Top 10 Best Shallow Well Pumps in 2021 – Reviews


Having a well in your home is a great way to ensure constant water supply. But, getting water into your tank for use needs some pumping. Depending on the water table, people usually invest in pumps. The good thing is these pumps are different depending on how deep is yours well. Shallow well pumps are cheap and ideal for people living in places with shallow water tables.

The pumps are usually electric powered and use centrifugal forces to pump water. In most cases, they use water to draw water. Therefore, they need priming to ensure there is proper functioning. Additionally, due to their small size, these pumps are great when you need to transports the. Also, you should check on the pressure as well as pumping range to ensure it performs flawlessly. For everyone looking for the best shallow well jet pumps, the list below offers the top-ranked and selected.

Shallow Well Pumps Buying Guide

  • Maximum Head: The maximum length that your pump can deliver water is vital. This is important since wells positions differ from home to home. For some places, wells are placed near the house. Therefore, a simple pump will suit. Other areas, wells are far from home, which means a powerful pump is needed. Therefore, before buying a well pump, consider the maximum head.
  • Depth of Your Well: The depth of your well is one of the determinants to check. With different areas having varying water tables, it calls for proper pump selection. In most cases, shallow wells are considered to be 25 feet or less. It is this reason that you need to look for the right pump for maximum efficiency.
  • Pump Size: The size of a pump is also another thing you need to be careful. Some of these machines are usable in different places, especially when doing irrigation. This allows them to be used even n springs and rivers for water transfers. Small pumps are ideal for standard water supply, while larger ones are great for more water requirement.
  • Voltage: The voltage is vital as other features. It determines whether you can use the machine everywhere. Some of the brands make dual voltage pumps. However, others are only compatible with North America standards. For dual voltage, an automatic selector is vital to prevent damaging your pump.

Best Shallow Well Pumps in 2021

10. Acquaer Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump

By: Acquaer

Acquaer Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump

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The Acquaer dual voltage convertible pump is a solution for efficient water pumping. This one is great for use in deep as well as shallow wells. This is possible due to the convertible nature of this machine. Made from cast iron, the pump is highly reliable for pumping water for a long time. Also, with ¾ horsepower, it can deliver water up to 157 feet. Therefore, when you want to fill your home tank, it’s a pump to choose.

The dual power use ensures the machine is exceptional. It comes with factory wired 230 V an also can work with 115V. The suction hose is 1¼ inches while the outlet is 1 inch. This helps in creating enormous pressure for improved delivery length. Apart from shallow well use, the pump is great for up to 26-80 ft deep wells. Pressure selection switch enables change in delivery amount with a press. Actually, the machine has 30 and 50 psi selection hence great for high and regular pressure water delivery.


  • Dual voltage design
  • Deep and shallow wells suited
  • Quick voltage change


  • Cheap made pressure switch

9. Bur-Cam 3/4 HP Noryl Shallow Well Jet Pump

By: Bur-Cam

Bur-Cam HP Noryl Shallow Well Jet Pump

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There is a need to have a reliable pump for efficient water supply. However, for people who have shallow wells, here is the perfect one by Burcam. It’s one of the reliable water pumping machines in many homes. Whether you need it for home or farm water supply, the machine is highly consistent. In fact, the strong motor enables this machine to deliver 850 gallons per hour. Also, it has a maximum vertical pumping range of 25 feet. Therefore, it’s great for filling elevated tanks.

Unlike the heavy pumps that are made of full metal, this one is lightweight. It features reinforced fiberglass, which is as strong as steel but lighter. Besides cutting the overall weight, the materials are corrosion resistant. Enhanced with 1¼ inches suction and 1-inch discharge, there is high efficiency. The norly body pump is efficient in reducing noise which good for quiet operation.


