Top 10 Best Solar Garden Lights in 2021 – Reviews


Outdoor solar lights provide a cost-free way to illuminate your surroundings at night. Well, they do not rely on electricity but instead use free sunlight energy. However, how do they work? They feature built-in solar panels, which intercept sunlight energy and convert it to electrical power, which is stored in the onboard batteries. These solar garden lights offer a lot of conveniences since there is nothing to worry about. You only need to make sure that the panels receive maximum sunlight during the day. Besides, modern solar garden lights use energy-saving LED bulbs. Here is a review of the best outdoor solar lights to help you in making an informed decision in your next purchase.

Solar Garden Lights Buying Guide

Using solar garden lights offer many benefits. They are energy-saving, pollution-free, and extremely durable. Also, they are easy to set up in your garden and provide a simple way to decorate your surroundings. Nevertheless, not all of these devices are created the same. You need to consider several aspects and features.

  • Category: There are four main categories of solar garden lights. They are different in terms of design, installation, price, purpose, among other aspects. Well, these categories include garden lights, path lights, spotlight, and motion-sensing solar lights.
  • Garden lights: These are primarily designed for enhancing decoration as well as adding ambiance. Well, the garden lights are not very bright but produce a warm glow, which is ideal for illuminating plants to make your garden conspicuous at night.
  • Path lights: The path lights are usually brighter than the garden lights. Besides, this category incorporates waterproof materials and design. They also feature unique patterns, which makes the path stylish when focused on it.
  • Spotlights: These solar lights are more powerful than the path lights and garden lights. They offer a more powerful Lighting, which is ideal for highlighting an object in your garden, walkway, driveway, or shop area.
  • Motion sensing: This is another unique category of solar lights. Well, they boast a built-in motion-sensing technology that allows them to light up in case there is any movement near. So, these are mostly used to deter intruders or providing automatic illumination when you enter or leave your home.
  • Waterproof rating: This is usually noted as IP rank or ingress protection grade. It will show how much the garden light will be able to withstand water penetration. As a thumb of rule, you need to select one with an IP rating above 64. This will mean that the light fixture will be 100 percent waterproof.
  • Illumination: Regarding this factor, you need to understand that there are two types of lighting. These are functional lighting and style lighting. Well, the functional lighting provides a high brightness level for purposes such as reading, security, eating, and more. Style lighting offers low lumen or dim light purposely for decorative reasons.
  • Automatic operation: This is also another essential factor to remember. The best solar lights need to have an automatic on/off sensors, meaning that the lights turn on and off automatically.
  • Versatility and ease of installation: You need to select a garden light, which can offer a personal touch to your outdoor décor. In addition, it should provide enough illumination so that it can illuminate your pathways or driveways. Most of the garden lights feature stakes for easy installation on the ground. However, others come with wall-mount installation fixtures to make them incredibly versatile.

Best Solar Garden Lights in 2021

10. Sunpo Solar Pathway Lights

Sunpo Solar Pathway Lights

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When you want to boost outdoor decoration and enhance lighting, the Sunpo solar lights will offer peace of mind. These are uniquely constructed for decorating the yard, lawn, or garden. Well, these are also perfect for illuminating broad pathways, walkaway, and driveway. Besides, these garden lights feature robust construction and boast waterproof rank of IP44.

Therefore, this sturdy construction allows these lights to survive all outdoor weather elements for years. You will also love the energy-saving aspect of these solar garden lights. So, these lights only require less than 5 hours of charging by sunlight and guarantees about 8 hours’ illumination after dusk.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Amazing energy conservation
  • Solid and weatherproof construction
  • Great versatility


  • Pricier than other competitive brands

9. WOHOME Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

WOHOME Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

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If you are probably looking for the best outdoor lights that offer ease of use while taking decoration to the next level, these solar lights from WOHOME are the best. These feature fantastic technology that allows them to light up in the dark automatically. Well, these solar garden lights don’t require any electricity. Instead, it relies on sunlight to charge to full capacity. Also, you will love the unique butterfly shape of these solar garden lights. It is an excellent boost to your outdoor décor.

