Top 10 Best Patio Coffee Tables in 2021 – Reviews


Patios can be a safe haven and a good place to get away from the norms of life. They also provide a great location to entertain family and friends, especially on great spring, summer and fall evenings.

When you decorate your patio, make sure to include some of top 10 best patio coffee tables in 2021. These coffee tables will enhance your outdoor decor and give your guests something to talk about.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Patio Coffee Table:

  • Construction material: most of these coffee tables come with a rattan wicker overlay. Make sure the frame underneath is durable, long lasting and bale to resist corrosive and other weather issues
  • Design: make sure you get a design that complements your outdoor scenery, patio decor and home. This is up to your preference but an extra shelf always comes in handy
  • Storage: not a necessary item for coffee tables but storage compartments do come in handy and help you get rid of the clutter in your home.
  • Cost: make sure the coffee table fits your budget and does not break the bank

Best Patio Coffee Tables in 2021

10. Great Deal Furniture Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table

Great Deal Furniture Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table

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To keep your outdoor coffee table looking great, the steel frame is wrapped in wicker. This gives your table strength and good looks at the same time. Also, the approx. 19 by 39 by 16 inch coffee table should be the right size for your patio.

Plus, an extra shelf underneath the table top provides you with a little extra storage for photo albums, etc. You get the space you need. In addition, its gray color should complement just about any color design you have on your patio.

Some assembly is required but it shouldn’t be too hard to put the coffee table together.

  • Made from durable wicker
  • Has a steel frame
  • Large size
  • Extra shelf underneath

9. GDF Studio Outdoor Grey Aluminum Coffee Table

GDF Studio Outdoor Grey Aluminum Coffee Table

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Measuring approx. 24 by 40 by 16 inches in size, this coffee table is made from aluminum. Plus, a piece of tempered glass helps make this contemporary styled coffee table look great.

Also, strong rubber feet on each leg make sure your deck or patio is not damaged or scratched. The strong construction should be able to hold the not so large items you place on top of it.

This outdoor coffee table should also offer you weather resistance to keep it looking great along with your other patio furniture. Some assembly is required

  • Large table top
  • Aluminum construction
  • Durable and good looking
  • Protective rubber feet

8. ALATEAK Outdoor Coffee Table

ALATEAK Outdoor Coffee Table

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It may only measure 19 1/2 by 17 1/2 inches in size but it will do a grown up outdoor coffee table job. Made from teak, this outdoor coffee table resists mold and mildew. Plus, it is water resistant.

Also, its small size makes it nice and portable. It is a handy table to have on picnics and other outdoor events. While not meant to be sat on, a small child could use it as a booster seat.

In addition the spaced design between the slats helps any spills run off and not damage the wood coffee table.

  • Water resistant
  • Versatile use
  • Compact size
  • Made from real wood

7. LEAPTIME Patio Side Table

LEAPTIME Patio Side Table

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This little side table complements just about any room in your home. It is also a good fit for your patio with its rattan construction over a steel frame. Plus, the metal frame provides you with durability and strength to handle all your coffee table needs.

On top of that, a tempered glass top makes this wicker table look great. The glass should handle most normal treatment with ease. The powdered coated steel also protects your new coffee table from rust and corrosion.

Some assembly is required but that is okay. The instructions are included with your purchase.

  • Steel frame
  • powder coating
  • Tempered glass top
  • Compact size

6. Pamapic Outdoor All Weather Coffee Table

Pamapic Outdoor All Weather Coffee Table

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You get all weather protection with this wicker designed outdoor coffee table. With no metal parts, you are fully protected against rust, corrosion and other ailments that attack metal frames.

Plus, the 37 by 15 by 22 inch coffee table comes with an extra shelf. Store decorative items underneath the table top for safe keeping. Also, the rubber feet should protect your floors and deck from any scratches that may occur due to accidental movement, etc.

Some assembly is required but the screw holes are made to line up nice and easily. Once you have the coffee table together, it should last you a long time.

  • Easy assembly
  • All wicker construction
  • Protective rubber feet
  • Second shelf for added space

5.​ PHI VILLA Outdoor Small Coffee Table

PHI VILLA Outdoor Small Coffee Table,

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Protective feet on the legs of this 19 by 18 by 19 inch coffee table make sure that your floors are not harmed when you place this in your home. Plus, you get a metal table top that looks like wood. This makes clean up a snap.

Also, the powder coating works hard to keep rust and corrosion from ruining your new coffee table. The feet are adjustable to make sure the table stays square when your floors are not.

In addition, the good news is that no assembly is required. Once you take it out of the box, you can use this coffee table.

  • Adjustable protective feet
  • Compact size
  • Made of metal
  • Strong and durable

4. Tangkula Outdoor Wicker Table

Tangkula Outdoor Wicker Table

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The unique design on this wicker coffee table will make it a conversation piece. The angled legs keep the table stable while complementing your outdoor or indoor decor. Plus, the wicker goes over the metal frame making sure the coffee table looks good all the time.

In addition, those legs can be folded up allowing the table to be used for other activities or stored easily. Measuring 24 by 16 by 16 inches approx., there is no assembly required. After you take it out of the box it is ready for action. This table adds a touch of class to your patio.

  • Folding legs
  • Angled design
  • Large table top size
  • Hardware & tools included

3. Giantex Round Rattan Wicker Coffee Table

Giantex Round Rattan Wicker Coffee Table

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Two shelves handle your coffee table duties quite well. The weather and water resistant construction makes sure this coffee table lasts you a long time. Plus, the tempered glass top adds a touch of class to the table and your room’s decor.

In addition, its small size works with you not against you. It can fit in small spaces or be stored without a hassle. The glass top is supported by an open wave design to make sure it is safe and able to hold your items.

The table measures roughly 26 by 28 inches in size and cleans up easily

  • 2 shelves
  • Weather & water resistant
  • Compact size
  • Tempered glass top

2. Keter Urban Knit Pouf Set

Keter Urban Knit Pouf Set

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This uniquely designed coffee table set will help you design your patio to be outside the box in looks. Two seats come with the table bringing comfort and artistic influence to your patio.

Also, the 16 by 16 by 16 inch table and also the chairs are made from polypropylene resin to keep corrosion and rust away at all times. This construction material is also weather resistant and should look good for years to come.

On top of all that, the lid of the coffee table should come off, giving you another handy storage spot when you need it most.

  • Storage compartment
  • Made from all weather materials
  • Unique design
  • Waterproof

1. Keter Corfu Coffee Table

Keter Corfu Coffee Table

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This unique coffee table is made from all weather material that should protect it from the weather. Plus, you get an open end side allowing you to store unneeded items underneath the table top.

Also, a wicker design covers the non-metal frame. These construction materials means you won’t lose this coffee table to rust or other corrosive materials.  The table measures 30 by 22 by 16 inches approx. More than enough room for coffee table duties.

The lightweight table is easy to move from place to place and needs a little assembly before it is ready for use.

  • Storage compartment
  • Non-metal frame for durability
  • All weather design
  • Lightweight

Some Final Words

When you want to entertain outdoors, it pays to have one of the top 10 best patio coffee tables in 2021 on hand. These tables are uniquely designed add a special flavor to your patio decor.

Also, they are made to endure what the weather sends their way. Their special construction materials help ward off rust and other corrosive actions as well as resist water and UV rays.

These patio tables provide you with a good reputation and should impress your friends and family when they see it for the first time. Your good taste will be the talk of the town once you debut one of the top 10 best patio coffee tables in 2021.

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