures there is high reliability when using the table and benches. Amazingly, the tabletop can hold 60 pounds while the whole set can accommodate 110 pounds. This renders the unit robust and reliable for most kids. The kind of materials used ensures there is no health compromise. They are free from BPA and other banned substances. Assembling is super easy and does not need experts.


  • Heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Easy and quick assembling
  • Detachable umbrella


  • Not suitable for bigger kids

9. Trademark Innovations Portable Picnic Table with 4 Seats

Trademark Innovations Portable Picnic Table with 4 Seats

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When it is time to enjoy the outdoor life, let even kids have a thrilling time. The ideal way to achieve this is by adding this set of picnic tables and seats by Trademark innovations. They are heavy-duty equipment that guarantees safety and comfort of your kids. With table having a capacity for 66 pounds load, there is great reliability. Also, the benches can support 572 pounds. Therefore, the set is great for kids and adults.

The fantastic thing is this set of benches and table is highly portable. It folds easily and fits in a carrying case. Moreover, the hard case is equipped with a handle, which means transporting is seamless. The tabletop is made from sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. With just a wet cloth, it is quick to clean within seconds. The innovative technology use in this picnic table sets provides sleek and reliable structure.


  • Durable hard case
  • Foldable design
  • Innovative construction


  • Doesn’t come with umbrella

8. Lifetime Kids Oval Picnic Table

Lifetime Kids Oval Picnic Table

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The lifetime ovals table with benches allows kids have best experience outdoors. The oval-shaped table created a great look and excellent relaxation. Also, the absence of sharp corners ensures there is improved safety. Moreover, the large seats are capable of accommodating up to 4 kids. Therefore, instead of buying single seats, this set provides a great solution. Enjoying a combination of different materials, the benches and tables are super strong. In fact, the frame features metallic materials that ate strong to hold massive weight.

The frame features excellent painting to prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, the tabletop and benches are enhanced with sturdy plastic. Once sitting, kids enjoy comfort. Due to the stable nature of these benches, they provide s excellent relaxation. To allow improved durability, the tops are designed from UV protected polyethylene. Therefore, parents can be sure these benches are reliable and ideal for kids.


  • Folds flat for storage
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • UV protected tabletops


  • NO umbrella hole

7. Step2 Naturally Playful Kids Picnic Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Kids Picnic Table 

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Don’t limit your kids’ entertainment during summers. Encouraging them to play outside is great and thrilling. The Step2 playful kid’s picnic table provides ideal ways to enjoy sunshine. Unlike other tables, this one is naturally inspired. The picnic table is sturdy and smooth with a quick cleaning design. Therefore after kids use, cleaning won’t give parents hard times. With sleekly made seats, they are capable of accommodating up to 6 kids.

The easy to remove umbrella is excellent for protecting kids against harmful sun rays. In fact, it has great filtering blocking up to 97.5% UVA and UVB. The umbrella is UPF 40% rated, which allows it to block most of the harmful rays. Besides the umbrella, the seats and table are made to withstand outdoor conditions perfectly. With minimal assembly, this set is ideal to ensure every parent gives kids a thrilling experience.


  • High UV blocking umbrella
  • Naturally inspired design
  • Large capacity seats


  • The equipment aren’t collapsible

6. Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Outdoor Patio Dining Table

Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Outdoor Patio Dining Table

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Give kids a moment to remember by letting them enjoy thrilling picnics. One of the ideal add on you can find is a picnic table. The Merry gardens kids’ wooden dining table. Unlike other tables, this one is wooden made. Therefore, it creates great safety and looks hence peace of mind to parents. The bench is free from harmful substances hence ideal for all kids. In fact, the durability and support are incredible. Manufactured from Canadian Hemlock, it is robust and provides high capacity.

The classic design is what makes the table a great addition to your home. Also, ideal for different aged kids, there is excellent application as kids grow. The construction features integrated table and benches. They can fit 4 kids and provides high stability as well as support. Due to the versatile design, kids can use it indoors or outdoors. The natural look offers perfect décor, mainly when used indoors.


  • Natural wood construction
  • Sturdy and free from harmful elements
  • Strong and reliable


  • Benches aren’t detachable

5. Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Table with Umbrella

Little Tikes Fold 'n Store Table with Umbrella

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Letting the little ones sometimes spend outdoors alone is a great step. It allows them to enjoy great playing freedom. But, adding further improves the experience. The Little Tikes table is fantastic and worth having. Its boast fold n store design which is impressive for portability and storage. Therefore, once kids aren’t using the table, parents can easily collapse it and store. Amazingly, table and benches are fitted together which allows the storage and collapsing to be simple.

