Top 10 Best Whipped Cream Dispensers in 2021 – Reviews


Fresh whipped cream tops off and finishes your desserts or blended beverages in a special way. The task of crowning food with mouth-watering cream may look simple, but don’t be tricked into thinking just any whipped cream dispenser will do the job. You need a dispenser that will take your plate decorations to another level.

If this is what you are looking for, this guide will help you to identify the important factors you should look for in a whipped cream dispenser when you go out shopping. We’ve also conducted in-depth research to compile 10 best whipped cream dispensers on the market in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Whipped Cream Dispensers

  • Materials: Most high-quality cream whippers are made from either aluminum or stainless steel materials. Aluminum is light and good looking while stainless steel is stronger and more durable. Steel has better thermal conductivity, thus the better option when working with very hot or freezing foods.
  • Size of Dispenser: The ideal size of whipped cream dispenser for you will depend on your needs. Most beginners find the 1-pint size a good place to start. If you are a heavy-duty commercial user, however, bigger ones are better options.
  • Nozzle/ Tip: Dispensers with multiple tips allow you to create cream toppings of different sizes and forms. The more tips a dispenser has, the better it is as the need to buy separate tips is reduced.
  • N2O Cartridge: Most leading brands of cream whippers have their specific type of N20 cartridges. But this doesn’t mean that N2O chargers cannot be used across brands. Go for a dispenser that can work with many standard N2O chargers for more convenience.
  • Guarantee/Warranty: A product that has a warranty or guarantee is a testament of the manufacturer’s backing. Also, a money-back guarantee or one-year or two-year warranty is great. However, some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty, which is awesome provided you are not paying extra money for it.

Best Whipped Cream Dispensers in 2021

10. iSi 173001 ProfiProfessional Cream Whipper, 1-Quart

iSi 173001 ProfiProfessional Cream Whipper, 1-Quart

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We kick off our list with this iSi Professional Cream Whipper. It is perfect for use in ice cream parlors, pastry shops, and coffee shops. Also, the stainless steel head and bottle are evidence that this cream whipper is made for professional use.

Confidently add whipped toppings to your desserts and hot/frozen drinks. iSi has carefully made this professional cream dispenser to make sure that you get a light, delicate whip of tasty cream from every squeeze.

Moreover, the head features a protective silicone grip fitted with a removable stainless steel valve for easy dispensing of cold foods. Pipe your cream precisely on anything from hot and frozen drinks to ice cream and desserts.


  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design
  • Long-lasting non-reactive stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • NSF-certified
  • Decorator tip has a leak-free stainless steel thread
  • Creative beautiful tulip and star tip designs


  • No warranty is given

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9. Otis Classic Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

Otis Classic Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

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Otis Classic is a popular name in the modern kitchen. With this professional whipped cream maker, the variety of toppings that can go into your creations is only limited by your imagination. Chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter – you name it. Fashioning its stainless steel build, 4 injector tips and 3 decorating nozzles, this dispenser sits on your table waiting to awe everyone with perfect swirly cream pyramids.

Take this Otis Classic whipper out of the home kitchen to a commercial café, and it shines there as well. Moreover, its multipurpose design makes it a safe choice for making mousses and cocktails. It comes with a cleaning brush for easy manual cleaning also.


  • Strong, highly-durable food-grade stainless steel build
  • Multipurpose use – can make cream, mousses and cocktails
  • 7 tip styles allow you to make gorgeous savory and dessert art
  • Can be used in the foodservice industry as well as in the home kitchen


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • N2O charger is not included in the package

8. CREAMISSIMO Whipped Cream Dispenser

CREAMISSIMO Whipped Cream Dispenser

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CREAMISSIMO allows you to unleash your culinary creativity. Do you want to add a classic chef’s touch to your desserts? Or are you looking for a way to impress a date with drinks that look and taste like they are made by a pro barista? This cream whipper is what you need.