  • Rust free fiberglass body
  • Noise-free operation
  • Pressure monitoring gauge


  • Less durable than metal made pumps

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8. Goulds J10S 1HP Shallow Well Jet Pump

By: Goulds Pump

Goulds J10S 1HP Shallow Well Jet Pump

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The Goulds J10S is one of the home use pumps for shallow wells and springs. It’s a compact machine that doesn’t give you stress when installing. Also, the durable body makes it remarkable for durability. Apart from the durable design, the high-performance motor gives it 3500 rotations per minute. This generates enough power to offer a high-pressure water flow. Also, the ability to use dual voltage ensures it can be used everywhere. In fact, it boasts V capacitor start, which keeps the motor safe from power mishaps.

The single-phase pump is great to run on regular home wiring. Moreover, built-in overload and automatic reset make the pump great for easy use. The stainless steel shaft guarantees unlimited usage without corrosion by water. Also, to increase safety, this machine comes with a pressure gauge. Depending on the demand, the pump has a pressure switch. It allows discharge or 30 or 50 psi hence easy to meet your water demand.


  • Dual discharge pressure
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Heavy-duty metal body


  • Less power than rivals

7. Red Lion PWJET50 Robust Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

By: Red Lion

Red Lion PWJET50 Robust Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

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Red Lion is the pump to get for unmatched water pumping action. It’s a light-duty pump for shallow wells that is reliable and strong. This machine is tasked with pumping water in wells 25 feet deep or less. Thus, even for people nears springs, it’s an excellent choice for high convenience. Also, it’s highly reliable for large homes, cabins, and farms. The heavy-duty iron construction is classic in ensuring performance and durability.

The cast iron used is corrosion-resistant, giving it years of use. Additionally, the metal doesn’t cause water staining hence guaranteed quality. The glass-filled thermoplastic impeller is exceptional in ensuring there is consistent high-pressure flow. With 115/230 volt motor enhanced with a capacitor, it allows plugging in different power supply. This pump provides 30 and 50 psi switch and can achieve 23gpm. Automatic shut feature enables to stop automatically after a while.


  • Auto-shut feature
  • Corrosion-resistant cast iron
  • Easy power connection


  • Noisy operation

6. Happybuy Shallow Well 1HP Jet Water Pump

By: Happybuy

Happybuy Shallow Well 1HP Jet Water Pump

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Get consistent water flow to your house or farm without hassles. This Happybuy pump is ideal for ensuring there is a reliable water supply. It has a powerful 750W motor that provides there is outstanding water delivery. In fact, the motor delivers 1 horsepower, which is superb for shallow wells use. Additionally, using this machine guarantees enough water throughout for domestic use or irrigating your garden. With body boasting cast iron construction, it lasts for long without corrosion.

The durable body enables this machine to perform exceptionally without suffering damage. Unlike other machines that are in risk of rapturing, this creates high reliability. With 3420 rpm, it generates enough speed and pressure for maximum water flow. This in turns, enables the pump to achieve 3800 liters per hence suitable for large homes. Amazingly, with this machine, it has a maximum head of 183.7ft and boasts automatic operation.


  • High water flow rate
  • Rust-resistant casing
  • Simple installation


  • General pump instructions

5. Aceshin 845 GPH Water Transfer Pump

By: Aceshin

Aceshin 845 GPH Water Transfer Pump

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Irrigating your lawn or pumping water to your home needs an able pump. Especially when you have shallow water well, there is no need to have large and power-hungry machine. This Aceshin water pump is powerful enough for efficient water delivery. The ergonomically designed pump with handle ensures there is comfortable lifting. Also, moving from one point is simple, and there is no straining your hands. Besides being great for wells, it is suitable for water transfers. Whether emptying a tank, pool, or other places, it’s versatile.

Amazingly, the machine is compatible with tanks and can be used as well pump. This solves different needs, whether drawing water from well or for irrigation purposes. Delivering 66 psi, it has more performance than rivals and can provide water for longer distance. Unlike the permanent pumps that need experts, this has simple fixing process.


