Top 10 Best LED Night Light Bulbs in 2021 – Reviews


LED Night lights Bulbs are essential accessories for any home; they provide a soothing atmosphere and optimum illumination during the night and have been proved to offer a comforting glow for a good night for many people. Actually, nightlights assist in keeping the babies calm. Not all night lights are worth to purchase. However, in this article, we have examined and come up with top 10 best LED night lights in 2021 reviews.

Best Buying Guide For LED Night Light Bulbs 

  • Price: Some nightlights are costly while others come with optimum price-point. Durability, model usually determines the price and if it has a sensor. It’s advisable to choose the one that fit your budget.
  • Nightlight’s Dimensions: The overall size in term of height, width and length of the nightlight may assist to determine whether it is ideal for available surfaces, outlet locations, bedroom, and other factors. It is likewise to take into account the weight and shape of the nightlight.
  • Durability: Most nightlights have average durability of 7-10 years; most of the time durability is tied to cost. The cheapest models have shorter lifespans and require being replaced after some time compared to investing in a durable model that comes with high cost. It is advisable to look for how long the nightlight last. Some models do not have a product warranty.
  • Kind of Light Nightlight Emits: Plush toy nightlights are harmless for kids whenever they are sleeping whereas some nightlights are not safe or cannot function without an outlet. Parents of toddlers, infants, newborns are afraid of the dark and can discover toy nightlights are ideal for them.

Best LED Night Light Bulbs in 2021

10. Lustaled- 0.5 Watts C7 LED Night Light Bulb

By: Lustaled

Lustaled- 0.5 Watts C7 LED Night Light Bulb

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This is one of the brightest nightlights bulbs available in our markets today. It is usually energy efficient and will save you over 90 percent of the electricity bill. Ideally, this Night Light Bulb yields a total of 25 lumens of light that will light up a large area and also has a wide application. It can be used in office, schools, stores, Christmas lighting and more.

It not only has an eco-friendly LED light but also produces light with a beam angle of 360 degrees. Apart from that, it is made with good quality hard plastic materials and its LED lights have a lifespan of 35000 hours


  • Average of 35000 hours lifespan
  • Energy efficient C7 nightlights
  • Made of hard plastic materials
  • Wide Applications

9. Sphoon – C7 LED Bulb, Ultra Warm Light Candle Bulbs

By: Sphoon

Sphoon - C7 LED Bulb, Ultra Warm Light Candle Bulbs

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If you are after well-performing LED light bulbs for you to replace your old incandescent, Sphoon- C7 LED Bulb will work for you perfectly. It produces Warm Yellowish Light that is relaxing and comfortable for your eyes; this makes it perfect for night festivals. Similarly, it produces a 360 degrees beam of light that will cover a wide area in your backyard.

With its 25,000 hours lifespan, it will serve you for a long time without failing you. Most importantly, the bulb has over temperature protection as well as Short circuit protection thus it will remain to save when you are using it.


  • Energy saving & long lifespan
  • 360 degrees beam angle
  • 2-year unlimited warranty
  • Offers comfortable and relaxing light

8. HzSane LED 2W Filament Night Light Bulb, 4 Pack

By: HzSane

HzSane LED 2W Filament Night Light Bulb, 4 Pack

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Apart from providing great lighting in your room, HzSane LED Light Bulb also boost your room’s décor. They are perfect choice for your restaurants, hotel rooms, lobbies dining rooms as well as decorative lighting.  This LED bulbs have an average of 30000 hours lifespan and fit a variety of adornment.  They are going to save you over 90 percent on electricity bill and has over-temperature protection, short circuit protection as well as overload protection.

These LED Filament bulbs are mercury-free with a 360 degrees beam angle hence it will cover a wide area in your backyard.  It will also create a personal and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family. Backed with a free two-year unlimited warranty.


  • 360 degrees beam angle
  • Save over 90 percent on electricity bill
  • Average 30000 hours lifespan
  • 2-year unlimited warranty
  • Over-temperature protection

7. Philips LED 462977 C7 Non-Dimmable Light Bulbs

By: Philips LED

Philips LED 462977 C7 Non-Dimmable Light Bulbs

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If you want to have a reliable, bright LED light, Philips LED 462977 will offer a soft white light to put out daylight-style light, it will create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your closets, bathrooms and it can gently illuminate hallways, on other words, it will turn on instantly putting out a steady, clear flicker-free light.

The bulb will last 10X longer as compared to incandescents, it is also an efficient and compact bulb that is safe to use and does not waste any energy. That is to say that it will save you with a lot of energy cost


  • Produces a clear, steady flicker-free light
  • Extra long-lasting with a lifespan of 15,000 hours
  • Provide soft white light
  • Compact and efficient bulbs

6. LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Frosted Bulb, 2-Pack

By: Bailida

LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Frosted Bulb, 2-Pack

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If you are just looking for a reliable, bright LED light for areas like kitchens and bathrooms there is no need to look further. LED Dusk light bulbs are ideal in home life. It has the capability to identify the absence of light and it will automatically light up dusk till dawn. For that purpose, this Frosted Bulb can be used in corridors, stairs, garage, front door etc.