Importantly, this elegant whipped cream dispenser features 3 nozzles and one injector nozzle that gives you flexibility on how to dazzle your guests with unique cream styles. Moreover, all parts are tested and approved as food grade. The sturdy aluminum build is made to last years.

To ensure maximum hygiene and all-time fresh cream, CREAMISSIMO has made a special brush that can reach the most intricate parts of this cream whipper. Also, the brush is included in your package.


  • Ultra-durable aluminum build
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes with an extra head gasket as a special gift
  • Perfect choice for decorating birthday cakes, pancake, ice cream, Belgian waffle, and many other desserts


  • Not dishwasher-friendly

7. ZOEMO Profession Cream Whipper

ZOEMO Profession Cream Whipper

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Zoemo is reputed with providing home products that allow you to add not only quality but also personality to your kitchen. Importantly, this lightweight whipped cream dispenser was designed to make whipping easier, quicker and more fun. Addition to this, it is as much stylish as it is functional with its premium-quality aluminum construction. The canister is coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy for maximum food safety.

Easily garnish desserts with whipped cream using this dispenser’s 3 decorating tips. Users love the way the cream whipper gives pies, cakes, beverages, waffles, and savory mousses professional-looking styles. However, it is compatible with standard N20 chargers (bought separately).


  • Super tight leak-free construction
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes exclusive ebook with directions to help you perfect your desserts
  • Highly versatile to help you create many unique taste sensations


  • Size too small for big families and parties

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6. Otis Classic 1-Pint Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

Otis Classic 1-Pint Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

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You’ll want to purchase this Otis Classic whipped cream dispenser for two major reasons: durability and thermal conductivity. Being made of stainless steel, it lasts much longer compared to dispensers made of other materials. Whether you are working with cold or hot foods, your hands will neither freeze nor burned by the heat of the food. Importantly, stainless steel is a poorer conductor of heat than aluminum. It keeps the cold or heat inside.

You can make a variety of mousses and cream types using this whipper. Addition to this, cocktail lovers prefers it over other whippers because it’s perfect for infusing cocktail. However, the set comes with 3 decorating nozzles, a cleaning brush, charger holder and a storage cap.


  • Very easy to use
  • Stainless steel build lasts long
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity
  • Does not react with foods
  • Easy to handwash


  • You cannot clean it using a dishwasher
  • Taking apart some parts to clean can be challenging

5. Animato Whipped Cream Maker

Animato Whipped Cream Maker

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This Animato whip cream maker is considered the “chefs’ favorite” for a reason. The value creates in a professional chef’s kitchen is incredible. Make it your cooking companion for making coffee, cold beverages and desserts conveniently at home. However, with it you can enjoy keto, paleo, low-carb, and vegan whipped cream for a healthier and happier life. You will love coconut whipped cream made using this Animato masterpiece. Also, it is great for chocolate mousse, chai tea and stevia-sweetened jello.

In your package, you will find 2 premium stainless steel decorator tips and a plastic floral tip. This Animato cream whipper beats its competitors on ease of maintenance. For easy cleaning, a bottle brush and a micro brush are included in the package.


  • Works with leading brands of N2O and CO2 chargers
  • Makes real tasty whipped cream quickly
  • Efficient stainless steel decorator tips
  • Superior all-metal construction
  • Very favorably priced


  • Some users find this dispenser heavy

4. iSi North America Profi Professional Cream Whipper, 1-Pint

iSi North America Profi Professional Cream Whipper, 1-Pint

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Fill your fancy dinner with excitement and wonder using iSi 163001 Profi Professional Cream Whipper. Importantly, it is a professional-grade cream dispenser with a body made from top-quality stainless steel. If you have been looking for a dispenser that is easy to use and does not react with acidic foods which never retain odors, you have found it.

The dispenser’s construction and functionality are outstanding. A silicon seal with a quick-release tab and a removable steel piston lets you do out-of-this-world magic with your cream. These parts are also easy to clean. Unlike many other whipped cream dispensers that we have reviewed, the iSi 163001 ProfiProfessional cream dispenser is dishwasher safe.


