Top 10 Best Motorcycle Handlebars in 2021 – Reviews


Riding your motorbike can be more fun and comfortable if you equip it with the best aftermarket handlebar. Well, there are tons of options to choose from. If you love rolling on a motorbike and you’re thinking of installing a new handlebar, this article is or you. We are going to explore a total of ten top-rated options you can get on the market. However, you need to select your choice according to the bike’s model and compatibility. Well, if you’ve been experiencing shoulder aches when riding your motorcycle, then your machine’s handlebar needs replacement. Here are some of the factors worth noting before making your purchase.

Motorcycle Handlebars Buying Guide

  • Dimensions: this factor is probably the most important before undertaking the purchase. Well, you need to consider several dimensions to ensure no compatibility issues. In this case, you’re going to check the width, rise, pull back allowance, among others. These dimensions will also tell you how much you can adjust to allow maximum riding comfort. Also, the adjustments to make will depend on the bike’s construction style.
  • Material: the quality of the material used in making the handlebar is also important. The material affects the durability, strength, lightweight as well as overall look. Now, you’ll find aluminum, steel, iron or some specific alloys. However, some will feature a certain metal inside and a unique finish on top. For instance, some best-rated models feature chrome finish which makes them look stunning while enhancing their durability.
  • Style and type: the construction design is equally important. You’ll encounter several types of handlebars available on the market. But, not all will suit your bike or your preferred riding style. Some of the common handlebar types include motocross, tracker handlebar, clip-on, and drag handlebars, among others. You, therefore, need to ensure the type that you choose is fully compatible with your motorbike.
  • Ease of installation and compatibility: for a perfect fit, you need to check your bike features and compatibility with the handlebar. You need to check the number of the predrilled holes, whether dimpled or not, and whether it is easy to replace it. It has to be compatible with brake lines, cables, and wiring. If the compatibility is low, you might need to do many modifications that will cost you and alter the outlook of your bike. Thus, you have to ensure the handlebar is precisely machined to fit your bike right away without doing a lot.
  • Handlebar’s finish: some will feature black glossy finish while others will boast a shiny chrome finish. You might also encounter others with colored paint. The coating will help in keeping the handlebar weatherproof at the same time, adding a spark of elegance to your bike. So, it needs to have an appealing finish that will equally ensure the durability of your handlebar.

Best Motorcycle Handlebars in 2021

10. HardDrive 31-0041S Chrome 1″ W/10 Rise Buckhorn Handlebar

HardDrive 31-0041S Handlebar

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Do you want to steer your motorbike like a pro? You can enjoy your ride comfort if you equip your motorcycle with the best handlebars. This HardDrive 31-0041S Buckhorn handlebar will take your riding comfort and safety to the next level. It is crafted out of premium steel tubing with chrome, it is robust, lightweight and adds a touch of elegance on your bike.

Also, it boasts a traditional style that makes it compatible with old and new bike models. It is dimpled and is knurled for 3 1/2″ riser spacing. So, it allows you to give your bike the modifications that suit your needs. With its ergonomic shape, you can lower and raise the steering angle until you find the most comfortable angle. Besides, it is compatible with different throttle bars and padding.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Nicely curved
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Affordable
  • Not drilled for internal wiring

9. Emgo 7/8in. Sport Handlebar

Emgo Sport Handlebar

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The Emgo 7/8-inch Sport Handlebar is another product that will offer a good investment. With its innovative sporting style, it will let you enjoy different riding styles. Well, you can easily adjust your riding angle by simply making a twist of this bar without using complicated tools. It is durable and lightweight as it is forged from high-quality carbon fiber.

It adds a touch of style on your bike as it is available in bright chrome, powder coat satin black finish, and glossy black or bright chrome. The center width is 4-3/4 inches; width is 29 inches while the rise is 2-1/2inhes. It fits most bikes, both old and modern models. Infect, it can fit Kawasaki z900 and similar motorbike models without any major modifications.

