Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021 – Reviews


Your pets require safety and care, not only indoor but outdoor as well. Most of the time, we forget to bring our pets into light of sun and open breezy areas due to which various sorts of issues erupt in their body and overall health. However, these outdoor dog kennels help you in many ways for example:

  • You can manage your pets and your personal space.
  • Get rid of chewed sofas and shoes.
  • Keep your pet save while it is watching over your house from outside dangers.
  • You can teach your kid discipline.

Therefore, by understanding their needs and requirement, here we have brought you some excellent brands and their products won awards of Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021. Along with, a buyer a guide is attached so you can understand that the thing you are buying is worth-understanding.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021 Buying Guide

In this guide I will tell you what to see and what to ignore while buying Outdoor Dog Kennels. By keeping it in mind, you are able to select top products for pets. So, let’s start:

  • Take Care of The Size: First of all, you need to see the size of the thing you are buying. In this regard, you will have to look at the size of your pet. Besides that, don’t forget that your pet will get bigger too and its size will increase, and you will not buy a kennel for your pet again and again. However, you can tell the shopkeeper about your dog breed and its maximum size so he can give you a cage accordingly.
  • Take Care of Material: Dog kennels come in various types of materials like wood, iron, and steel. Each material has its own specialties and cons. Moreover, material of your cage will also affect the price. Cages made of steel are mostly expensive compare to cages made of iron because steel lives with you for longer periods of time compare to iron. Besides that, understand your requirement with respect to material.
  • Take Care of Color: Do you know that there are certain colors pets feel triggered to and in the presence of some colors the feel calmed about. Therefore, you will have to understand your pet’s favorite color in which he feels calm and relaxed. Though most of the dog kennels are made with colors that are less triggering to them but you can order a certain color as well according to your requirement.
  • Easy to Set Up: Moreover, you will have to find a dog kennel that’s quite easy to set up and moveable in the easiest possible ways. Therefore, you do not buy a kennel attached to the ground because there are chances that you will have to move it from one corner of your lawn to another in case of high sunrays or rain etc. Therefore, a cage that’s easy to set up and transportable from one place to another should be bought.
  • Cleanliness: You also have to consider a cage from the point of cleanliness. There are certain paints and materials which are hard to clean or can be ruined with water. Therefore, you have to find a cage which can be directly cleaned by using water and no dirt or dust get stuck in it. By doing so, your pet’s hygiene condition will get better.

Besides that, consider these things when it comes to buying Dog Kennels. Now, it is time to showcase the top ten products of top outdoor dog kennels for the year 2019. So let’s start:

Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021

Here are the top ten best outdoor dog kennel products, you must consider buying for the year 2019.

10. Backyard Dog Kennel Outdoor by Chicken Coop Outlet

By: ChickenCoopOutlet


Backyard Dog Kennel Outdoor by Chicken Coop Outlet

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The first kennel product that I am offering comes with chain link and it’s quite huge in size and most suitable for the bigger sized pups. However, the total size of the cage is 20’x10’x6′ that’s no doubt is quite huge. This is a limited stock offer so you better be hurry if you want to get your hands on it. Besides that, you can keep your dog utterly secure from accidents. The best thing about this kennel is its shape. It comes with shaded area and non-shaded area. Thus, ts chain is made with stabilized material to keep your pet safe during summers.


  • Huge in size
  • Provides your pets with living and exercise zone.
  • Made with High quality and sturdy material.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It takes a little longer to set up as size is huge.
  • Wrench supplied along is not as high quality.

9. DK24X32 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Kennel 


DK24X32 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Kennel by ALEKO

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Round shaped beautiful yet high-quality Heavy Duty Dog Kennel that comes with a Pet Playpen is hereby ALEKO, a company known for quality. Moreover, it comes in round shape and offers enough spacing to your pets to move around without feeling confined or limited. This panel can be used to keep all types of pets like chickens, rabbits, or cats etc. Besides that, material is so elegant that is galvanized steel coated with rust-resistant powder. Moreover, you can also connect more panels to it as your pet grows in size. Keep it indoor or outdoor and never let your pet feel abandoned.


  • Never let your pets feeling confined.
  • Made with robust material.
  • Reliable enough and remains rust-free.
  • Easy to setup, and transport.
  • Add as many panels as you want.


  • Suitable for small pups and you have to add more panels for growing ones.
  • Sometimes, manufacturing issue can occur such as in hole-cuts etc.

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8. Heavy Duty Dog Playpen Dog Kennel


Heavy Duty Dog Playpen Dog Kennel by LEMKA

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Another dog kennel with playpen, a shaded area, and enough space is Heavy Duty Dog Kennel by LEMKA. It comes with various panels and you can design your pet home in any way without struggling for its original design. Besides that, it offers your dog with climbing place, moveable area, and shaded space to rest and feel comfortable. Moreover, its canopy is made with UV light proofing system that never let harmful sunrays reaching to your pet.


