Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar String Lights in 2021 – Reviews


As the celebration season approach, people are always preparing to celebrate in style. People are always looking for ways to enjoy superb way to make the festive seasons fulfilling. String lights are some of the fantastic ways to enjoy great looking outdoors. With different types of durable lights, having right ones ensures there is ultimate illumination.

These days, there are outdoor solar string lights. They are dedicated to keeping the yard looking superb without plugging them into the wall socket. This means they can be used in homes and other events throughout without additional power bills. Requiring only sun, they are great since the solar panels help in powering these lights. To select your best choice, you need to check our reviewed solar string lights in our list below.

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

  • Battery capacity: the battery capacity is vital in determining the time it will provide charge. Since most of these solar-powered lights are enhanced with rechargeable batteries, it is crucial to have right one. The battery capacity us vital in determining its power supply duration. Usually, batteries with high mAh are better. They have more supply over an extended time.
  • Weatherproof design: the designing of these lights maters a lot. Since these strip lights are used outdoors, there is chance weather can change anytime. However, this should not be a worry if you select weatherproof lights. Usually, check for wind and water-resistant lights. This gives you high confidence and safety about proper lighting regardless of prevailing weather conditions.
  • Quality of wires: the quality of cables determines the overall performance. Usually, copper wires are great since they have excellent electricity conduction. Also, for transparent strips, copper blends well since thin wires are capable of supporting substantial charge without overheating. Also, they blend well due to the shiny nature.
  • Type of bulbs: the type of bulbs affects the light as well as power consumption. Since rechargeable batteries stores limited charge, it is ideal to have efficient lamps. LEDs are some of the top considerations when you want to enjoy prolonged lighting. They have low energy consumptions and offer more lumens than traditional bulbs.

Best Outdoor Solar String Lights in 2021

10. BEIEN Waterproof LED Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Umbrella Lights

BEIEN Waterproof LED Indoor Outdoor Hanging Umbrella Lights

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The Bien string lights are soft and safe for eyes. It is this reason you can fit them indoors as well as outdoors. Delivering warm white illumination, these lights make your backyard amazing. Moreover, utilizing LED chips, they are energy efficient. Whether using them on a windy, rainy or sunny day, they are always safe. In fact, waterproof nature keeps them working excellently. Therefore, whether having family barbeque or relaxing outdoors, these lights up your mood.

The low power demand renders these lights excellent for use with solar panels. In fact, the dual charging options ensure people can enjoy seamless lighting. Apart from using solar, the lights can be charged via USB, which makes them versatile. With longer lifespan, they can last for 50,000 hours hence great for saving energy and replacement cost. Enhanced with 4 lighting modes, it becomes easy to enjoy different styles.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Different illumination modes
  • Dual charging options


  • Only 2 replacement bulbs

9. Upoom 50 LED Outdoor String Garden Crystal Ball Decorative Lights

Upoom 50 LED Outdoor String Garden Crystal Ball Decorative Lights

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Decorating your garden is now simple with solar-powered lights. These string lights by upoom are decorative and efficient. Equipped with rechargeable solar cell, they allow you to harness the sun energy. Thus, even when off the grid, they are highly functional. The rechargeable solar cell is powerful to hold charge for long. Therefore, it makes people enjoy outdoor parties without limitation. With simple installation, there is no expert needed when mounting these lights.

The string lights are equipped with 50 LEDs; there is fantastic lighting. Moreover, there are no worries when there is weather change. Boasting IP65 waterproof rating, the lights are exceptionally safe. Thus, there is no hurry to remove due to water damage risk. Each charge provides 8-14 hours of continuous lighting. With excellent crystal balls, these bulbs are sleek and improve the overall elegance. Fitted with On/Off and light mode control switch, operating is simple.