  • It is NSF-certified for professional use
  • Highly durable stainless steel construction
  • Can be cleaned using a dishwasher
  • No worries about off-flavors or oxidation


  • Higher price compared to other reviewed cream whippers

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3. iSi North America 1-Pint Gourmet Whip Culinary and Cream Whipper

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iSi is back again with an all-purpose food whipper. This 1-pint gourmet whip culinary and cream whipper will make the preparation of light and heavy foods, warm/cold sauses, and whipped soups unimaginably effortless. Above all, with this iSi whipper, you are setting up your game in making whipped desserts like a pro.

The stainless head and bottle emphasize the dispenser’s dedication to professional use. Furthermore, a protective heat-resistant silicone grip is combined with a fixed stainless steel valve to make dispensing easy even with hot preparations. Besides, the silicone gasket has a removable tab for quick hygienic cleaning.

Discover new culinary possibilities with this inspirational iSi whipper. The innovative technology used to make it connects superior design, functionality, and durability. Whether for home kitchen use or professional application, this whip cream maker will not disappoint.


  • Suitable for hot and cold applications
  • Sturdy stainless steel build holds up well to professional use
  • NSF-certified and HACCP-qualified
  • Available in 3 sizes to allow you to maximize your culinary creativity
  • It is dishwasher safe


  • No warranty is attached

2. EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

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Get the cream whipping job done in a jiffy using this eye-catching whipper. It gives more value than its price, considering its superior features. Take note of the dispenser’s strong aluminum head with leak-free reinforced threads. These are for maximum durability and safety. Moreover, the aluminum build has a lacquered finish to make the lightweight dispenser more attractive. However, there are three decorating tips in the package.

Moreover, this model features the 2019 upgraded design crafted to allow you to serve highly customized cream patterns. Top ice cream sundaes, gourmet coconut whipped cream, make chocolate and savory mousses confidently knowing you have an award-winning cream whipper at hand. Above all, go on and test your culinary creativity to tasty, sugar-free keto whipped cream or make homemade butter or fluffy scrambled eggs with the help of this whipper. That is to say, it is made for all manner of applications.


  • Durable aluminum head and canister
  • Lightweight for daily use
  • Gives your foods a beautiful professional touch
  • Easy-care design
  • Uses standard N2O charger
  • Express 100% money-back guarantee


  • Hand wash only
  • Too small for some commercial applications

1. ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

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ICO appearing top among leading whipped cream dispenser brands is no surprise. Thousands of users have reviewed this whipper with 5-star ratings. It has features that stand out significantly from the rest of the competition. ICO has brought its many years of experience in this 1-pint professional whip cream maker.

Try this ICO masterpiece to know what you have been missing in your homemade whipped creams, desserts, sauces, and infused beverages. Moreover, it produces 2 quarts of pure, odorless, delicious cream that can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks. In addition to its superior functioning, the cream whipper is very easy to use and maintain.


  • Superior design built with ICO’s lengthy experience and customer needs in mind
  • Comes with a full money-back guarantee
  • Premium professional quality
  • Compatible with all N2O chargers on the market
  • Perfect for hot and cold applications


  • Hand wash only
  • You have to buy chargers separately or go for a model that includes the chargers.


Whipped cream completes our favorite cakes, desserts, pastries, iced drinks, and even smoothies. You love watching baristas and backers do their magic with cream. Moreover, with the best whipped cream dispenser, you can be the one to be watched at home. If you are in the foodservice industry, having a great whipper can completely change your days in the business.

Consider one of the top whipped cream dispensers above if you want to start wowing your guests and customers with tasty, unique swirling pyramids of whipped cream toppings. You can get the best one for your needs at a very competitive price. We have spent a great deal of time researching for these top performers high-quality cream whipper that will last longer and provide the best value for your money.

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