  • Solid construction
  • Durable material
  • Great compatibility
  • Nice bend shape
  • Paint comes out easily

8. TC Bros. 7/8″ Lane Splitter Handlebars

TC Bros Splitter Handlebars

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Do you want to make your motorcycle stylish and enhance your riding comfort? With the Lane splitter handlebars from TC Bros, every rider has the opportunity to experience classic riding. It is a high-quality handlebar since they are crafted from premium American steel tubing. This material makes these handlebars last for years and be able to withstand abuse and accidental impacts. Also, the bends are amazing. Well, these bends are created on the renowned CNC mandrel bender.

Due to the innovative technology used, these handlebars come with flawless symmetry right from the factory. For enhanced durability, these have a powder-coated finish which makes them weatherproof. The handlebars offer a 3-inch pull back, and 9.25 inches rise.

So, this results in awesome riding comfort. Moreover, they are creatively forged to make them compatible with brake lines, cables, and wiring.

  • Flawless bend
  • Fantastic look
  • Premium steel construction
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Sticky powder coating

7. Renthal Black 7/8″ Aluminum Handlebar

Renthal Black Aluminum Handlebar

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Here is the Renthal motorcycle handlebar to let you enjoy prolific rides. It is forged from premium aluminum material with a unique coating to enhance durability. It is lightweight, sturdy and fits most bikes without some modifications. These feature 7/8″ diameter, and it is forged from the same materials and using the same factory standards as the renowned motocross handlebars.

Also, they come with the cross brace missing but are available in five different non-model specific bends. These amazing handlebars are therefore ideal for different riders and motorcycles. Besides, the manufacturer has exclusive rights to the 7010 T6 aluminum alloy. This material is unique aspects such as being lightweight, sturdy and vibrations dampening. Moreover, this metal boasts a unique coating made from a 15 step anodizing process.

  • Robust and lightweight
  • Allows several adjustments
  • Unique weatherproof coating
  • Highly versatile
  • Small end diameter

6. XMT-MOTO El Diablo 1 1/4″ Fat 10″-Rise Handlebar

XMT-MOTO El Diablo Rise Handlebar

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Here is one of the best aftermarket motorcycle handlebars. The XMT-MOTO El Diablo 10″-Rise Handlebar features 1 1/4″ diameter and the center section tapers to an inch to match the standard handlebar controls. Its width from tip to tip is 34-1/2″. However, it is easy to bend it to the most comfortable angle for your ride. It is compatible with Harley-Davidson FLST, FXST, Sportster XL, and other custom applications.

Also, it is forged from treated iron material for sturdiness and ensure maximum durability. It also has predrilled wiring holes to make the installation effortless. But you need to check the measurements to ensure they fit the intended application. The curved parts of this handlebar have a unique reinforcement featuring several holes. Thus, you can add items on your bike while retaining the rigidity of the control bars.

  • Wide compatibility
  • Reinforced construction
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy to adjust
  • Installing wires in the bars is quite hectic

5. HTTMT HB06-BK Black 25mm 1-inch Handlebar

HTTMT HB06-BK Black 25mm 1-inch Handlebar

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These are high-quality motorcycle handlebars. They are uniquely engineered to fit the FX 1974-1981, FL 1974-1981 and XL 1974-1981. This one-inch handlebar boasts Z style that resembles the traditional chopper without indent and knurls. Now, these boast high-quality construction and building material. They will add a spark of cuteness to your bike as they feature even glossy black finish.

Unlike other top-rated handlebars, this one features large wire holes and is accurately machined to allow a perfect fit. Also, it allows perfect placement of brake lines and the installation of every component that interacts with these handlebars remain easy. It also offers a perfect height for a nice fit of all lever control cables.

Additionally, they are super comfortable and will put the bars in front of your shoulders. So, you can ride professionally and comfortably, even for long journeys. These will offer an appropriate height for flipped mirrors.