  • Comfortable handle
  • High-pressure motor
  • Versatile application


  • Only used a single voltage

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4. Binxin 1.6HP Stainless Steel Electric Transfer Water Pump

By: Binxin

Binxin 1.6HP Stainless Steel Electric Transfer Water Pump

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A powerful pump is reliable to provide the right amount of water for daily use. The Binxin electric water pump is a multipurpose machine to have in homes and commercial use. It boasts a superb motor with the ability to deliver 1.6 horsepower. Therefore, it facilitates more flow as well as high-pressure water. The 1200 watts motor equipped in this machine is responsible for unmatched performance.

This jet water pump is capable of delivering water up to 137 feet, thus powerful for various application. Additionally, the design is exceptional since it allows safe and secure portability. The comfortable integrated handle is responsible for making the machine highly portable. With high compatibility with tanks, the machine also works as well as pump flawlessly. Above all, the pump has a stainless steel case which is corrosion resistant.


  • Stainless steel casing
  • Versatile application
  • Works as a booster pump


  • Has no garden hoses

3. WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump


WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

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The Wayne cast iron pump is all you need to keep your home getting enough water. Also, it can be used for other purposes like farm irrigation as well as commercial use. This pump is electric-powered, which means it doesn’t cause noise pollution or fumes. The motor enables this machine to achieve ½hp, which is outstanding for different home purposes. As a result, it can deliver 420 gallons per hour at 50 psi.

The dual voltage power options enable people to use different areas. Also, the high-efficiency flange motor is classic in enabling reliability for a long time. To guarantee consistent high-pressure flow, it has a 1-¼ inch suction and ¾ inch outlet. This allows high pressure which can be used for sprinklers irrigations. Overall, the durable cast iron and dedicated priming ports ensure the pump is easy to use.


  • Self-priming mechanism
  • Dual voltage motor
  • Multiple uses


  • Weak motor and pump seal

2. Flotec FP4012-10 Shallow Well Pump Jet

By: Flotec

Flotec FP4012-10 Shallow Well Pump Jet

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The Flotec pump is the right deal when you have a shallow well less than 25 feet. It’s a reliable and superb machine with high-efficiency motor and durable body. Despite the great pumping ability, it has glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic. This material helps in reducing weight hence easy to carry pump. Amazingly, the casing is extra stiff, which is resistant to raptures. The superior performance ensures the machine provides 10 GPM and a maximum of 40 psi.

The parts are finished from the highest quality materials. Actually, the shaft is stainless steel made, which means it has an unlimited lifespan. Uniquely, the waterproof and dustproof covering enables the machine to enjoy excellent protection. To maximize the machine performance, it has insulated winding as well as balanced motor shaft. Additionally, heavy-duty steel bearings and simple to use priming ports renders this pump user-friendly.


  • Light pump casing
  • Dust and water protected
  • Steel motor shaft


  • Less powerful than competitors

1. Red Lion RJS-100 Premium Cast Iron Shallow Jet Pump

By: Red Lion

Red Lion RJS-100 Premium Cast Iron Shallow Jet Pump

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The Red Lion premium cast iron jet pump is classic and one of the best. The machine is reliable since it features cast iron casing. Also, the robust motor is stable for long-time performance. Boasting 1 horsepower, it is ideally suited for home, farms, and cabins water supply. Even for large homes with a lot of activities, it’s a superior pump to add. With dual voltage utilization, the pump is classic in enabling versatile plugging.

The high-efficiency motor is tasked with supplying enough power to deliver enough pressure. In fact, it can provide 50psi hence capable of 53 GPM. This means it can be used for filling home water tanks or irrigation without any problem. Unlike other pumps, this comes with a voltage selector hence safe and keeps the motor secure from damage. Above all, its corrosion and rust-resistant thus guaranteed long durability.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Voltage selector
  • High-efficiency impeller and diffuser


  • Pressure switch feels flimsy


Shallow well pumps are a quick and lasting solution for ideal water supply. With different uses, they are great for all home water supply needs. Therefore, instead of getting unreliable machines, the reviewed ones never disappoints.

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