With their impeccable butterfly shape, these are ideal options for flowerbeds, walkways, trees, and other outdoor spaces and objects. These lights feature fiber optic material and possess a total of five LED bulbs to ensure maximum illumination. Moreover, you will also enjoy the ease of installation as there are no cables needed. Just plug it into the soil and turn on the switch and embrace the heaven like illumination around your garden.


  • Simple design
  • Beautiful butterfly shape
  • Cable-free installation
  • Easy charging and durable power


  • Hard installation on hard floors

8. DBF Outdoor Solar Lights

DBF Outdoor Solar Lights

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Are you looking for a good outdoor solar lights? The DBF solar lights are designed for all outdoor spaces, yet they don’t cost a fortune. These are relatively affordable compared to some other competitive brands. Each of these lights features 18 LED bulbs that provide cool white light. It is capable of lighting up to 600 lumens.

Besides, it offers a staggering illumination distance of 33 feet. On the other hand, these solar lights are incredibly designed for any outdoor space. They work well regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Thanks to the weatherproof design with IP65, waterproof ranking.

Well, these are outdoor lights carefully designed to ensure they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, each of these light fixtures features Built-in 18650 lithium battery boasting a capacity of 2200mAh. With only 6 hours of direct sunlight charging, these lights allow up to 10 hours’ illumination.


  • Heavy-duty built-in battery
  • Adjustable lighting angles
  • Straight forward installation
  • Simple and elegant design


  • The cool white light is not suitable for animals

7. Brightown Solar Path Lights 

Brightown Solar Path Lights

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Are you looking for a perfect replacement for your traditional incandescent outdoor lights? The Brightown solar lights are an ideal alternative. These are renowned for their incredible efficiency. They feature a built-in heavy-duty battery, which enables the lights to last for over 8 hours. Well, these lights alas boast weatherproof design, which makes them more durable.

Additionally, these lights are also easy to install, as there are no cables. Well, you only need to turn on the switch under the cap and then push the stake into the ground. Amazingly, these lights function automatically as they switch on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Besides, they offer nature white light that illuminates the surroundings and makes everything within the space elegant.


  • High brightness level
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely elegant
  • Proven waterproof design


  • Notable failure rate

6. NUÜR Solar Lights Outdoor

NUÜR Solar Lights Outdoor

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Do you want more brightness in your garden or walkways? You need high quality outdoor solar lights to achieve that with more convenience. There is no doubt that the NUÜR Solar Lights will do a perfect job. Each of these solar light fixtures features 100 LED bulbs. Thus, they provide more brightness compared with other top-rated outdoor solar lights.

With 1200 lumens, these provide more illumination and make everything shine with elegance. These provide instant illumination and are highly energy efficient. Apart from the impressive brightness of these solar lights, you will also cherish the wider illumination angle. Well, 270 degrees’ illumination isn’t a joke. Amazingly, these outdoor lights boast PIR technology. Therefore, allow motion detection function up to 5 meters and 120 degrees wide angle. Furthermore, these lights boast IP65 waterproof grade meaning that they can function under extreme weather conditions.


  • Very bright
  • Reliable motion detection functionality
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Easy to set up


  • Quite small in size

5. GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Hanging Outdoor Lantern

GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Hanging Outdoor Lantern

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Are you looking for the best outdoor lantern that facilitates mood lighting? Here is the GIGALUMI outdoor lantern for you. It boasts a soft candle effect. Well, this is a decorative outdoor lantern that mimics the effect of a candle lamp to set a unique mood around your house. It is also solidly design and lightweight to ensure great portability. The design features a metal clamp, hook, and stake. So, it is easy to install anywhere you want.

The extra stake allows you to install it into lawn, garden, or patio. Besides, it is decorative and easy to handle design makes it ideal for a lot of functions. You can use it when partying, camping, and fishing. On the other hand, it is sturdy and waterproof to ensure durability and survivability in all seasons of the year.