  • Perfect pull back
  • Premium construction and materials
  • Easy installation
  • Nice width
  • Feels too lightweight

4. Biltwell HB-KSD-01-BK Black 1″ Keystone Handlebar

Biltwell HB-KSD-01-BK Black 1 Keystone Handlebar

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This handlebar will give your motorcycle a new look. It boasts Chromoly tubing, which is elegant and lasts for a long time without losing its value. It is super sturdy as it features outstanding reinforcement. Well, the bends possess internal mandrels on a CNC bender. So, the flats spot bends are greatly reduced in these bends.

Moreover, the welded joints are TIG welded, and precision mitered for maximum accuracy and fit. You’ll also love the fact that this handlebar is available in black electroplate and chrome finishes. Another appealing aspect is that it is either undimpled for the aftermarket custom applications or dimpled for the OEM switches and levers.

  • Stunning look
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Classic bending
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Seems large

3. ALPHA MOTO Cafe Racer Ace Clubman Handlebar

ALPHA MOTO Cafe Racer Ace Clubman Handlebar

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Getting the best handlebar for your motorcycle can be tricky. You should consider this one from the renowned Alpha Moto. It offers an affordable means to transform the outlook of your motorbike quickly. However, this doesn’t come with predrilled holes, and hence you’ll be required to do a few modifications.

It offers a universal fit as it is ideal for bikes with 7/8″ application. So, it is perfect for scooters and sportbikes. Measurement wise, it has a width of 28.25 inches, rise and pulls back both stand at 4.5 inches. The back-finish makes this handlebar blend with most bike colors and makes them look more aggressive on the road.

  • Precise measurements
  • Durable construction material
  • Perfect compatibility
  • Easy to fix
  • Pain missing on certain parts

2. Krator Motorcycle Handlebar -7/8″

Krator Motorcycle Handlebar

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Do you want to upgrade the performance of your motorcycle? Here is one amazing handlebar to help you elevate your bike’s performance while making it rock on the road. This is a 7/8″ motorbike handlebar that comes in glossy black color. Featuring a euro-style, these handlebars offer a classic look on your bike, allowing it to outshine all the rivals on the street.

Moreover, they are forged out of premium aluminum material which is lightweight and strong. It is designed for custom applications though you may need to perform some modifications. Well, the diameter is 7/8″, the pullback is 4 inches, width is 27 inches while the center with is 6 inches.

  • Great design
  • Nice finish
  • Easy fit
  • Affordable
  • Inner diameter lacks standardization

1. AnXin Motorcycle 7/8″ Drag Handlebars

AnXin Motorcycle Drag Handlebars

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Here is a solution for anyone who wants to taste a new riding comfort and style. These AnXin Motorcycle 7/8″ Drag Handlebars is amazingly designed to help you customize your ride. These feature an upgraded design and offer a universal fit. These are designed specifically for the 7/8″ motorcycles. One great example of such a bike is Harley Sportster.

Now, this handlebar is crafted from high-quality iron. The chrome finish makes it outshine most rivals as it gives your bike an appealing look everywhere you go. The nice textured powder coating makes it elegant and easy to clean.

Besides, it’s racy and simple design will boost the performance of your motorcycle. It offers remarkable compatibility with most grip bars. It has some predrilled holes, and the dimensions are great to allow the addition of other accessories. And, the installation is a breeze.

  • Nice looking
  • Robust and durable
  • Sparkling chrome color
  • Universal fit
  • Limited cable holes


As you’ve seen, there are a lot of great motorcycle handlebars available. So, you can now choose the best according to your bike’s model and revamp your bike’s outlook and performance. You’ll also enhance your riding comfort since you will be able to make adjustments according to your motorbike dimensions and of course, your preferred riding style. With our review, you can now make an ideal purchase decision and equip your motorcycle with an outstanding handlebar.

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