Despite the bench featuring plastic construction, it is sturdy. Actually, it can be used by 6-89 kids without compromising structural integrity. Amazingly, this table is ideal for transporting everywhere without struggles. Also, the thin profile, when folded enables users to place it on the wall. With a weight capacity of 200 lb, it is ideal for most kids. For safety against the UV rays, this set comes with market umbrella.


  • Simple to fold and store
  • Large market umbrella
  • Slim when collapsed


  • Weak that wood tables

4. Step2 Naturally Playful Table with Umbrella

Step2 Naturally Playful Table with Umbrella

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The Step2 playful table with an umbrella provides the ideal ways for kids to enjoy great picnic. The naturally aspired table looks great and reliable. In fact, the large design offers ample storage surface as well as playing. Unlike the other tables, this has a smooth surface with easy cleaning. Thereby, once kids have a lot of activities, cleaning after use is a quick task. The structure construction ensures it can comfortably accommodate up to 300 pounds.

The sleek and comfortable benches are comfortable for kids. They are ergonomically designed to support kids without compromising comfort. Also, the design ensures there is superb support to ensure it doesn’t break easily. Apart from the sturdy structure, the table has a large umbrella. Therefore, once kids are outdoors, there is no risk of UV rays damaging their skin. The assembling is minimal and ensures that even beginners can assemble with ease.


  • Large UV rays filtering umbrella
  • Simple to clean table surface
  • Minimal assembling


  • Doesn’t readily collapse

3. Little Tikes Easy Store, Jr. Play Table

Little Tikes Easy Store, Jr. Play Table

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Work without play made Jack a dull kid. Inspires your kids by giving them a platform to play on. This play table by Little Tikes offers the ideal ways to ensures there are no limitations. It’s a picnic table designed to provide a reliable platform where kids can relax, eat, and play. It’s a simple but string table and benches that support kids excellently. Made from safe and robust plastic, there is high reliability, and kids get the best experience.

The optimized design is great for ensuring parents can enjoy assembling the units quickly. In fact, it unlocks easily, which ensures that assembling is a piece of cake in fact, there are no tools required while setting up or disassembling the table. The additional umbrella keeps the kids safe from hot sunlight when placed outside. Moreover, benches can accommodate 4 kids. The center hole makes umbrella mounting easy.


  • Toolless assembling
  • Durable and robust panels
  • East to fit and remove the umbrella


  • Limited to small kids

2. Flash Furniture Kids 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set

lash Furniture Kids 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set

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Adding great furniture to your home is exceptional for improving décor and experience. But, for kids, they also need reliable furniture to enjoy comfort just like adults. These Flash Furniture table and chair sets are useful for ensuring kids enjoy outdoors. It’s a multipurpose kid’s furniture with indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike other, this set comprises of 5 equipment with great décor complement due to multiple colors. Made from a lightweight metal frame, they are collapsible for secure storage and carrying.

Apart from the picnic, the table is excellent for reading and other purposes. The seats are cushioned with foam sponges, which eliminates hard seating. This gives users comfort even when used for long duration. When used indoors, there is excellent safety on your floor. This is because the feet are enhanced with protective capping. Overall, the set comes with lightweight items for easy porting from house to outdoors.


  • Lightweight metallic frame
  • Foam sponge padding
  • Versatile application


  • No usage instructions

1. Lifetime Kid’s Picnic Table

Lifetime Kid's Picnic Table

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As you relax, it is also prudent to offer kids separate picnic furniture. The Lifetime picnic tables for kids are designed and built with little ones in mind. That is why this table is perfect choice that keeps kids playing and enjoying. In fact, stable design ensures they can play, eat, and do other activities safely. Made from plastic tabletop and metallic frame, there is high reliability. Also, the structure is tasked with supporting more weight than full plastic tables.

With a seating capacity of 4 kids, it provides great times among the children. Moreover, the optimized design keeps kids comfortable without straining. The top surfaces are smooth, which allows seamless cleaning. Also, they are treated against damage by UV rays, which prevent cracking. For kids who love to spend summer outdoors, this table is perfect choice. Above all, the unit folds flat to facilitate secure storage.


  • UV protected tabletop
  • Simple assembly and folding
  • Stain-resistant


  • Doesn’t support umbrella mounting


Picnic tables for kids are mandatory when you want little ones to enjoy summer. Available in different styles, these tables are suited for all kids. Therefore, when you are relaxing in the yard, also give your kids a reason to smile.

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