  • Crystal LED bulbs
  • Soft On/Off switch
  • 30,000 bulbs lighting duration


  • Non-replicable bulbs

8. Bolansi 8 Modes Outdoor Starry Lights Solar Powered String Light

Bolansi 8 Modes Outdoor Starry Lights Solar Powered String Light

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If you are planning to decorate your garden, lights are great for night times. These string lights by Bolansi provides excellent garden illumination. In fact, they are perfect for a party or regular hoe decoration. Since they are powered by solar, they are superb for use even when camping with friends. Especially when camping in summer, using a solar to charge this system is impressive. The 6 feet lead cable, and 27 feet cover allows the strings to conform to different shapes.

The system features an 800mAh rechargeable battery, which allows solar recharging. With string having 60 LEDs, they are great for delivering fantastic illuminations. Besides, the 8 working modes are superb for allowing users switch right style. This usually depends on mood as well as other aspects. While fully charged, the battery is capable of working for over 9 hours. It’s a versatile system for weddings, parties, and other functions.


  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Easy to fit different shapes
  • 8 working modes


  • Bulbs are small

7. JMEXSUSS 8 Modes 100 LED Waterproof Copper Wire Lights

JMEXSUSS 8 Modes 100 LED Waterproof Copper Wire Lights

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With variable modes, lighting your yard at night is exceptional. The JMEXSUSS waterproof string lights keep every event fulfilling. Boasting 8 modes, you can set flashes, twinkle, wave, slo glo, among others, there is perfect delight. Enhanced 100 multicolor LEDs, they keep the even thrilling. Additionally, there are no large bulbs like others, which makes the lights easy to manage. High flexibility ensures you can make different shapes to color your event or garden.

Since the LED consumes less energy, there are no more hassles to look for wall outlets. They are solar-powered which makes these string versatile and ideal for home and outdoor use. Moreover the IP44 waterproof design keeps the lights safe even when it’s raining. Unlike the traditional lights, these are cool and don’t produce heat, which can affect the performance. The copper wires are, and firefly design keeps the lights s working and looking wonderful.


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Fully sealed waterproof design
  • Improved battery performance


  • They can tangle easily

6. Brightown 33FT 100 LED Decoration Copper Wire Lights

Brightown 33FT 100 LED Decoration Copper Wire Lights

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The Brightown copper wires s decoration lights are amazing and keep every event lively. They are super brilliant solar-powered decorative lights keep every place looking superb. In fact, each of the string light boasts 100 LED lights. They have less power consumption, which ensures there is no more excessive power consumption. Amazingly, the construction is exceptional since it has waterproof style. This allows them to work flawlessly without experiencing short-circuiting.

The 360 degrees illumination is classic to ensure there is thrilling lighting. Moreover, the high engineering allows the light string to work under any weather. A solar-charged battery is robust and keeps these lights illuminating for long. Enhanced with timer, these lights have automatic On/Off at dust and dawn, respectively. Unlike the plugged lights, these safe and ensures there are no harmful wires that can cause risks. The copper wires are excellent for high performance and keep these lights cool.


  • High-performance copper wires
  • Warm glowing light
  • Safe and sealed cables
  • Automatic lighting operation


  • Difficult to repair

5. FOXLUX 48 ft. LED Outdoor String Pergola Lights

FOXLUX 48 ft. LED Outdoor String Pergola Lights

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Creating a relaxing and calm ambiance, the Foxlux outdoor string lights are unmatchable. They are economical and eco-friendly since they are powered by solar energy. Therefore, whether you are camping with friends or family, there is no lamination of party illumination. Since the lights are designed with flexible materials, mounting is effortless. The 3000mAh rechargeable battery delivers enough juice to run the lights for 6 hours.

The commercial-grade construction is remarkable in ensuring there is high reliability. Also, LED shatterproof bulbs are reliable and waterproof. This enables the bulbs to work even during windy days without breaking. With 15 hanging sockets, they are simple to fit the bulbs. The additional replacement bulb ensures you can it once one gets damaged. However, the bulbs are tasked to last 25000 hours. The light sensor helps the lights work automatically. Overall, the lamps consume less energy and don’t get overheated.