  • Best for pets training center and personal use.
  • Durable, water-resistant, and rust resistant material.
  • Enough space for your pet to move around.
  • Pet cannot climb out and remains safe.


  • Some pieces may reach broken during delivery.
  • Setting up roof can be a little difficult.
  • Keep from so much amount of water as it can get it rusted.

7. DK32X32 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Kennel


DK32X32 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Kennel by ALEKO

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Another great pet house and exercise panel for your pet is here by ALEKO, made with sturdy material and classy design. Besides that, you can leave your pups alone inside this kennel with complete confidence because it offers them enough space to feel like home. Besides that, it comes with an adjustable design that makes it quite easy to change its style and add more panels to it. There is a lockable door, so that your pets cannot move out of the territory.


  • Keeps your pet safe without making them confined.
  • Add as many kennels as you want for your growing number or size of pets.
  • Easy to set up and move.


  • Puppies open the latch easily if not locked with a lock.
  • Fastening the door can be iffy.
  • You may have to add panels for bigger sized pups.

6. Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate by ITORI


Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate by ITORI

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It completely escapes a proof panel for your kid and can be used also as a transportation cage because its small size enables you to move it from one place to another quite easily. Besides that, it comes with four sides and a roof all made of steel so your pet cannot escape the territory. Also, it gives enough space to your pet to sit, sleep, and stretch. It is best cage for pups learning to behave and discipline. Therefore, robust material and rust-free characteristics makes it a must-to-buy.


  • High quality constructed material.
  • Never let your pet jump out of space.
  • Best for transportation.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Extremely simple to assemble.


  • Small is size.
  • May make your pet feel confined.
  • You cannot leave your pup here for too long.

5. pet enclosure with lockable pet door 

By: North States Pet

pet enclosure with lockable pet door by North States Pet

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Round shaped pet kennel made with six panels is here by North States Pet Company, known for their pets-loving products. Besides that, this product is best to teach your pets discipline and never leaving their space to it helps a lot in dog training. Thus, you can even add more panels to it to enhance your pet’s moveable spacing. It is enough taller to never let your pets jumping out of space and material is soft enough to never let your pets making any danger.


  • Comes with door and in beautiful shape.
  • Lock the door to confine your pet.
  • Enough space for pets to move freely.
  • Add lid to keep pets from sunrays.
  • Easy to place at indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Panel attaching can be difficult for novices.
  • Pups love to poo in holes so make sure to add bags.
  • Active puppies can easily jump over.

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4. Heavy Duty Dog Cage Kennel Crate 

By: HAIGE Pet Your Pet Nanny

Heavy Duty Dog Cage Kennel Crate by HAIGE Pet Your Pet Nanny

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HAIGE Pet Your Pet Nanny offers a kennel come crate and cage for doggies to keep them confined to a space and let them teach discipline. However, this is a best crate for dogs when you want to travel with them because it offers less space to your dogs to move and get them hurt. It comes with wheels however you can lock the wheels over so the pet cannot move the cage. Thus, overall it is a good product for pets’ outdoor home.


  • Robust frame
  • Lock the door and keep your pup secure.
  • Easily to clean, move, setup, and adjust.
  • Good shaped


  • Can be damaged during delivery.
  • You need welding to add more panels.
  • You need padlock to keep dog confined.

3. Heavy Duty Pet Dog Kennel 



Heavy Duty Pet Dog Kennel by S AFSTAR Safstar

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Pet home, made with panels, shaped in your desired shape, and made with robust materials are some characteristics to make a perfect product for your pets. It comes in black shape and offer very beautiful home like spacing to your pets. Light weight makes it easy to move from one place to another however pet cannot leave or jump out the space. Hence, it will remain confined to its space.


  • For both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Durable construction.
  • Stronger material.
  • Creative design.


  • Panel is quite light.
  • Pets can move panel easily.
  • You need to dig to keep panels sturdy.

2. My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel 


My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel by NEOCRAFT

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Here is a small hut shaped kennel for your pets by NEOCRAFT. It comes with a huge door on the upper side so that even if it is open, a small pup cannot come out of it. Pet will get privacy and you will get it too. It is easy to place indoor and outdoor as well as adjustable in all types of areas yet you can also use it while transporting your pets.


  • Small hone like design.
  • Excellent material.
  • Yu can add more panels.


  • Small in size
  • Suitable only for small pups.

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1. Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover 

By: Advantek

Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover by ADVANTEK

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Here is Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover by ADVANTEK, a product that you must have. This kennel comes with UV roof that never lets your pet feeling hot or warmer. You can place the cage indoor and in outdoor places. Roof is covering the whole cage so even a huge pet cannot jump out of the territory. As a whole, it is a great product for you.


  • Great material.
  • State of the art design.
  • Comes with roof.
  • A small hut hone for pups.


  • Huge dogs can feel confined.
  • Adding more panels can be costly.


If you have a dog to watch over your house at night or want to transport your dog to another place, these outdoor dog kennels come equally handy. Sometimes people think it like a cruel act for pets but think again, you are keeping them from outside dangers.

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