Top 10 Best Towel Bars in 2021 – Reviews


Yet towel racks throughout the ages have done it without complaint. To make sure your towels get dry, you should be using one of the top 10 best Towel bars in 2021. These towel bars should upgrade the look in your bathroom while drying your towels.

Not just any towel bar will do. You got to go with the best if you want the best drying results. Also, if you want to upgrade your bathroom’s look, using one of the top 10 best is a sure way to impress your family and guests.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Towel Bar

  • Construction material: when looking for a good towel bar, you need to get the ones that are made t last you a long time. The strength is in the construction materials and stainless-steel is usually the best.
  • Looks: while any towel bar can hold a wet towel, not all of them will look good doing it. To upgrade your bathroom’s look, go with those towel bars that bring something special with them.
  • Weight Capacity: it does no good if the towel bar cannot hold your wet towels. Make sure you get the one that will hold the most weight.
  • Installation: this is another factor you need to consider. You do not want a towel bar that is very difficult to install. Make sure all hardware is included and get the right tools for the job.

Best Towel Bars in 2021

10. Fapully Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Fapully Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Bar

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Stainless steel is not only durable it looks good holding your towels. The metal towel bar is strong enough to handle all your wet towel needs. Measuring approx. 24” in length, you get plenty of room to hang your towels.

Also, you get all the hardware you need to attach this towel bar to your wall. An included Allan wrench helps tighten up the hidden screws. Installation is very easy and shouldn’t take you too long to do.

Plus, keeping it looking great does not take much effort either. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and the look should bounce back.


  • Sleek look
  • Nickel plated finish
  • All hardware included
  • Hidden screws

9. KES 4-Piece Bathroom Towel Bar

KES 4-Piece Bathroom Towel Bar

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The stainless-steel construction material prevents rust and corrosion from gaining a foothold in your bathroom. Plus, the metal construction makes sure you get many years of use out of this towel bar.

Also, the hidden screws do not detract from your bathroom’s décor. With the modern styling, you get a more contemporary look to your bathroom. In addition, the long towel bar should hold up to 2 towels with ease.

Then the chrome plating keeps the towel bar looking like new every time you enter the bathroom. Installation is not that difficult, and all the hardware is included.


  • Chrome plated for looks
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Extra accessories
  • Long length

8.​​ JQK Double Bath Towel Bar

JQK Double Bath Towel Bar

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This uniquely designed towel bar comes with 2 rails to give you extra towel hanging space. Plus, its 33-inch length makes sure you get all your wet towels on the bar with ease. There is enough room between the rails to give your towels their space.

With stainless-steel screws you get a secure hold without the fear of rust setting in. Also, the stainless-steel construction should have this towel bar lasting you a long time. The round bases provide a more contemporary look to your bathroom.

Like all the other towel bars on this list, it is easy to install and all the hardware you need is included with your purchase.


  • All hardware is included
  • Stainless-steel screws
  • 2 rails
  • Very durable and strong

7. AmazonBasics Modern Towel Bar

AmazonBasics Modern Towel Bar

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The circular design complements the satin nickel-plated finish on this towel rack.  Your bathroom will receive a much-needed upgrade when you install this 20 ½” towel bar. Then the zinc alloy construction material helps ward off corrosion while keeping he towel bar strong and durable.

After you purchase this towel bar, you get drywall anchors, slotted screws and mounting brackets. This makes your installation simple and easy. Once installed, the towel bar will hold up to 22 pounds of weight.

Also, with its flexibility, you can find a spot almost anywhere in your house for this towel rack.


  • Installs in any room in the house
  • Holds up to 22 pounds
  • 20 ½” long
  • Zinc alloy construction

6. Delta Faucet 12-Inch Towel Bar

Delta Faucet 12-Inch Towel Bar

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With chrome plating over the zinc alloy construction material, you have a 12” towel bar that looks good and lasts you a long time.  Its small size allows you a lot of location options. You should be able to fit it just about anywhere you have space in the bathroom.

Also, you do not have to be a carpenter to install it. All the hardware is included with your purchase. This makes installation a breeze. Plus, the zinc alloy works to keep rust and corrosion away from your new towel bar and towels.

Instructions are included to help you out.


  • Rust resistant
  • Small size
  • Location options
  • Chrome plating

5. Moen Bathroom Double Towel Bar

Moen Bathroom Double Towel Bar

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2 rails are better than one. The additional rail allows you to hang more wet towels on the towel bar. Plus, its unique look adds a little class to your bathroom décor. Then the curved styling gives your towels their drying space.

Along with the tough construction materials, you get a brushed nickel coating to keep the towel bar looking great for a long time. Also, an included template makes sure even the novice handyman can install this towel bar with ease.

As usual, you get all the hardware you need to make sure the towel bar fits securely onto your wall.


  • Elegant curved look
  • 2 towel rails
  • Installation template
  • Nickel coated finish

4. Gatco Latitude II 24″ Towel Bar

Gatco Latitude II 24-inch Towel Bar

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A top 10 towel bar needs two things. First it needs looks. This 24” chrome plated towel bar has that. Second, it needs strength and durability. With its metal construction materials, you get both as well.

Also, with 4 colors to choose from, you can match your bathroom’s décor with ease. Then the lack of sharp edges keeps your family safe from any scratches or cuts. On top of all that, you have a choice as to where you can mount it.

This towel bar is compatible with a variety of wall surfaces. Just make sure you do it right the first time.


  • Color choices
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Good looks
  • Tough construction materials

3. Franklin Brass Kinla Towel Bar Set

Franklin Brass Kinla Tower Bar Set

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One of the good things about this towel bar is that you get 4 more accessories with it. Beside the towel bar, you get a toilet paper holder, hook, face cloth holder and more. You can change the look of your bathroom in one upgrade.

Also, the antique look brings a little old-fashion styling to your already decorated bathroom. Plus, the 24 and 18-inch towel bars make sure you have enough room to place your towels.

In addition to this, the bronze finish should help keep rust and corrosion away.  Easy to install, your upgrade should not take you a long time to complete.


  • 4 accessories
  • 2 towel bars
  • Antique look
  • Rust and corrosion resistant

2. Organize It All Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

Organize It All Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

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Give yourself a little extra storage room. Add the towel bar that comes with a handy shelf. The glass shelf can hold smaller items providing you with extra room on your bathroom vanity. Plus, the tempered glass is hard to break.

Keeping your bathroom organized is easy with the approx. 22-inch rail and shelf. Also, the rounded edges make sure your family doesn’t get accidentally cut if they brush up against it.

Then the 4 ½ inch drop between the shelf and rail allows you easy access to your towels. Hanging them up is not that difficult either.


  • 22-inch glass shelf
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Easy access for hanging towels
  • Extra storage space for small items

1. Moen Bathroom Towel Bar

Moen Bathroom Towel Bar

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You can fit a variety of items on this 24-inch towel bar. After you purchase this towel bar, you have room for all your wet items, including towels. The rounded styling complements any bathroom décor as well.

Also, a brushed nickel finish works with the concealed screws to keep your bathroom looking its best. Plus, an included mounting template helps make installation a snap. All the hardware is included to make sure your installation goes well.

Once installed, you will have extra space to make sure all your towels and wet items get dry quickly.


  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Mounting template
  • 24-inch length
  • Hardware included

Some final words

Getting your towels dry is not that difficult. Especially when you use one of the top 10 best towel bars in 2021. With these towel bars you get style, safety, weight capacity and easy installation.

In addition to those features you also get good looks. Each towel bar is designed to make sure your bathroom looks its best. That is one of the things that make these towel bars part of the top 10 best.

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