The bulbs act like an intelligent servant and it will lighten your home as soon it detects the darkness. With attention to energy saving, this bulb will save you with electricity cost as it is 88 percent energy efficient.


  • Built-in sensors
  • Bright clear light
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Brighten up the working space
  • Easy installation

5. HoogaLife LED Flame Effect E26 Light Bulbs (2 Pack)

By: HoogaLife

HoogaLife LED Flame Effect E26 Light Bulbs (2 Pack)

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This is a high-quality LED night light Bulbs that comes with a cost-friendly price.  It produces a fire like color with an amazing ambiance without smoke or hazard.  In addition to that, it has an inviting and cozy visual warmth making it ideal for ceiling light, indoor floor lamp, garage lights, outdoor lamp post or any other place. It is easy to use as you just need to connect it into a standard bulb socket.

This energy-saving light bulb use only 4 watts of energy thus it will save you more on electricity bills. Above all, it is made with an innovative design and 75 LEDs flash that replicate the look of an actual frame.


  • Have cozy and inviting visual warmth
  • Made with patented technology
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • Provides an amazing ambiance
  • Easy to use

4. B2ocled E26 2-Pack LED Light Bulbs

By: B2ocled

B2ocled E26 2-Pack LED Light Bulbs

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This is a product with 2 packs of LED night light that offers warm white lightness; you are only required to plug it in the socket and turn on the switch and you are done. Moreover, it has a sleek design and will consume 20 percent of energy making it energy efficient. The Soft white light that illuminates at an angle of 180 degrees offers a relaxed light for your eyes.

The materials that are used to make the Light Bulbs are aluminum and plastic together with SMD pipe and have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. As a matter of fact, it is easy to install as it can be easily fitted.


  • UV and IR free
  • Easy to install
  • Super bright LED lamp
  • Incredible 25,000 hours lifespan
  • Sleek design and energy efficient

3. Emotionlite Night Light Bulbs C7 LED Bulb

By: Emotionlite

Emotionlite Night Light Bulbs C7 LED Bulb

  Get it now on There are amazingly few good selections when it comes to substituting your present candelabra bulbs with LED Night Light versions, but here comes a winner. Emotionlite Night Light Bulbs will provide a relaxing and comfortable light during the night as a warm white glow be eliminated at 360 degrees. Moreover, it uses a maximum of 0.6w power thus will save up to 90 percent of energy reducing your power consumption.

You can use these nightlight bulbs in many areas such as festival decorative strings, chandeliers, salt lamp and more. It has a lifespan of Up to 25,000 hours thus will serve you for a lengthy period of time


  • Energy saving and safety
  • Multi-application
  • Built-in led filament
  • C7 led nightlight bulbs
  • 5,000 hours long lifespan

2. Emotionlite- Night Light Bulbs, C7 Candelabra LED Light Bulbs

By: Emotionlite

Emotionlite- Night Light Bulbs, C7 Candelabra LED Light Bulbs

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Most individuals worry when they leave to light the whole night as it will budget them a huge amount of electricity bills, however, when you use Emotionlite- night light bulbs is different as it is 90% energy efficient compared to others. It will provide a soft warm white glow for maximum security, safety, and convenience. In addition to that, it does not offer too bright light that will disturb you at night.

This is a multi-usage nightlight as it can be used in festival decorative, chandeliers, Christmas string light, salt lamp and more. In general, it will offer a warm and cozy atmosphere


  • Reliable & energy efficient
  • Multi-usage
  • Perfect for a cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Up to 25,000 hours lifespan
  • Soft warm glow

1. Philips LED Non-Dimmable 800-Lumen Light Bulb

By: Philips

Philips LED Non-Dimmable 800-Lumen Light Bulb

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This is a LED night light that has the ability to deliver great functions to the user. It is usually built to last 10x longer as compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs as each bulb can be used for 10,950 hours and thus it will save you with the price of regular bulb replacement. On top of that, this bulb will provide comfortable and warm lighting with high CRI.

The bulb will brighten larger spaces and it is also eco-friendly as it uses 80 percent less energy compared to traditional bulbs. The light that is produced is designed to comfort your eyes.


  • Last 10x longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • A lifetime of up to 10,950 hours
  • Brighten larger spaces
  • Clean, beautiful led light


The presence of counterfeit night brands can lead you to a complicated situation. However, we cannot spend our night without lights. In the above list, we have come up with the best night light in the market. Just choose one and it will never fail you.

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