  • Heavy-duty battery
  • Simple to fit bulbs
  • Light sensors


  • Missing installation instructions

4. Sunlitec Solar Waterproof LED Hanging Umbrella String Lights

Sunlitec Solar Waterproof LED Hanging Umbrella String Lights

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Sunlitec waterproof solar lights are lighting your indoors and outdoors. Whether you need the, for regular decoration or event, they perfectly suit. With each strip having 25 LED bulbs they are bright and ensures superb lighting. Additionally, the round designed bulbs are reliable and provide excellent protection. The fantastic light modes are remarkable for making lighting a thrill. Thus, when you want them for weddings or other parties, they keep everyone relaxed.

Apart from the bright light, these string lamps are enabled with different modes. Therefore, one can choose twinkling, flashings and others. Available with premium 3W/5V solar panel. It has charging ports that ease battery charging. Connectivity is through USB port, which eliminates the hassles. Li-Ion battery rated 2000mAh provides lighting duration. The dual charging option renders these lights adorable and versatile. The flexibility is fantastic which makes them ideal for different places.


  • Dual charging options
  • Fantastic lighting modes
  • Large bulbs


  • Less lighting duration per charge

3. Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Solar String Lights

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The Brightech ambiance pro outdoor string lights are exceptionally bright and colorful. They are versatile lights that enable you to use indoors as well as outdoors. Unlike the regular lamps, these have a soft and warm glow that keeps your eyes safe. Also, the delicate light ensures there is excellent look when relaxing with family or friends. Thus, whether having celebrations or party these are lights are amazing. To maximize the performance, these string lights are c LED, which helps to conserve energy.

When it comes to construction, these lights are excellent. They boast commercial-grade construction. The bulbs are made from heavy-duty plastic that is resistant to breaking. Additionally, they can withstand different weathers without suffering damage. In fact, the bulbs can work even under 50mph wind. Designed to withstand up to 122 degrees F, they are ideal even for summer heat without issues.


  • Heat and wind resistant
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Quick installation


  • Short solar power cord

2. AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 100 LED Copper Wire Lights

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 100 LED Copper Wire Lights

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Amir upgraded string lights are perfect ways to create exceptional looking function. They are simple to use and install. Unlike the large ones, these have great flexibility, which is impressive for ensuring simple installation. Whether you need them for indoors or outdoors, they can be used for decorating. Each of the string boasts 100 LED chips that offer powerful illumination. Whether its fence, market umbrellas, and other places, these string lights are superb.

Fitted with 2 switches, it is easy to operate these lights. In fact, one button is for On/Off while the other one is for mode selection. Each of the LED chips is spaced 10 cm, which gives uniform pattern and illumination. The perfect sealing and design ensure there is no damage since these lights are waterproof. The copper wiring allows flexibility and efficiency without heating and are invisible.


  • Invisible copper wires
  • Waterproof sealing
  • Simple to shape


  • Bulbs aren’t removable

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

  Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

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The Brightech ambiance pro outdoor string lights provide enchanting illumination. Built with waterproof design, these lights are amazing and excellent. Moreover, the lights are super bright, which means you don’t need extra flashlight when on bbq. These string lamps feature decorative aspect, which makes everyone enjoy the appearance. With each string accommodating 40 strands, there is exceptional lighting. The bulbs are energy conserving and durable. Therefore, once your battery is charged, they provide improved lighting duration.

Unlike other lights, these are versatile and provides easy installation. You can them in balcony and other places. Commercial-grade construction ensures there is improved safety. What is more, They can withstand strong wind, rain, and other weather elements. The wires are thick, which provides excellent anchoring. As a result, the lights are great for home and commercial lighting.


  • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Thick electrical cords
  • Element proof designed cable


  • Costly replacement bulbs


The ability to enjoy high illumination depends on the type of string lights you have. Although there are many options available, people need to have excellent lamps. These outdoor solar string lights are ultimate for home and events.

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