  • Versatile design
  • Solid construction
  • Extremely beautiful
  • Simple set up


  • Can become dimmer with age

4. GIGALUMI 8 Pcs Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway

GIGALUMI 8 Pcs Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway

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Do you want to bring a delightful glow to your patio or garden? Here is a reliable solution by GIGALUMI. Thee outdoor solar lights are carefully engineered using premium materials. Well, these can serve as a simple and affordable way to decorate you outdoors at night. It is designed to produce white light that brings a charming effect and makes your mood better when you roam around your home at night.

Well, these lights enhance efficient lighting and save your energy bills because they are solar-powered. The lamp design features double rings, which showcase a classic pattern. The ease of assembling is yet another credential that will make you love them more. There is no wire to connect or tool needed during installation. Besides, it features integrated automatic powering at dusk and powering off at dawn.


  • Simple and classic design
  • Premium plastic housing
  • Tool-free installation
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Dimmer than some rival

3. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Lights

Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Lights

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If you’re looking for the best solar powered landscaping lighting, perhaps you will find lots of reasons to consider Solpex. You can install these lights into the ground to lighten up your landscape at night and allow it to shine with elegance. Well, these lights are great for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, front porch, steps, and so on. The design also boasts IP44 waterproof ranking, meaning that these lights are invincible to all weather elements. Moreover, installing these outdoor lights is no rocket science. You are only required to remove the tab below the cap, put the switch on, and immerse the stake into the soil.

Additionally, these garden lights produce warm white light, which goes well with most outdoor decors. Besides, charging these devices is hassle-free because you only need to keep them under direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours. The construction is robust and weatherproof, and therefore you don’t need to worry about snow, rain, sleet, or frost. These are great outdoor lamps ready to serve in any condition.


  • Pretty and stylish design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Pricey

2. BEAU JARDIN Outdoor Solar Lights

BEAU JARDIN Outdoor Solar Lights

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By combining elegance and stunning performance, there is no doubt that the BEAU JARDIN Outdoor Solar Lights are among the best. These feature a built-in photocell sensor that allows the device to automatically switch on dusk and off at dawn. Besides, this outdoor light fixture is incredibly elegant. They feature a robust design combining stainless steel and glass materials. Well, these are wireless and rely purely on sunlight.

Additionally, these boast a modernized design that brings a substantial textured touch courtesy of premium glass and metal quality. As you would also expect, the installation is a breeze, as it involves dipping the stake into the ground. Moreover, it is easy to charge through the charging time might depend on the intensity of the sunlight. With a built-in AA Ni-MH battery, these lights provide continuous lighting for a whole night.


  • Automatic functioning
  • Long battery life
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • An attractive solar light pattern


  • Pricey

1. LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

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You can now improve the elegance of your landscape with these solar spotlights. Well, these are expertly designed to ensure long-lasting durability and unique functionality. Boasting a total of 12 LED bulbs, each of these spotlights can produce 600 lumens. So, the brightness level is not questionable regarding the Litom landscape lights. Also, it offers a 120 degrees lighting angle, ensuring that the light reaches an incredibly vast area. Additionally, you can choose the brightness level you want.

These outdoor lights also feature built-in light sensors. So, they can detect changes in the brightness of the external environment. If it is quite low, they will switch from energy storage mode to lighting mode. With leading IP67 waterproof technology, these lights can work well in any environment, no matter the prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, you can install them on the ground using the sharp pointed stake or mount them on the wall using screws. Besides, these lights ensure supreme quality as they have secured appearance patents and certifications by CE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS, among others.


  • Versatile lighting modes
  • High waterproof rating
  • Wide-angle of illumination
  • Sleek and elegant design


  • Pricey, but worth it


As said, you need to consider several factors before arriving at the best solar garden lights. The products reviewed above meet most of the elements shown in the buying guide. It is now quick and simple for you to select the best solar garden lights. Besides, these top-rated products are worth their prices. Whether you want to bring a personal touch to your garden, porch, driveway, or campground, these are solar lights with undisputable performance.

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